Four Reichs


Origins and Development

World Domination


ruthless terror.



Harry Beckhough












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Germany's Four Reichs

Origins and Development, seeking
World Domination in ruthless terror.

by Harry Beckhough





Harry Beckhough was born in Bristol in 1914. He is an Honours graduate of Bristol University in philology, specialising in German. Studying in Freiburg University in 1933 he witnessed Hitler's rise to power.


In WWII, he was commissioned in the Royal Artillery, served in India, until taken over by Bletchley Park, (Station X) as Codebreaker. He served with the 8th Army, breaking Rommel's signals and messages for Montgomery. After Alamein victory, he was recalled to India to serve with the 14th (Burma) Army, dealing with Japanese code signals.


On return home as Lt. Col. R.A./Int, he became S.O.I. (Senior Officer) with Foreign Office with the remit to resuscitate the Rhineland Universities of Cologne and Bonn. There he met regularly Dr. Konrad Adenauer C.D.U., Chancellor of the first post-war German Government, members of his family and Ministers. Over 4 years, to end 1950 he met many of the leading statesmen and prominent figures in Bonn, seat of the first Government. As an academic, in charge of the 2 Universities, they spoke freely to him of their plans for the future. He has extensive knowledge of Germany, and has explored the development of its aggressive nature from its earliest years.


This book reveals that inherited desire for domination which has been Germany's major characteristic through major wars and battles over the centuries, invariably ending in chaos, as exemplified by their leading German philosopher, Nietzsche.






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Germany's Four Reichs


Origins and Development, seeking
World Domination in ruthless terror.


Harry Beckhough


·        About the Author.

·        Foreword.

·        Acknowledgements.

·        Germany's First Reich.

·        Germany's Second Reich.

·        Germany's Third Reich.

·        Germany's Fourth Reich:

·        - The New Beginning.

·        - The Plot Continues.

·        - Expanding by Ratchets.

·        - Adding the Finishing Touches.

·        - Key Features of German Deceit.

·        - Conclusion.

·        Epilogue.







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Dear Reader,


My reason for this direct entry into the ongoing debate on the European Union and its origins, is the strength of my personal knowledge and factual experience of Germany over many years. Added to my own research into the eternally aggressive intent of the German mindset, lust after power and domination of all Europe, East and West, and beyond, from the Atlantic to the Urals. A way of thinking, planning, plotting and lying deception, foreign to the British way of life, and unthinkable to our trusting nature.


As a language student in Germany, I witnessed Hitler's meteoric vault to power in 1933, snatching victory from Von Papen, originally chosen as worthy successor by Hindenburg. Then Hitler's hysterical, aggressive speeches, provoking the savage assaults by his brutal, bullying Nazi Brownshirts, and even more menacing cold-blooded, merciless behaviour of his chosen bodyguard, the black-clad SS executioners. I was dismayed to hear German philosophers like Heidegger at Freiburg University, and the Cologne Professor of Philosophy, writing and speaking in praise of Hitler, almost as a Wagnerian warlike hero.

After return home, I had the privilege of personal discussions with Winston Churchill, then Chancellor of Bristol University, who presented me personally with my degrees. I became his devoted follower, especially after his tremendous speech as "The Voice in the Wilderness". Deprived of all his offices, and finally relegated to the Back Benches by P.M. Chamberlain, cast aside by the appeasers and Nazi and Mussolini's fascist supporters, they failed to stop his determined, continuous warning of the warlike intent of Hitler.


Next, my war service in WWII, first with Royal Artillery in India, then transfer to Intelligence and Bletchley Park, to become code-breaker, first with 8th Army Desert Campaign, decoding Rommel's signals and campaign despatches, with translation for Montgomery, who claimed he could "read Rommel's mind". Followed by similar service with the 14th (Burma) Army against the Japanese.


Finally, Foreign Office remit to reopen and resuscitate the German Rhineland Universities of Cologne and Bonn, from end 1945 to end of 1950. There I met and became friendly with Dr. Konrad Adenauer, famous Oberbürgermeister (elected Lord Mayor) of Cologne, until deposed by the stupid act of a British General (newly appointed), who sent a junior officer to dismiss him 'on the spot', without notice. He told me this hurt his personal pride and public image and dignity, for which he never forgave the British - leading to his liaison with Charles de Gaulle, who was also virulently anti-British, for personal hurt pride against Churchill, who did not think highly of him.


I mollified 'Adi' during his frequent visits to my warm office in the University (freezing outside), with real coffee (only 'ersatz' (artificial) obtainable generally, except on the Schwarze Markt (Black Market), and Schnapps. My friendly office was quite popular, helping 'defensive' visitors relax and give forth...Reminding him that he was Head of CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and most likely to become the first post-war German Chancellor - after Hitler - he smiled and said "Haben Sie irgend eine Ahnung was das heisst?" (Have you the slightest idea of the burden that entails?).


He regarded me as a harmless, helpful academic with fluent German - and even Kölnische dialekt (Cologne dialect), and gossip and odd stories which came my way from students, shop-keepers, teachers - even from Cardinal Frings - a small, erect character, who was tough enough to frighten off the Nazi officers sent to arrest him. He actually, unknowingly, added a new verb to the German vocabulary: in the freezing winter of 1946, heating well-nigh impossible in fractured Cologne. Trains carrying artificial coal bricks passing through, had to slow down at certain signals. Shadowy figures would jump on, throwing piles of coal-bricks down to waiting family.


They quoted Cardinal Frings who, when approached by the police, agreed he had, from the Cathedral pulpit, quoted the Bible's permission for a man to take what he needed to feed and support his family. In Cologne dialect they called it 'Fringsen' - and even the police chief had to laugh. Adenauer said they were grateful for my work in restoring Cologne University (it is all on my records with F.O.), so he talked to me in confidence, as did his sister whom I met at Council meetings. The family home was in Bonn, hence his choice of this very small town as German Capital, in place of Berlin, badly damaged and in 4-Party control, especially Russian enclave.


Adenauer took pleasure in confiding in me, some of his feelings and plans for restoration of his Germany's rightful pride and world regard. It was an open secret, how many leading Nazis had escaped Underground from end 1943 to 1945, with the help of Vatican 'rat' lines. Köln was a Catholic city (called 'schwarz'- black - by the Nazis), so no fuss was made. In confidence Adenauer told me of his good reception in America, where he was skilfully able to assuage their fears of a Communist uprising in Western Europe, by authoritatively claiming that he was the only one capable of dealing first-hand with Russians via Berlin. He persuaded the Americans that he was fully aware of the rising Communist menace (which in truth did not exist), and could deal with it best with American support. They believed him implicitly (our trusting West is just not brought up to pierce and dissect the wholesale lies and cunning deceit, of which both Russians and Germans are so adept). Hence the outpouring of cascades of American dollars into Adenauer's lap when, in fact, good Intelligence colleagues found only small traces of Communism. I accompanied them, roughly-dressed, to some Communist meetings, but they were ill attended, with poor speeches.


On the other hand Adenauer, nicknamed "the old Fox", was in regular contact both with the Russians with whom he was on good terms, and with the Nazi underground through their International H.Q. at Madrid. In fact he was already employing up to 150 'returnees' in his Ministry.


He knew how to play both sides equally well, and how to bring the French on board, with support of de Gaulle and the host of small French farmers. He laid the foundation of Germany's speedy restoration in power and influence by late 1950s. They are eternally active both above and underground, for that is their very nature. They simply take defeat in their stride. Vaterland has never been so crushed and demolished inside, and they quickly began expanding frontiers and rebuilding Baltic strength.


Those were some of my personal experiences, which inspired my research in depth, seeking the thread running continuously through the German mindset. Churchill was aware of it, but even his deep thinking could not thoroughly appraise their closeness with the hedonist Russian world of lies and deceit, carried on by KGB after 1990/91 collapse, with arch deceivers like Yeltsin, and especially Gorbachëv, who took in and successfully tricked the Western world - as revealed by Christopher Story, and others.


I foresee, with confidence, that their latest, and far too speedily advanced effort at domination and dictatorship of greater Europe, East and West, is also doomed to end in chaos, with the final break-up and dissolution of the now almost totally German-led, oversized EU, into the chaos of its obviously uncontrolled, and secretly manoeuvred, misdirection and French disharmony. Especially with the growing inner-European scepticism, as truth gradually emerges of its hollow, lying, manic structure and total mismanagement of accounts, with billions missing through perpetual robbery, deceit and cheating. A long series of accountants have all refused to accept and sign-off the accounts. The incoming new members have refused to accept the Franco-German conditions of entry.


Yet our own political leaders still refuse to open their eyes and their minds to the truth. They still maintain the medicine will be "good for us", however bitter the taste. That we are better within the demonic heat of the EU, than withdrawing to the confident rebuild of our lost fortune, in freedom under our own sovereign rights and laws, to make our own decisions, as we have done well over a thousand years.


Above all, I have sought to present a true portrait of the German aggressively self-centred mindset, unchanged through the ages, so aptly and unerringly described by their own cherished philosopher Nietzsche, within my text. I do not claim 100% accuracy, and originality, and have made grateful use of many recognised authorities and writers of similar opinion. We are all trying to convince and move our leaders in the right direction of true grasp and knowledge of the traps, laid so convincingly, by a series of some of the cleverest gamesters in this 'hooksters' paradise. I recommend that my opening derivative be read with the context of my book "In The Beginning," concerning the origins of the Pentateuch and the Old Testament.


Constructive criticism, correction, debate and argument are all welcome. At least it will indicate that my contribution has been read and marked. For the danger is both real and imminent to the Western world, and especially our beloved Britain. We band of Britain's true supporters and defenders from aggressive supranational dictatorship, must co-operate in support of our country's long-fought and hard-won freedom and sovereignty, to which I have devoted much of my life.

Harry Beckhough
Marlborough, April, 2004
WWII Lt.Col.R.A./Int.


Harry Beckhough  © April, 2004.

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Germany's First Reich.


Nietzsche, German philosopher, said: "The German is an expert on secret paths to chaos." Churchill wrote: "The Germans, after all, had been belligerent for 2000 years. British public schoolboys were taught that Civilisation stops at the Rhine and the Danube. "A Hun alive is a War in prospect" (Biography William Manchester).


By early 1930s Germany succeeded in arousing in her neighbours the terror at which they were expert, deliberately promoted by Karl von Clausewitz, in two wars, as Schrecklichkeit (terror); the Prussian strategist's secret weapon to shorten wars. In the 1914 war German troops behaved "frightfully", executing, without mercy, civilians, hostages, prisoners, as ordered by superiors. Barbara Tuchman wrote, " Suddenly the world became aware of the beast beneath the German skin".


According to Gerald Flurry, the German roots go further back than Churchill's estimate of 2000 years of belligerency, right back to the Bible and Noah's son Shem. He bore a son Assur, progenitor of those fierce warriors, the Assyrians. Dr Hoch, in his Compendium of World History described ancient Assyria as "the greatest war-making power in history, dedicated to ferocity, bloodshed and manslaughter. Fabled for their fierce barbarism". "The Assyrians came down like a wolf on the fold...". That same barbaric vein continued in their descendants, named by Tacitus c. 55 A.D. as: "The Germani, warlike people". So they ever have remained, warlike and ever aggressive, even in defeat. Evinced in Tiglath Pileser lst, Emperor of Assyria, who conquered Babylon c.1100 BC., hated and feared for his ruthlessness and cruelty in warfare.


James McCabe (History of the World) names the Assyrians: "... a fierce, treacherous race - they never kept faith when it was in their interest to break treaties". Hitler, likewise, totally egoistic, broke faith, promises, treaties, contracts, agreements (as with the Russians, attacking them in 1941, without warning, despite his solid agreement with Stalin, who believed him implicitly), whenever it suited his selfish purpose. Unprovoked war, without warning, i.e. ruthless treachery, lies and deceit are all common in German history from the outset.


Flurry maintains that the ancient tribe of Chatti (or Hatti, from Hebrew Hittite branch), came from Noah's first son Ham. They occupied Canaan, fighting fierce battles together with their kin, the Assyrians, of like ferocity. Whereas Abraham, from Shem's third son Arphaxad, was the complete opposite of the rest of this warlike family, being peace-loving in his unique faith in One God.


Dr. Hoch said: "The Assyrians were called Kings of the Hittites, who migrated into Asia Minor, c.1200 BC., amalgamating with the Assyrians. The Assyrians called many of their own people Hittites, or Chatti - a fierce warlike people, hated and feared for their ruthlessness in warfare." The ancient Kings of Assyria were called Khatti sars i.e. Kaisers of Katti. The Germans continued the title Kaiser. They acquired, eventually, Indo-Germanic speech, which developed into "Old High German," at the first major language change into Germanic. Tacitus claimed that the Chatti, or Hatti (ancestors of the Hessians and Alemanni), were the chief of those early German tribes, true to their name, meaning: to subjugate, terrify.

Jerome, the historian, c 340 AD, wrote of Indo-Germanic tribes, including 'Assur', invading Europe. Ever fiercely ambitious, the Assyrians, about 800 BC, were prepared to take the whole world by storm - meaning, of course, their then conceived, smaller world. Tiglath-pileser III, Assyrian King in Niniveh, had ambition to turn the whole 'civilised' world, into a single Empire, controlling all wealth and trade (as in discovered Palace records, preserved in scrolls and tablets). This grand, global ambition, was continued by later Germans, right into modern times, growing ever more ambitious, no matter how often their cunning, devious schemes collapsed or were thwarted "on their secret paths to chaos."


The collapse of the Assyrian Empire fuelled mass emigration, West and North, across the mainland of Europe, as far North as Scandinavia, between the Elbe and the Oder, during the second millennium BC. After fierce battles, the Teutons (West Germans) displaced the Celts and threatened Gaul, moving up the Elbe and Rhine, and reaching South to the Danube. By the time of Tacitus (c 55 - 117 AD.) these warlike Germani had settled in that area - the West Germans were mainly Alemanni, on the Upper Rhine. The Franks (named 'Free' by the Romans) and the Saxons, settled between the Weser and the Elbe. The East Germans moved toward the Black Sea, by 214 AD. and then crossed the Rhine.


By 476 AD. the Germanic Kingdoms brought down the Western half of the Roman Empire by fierce battles, and Alaise took Rome - the Franks were then one of the principal German peoples. The Merovingian King Clovis ruled the Frankish kingdom in Gaul and Western Germany, end of 5th century AD., and accepted Christianity. The Carlingians took over in the 730s, and Pepin III was crowned in 751 as Christian King.


Charlemagne (Charles the Great 771-843), heir to Pepin, marched into Italy in 774 to protect the Pope, who was under attack from angry dissenters. A typical warlike German, he continued the Frankish policy of expansion, to include all Germans, by strong arm methods. In that same year he became King of the Lombards, by fierce conquest, absorbing them into his Frankish Empire, along with Bavaria, building his Empire on all sides. In 799 he again rescued that same Pope Leo III, beaten and imprisoned by conspirators, enjoying his favour thereafter. In 800 Charlemagne was officially welcomed to Rome and crowned Emperor by the grateful Pope Leo III, in St. Peters, on Christmas Day. Thus the old Roman imperial title was revived and conferred on Charlemagne, by this Pope.


He became, therefore, Founder and First Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and subjugated by Blut und Stahl (blood and steel), every German tribe to Roman Catholicism, except the hardy Saxons, who refused. He thus spread the Christian faith by violent, bloody means, forcing his brand of Christianity overall. Yet he was later worshipped as Leader of the Holy Roman Empire - though his bonds to the ancient Romans were far from holy.


But Charlemagne's great empire was divided by the Treaty of Verdun 843, when his grandson Louis the German (843-876), became King of the East Franks, and ruled over most of the area that later became Germany, from the Rhine to the Slavs in the East. But, in the 9th Century, Charlemagne's kingdom began to disintegrate. Five tribal duchies emerged in Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia, Lorraine and Saxony, each a Feudal state within the German kingdom.


Otto 1st, the Great (936 to 973 AD.) was a ruthless warrior, anointed King of Germany in Aachen. Pope John II appealed to him for protection, and he responded. The Pope then bestowed the imperial crown on Otto in 962. He, in turn, forcibly extended Christianity by brute force. For the following 800 years German kings called themselves "Roman Emperors of the German Nation". Otto converted each newly conquered territory, developing strong German nationalism. Thus the disparate German tribes were welded together, becoming the imperial race, with a growing feeling of national kinship. His brutally fierce campaigns brought renewal of the Roman Empire in the West. Otto knew, like other German emperors, that their constant vision of world dominium went only via Rome, demanding close ties with the papacy. Indeed, Otto III (983 - 1002) designated his cousin Bruno as Pope Gregory V, to ensure safe, family continuity, joining Church with State. Henry II, Otto's cousin, was crowned emperor in Rome in 1014. He concentrated on developing and expanding Germany by ruthless battles, forcing subjugation, growing his empire by strongarm tactics. Germany now had Salian and Hohenstaufen Emperors from 1024 to 1268. The Franconian House began the powerful Imperial age.


Henry III, the Black (1039 - 1056), strongest of the German emperors, and most intelligent, conquered Poland, Bohemia and Hungary by usual Germanic aggression and violence, with his own brand of intimidation. But, in 1074, the Charter of Worms was issued, without episcopal intervention, followed by the struggle over Lay Investiture. Pope Gregory saw danger ahead, issuing a strong reform directive. But the bishops persuaded Henry to call the Synod of Worms in 1076, with the bishops repudiating allegiance to Pope Gregory, declaring him deposed.


Henry V (1106-1128) was a resourceful, but brutal, treacherous ruler, continuing the Germanic habit of breaking promises and agreements. He fought tough, brutal, killing wars against Hungary, Poland and Bohemia. He then fought through Italy to secure the imperial crown, supported by his aggressive German people. Pope Paschal, humiliated, was forced to resign all secular holdings of the Church, except the See of Rome. Pope and Emperor were henceforth bitter rivals. But, as Henry left no direct heir, the Archbishops of Mainz and Cologne took revenge by preventing all but their own choice, Lothair of Saxony, who served them well, beginning the long struggle of Welf und Waiblinger (Hohenstaufen). This ended in 1135, the Year of Pacification in Germany. Such peace in Germany obviously could not last, with such ever-warlike people.


The House of Hohenstaufen (1138-68) was the first German dynasty to be fully conscious of the historical implications of the imperial tradition, and the significance of Roman law to support or deny imperial pretensions. Hence the struggle between Pope and Emperors seeking release from papal pressure. The bitter contest of 'Welf and Waiblinger' caused chaos in Germany, always fighting and feuding. The struggle against Slavs and Scandinavians - always for the German burning desire for expansion, brought a crusade against the Slavs in 1147. A truly gory colonisation of Holstein followed with foundation of Lübeck in 1143.

Frederick 1st (Barbarossa = Red Beard, 1152-1190) the strong, ever-fighting warrior king, adopted the style of 'Holy Roman Empire'. He pursued forceful consolidation and expansion of Royal lands. Continuous, aggressive war against Slavs, Hollanders, Danes and Flemings, waging bloody battles in his aim of colonisation and empire building. In 1186, the marriage of the future Henry VI made Sicily the centre of the struggle between popes and emperors, bringing final destruction of German unity and the ruin of the House of Hohenstaufen. Frederick led the 3rd Crusade to enjoy more heavy fighting and mass killing in the name of Christendom.


Civil War broke out in Germany 1197 to 1212, inciting citizens to bloodlust and murder, causing utter chaos throughout the empire, with family strife and bloodshed. Then came the Great Interregnum in 1250, with a period of internal confusion and disorder, leaving Germany in a continuing state of family feuds, revenge killings, assassinations and general mayhem. All that had been so painstakingly pieced together from Charlemagne onward, aiming to make one great, consolidated German Empire, seemed now being torn apart. The aggressive German people, without their needed strong, imperial leader, now lost their way, resorting to petty, internecine struggles, feuds, fighting in family and gangs, waging minor warfare under local leaders, apparently fiercely enjoying the mayhem, as suits their character.


In 1438 Albert of Habsburg became Habsburg Emperor through to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. But, in 1517, came a major change, when Martin Luther (miner's son become monk, become priest and then professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg), called for reform of the Roman Catholic Church. His Probes into functions of the Church, spread rapidly throughout Germany. In 1517, Luther nailed to the Wittenberg Church door, 95 Theses against misuse of absolution and indulgences, followed in 1519 by Luther burning the papal Bull, for which he was excommunicated.


The basic Lutheran doctrine was justification by faith alone, making priestly offices of the Catholics unnecessary, as intermediary between individual and God. 1543 Copernicus published Luther's De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestricum, claiming the Papacy had no control over eternal mystery of death.


The Coronation of Charles V as Emperor at Bologna, was the last of a German emperor by the Pope. He was busily fighting continuously. In the Schmalkaldic War (1546/7), Charles sought to crush the independence of the empire in Germany, and restore the unity of the Church, urged by the Pope. Charles defeated the Elector of Saxony at the bloody battle of Mühlberg 1547. He then fought a bitter war with Henry II, followed by the religious peace of Augsburg, in which he recognised the co-existence of Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism in Germany - granting each German prince the right of choice of religion in his state.


The Thirty Years War (1618-48), a series of merciless, bloodthirsty battles, was fought between the Roman Catholic Emperor Charles and other Catholic princes and states, in a furious vicious contest against a network of Protestant towns and principalities. Germany was devastated, lost large parts of her population and her empire's borders were reduced and narrowed.


However, at the Peace of Westphalia 1648, Germany's feudal princes gained full sovereignty. After the Thirty Years War, came the beginning of the Brandenburg-Prussia rise to pre-eminence amongst German states. In 1701 Frederick lst, Elector of Brandenburg, took the title of King of Prussia, crowning himself at Königsberg.


Frederick William I (1713-1740), son of Frederick I, established a formidable army, based on military strict training and discipline. He laid the foundation of the future power of Prussia, backed by strong war machine, thoroughly trained for immediate, powerful action. Frederick II, the Great (1740-86) of Prussia, expanded Prussian strength and military might, enlarging Prussian territories, making Prussia the second most powerful German kingdom after Austria. He became well-known for building a formidable army of military strength, discipline and ferocity.







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Germany's Second Reich.


The Napoleonic Wars brought the end of the Holy Roman Empire, 1806, and forced German states to implement social, political and administrative reforms. The Congress of Vienna, 1814, saw the map of Europe and Germany redrawn. The 39 resultant German states were united within the German Confederation, dominated by Austria led by Metternich who, with wide-spread espionage and rigid censorship, opposed the movement for German national unification. But the Habsburg monarchy (1815-48), brought about the real unification of Germany.


Pan-Germanism, broke with Christianity to produce Goethe and Nature, Sturm und Drang (exaltation of Germanism), Schiller and Beethoven, Lessing, Mozart, Bach and philosophy. 1790-1815: Romanticism and classic tradition until death of Goethe and Beethoven etc. They followed for a short spell, the eternal laws of Nature, in Germanic version.


Germany blamed the West for all her self-caused troubles, especially the British and the French. Philosopher Hegel said: 'Germany had the right and duty to project her national image over all Europe. German philosophy was its direct expression'. Typical German thinking! Hegel appealed for the Strong Master who should mould the German masses. Fichte thought Germany was the Nation 'par excellence' - consequently had the right to achieve the foundation of her nationhood by force, and to use further force and trickery to assure its hegemony, even though it should resort to the craftiest deceit and presumption of 'rights'.


Jahn, in 1809, declared Germany the Holy Race which would succeed the Hebrews and the Hellenes. Arnt, in 1803, said each State must fight the neighbour states, when they rob it of the air and light it needed for development: i.e. Lebensraum in totality; to partition Poland, and annexe Holland and Switzerland as 'natural conquests'. Nietzsche said: 'Germany has always been and always will be: "of yesterday, of tomorrow, and never of today."

Heine's clear prophecy of 1834, that 'the Germans were returning to a past that might well inspire them one day, to the most violent, political revolution the Continent had ever known'. A true vision!


William I (1838-1880) accomplished the merger of Prussia with Germany at Frankfurt. Count Otto von Bismarck became Prime Minister in 1862, as well as Foreign Minister of Prussia. He founded and established his own version of a trained, disciplined Army. Supported strongly by the Kaiser, Wilhelm 1, he also began to use his sound, effective diplomatic skills.


In 1866 the Prussian Army crushed Austria in 7 weeks. Prussia then annexed most of the remaining North German states and, with 17 smaller German states, formed a federal union, called the North German Confederation, to make a united German nation, the German Empire, of which William I of Prussia, was proclaimed Emperor. By early 20th century, Germany had become Europe's leading industrial nation.


A remarkable, strategic relationship was growing between Germany and Russia, due to the diplomatic skill of Bismarck. Looking far ahead, he could see the future benefits of a strong compact with Russia, securing each other's borders and combining to resist unwarranted intrusion. Bismarck's remarkable understanding and agreement with Russia, was to stand the test of time, despite severe shocks and contretemps, unforeseen at the time. A strong unwritten bond.


The problems of the Balkan Peninsula interfered with this firm relationship temporarily. But in 1881 Bismarck resurrected the Alliance, nursing it carefully until its break-up again in 1887, forced him temporarily out of office. However, he remained determined to extend the German Empire, always a first German priority, since their ancient beginning. Bismarck ruled as Head of dynasty until 1890, when Wilhelm II sacked him. Wilhelm II strongly objected to his policy of friendly relations with Russia, rejecting them out of hand. Instead Russia formed a new and lasting alliance with France, firmly resurrected after WWII, using France as intermediary and agent.


Archduke Ferdinand of Austria (1889-1914) was assassinated 28 June 1914, on a State visit to Sarajevo, by Bosnian revolutionaries. Using this as a thin excuse, despite all the restraint and advice of friends and close advisers, on 1st August 1914, the ill-starred Kaiser Wilhelm II, physically and mentally unbalanced, plunged the world into the bloodiest aggression ever perpetrated by the aggressive Germans.


World War I, started by a deranged egocentric, seeking his own vainglory, set in motion the most stupid, unwarranted, bloodiest years of outright murder of over 18 million, mainly young men, most in their teens, with some 20 million wounded, plus prisoners of war, leaving behind millions of suffering, broken families. The abject figure of yet another German leader, seeking ambitiously to rule the world, but again ending in chaos and world hatred, fled ignominiously to exile in Holland.


Most people thought the Germans would, at long last, have learnt their goriest lesson, to cease such madness. But, as Churchill said, "They never change". They seem convinced that their destiny is to rule the world, and they never cease working towards that end, no matter what the cost. They continue to cheat, lie and deceive their trusting neighbours, pretending friendship and co-operation, whilst pursuing their demonic schemes. Linked always with the Russians, from whom they have well learnt and assimilated the Leninist skills of continuous lies and deceit, they work both above and below the surface.


To review this streak of aggressive deceit in their make-up: About 800 A.D. the Roman Empire finally fell before the murderous onslaught of the barbaric Germans, and others joining in with the lust of bloody battle. Declaring itself "The wall of defence against the barbarians of Asia," imperial Germany dominated Europe by invasive tactics and brutal battle, naming itself the German Reich. Then, officially designated "The Kingdom of God on Earth" by the Roman Catholic Church's close embrace, from Charlemagne to Otto, this "Holy Roman Empire of the German people," included most German-speaking peoples and millions of others, subjugated and converted by Blut und Stahl into the 19th century. Called upon for help by the early popes, around 800 A.D. onwards, they have enjoyed the protection and assistance of successive popes and the Vatican, right up to and through WWII and beyond into GEU - German European Union.


Nietzsche, their discerning philosopher, declared: "It is not for nothing they are called the Täusche Volk (the deceitful people). The German soul has its passageways and inter-passageways; there are caves, hideouts and dungeons in it; its disorder has a good deal of attraction of the mysterious; the German is an expert on secret paths to chaos. The German loves clouds and everything that is unclear, becoming twilit, damp and overcast; whatever is in anyway uncertain, unformed, blurred, growing, he feels to be profound" - viz: the development of the European Union, adopted by Germany as cover for her plans to control Europe.


F.J. Strauss, premier of Bavaria, Leader of CSU, ally of Kohl, said: "We must find a new starting point, which changes the face of the world" (how Germanic!) "In contributing to the foundation of a European Federation, Germany herself would find a new identity. It was going to be much easier for Germany to make a come-back as a member of an international family, as a member of a European Federation, than as a German Reich, a single national state." "Our European attitude was the only escape-hatch we had - the only approach that made a comeback possible," thus exposing the outlines of the plot.


That comeback became reality. Instead of Europanising Germany, we find them converting into Germanizing Europe. Thus, basically, they never change - their foundation nature remains always the same, and always reverts to its primitive urge to control others, even to replace America, bringing down their benefactor and saviour in base ingratitude, as ever in their history". 'Plus ça change...'


As Margaret Thatcher, P.M. wisely said in Parliament: "They want us to give up this and this. My answer is No, No, No! They seek to Europanize Germany. I say they will Germanize Europe. You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end you'll find, my friends, it will not work." In 1989, Bilderbergers plotted to bring down Mrs Thatcher, because of her refusal to yield British sovereignty to the European Superstate, due to emerge in 1992 ... Within months she was gone, with Heseltine, Ken Clarke and Howe jointly plotting her downfall.


Strauss's grand design for Germany and Europe had 10 key objectives:


·        Destroy the legend that Germany is a country congenitally devoted to acts of aggression - by Europanisation of the German question (i.e. use EU as cover)

·        Europe must choose to become a federation - (without the past "national pride and sovereignty")

·        The Soviet Union must radically change its policy towards Europe and Germany.

·        Europe should not become an anti-Russian potential. Must be a potential on its own, to the Urals. (N.B. Germany's own desire to command Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals).

·        No definition of Europe to exclude Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and the other Eastern countries. Thus the new 10 members will be pre-planned.

·        To counter fragmentation of the European continent, and to ensure peace, national thinking in both Western and Eastern Europe must be abandoned.

·        Germany has specific territorial demands (?). A strong United States of Europe must be constructed, where every citizen enjoys freedom of movement, and free choice where to work and live. All carefully prepared for the Constitution to come.

·        Unification of East and West Germany must be seen by Germans as part of a general settlement, freeing all Eastern Europeans from the communist yoke.

·        West European states need to become members of a European defence community, with its own atomic armaments.

·        Germans must accept the long way round, the achievements step-by-step, harmonising with Russia, America and the East-West complex. Plus reform of NATO (or replacements?).


All Strauss's objectives have been fulfilled progressively, over the past 50 years. Here we have the basis of German planned EU Constitution, under German control.


At the Treaty of Versailles, Article 231, Germany accepted sole responsibility for starting the War. Germany, ever-aggressive, caused the death of some 18 million people overall in this stupid, unnecessary war, costing so many valuable young lives, with some 20 million wounded, in the senseless, ill-led years of trench slaughter in the killing fields of France. The Allies said they would control and suppress Germany's military growth and power, to prevent future aggression. But, only 21 years later, Hitler brought about another unwarranted, self-created, killing World War. His demonic vision creating even greater aggression, causing the death of some 50 million people, with millions wounded and 192,000 live prisoners - many killed regardless.


Proving once again that they NEVER learn from the hard lessons of defeat, never change for the better, never repent of their evil ways, never improve. They remain totally deceitful, aggressive and untrustworthy, false masters of lies and deceit, as history decisively reveals. They still succeed in deceiving most of our ever-trusting Western world, as well as large parts of the East, especially with their criminal activities in the Balkans - yet able to steer the West, especially their main target America, into believing they were behaving properly, and presenting an acceptable case for the use of American arms in their support. How easily we seem, in the West, to be hooked by these skilful, deceptive game-players.


Another perfect example of deceit, was the way the Germans outmanoeuvred, cunningly, the terms of the Versailles Treaty. It forbade Germany possession or construction of any large guns. No military aircraft, no submarines, no warships. Prime Minister Lloyd George specified limitation in the size of the German Army to maximum 100,000 men, with no conscripts permitted.


But, aggressive, cunning and deceitful as ever, Germany immediately began plotting and planning ways around such firm conditions, so as to prepare, in advance, for the next war. The great strength of the Prussian-built German Army, created by Bismarck, was its General Staff. They were left in place, untouched, by the Allies, too busy with their own immediate foolish reductions of men and armaments, thinking Germany finally and completely crushed and beaten: self-deception.


General von Seeckt and staff designed a new, unanticipated Army solely of 100,000 officers, senior and junior, under their WWI General Staff. Hand picked, they were all rigorously trained in the use of modern weapons, including stronger tanks and modern tactics, especially mass use of tanks. Interchangeable weapons, commensurate with speed of movement. Similarly all new plants and mechanical factories to be redesigned from foundation, for quick conversion to war production. Well before the advent of Hitler, the German General Staff were preparing for the eventuality of the next war, with full staff of officers, fully trained.


They made good use of the generosity of the Allies post-war, with cunning adroit plans for future, merciless revenge, in true Assyrian style. Stage by stage, they progressed secretly. As early as 1922, German Army leaders arranged a compact deal with the Russian Red Army, secretly at Rapallo, Italy. German arms and planes were assembled in Russian plants, in exchange for major loans and military, modern training of Russian troops. Construction progressed apace, until Germany became bold enough to build new ships, from passenger liners to warships, and arms in homeland factories, defiantly and openly. No adverse reaction from disarmed Europe or America, emboldened the Germans to break all Versailles controls. At the same time, rebuilding old associations and new allies, worldwide. Typically, again bold and arrogant, defying any interference - knowing the West too weak and self-centred to bother to interfere. Germany, learning from the hard lessons of the last war, whilst preparing for the next, expert game-players at deceit and bluff pretence.


Politically, after the failure of the unpopular Weimar Republic, with the upsurge in unemployment and the collapse of the markets and the currency, trouble was brewing, especially the lack of leadership, causing great unrest. In 1925, the aged Field Marshal hero Hindenburg, was elected President, hoping his image as War Leader, who would not accept defeat at Versailles, would pacify. But the Great Depression began before 1929 with massive unemployment and inflation, and grew ever worse, failing leadership in every respect.























Harry Beckhough  © April, 2004.

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Germany's Third Reich.



Hitler's National Socialist Party emerged in 1930, in their military style uniforms, gaining popular support and 107 seats at Election. The collapse of Weimar Government, Hindenburg ill and out of action, left the way open for Hitler to cajole, threaten and finally pressure the dying Hindenburg to replace his first choice, von Papen, as his successor, with ex-Corporal Adolf Hitler's guaranteed restoration of order. In 1933 Hitler assumed power, making his first oratorical, impassioned speeches, which I heard whilst on Student Course at Freiburg. In 1934 he declared himself "President of the German Third Reich" to general acclaim, with full martial panoply and theatrical display.


So, fatefully, this uneducated, untaught, long unemployed ex-decorator, Austrian-born Schickelgruber, one-time Corporal in the German Army, ex-convict, became, by strange twist of Fate, Chancellor of Germany. He had the wisdom, at least, to retain the skilled statesman von Papen as Deputy, to teach him the essentials of such high office. Events followed quickly, as I witnessed personally. The wilful burning of the Reichstag, Berlin, the Law of Nuremberg which followed in 1935 (once he had changed laws and regulations to give him undisputed dictatorial powers), depriving all Jews of the rights of citizenship - as first step along the devilish road to their monstrous total annihilation - some 8 million of God's creatures, men, women and children.


Along with them went gypsies, disabled, coloureds and others who disputed his leadership. No mercy, no compunction, just wholesale slaughter, whether by shooting, burning or poison gas - after fiendish, experimental, medical and surgical treatment. How to measure the emotions, or mental stability, of the thousands of Germans who carried out these maniacal slaughters of fellow human beings? It is not simply that they automatically obey the orders of superiors, but that they could actually bring themselves to such cold-blooded murder of large numbers of innocent people, including babies. How to judge the German character?


They neither answer nor conform to any normal criterion - always acting some role. Hitler's demonic leadership grew ever more dynamic and emotionally wildly demanding, as his mental state of instability worsened - so that he even slaughtered his own faithful followers among the Brownshirts, in that notorious 'Night of the long knives' - thinking they were acting treasonably. His bullying Nazi followers, in their military-style uniforms and jack boots, beat up all resistance, smashing all Jewish-owned shop windows in one impassioned effort called "Crystalnacht". They burnt disallowed Jewish and other authors' books and music in every town market place, robbing the owners and sending them off to death in concentration camps.


The world once again turned its face away, to its everlasting shame, pretending it would all soon just go away, and their diabolical conduct would improve. Of course it did not, for beneath this bloodthirsty surface, much deeper plots were being developed. The continuous theme of German expansion (Lebensraum), the surrounding areas and lands to annexe, before developing that ever-sought conquest of all Europe. Piece by piece they work on subverting each area, East and West.


Just one lone voice, that of the intrepid, far-seeing, most experienced Parliamentarian, Winston Churchill, rose to warn Britain and the world. He was continuously well-informed from knowledgeable sources, including some hidden German opposition to Hitler. Not only was no notice taken of him and his dire warning but, in addition, all his appointments, positions and offices, including Secretary of State for the Navy, were removed by Chamberlain, PM, sending him to the Back Benches in Parliament - but they could not silence him. The world owes its post-war freedom to that stubborn, canny, far-seeing patriot, whose inborn love of Country and people overrode all problems of military strength, political or religious faiths (he had a Jewish mother), party and group divides. Would that we had him now to defend us from the new German onslaught! And point clearly the truth.


Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, and his constant companion Lord Halifax, actually believed they could influence their friend Mussolini, ex-waiter become Italian Fascist leader and dictator, to keep this upstart Hitler under control. They were soon disabused as the Axis was formed - which was to include Franco of Spain and Japan. The bitter realisation of the failure of all Chamberlain's shameful, weak appeasement attempts made Parliament rise, as one man, to demand Churchill as Prime Minister and Leader in War, to defend and save the United Kingdom.


Unfortunately in 1919 Britain disarmed, becoming ill-equipped and unprepared to fight any war. Despite Churchill's warnings and pleadings, disarmament had been carried out to great extent in all Services since the Versailles Treaty, leaving Britain well-nigh defenceless against any major attack. Every Ministry of Defence seemed imbued with the same madness.

And our present situation continues this lack of support, so necessary to maintain our Armed Forces in full strength, to remain equal to the every-widening tasks imposed on them globally, with the world-wide menace of terrorism. This is surely no time to be blind to the idiosyncracies of the EU, bent on removing all our freedom of movement and conduct.


That same stupid idiocy of all-round disarmament still continues, after our lack of preparedness almost caused defeat in WW11, with all the dire consequences. Even now, our brave troops of all services, but especially the Army, are sent into battle desperately short of the arms and equipment so necessary for their personal protection, as well as ability to overcome the enemy - and meet global demands on our military and peace defensive ability, so highly respected world-wide. A role the EU cannot match in its desire to take the place of NATO.


With terrorist threats already casting a forward shadow of the possibility of WW111, we simply cannot afford to neglect our Armed Forces, to whom we need now add a highly trained armed division of our Police Force. The evil of terrorism recognised no boundaries - nor any respect for human life. We need to rethink our strategies and widen the vastly important role of trained expert Intelligence Services to discover and uncover all evil schemes, before they reach fluctuation. We are now operating in a different world, where brother cannot trust brother, let alone nations trust contracts for common defence.


We have lost the keen edge, which held our defences, and brought us final victory. Britain is at her best when defending her own country and people. But no country can continue to stand alone as we did in 1940/41. We need trustworthy allies, as our American cousins have proven, in those German world-wars of 1914 and 1939.


We are suffering extreme debilitation, tied to the taskmasters of Europe. Let us regain our historic true freedom, and the ability to choose trustworthy allies in America and our own Commonwealth, to root out these evil terrorists, and once more stand guardian to the peaceful existence of our own country and the rest of the world.


Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison. He had visions of himself as the German Messiah, with a mandate to lead his people to conquer Europe, possibly the whole world. Benito Mussolini named his régime "The Holy Roman Empire." Hitler also saw his Third Reich as the "Holy Roman Empire." Both régimes were born of the devil. Hitler said "We are not a movement, rather we are a religion - I'm going to become a religious figure." He was motivated by worship of an extreme cult. Above all, from a misconception of the Jesuit order. His élite SS wore the sacred Hakenkreuz (swastika - crooked cross) with black uniforms, as his "Society of Jesus." A love/hate crazed relationship, for he descended to paganism.


Hitler's impassioned, wild, aggressive, heavy oratory moved the German people often to match his hysteria, with military music and impressive stage-setting, with massed rows of marching, uniform-clad youth. His major building project of the Autobahn, criss-crossing Germany with sweeping, broad trunk roads, employed many thousands all over Germany. His Deutsche Volk responded eagerly, arms uplifted to this new hero, who promised them work and a full stomach.


Seemingly few exceptions, had to keep themselves well hidden. If discovered, they received short shrift from teams of assassins. The Vatican besought God's blessing on the Reich, with Church and State co-operating. German bishops were ordered to swear allegiance to the Nazi regime. Hitler actually believed that the Germans were God's chosen people, selected for aggressive expansion to rule over all people - quite manic. But the Nazis turned to paganism and Wagner.


Churchill said, before WWII: "Nothing but a change of the German heart can avert another catastrophe, unlikely to come from within, for the true German nature has never changed." (William. Manchester: Biography Churchill).


In 1935 a Plebiscite in the Saar Basin brought reunion with Germany. Then, in 1936, Germany reoccupied the Rhineland - though forbidden by the Allies. There followed the formation of the Berlin-Rome Axis with Franco of Spain, and a German-Japanese Pact. Hitler, now emboldened at lack of response from the Allies, ventured further, invading Austria in 1938, with the annexation of Sudetenland, adding some 6 million Germans to his increasing roll of Germans regained, and fully supportive.


The Ribbentrop-Molotov non-aggression pact, August 1939, secured Germany's Eastern flank. March 1939 marked his bold move for Lebensraum with the annexation of Czecho-Slovakia, pleading 'Sudetenland' as German, and he was supporting their rights. Whilst the World held its breath and the British, with Churchill, were calling for immediate action to stop this growing wilful aggression, weak Chamberlain reneged on Britain's Czech ally, shaming Britain by declaring it: "A far-off country of no significance." Hitler made best use of Chamberlain's weak 'appeasement' tactics. Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary, resigned in protest against such shameful appeasement.


Hitler now believed he could attack Poland, with full strength, with usual brutal bombing into defeat - and it was the most merciless massacre against a well-nigh helpless adversary, desperately fighting almost to the last man, whilst Russia looked on! But this was Hitler's move too far. At last Chamberlain, forced into action, had to honour the pledge to Poland by Britain and France. He now warned Hitler personally, but defiant Hitler believed Britain would again abstain. So he declared war on Poland on 3rd September 1939. On that same day Britain and France, perforce, declared War on Germany.


Hitler, secure with his non-aggression pact with Russia, felt safe to bomb Poland into submission. Stalin refrained, believing Hitler implicitly. He should have studied the faithlessness of the Germans, right from their Assyrian forebears. After crushing Poland in open massacre, Hitler's appetite was now whetted for Europe, with his master-plan all carefully prepared by his modernised services, ready to obey his commands.


The German war machine, at full strength, with a huge army array of the most modern, fully equipped tanks, fighter aircraft, warships and submarines, now let loose an all-powerful Blitzkrieg, smashing their way, at top speed, across Europe, sweeping all before their carefully rehearsed advance, led by the most professional German General Staff, trained by Prussian military might, creating fear and Schrecklichkeit (terror) everywhere. Terror was their watchword, brutal and merciless.


Europe's poor defences crumbled, the unfinished 'immovable' Maginot line smashed asunder, France (with a bigger army) caved in, and Hitler marched, in swaggering triumph, down the Champs Elysées of Paris. The British Forces, betrayed by the Belgian/French collapse, did well to escape in part at Dunkirk, aided by a host of English ships and small boats, rescuing them off the beaches, despite heavy gunfire.


Britain, now left alone, with brave Churchill, a lone figure, courageously defying the Nazi-German armoured might. Under his fearless guidance, the United Kingdom did unite with strong will, to produce the lacking military, and train volunteers eager to join the Services, but still lacking weapons. I was trained at Catterick and Larkhill in 1940 as a 'theoretical' Royal Artillery officer, never having fired a gun - but we learnt under good instruction. Within weeks the whole country was on war footing, with Commonwealth countries and Allies joining in. No heroics, just grim determination by an unready country, lacking guns, modern weapons, almost any weapons, save those remaining from WW1.


In 1940 Germany attacked Britain, principally at first by air. Goering's major Luftwaffe plan was to attack British airfields, bombing and smashing planes and runways from their new, close bases in France. Meanwhile their warships and U-boats (submarines) were attacking our merchant supply ships, having broken our Navy codes, cutting off our food and material supplies - a devastating plan, leading to an invasion of England.


Britain resisted, moving to unmarked air sites, producing Spitfires and Hurricane fighters, and speedily training fighter pilots both in Britain and Canada. Heavily outnumbered, the British pilots fought day and night, beating off and shooting down the German planes, which outnumbered the British by at least 3 to 1. Failing with their fighter attacks, Goering then ordered Luftwaffe heavy bombers to attack British cities, principally London, breaking the established rules of War. London, especially, was pounded day and night, as also other major cities, continuously, to a mass of rubble and smashed buildings, in flames. Many thousands of lives were lost and bodies broken, with frightful damage - until they were finally beaten off and withdrew. The British people remained defiant throughout.


Hitler's main plan was to invade a beaten Britain - as promised by Goering with his vastly superior Luftwaffe force, by Spring 1941 - in good time to spring his second trap - the unbelievable invasion of Russia. But Russia and Germany had unbroken bonds of friendship ?? Remember the Assyrians? The same faithlessness and breaking of agreements and contracts, was now to be repeated by his planned invasion of Russia. Stalin believed implicitly in Hitler, having worked with him since 1922 in close harmony. In fact Stalin refused to accept his most reliable agents' warnings, and even those from British Intelligence.


But Hitler's plans were going awry. Britain should have been invaded and conquered, reduced to abject surrender by Spring 1941. Then would come Russia's turn, driving at high speed through the summer, smashing their way through to take Moscow, Stalingrad and other major cities by end of summer. Instead, those stubborn British had beaten off Goering's invasion fleet, and forced delays to Hitler's plan, so that the Russian operation had to begin late summer. They were held up, and did not make the expected quick progress. Moscow and other cities put up determined resistance and inevitably came the icy Russian winter. Downpours of snow and ice clogging the roads began to hold up tanks, guns and heavy armour. The Blitzkrieg ground to a halt and troops were frozen in their tracks.


So the invasion Blitzkrieg of Russia now turned to defeat and rout. The great German Army began to retreat - against Hitler's orders, calling on them to "fight to the last man like good brave German soldiers" Many thousands died in the snow, countless hordes of prisoners were marched or limped off to Russian prisons. No mercy was shown by the Russians to their erstwhile colleagues, and it now became a race against time to reach Germany, in time to stop the threatening Russian invasion. It was a costly defeat, fulfilling Nietzsche's prophecy of ending in chaos.


In the meantime Britain, now better equipped, was able to repay the Luftwaffe's merciless coverage bombing of major cities, principally London, with merited interest. British Intelligence, Station X, based at Bletchley Park, broke German top codes of 'unbreakable' Enigma, and Fisch, enabling German warships and submarines to be exactly pinpointed, traced and sunk by British Navy. The Luftwaffe, also pinpointed, by radar, withdrew, beaten.


America entered the European War as Britain's major Ally, after the Japanese treacherous attacks on the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor, without warning, end of 1941. Before end of 1942, Rommel's Afrika Corps were heavily defeated in the Desert Campaign at el Alamein by the British 8th Army (in which I played a small part), and chased into Italy, where they suffered further defeats by British and American forces, finally withdrawing their remnants back to Germany. Meanwhile the Americans were attacking and defeating the Japanese forces in the Pacific, heading for Japan whilst the British 14th Army was attacking the Japanese, who had invaded Burma - with my Group decoding Japanese signals.


In June 1944, the Allies mounted a carefully-planned invasion of German-dominated France, over Normandy beaches. For the first time the Germans were put to flight in Europe, the Allies clearing Holland, Belgium and moving across France, despite heavy resistance, to enter Paris to great acclaim, free again of German occupation. General de Gaulle, flying from England, now able to march triumphantly back down the Champs Elyssées. The Germans now pursued back into their homeland, for the first time in their long history, both West from the Allies and East from Russia, were totally defeated, with many of their cities, including Berlin, in ruins. Chaos reigned again in Germany. Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker, May 1945.


The Nazis were totally defeated and disgraced, but not finished. From end of 1943, through 44 and 1945, a great many leaders, scenting defeat, had escaped from Germany, some to Switzerland but many, using Vatican 'rat-lines', were helped escape to Spain, Portugal - even across U.S.A. to South America and Mexico, Columbia and Argentine, taking huge sums of stolen treasures from their unfortunate victims. They bought industrial companies to gain power-base in each country. They had huge caches in Swiss banks and Liechtenstein. They set up an International office in Madrid and kept in touch with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who confessed to me (in friendly discussions in my HQ at Cologne University), that he had taken back 134 ex-Nazis, now working with his staff in Bonn (cf John Loftus Unholy Trinity,1991).




























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The Fourth Reich - The New Beginning.




So it continues: after each defeat, they are already at work, preparing for the next aggression. Their nature never changes, as has been stated by Churchill, Nietzsche and others, as is now, once again, clearly apparent. Those who scuttled, built new international offices in Madrid, and began plans for a new approach to their continuing plan to conquer Europe. This time with the major difference that, after so many repeated military defeats (especially from the stubborn British and American Allies), they sought a different tack, first by economic means, with the provided EU set-up already to hand, to be taken over and used for their purpose. Under the cloak of European Union they could weave new plans for domination of all Europe.


In 1941 Walter Funk, Hilter's economics Minister, launched Europäische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft (European Economic Community) - to establish a single European currency, the Reichsmark. Plus the integration of all European economy into a "Single Market." Also the Trans European Network (TERN). The creation of a "Common Agricultural Policy" (CAP) was based on the mode of European agriculture, protected by subsidies and high tariffs, keeping prices artificially high for the benefit, principally, of French and German small farmers. This Franco-German benefit was later enshrined, post-war, under Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome. Similar to the later Maastricht Treaty of GEU, with a PanEuropean Bank (Bank Europa) created and run by Germany.


This, then, was the embryo Nazi plan for the future of greater Europe, all combined under the sole command of the master, 'Aryan' superior German Superstate, cum dictatorship. Yet, after the most decisive defeat in all their history, we find, still in existence in primary positions, a considerable number of the perpetrators of these evil plans - after ruthlessly murdering millions who appeared to be obstacles to their greater glory. The very name of Concentration Camps brings the vision of the devil who possesses their souls. They are certainly inhuman.

So that same inbuilt German habit of lying deceit continued during, and after WWII, in even more cunning, false operations, at which they are pastmasters, as if schooled by Lenin, world master of lies and corruption.


Thus, Arthur Spiegelman reported: "Realising they were losing the War in 1944, Nazi leaders met major German industrialists to plan a secret, post-war network to restore them to power" (extract from a newly classified U.S. document). Krupp and others were told to be prepared to finance the Underground Nazi Continuance Party to create a future, strong German Empire. "Over 500 million dollars were transferred out of Germany - to lay the foundation for future re-emergence."


This document was concealed from the American and British people. The U.S. Intelligence Agencies made the deadly error of inaction, instead of immediate exposure of the truth, to kill off these Nazi carefully prepared forward plans, already activated. What reason could they have had - a mistrust of their own people? Whilst the Allies were planning to preserve the peace of the world, the Germans were already contriving to win the Battle of the Peace. They never desist in their aggressive attempt to dominate first Europe, and then the World.

Incredibly, Ernest Bevin, British Minister, convinced by the astute Germans, as were the American Statesmen, that Communism was the greatest post-war threat in Germany, transferred all British Intelligence operations (still concentrating on anti-Nazi measures), to hunt the few remaining, weak Communist cells from 1997 onwards. Ex-Nazis were still many. Communists there were practically none. So Bevin, fooled by the Germans, transferred everybody to total search for Communists in 1947 and, unbelievably, told the Germans to denazify themselves. He should have heard the Germans laugh at 'British stupidity'!

Dr. Konrad Adenauer, known as 'the old fox' for his total deceit of America, thus producing large quantities of dollars, enjoyed his ability to deceive the Americans. Far from chasing Communists, he was on friendly terms with Russia. General Karl Haushofer (from Ribbentrop's Treasury), was convinced that Germany and Russia could combine to control the whole world. He joined Adenauer in persuading the U.S. State Department of the imminent Russian communist threat to West Germany (they were in control of East German Zone), laughing as the dollars rolled - how easy they were to dupe.


In 1950 the Nazi Madrid Circular (intercepted by British Intelligence), to satellite centres Bonn, Lisbon, Buenos Aires etc., said:


"Germany has always considered orientation towards the West, as a policy of expedience. All of our national leaders have constantly counselled the long-range policy of close co-operation with the East. The so-called American democracy does not deserve the bones of a single German soldier. What Germany needs in the future is not democracy, but a system of statecraft, similar to that of the Soviet dictatorship. Enabling the political and military elite in Germany to organise the industrial capacity of Europe, and the military qualities of the German people, for the revival of the German race and the re-establishment of Europe as power-centre of the world. We will surely gain the undisputed leadership in Europe, NOT excluding Britain."


Chancellor Adenauer said "The British are our true enemies" and signed a contract with de Gaulle.


Madrid was the Nazi International Geopolitical Control Centre. Die Spinne was the Nazi organisation in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Sweden, Argentina, Buenos Aires etc. All now followed General Haushofer's Plan. "German orientation towards the East! The new shape of German aggression!" Other units were named Edelweiss, Konsul, Scharnhorst, Odessa (of the Nazi elite Guard) - all promoting resurgence to a German Europe.


In 1945 the German Masterplan (captured by the Allies) included a European Peace order (like Adenauer's), a European Union on Federal basis, a Commonwealth between Germany, Bohemia and Moravia, and an economic integration of Europe.


In February 1945 Churchill and Roosevelt signed a document: "It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism, and to ensure Germany will NEVER again be able to disrupt and disturb the peace of the world. We are determined to disarm and disband all German Armed Forces and break up the German General Staff, that has contributed repeatedly to the resurgence of German militarism."


Little did they know of the plans well-in-hand BEFORE War-end, of German resuscitation. Krupp and Thyssen, the uncrowned Kings of Essen, were quickly and secretly rebuilt, with arranged co-operation abroad. Other industries had planned peacefully with the Nazi leaders (who went underground well before War-end), to set aside secure means of speedy reconstitution for aggressive domination of Europe, now by political and economic means.

Adenauer wrote: "National Socialism could not have come to power in Germany, if it had not found, in broad strategy of the population, soil prepared for its sowing of poison." Similarly these Nazi plans for the conquest of Europe, only now reshaped to assist the new circumstances. That same illusion of being the master race, destined to dominate and rule over Europe, if not the world, passed down as their inheritance from the Assyrians, was still, as ever, their abiding belief. But now they had at last, and for the first time, learnt the valuable lesson that they could not so succeed by force of arms alone.


Relearning Lenin's philosophy of 'gain and succeed by deceit' they now threw their strength behind the creation of the EU in its new form. This became an illusion, with all nations caught in the net, step by step. Developed from the Monnet/Schuman Plan, with Germany working cunningly and tirelessly behind the scenes, moving the pieces at will, to shape the stages of the ephemeral GEU, Europe's greatest ever House of Cards.


In the meantime, General Marshall's European Recovery Plan 1947, born of America's foremost fear of Communism, (always growing best in a bed of poverty, want and misery), and also impoverished Europe's effect on her industrial relations, brought closer economic co-operation between European countries, especially to the immediate benefit of Germany. The 16 participating countries set up OEEC (Organisation for European Economic Co-operation), to administer the Plan successfully. It was a minor miracle of rehabilitation, a gesture of great American generosity to suffering Europe and especially to everyone's foe: Germany - the only one without conscience, or real gratitude.


Germany always anticipates manipulating Fortune. Black Market ceased overnight, as we introduced the new German Mark to restore Germany's currency. Everybody receiving basic equal amounts, to start them on their new currency Deutsch Mark, of real value. No more barter of cigarettes and coffee. Remarkable speedy return of restored vigour to German industry. I watched rows of EMPTY shops, suddenly FULL of merchandise OVERNIGHT: German deception classic, a modern miracle. Strange that the Mark they loved all these years was given new life by us.


NATO was created between America and European nations, because of the Cold War aftermath with Russia, feared by everybody (except Germany, who was kept out). In 1946 the European Union of Federalists brought together groups in European countries of Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


The cause of European unity included powerful names like Leon Blum of France, Alcide de Gasperi, P.M. of Italy, and Belgian socialist Paul-Henri Spaak with his United Europe Movement of 1948, to which Churchill gave his support saying: "We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked, but not compromised. We are interested and associated but NOT absorbed."


Churchill never changed his position of assisting, but not joining as a member. His great, far-seeing wisdom should always have remained our guide, with his firm, never deviating policy for Britain: "For we dwell among our own people." Spaak's project of 1948 failed by 1950. Churchill was so wise (unlike most of his more easily hooked successors from Macmillan/Heath onward), not to be caught up in the eternal problems (especially accounts and budgets) and machinations of European Union states, led by Franco-Germany, using Britain as a major pawn.


The prime mover at that time was Jean Monnet, who became unwisely known as Mr Europe. An Alsace cognac producer, he gained his part-education travelling the world's international markets. He believed strongly in the total unity of European states, adapting the Loucheur-Mayrich earliest functionalist model of 1925, - followed by the 1926 International Steel Agreement, an earlier model (forerunner of ECSC) set up after WWI. They seem to have cast the original mould, from which eventually developed EU, but not in their conception. Nor that of Monnet, who forgot the German behaviour in Alsace in WWI, saying in 1943: "There will be no peace in Europe if the states are reconstructed on the basis of national sovereignty. Co-ordination does not create unity." He was not only totally wrong, but blindly stubborn.


However, at that time, full-scale European integration was politically unacceptable (and we still had our mighty protector, Churchill). So Monnet revived the 1920s scheme of control of German coal and steel-making, under an independent 'High Authority' to prevent German future hostile intentions - always there.


Monnet chose fellow-Alsatian, Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, to administer his plan. The Schuman Plan of 1950 for the 'European Coal and Steel Community' was eventually agreed between Germany and France, especially as these German Ruhr coal and steel areas were then under French occupation. The 3 Benelux countries and Italy joined the Plan. But the British Prime Minister, Labour's Clement Attlee, rejected it point blank, saying:


"It was impossible for Britain to accept the principle, that the most economic forces of this country should be handed over to an authority that is utterly undemocratic and is responsible to nobody."


... wise words from a Labour PM which, with Churchill's clear statement, should have guided our Statesmen ever after.


























Harry Beckhough  © April, 2004.

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The Plot Continues.


The Treaty of Rome (1957) was carefully constructed on functional lines, for future transmission to a supernational authority. First cunningly known as the Common Market - acceptable to all, believing it to be a straight forward trading agreement. The Nazis used the rhetoric of 'European Unity'. But it is undeniable that they had systematically lied, cheated, stole the treasures of those they murdered and robbed in all Europe on a hitherto unknown, huge scale of sheer brutality. They also raised propaganda to a new level, even deceiving their own people, those they occupied and the rest of the world. They continue to be well-practised pastmasters of the evil arts of lies and deceit, even outdoing the Leninists, with their dialectic deceit.


So real birth of EU was post WWI, as we have seen, but made little progress in the difficult after-war years of the 1920s and 1930s. Europe was suffering from its manifold hurts and problems, and post WWI life bore many predicaments for a multitude of families. Statesmen were fully absorbed in each country's affairs in the struggle to make both ends meet, after such a terrible conflict of phenomenal costs.


1946 was an even worse year of reckoning and grief, after WWII. France, torn apart again in the first years of the war, and fought over again from mid 1944, faced huge political, economic and, even worse, physical, as well as industrial reconstruction. At the same time, caught up in prolonged, violent colonial wars. Belgium and Portugal likewise. Austria, depressed under grim Soviet occupation, fighting to maintain a semblance of independence. Both Greece and Italy embroiled in civil wars, causing mayhem and worse, distress.

Britain, heroic winner of the worst and most deadly combat in history, now facing the massive costs and debts of prolonged war. Now, even worse for its proud history (reaching its peak of Empire in the 19th century), faced with the loss of its beloved colonies and its wealth. At its peak, in the proud Victorian reign, at the turn of the century. Now, as a result of two unsought, terrible wars, losing the cream of its young, virile manhood, reduced to massive debts, with rising unemployment and the return of P.O.Ws, many severely injured.

Gone the splendid days of the Raj, when Britain proudly held its Empire with surprisingly few officers and men. In the space of some 30 years and two world wars only 21 years apart, its century of glorious achievements torn asunder by that murderous, ever-aggressive state of Germany, uncontrollable even by its own imperfect leaders. Germany should have been broken up after WWI, reduced to the collection of smaller states of its early years, and left to fight and murder amongst themselves.


But now the greater question: what to do to restore Europe? Churchill gave the best guidance: "Help, by all means, but stay apart." Only that way, by holding on to our hard-won sovereignty will we be able to continue to be an independent nation, with our own laws and Parliament, and our own way of living, trading, keeping firm hold of all we have produced that is basically good. We still have our Commonwealth who stood loyally by us. We have our proven friend and ally of America. By keeping our independence, we may best forge our future, and maintain good relations with Europe (who would be under the dictator's heel but for us and America - how easily they forget and how little gratitude!)


That should be signal enough for us to take back our independence, which so many of our successive governments have bartered, or gambled away, without due thought or guidance. Churchill and Attlee showed us. Time we woke up from this nightmare take-over, and realised we are once again under attack from Germany (now with intemperate France as ally), before it is too late, and we discover we have thrown away our ancient rights and independence - and gained dross.


To return to our post-war state: only two Superpowers have emerged from these wars. America, with her vast industry, became our major supplier throughout and, though helping us to final victory, emerged as the overall winner economically, industrially and financially. Europe owes her a debt of gratitude for the Marshall Plan, and other help. We have not received from Europe or America the assistance we deserved as just reward. But, independent as ever, we fought our way back, to be in fairly healthy state generally. Now we must take care that we do not let ourselves be hooked by the gamesters, who are already emptying our pockets, without adequate returns. Also USSR with massive armoury, including nuclear weapons.


Unfortunately, Germany finds it impossible to co-operate peacefully and honestly in Europe and Asia, without again embarking on her usual network of plots, for gains and power in every area, employing her well-honed instruments of deceit and double-talk. The League of Nations, replaced by the United Nations under U.S. leadership, prepared to mobilise against aggression, as in the Korean war.


NATO, forging new alliances, with Germany convincing that her participation was necessary in the Western Army in 1950. So persuasive, that she actually won back her sovereign status and full membership of NATO by 1955 - a reward for her dexterity, having been shut out postwar. Everything and everybody seem to succumb to Germany's suggestive manipulation, weaving schemes without real substance in Lenin style and taught by Goebbels, German master of lies and propaganda.


By clever manoeuvring Germany manipulated return of the Saar in 1957, as the 10th State of the Federal Republic. The Bundeswehr was recruited directly from the upper echelons of Hitler's Army, including Third Reich veteran Generals (cf Martin Lee: The Beast Awakens, 1997).


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Expanding by Ratchets.



In 1970 the renewed German-Soviet Treaty for "Friendship and co-operation" was signed, assuring their everlasting understanding - always included in Germany's secret plans for total reinstatement (already ipso facto regained) - and future control of greater Europe, both West and East - the same as ever target. It is truly amazing, on looking back, the ease with which Germany was able to deceive and convince America and Britain's leading Statesmen - but so did Gorbachev with his ready convincing stream of lies about his new Russia. Their joint ratchet found easy targets in the ever-trusting West.


East Germany overthrew their Communist regime in 1989, becoming one complete Germany again in 1990/91. The German Democratic Republic became founder member of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation, by the Warsaw Pact with Russia, then occupying the Russian Zone of Germany. The Berlin Wall, built 1961, sealed off this Russian Zone from the West. In 1972 the Two Germanys signed a Pact of admittance to the United Nations. In 1991 came the overthrow of the Soviet government. Yeltsin and Gorbachev took power, expertly deceiving the West of their 'democratic' intentions.


In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, bringing a neo-Nazi revival, cultivated strongly through the German Army (Bundeswehr). Nazi Germany came storming back, as the communist stranglehold on East Germany and Eastern Europe was released. Violent racist incidents increased year on year to 1993. In 1993 the Bundestag passed an asylum law, setting firm restrictions on immigrants seeking asylum. Still remaining anti-semitic, with disturbance of Jewish synagogues and cemeteries. Further reports of neo-Nazi revival in Germany.


In June 1991 the Bundestag voted to move their Capital back to Berlin from Bonn (Adenauer's home town). May 1995 Manfred Röder - convicted Nazi terrorist - was invited to address the Bundeswehr. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall there are visible signs of return of the old spirit of independent arrogance, within the whole German nation. Now, again a bona fide world power, second only to the U.S. in arms exports, with a standing army of circa 300,000, the largest in Europe. Already with France's help, leading the EU and soon to be recognised as a major nuclear power. Germany now back on top by usual clever manoeuvring.


In 1990 a secret agreement between Gorbachev and Chancellor Kohl accepted that the Bohemian and Moravian region belonged to the Germans. Also the final division of Czecho-slovakia and Yugoslavia by end of 1992. Germany planned to make a Customs Union of Europe, like Bismarck. Warnings by Roger Eatwell's: Fascism, Bernard Connolly's: The Rotten Heart of Europe and Margaret Thatcher's: The Downing Street Years - all go unheeded in our sleepy apathetic nation. Just as before WWII, with almost all Mainstream Press just as oblivious to the danger as they were before WWII.


In 1995 Mrs Thatcher said in Parliament: "You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you'll find it will not work." Maybe not, but in the meantime they are expertly stirring the pot, causing ever more problems.


Two years after war-end, statistics now show that almost 50% of Bavarian civil servants belonged to the Nazi Party or its affiliates. Of those dismissed by us, some 15,000 were reinstated. Almost all 11,000 teachers removed for political reasons were reinstated with 60% of the teaching staff employed by the German Ministry of Education and 81% of judges, magistrates, prosecutors in their Ministry of Justice. Only in Universities were we able to keep good measure of control in the British Zone, by our direct command and control - with early denazification.


Inter-European unity has been long sought by the Habsburg dynasty. Otto compared the similarities of the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages with his own views on a destined United States of Europe. Churchill favoured a U.S.E. (United States of Europe) led by Britain. He said: "It should be built by the British. If the Russians built it, there would be communism and squalor. If the Germans built it there would be tyranny and brute force." (Martin Gilbert: Churchill War Papers Vol 3 ). How far-seeing! Now in German control, as yet in shape unrealised by the victims, caught in a net of German deceit and empty promises, inexorably leading to complete mastery. As the USSR faded into history, overtaken by the new KGB dictatorship, Germany, under its EU cloak, was already on its planned path to overtake America, with the size and growth of its extended economic values.


In May 1997, Roman Herzog (former German President), on being presented with the International Charlemagne Prize for his efforts to unite Europe said:


"Charlemagne, himself, sought the unification of Europe - the truth must be told, only by wading through a sea of blood, sweat and tears, did he reach it. Germany has been Europe's greatest perpetrator, instigating that bloodshed."


One wonders how Tony Blair came to be chosen for this prize? Joschka Fischer (ex Communist, now Leader of the Green Party) said:


"Germany needs NOT democracy, but a system of Statecraft, similar to that of the Soviet dictatorship, enabling the German political and military êlite to organise Europe's industrial capacity, and the military qualities of German people or revival of the German race, Europe is just an extension of Germany."


That said it all, with Fischer omniscient.


Yugoslavia was deliberately undermined by German Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst) under Klaus Kinkel, throughout the 1980s, using German agents working with former Croatian Fascists, close allies of Hitler (providing needed outlet to the Adriatic). They now destroyed the multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia, arranging the breakaway of Catholic Croatia and Slovenia.


Marshal Tito established a new Constitution for Yugoslavia, known as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The Serbs had initiated the first union of these 3 nations, following the collapse of the Habsburg ruled Austro-Hungarian Empire, end of WWI in 1918. Tito broke with the Soviets, creating a new Federal Republic, which lasted over 30 years. But the political ironwill of Germany took only 10 years to break it. Milosovic may have been unfairly charged in the Hague - but Germany now has arranged a more compliant leader under her control. Once again Anglo-Americans have been fooled by German trickery.

German machinations in the Balkans in WWI were repeated in WWII. Yugoslavia, historical ally of Britain against German imperialism, has now been broken up into the same religious and racial statelets the Nazis established: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia had their own Waffen SS divisions. In 1991 Germany, followed by the Vatican, recognised Croatia, which massacred one million Serbs, gypsies and Jews at Jasenovac concentration camp. The wartime Archbishop Stepinac, whose own priests helped run the extermination camp, was beatified by the present Pope in 2002!?


Albania was favoured by NATO as an ally of Germany, whilst operating the biggest drug and gun-running corridor through Kosovo and Tiranen. Germany gained control by outright purchase of their main asset, their chromite mines. Albanians, in the historical Serb province of Kosovo, who had conducted massive ethnic cleansing of Serbs over previous 100 years, (with help of Nazis during the war and Tito thereafter), were now armed by Germany as Freedom Fighters (for whose Freedom?). Provoked by repeated terrorist attacks by Kosovo Freedom Fighters, the anticipated Serb response gave German-controlled Europe the excuse to lead NATO into an illegal war against a sovereign state - by cunning German contrivance. This served Germany's historical aim of destroying Serbia, helping to reclaim so-called German territory in the East, thus helping construction of German Europe, now EU.


Similarly, with Macedonia the EU cleverly had NATO do all the donkey work, transforming it into a vassal state of EU. So, if things go wrong, NATO will be blamed. Thus another clever (?) German stroke.


During the War about one million were massacred by Croation fascists. In 1989/90 came the first ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, after Germany officially recognised Croatia, who established a blatantly nationalistic constitution, discriminating against Serbs. There are now over one million displaced Serbs, because of Germany's aggressive interference and plotting. In 1991 Germany unilaterally recognised Croatia and Slovenia as separate sovereign states, completing her astutely conceived domination of the Baltic area, exporting $320 million dollars hardware to Croatia, 4000 German troops in Croatia, the first deployment of German troops since WWII, to help enforce the so-called 'Peace Agreement'. All part of Germany's deep plan for overall control of all Europe, both West and East. At the same time, settling old scores of WWII.


In the rest of Eastern Europe the agricultural economy has collapsed, because the EU prevents their exports to the West. Their media, business and agricultural land are being acquired by Western European business, especially German. Just as the Nazis planned in the 1930s, the national states of Europe, for whose freedom Britain and America fought two bloody wars, sacrificing their heroic young men, effectively, no longer exist as self-governing entities. The aftermath of WWII, with Germany now established as the strongest force in Europe.




























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Adding the Finishing Touches.


In fact, the German-led EU is becoming an exact reproduction of that obnoxious mixture of German aggressive imperialism and continental fascism, against which we were forced to fight. Thus the European Union, which some American business sees as an opportunity, and some American politicians believe to be contributing to European peace and serenity, I see as of great danger to World peace, thereby undermining Anglo-American costly post-war efforts, and contributions to true peace and harmony. Refusing to co-operate in the West's desperate struggle to contain and defeat the accelerating terrorism, as destructive weapon to terrorise and terrify the peace-loving Western democracy.


Germany, as strongman of Europe, has again seen to the split-up of Czechoslovakia, annexed by Hitler, in Germany's War. Germany has established a 'Sudeten Fund' to allow Germans, dismissed post-war for collaboration with the Nazis in WWII, in their brutal oppression of the Czech people, now to return to the shamefully carved-up Czech Republic - although such action was forbidden by the Allies. Further proof that Germany refuses to accept the rules of War, even when totally defeated, under fully signed agreements, ever seeking her own cunning way round.


In other words, Germany is now intent on winning the Battle of the Peace (again of her own invention), which Germany failed to win by War, wholesale murder and brutal bloodshed, now by even more cunning, deceitful means. Instead of concentrating solely on rebuilding its empire by military strength, Germany has a new master plan, through economic means. First by buying an empire, using the strength of its business community. German major industry which remained basically strong post-war, by secret arrangements with Nazi leaders from 1943 (with defeat in sight), was now reinvigorated through American dollars, by Adenauer's deceit, followed by the American super-generosity of the Marshall plan; basically anti-Communist, America's main fear in Europe. But thereby rebuilding German strength and aggression.


At amazing speed, German industry gathered strength with the addition of the business framework of those Nazi leaders who fled through the Vatican 'rat-lines' and other means, with hoards of stolen wealth - used to purchase useful business overseas. Boasting the World's Third largest national economy, Germany now surpassed England in the economic area.


Thus the huge Deutsche Bank bought America's Bankers Trust, 1998, creating the world's largest financial services company. Germany's leading companies: Allianz, Daimler, Hoechst, Krupp, Thyssen, Siemens, I.G. Farben, all still there. No trouble to get round Europe's protective business culture, and manipulate any problems with Britain's Parliament procedure or America's State laws: Germany was extremely clever and capable of deceiving both countries, especially America, where a large German contingent was ready to hand. The Dresdner Bank bought U.S. Wasserstein Pirella & Co. for $1.6 billion dollars - gaining their extensive client lists, including Phillip Morris and Time Warner. Daimler Benz bought the Chrysler Corporation for over $37 billion dollars, becoming the biggest builder of truck engines, and the foremost manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world - and the second largest exporter of military hardwear.


In 1998 Thyssen Krupp merged as Europe's largest, and the world's third largest steel producer. German insurance giant Allianz paid $33 million dollars for Pimco Advisors Holdings, Europe's second largest insurer. BMW and Daimler-Benz has a major plant in Tuscalooza, Alabama. In September 2000 RWE bought British major Thames Water for $4.3 billion dollars. Deutsche Bank failed to buy J.P. Morgan brokers and the U.S. nationwide wireless telephone company, Voice Stream. RWE bought British American Waterworks.

At long last in 2001 arose loud objections on the basis of national security, not to give away America's telecommunications to German foreigners. Somebody, finally, must have smelled danger. Where does Germany obtain all these extensive, huge piles of money, for such massive purchases, especially of key American and British Banks and power units? Germany keeps raising her sights and bidding for major strategic Banks, power plants, water, electricity, railway controls in America especially, and also Britain.


The Blair Government is seriously considering an offer from Germany's State-owned Bank, West L.B., for Railtrack's 2300 miles of track and 2500 stations, including the Channel Tunnel Rail link. Railtrack owns Britain's railway infrastructure, including stations, tracks, signals, tunnels, bridges, viaducts etc. What a dangerous weapon to put into the hands of our everlasting enemy Germany! To be trusted, now and for the future?? As an ex WWII warrior and Intelligence officer, it makes my hackles rise. As Churchill said: "Nothing but a change of the German heart can avert another catastrophe, unlikely to come from within, for the true German nature has never changed." "The German, after all, had been belligerent for 2000 years." (Willliam Manchester biography).


Yet the West is so trusting, and easily fooled by the arch liars and deceivers and tricksters - from Lenin to Gorbachev and the KGB, from the earliest Germani to Goebbels, who carried on the Leninist policy that lies, lies, lies, often enough repeated, will be believed. Unlike us, Germany protects herself, first and foremost, holding firmly to her sovereignty and ever-growing possessions. The difference lies in her cunning new approach, in that insatiable quest for power. Buying a well-planned Empire from trusting enemies, whilst protecting her own.


When they have completed the circle, consolidating their global economic power and building total encirclement of Europe and the East, with the fast-enclosing EU Superstate, economic and military power, we may expect their fully prepared next Blitzkrieg, (possibly with Russian aid, though that is no longer certain) - same aggression but in different form from the past, obviating previous errors, and taking an ill-prepared apathetic world by surprise. To assume full command and control in the carefully prepared, domineering dictatorship - unless chaos intervenes again.


German Acquisitions - a partial glimpse of recent history:


                                                U.S. BUSINESSES


Name                                     Type of Business                           Acquired by

Airborne Express                  Air courier/airport                              Deutsche  Bank

American Water Works        Water utility supplier             RWE

Arista                                      Record company                               BMGEntertainment  

Bankers Trust                        Bank                                                   Deutsche Bank

Chrysler                                  Automotive                                         Daimler-Benz

DHL                                        WorldwideAir courier                        Deutsche Bank

Doubleday                             Publisher                                            Bertelsmann

Farrar, Straus & Giroux        Publisher                                            Holtzbrinck    

Fireman's                               FundInsurance                                   Allianz

Henry Holt                              Publisher                                            Holtzbrinck

Marion Merril Dow                Chemical/pharmaceutical                Aventis

MEMC Electronic Mtls          Silicon wafers                                    E.ON AG

PIMCO Advisors                   HoldingsInvestment advisory           Allianz

Random House                     Publisher                                            Bertelsmann

RCA                                        Record company                               BMG Entertainment 

Shared Medical Systems     Medical                                              Siemens

St. Martin's Press                  Publisher                                            Holtzbrinck

TopTier Software Inc.           Portal software developer                SAP AG

VoiceStream                         WirelessCommunication                  Deutsche Telekom

Westinghouse Electric Co   Power supplier                                  Siemens

Windham Hill                         Record company                               BMG Entertainment

Zurich Scudder                      Investment manager             Deutsche Bank


                                                U.K. BUSINESSES


Boots Pharmaceuticals        Pharmaceuticals                               BASF

Cornhill Insurance                  Insurance                                            Allianz

Grattan Mail Order                Mail-order                                          Otto Versand

Kleinwort Benson                  Global investment banking               Dresdner Bank

Lansing                                  Forklift manufacturing                       Linde

Lloyds Chemists                   Parmacy chain                                  Gehe

Morgan Grenfell                     Bank                                                   Deutsche Bank

One2One                               MobilesCommunication                   Deutsche Telecom Plessey                         Digital communication                      Siemens    

Powergen                              Electricity & gas provider(pending)  E.ON AG

Rolls-Royce                           Automotive & aviaiton                      Volkswagen

Thames Water                       Water utility supplier             RWE  

Thomas Cook                        Travel                                                  WestLB


German powerful RWE busily buying British and American waterworks, major-size Thames Water and New Jersey base of Water Works Co. Inc. and now penetrating other overseas markets including Australia and Chile, in their attack on strategic utility companies. The American Water Works (vide The Trumpet) is the largest and most diversified, publicly traded water services company in the U.S. This acquisition will give RWE presence in 44 countries on 6 continents, serving a population of 56 million. Strategic implications warrant a command position to Germany for any nation in dispute with them. A highly dangerous position! America take heed!


Why no protecting screen, to prevent industry yielding control of the basic resources upon which our nations depend for daily operations and survival? Quick profits may put nations in danger, with the people paying the penalty, as always, for their appointed leaders' lack of security.


RWE is expanding its uncontrolled efforts, to embrace gas and electricity and power generation and distribution facilities - even including waste management. Water is not only the world's greatest and most necessary commodity, but is also steadily declining in availability. Just consider the terrible threat to our nation's safety and security, now delivered into the unfriendly hands of ill-wishers. The London Times on 2nd July 2001 wrote on the EU power of Brussels stating: "Washington is aware that the European Union has a hidden anti-U.S. agenda."


German EU now interferes with internal U.S. company sales and purchases. GEU seeks to protect European businesses from foreign competition - by well-trained EU officials. Germany has passed a law refusing such transactions within Germany. What may this mean for the future, with Germany controlling EU and a major part of the world? The world history proves that Germany may never be trusted, even with agreed, signed and sealed contracts or treaties, from the Assyrians to Hitler. Will our Statesmen ever learn their most important duties and responsibility for the safety and security of their people, who put them into office to provide such protection? The Nazi bombs of WWII raining down on helpless, innocent people and the Muslim fanatics' evil treachery of 11th September 2001 - surely should suffice to make them scent danger?


Germany is now Buying and Building an Empire, using EU as cloak - with acquisitions in every conceivable industry. Making enormous growth in global power for German-led EU. America's great industrial and military power, allied to Britain's fighting strength and military ability next-to-none, have twice denied Germany's dictatorial global conquest and power. Now America is Germany's prime target - for, as history proves, they never forget and never forgive each defeat - working tenaciously towards the next attempt, convinced that they are destined to control and command Europe and the world, as dictators unopposed.

Churchill said "The Germans, after all, had been belligerent for 2000 years." "They never change." How soon his words of wisdom and warning are forgotten. Europe's leaders may not even fully understand what the GEU (German EU) is about. From 1999 to 2001 foreign companies took over 2,779 U.S. companies (worth $766 billion dollars) in an economic Blitzkrieg: mainly Germany, using France as junior aide, to ward off come-backs. How were such sales and so much money contrived?


Clearly, Germany's policy is simply Domination, as always, reproducing her old concentric circles model for global domination. With Germany as world-centre, controlling every radius to the world circle. And yet our own leaders still seem unaware despite all the facts, clearly revealed, of each move made by Germany, with Nazi leaders going 'Underground' before War-end to plan recovery, and prepare for the next war. Only this time, having learnt from all those repeated defeats, they are now operating, not only successfully, but even with our befooled help, to win decisively the Battle of the Peace by strategic economic means, while at the same time, secretly rebuilding her military strength. And our befooled Leaders successively support GEU. We lack our Churchill!


Germany's powers of deceit and corruption even outdo the classic Lenin model. In WWII, The Union Bank of Switzerland and Credit Suisse, regarded by the world as impermeable, totally neutral and trustworthy to all-comers, actually collaborated in depth with the Axis Powers - a world betrayal. Hitler's personal wealth and looted Jewish treasures, gold and diamonds and cash, kept in UBS, with Mussolini's stolen loot in Credit Suisse. Swiss banks funded the Nazi war machine.


Switzerland acted as spy centre and channel for secret negotiations. Instead of welcoming refugees, as they pretended, they actually turned back thousands to worse fate. Post-war Swiss banks for years refused to hand over money entrusted to their safe-keeping by Jewish clients from Germany. Switzerland has now brought its economic practices into conformity with EU, to enhance their international competitiveness, signing agreements in 1991 in Bern and Brussels, further to liberalise trade ties. Almost 80% of Swiss imports come from EU with 31% from Germany. They may no longer be regarded as neutral, but now decidedly pro-Germany, pro-EU.


Now joined by France's giant Aerospatiale - Matra, Germany's Daimler Chrysler Aerospace (DASA) and Spain's CASA, in Europe's Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADC) in a group of some 96 million employees and annual turnover of $1 billion dollars. One wonders what and where is Britain, still busily disarming and even now drastically reducing her Forces. Jane's Defence Weekly of 15/12/1999 wrote: "EADC is undoubtedly the driving force in Europe - and has the inner strength to become Global leaders." Rolls Royce, once proudly British, now belongs to German Volkswagen.


Rudolph Scharping, Germany's Defence Minister, re common defence capability, has called for Europe to set up a joint air-transport command - to ensure Europe's ability to undertake military action around the WORLD - thus reducing reliance on the U.S.A. In fact the EU has assembled a massive conglomerate, which will put it to the fore in military strategy, leaving America and Britain far behind in world leadership.


In 1995 Bernard Connolly (Rotten heart of Europe) outlined the EU system as a "Trojan horse," used as a dangerous cloak for German ambitions. It was the German decision to create RRF (Rapid Retaliation Force), independent of NATO. But the Americans could not see the danger signals, indicated from Germany, with her permanent over-arching aggression plan (cleverly cloaked under EU), for total mastery of greater Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals.


Churchill said: "All will seek the illusion of peace," So we did, and America certainly suffered the illusion of a cured Germany (as certainly with Japan), become more ally than enemy. When, in fact Germany was seeking a long-range policy of close co-operation with the East. Thus, by following the factual fulfilment of Lenin's scheme, to destroy the nation state by collectivist merging of nations, Germany would realise her own full nationalistic and racial potential - always leaning towards Russia.


























Harry Beckhough  © April, 2004.

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Key Features of German Deceit.



In 1992 France became bound to Russia, as her agreed agent, to bring Russia into an extended European Federation - to promote collective security. In 1990 Professor Herzog denigrated the nation state, publicly identifying with Lenin's objective. The Maastricht Treaty then deprived EU nation states of key elements of their sovereignty; their currency, internal and external security, transferred, for the first time, to a European institution.


Yet America's materialistic world still seemed oblivious of the frightening reality, of the concealed intentions of this menacing, reborn German fast-growing giant, with huge secret resources immediately available. Though the German Mark became worthless post-war, and the Black Market ruled a bargaining scene, until we created their new currency Mark in 1997/8, as I witnessed. So whence came this sudden huge wealth? Where was it all stored in the Nazi era?


Meanwhile, German military is rebuilding fast and secretly as in 1920s/30s, using pseudo peace-keeping roles, as excuse to catch up with British military strength. Playing a clever role in Kosovo, Croatia, being helpful in supplying peace-keeping troops, all undergoing strict home training. The old German trickery is still there, as deceitful and two-forked as ever. Adept at convincing lies, matching those of its Leninist/KGB trained ally, at the devil's trade of deceit, to which the West falls easy, trusting victim. Always with America, especially, in their sights (as also Britain), whilst proffering friendship. Now both the KGB-led Russian dictatorship and the GEU Superstate, are seeking global power and world-domination by pseudo-peaceful means, using every trick in their training. These are aimed specifically at America and Britain, both economically and militarily.


Britain's so called "New Labour" Government has recklessly thrown its lot in with German-led Europe. America has fallen prey to every conceivable form of espionage in the 20/21st century from Russia, China, the East, Asia and the Arab world. But now is learning fast not to put its trust in erstwhile 'Friends' in Europe, to the Arab world, from France to Arabia. And to trade to its own well-protected and insured benefit, with trustworthy, proven allies, balancing gains and losses.


Thus America is now considering possible closure of well-established bases in Germany, and the danger of leaving these in the hands of a so-called friend. Now known to be otherwise - preparing to bite the hand that restored it from its defeated collapse and misery, from a cruel, bloody War, started once again (as ever) by Germany - never to be trusted, glorying in its success of lies and deceit.


Germany has been allowed, by its so readily trusting American friends and hosts, to establish a permanent military facility at Alamagordo, New Mexico, with (scarcely credible), an open-skies treaty for German planes flying over and surveying (and mapping) in totem. Something which needs 100% secrecy for complete safety. Even conducting training and joint military exercises - for German identification records. Like Samson giving away the secret of his great strength - with resultant downfall, to his undoing. America should now look closely to her security.


Just as the Chinese were able to obtain all U.S. classified, most sensitive military, technical and nuclear information (painstakenly developed and built up over many years of highest quality operations, by most qualified American and British staff of highly trained experts - at tremendous cost and outstanding success) - simply by being able to tap into improperly guarded U.S. computer, technical system, without restriction and with minimum effort. Thus China, in quick time, learnt all U.S. secrets and was able to construct her own copies of U.S. nuclear warheads, with all technical know-how, and sell them on! Enough to make strong men weep! But America has the resilience to ride its body-blows and restore terms with China.


Now German EU originally favoured, trusted and assisted by America, grows steadily stronger, militarily and economically - posing future menace, led by Germany already seeking to undermine America in every way. Of course not openly, as is definitely not their nature, until ready for open combat - but through GEU. Time we awoke to the dangers closing in on us, in this latest travesty of an all-embracing EU Constitution rending us a vassal state.


All 20 of Germany's nuclear plants have unlimited licences. 200 American nuclear bombs are in new WMD storage vaults in EU states, with 55 in Germany. The EU possesses 710 nuclear bombs. Germany has an advanced science and technology base, capable of supporting an advanced nuclear programme. This needs careful assessment for future consideration. Our British/American defence organisations seem to have no conception of this ongoing, tremendous build-up of power - with the sole aim of the creation of a Superstate Dictatorship with total world control. Whilst we continue to reduce our Armed Forces and equipment, Germany is quietly building hers (already more than equal to ours), with Europe providing the rest. They have cleverly convinced first, Britain's P.M. Blair, and now America that they will not by-pass NATO, when their intention is clearly to reduce NATO and then do away with it, leaving GEU in full power and able to argue with, if not threaten, America.


Russia, in close co-operation with Germany since Bismarck, is seen both as partner and, secretly, future target. The case of the Russian enclave, now cut off from Russia by the independent Balkan states - Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg, the centre of historic Prussia) presents a classic case of the German use of the EU, plus massive loans to Russia, to achieve expansion Eastward.


The huge loans arranged for Russia by Germany, cause weighty instability for the Russian economy and political dependence on German goodwill, with calculated benefit and lack of interference with German plans. Chancellor Helmut Kohl calculated that these major bonds would serve as foundation for reconstruction of the Russian economy, and close co-operation with Germany. However the arrival of Putin, trained by KGB, may produce firmer self-interest by Russia.


Discussions progress on conversion of this huge German debt into equity stakes in Russian companies, which now have greater freedom to develop, especially in oil and commodities. Chris Patten, EU Commissioner responsible for external affairs, has made the first steps (quoted by the Times), in discussing the possible political status of Kaliningrad in the enlarged EU - to suit German EU, whom he seems to serve more than his own country.


The euro and the projected European Army (of envisaged great strength), are important major steps in the creation of the planned corporatist, anti-democratic, anti-nation state power, based on German Europe, as the EU Constitution of a Superstate, to compete against American global strength and world authority. Always the great competitive target for globally ambitious Germany.


Gerhard Schröder said (German Unions Monthly Review September 1999): "Germany has every interest in considering itself a great power in Europe, which must have a foreign policy of fully acknowledged self-interest. That policy has NEVER diminished." Thus the old aggression reappears, well-known to Slavs, Eastern Europeans, especially NATO member Greece, stirring old wounds of Nazis treating them as "sub humans."


KGB trained Putin does not favour NATO expansion in the East under German EU pressure: "Our relations with the West have moved backwards since the events in the Balkans." Russia is now seeking to establish a quasi-Soviet bloc, by promoting racial and religious statelets within their former satellites, Chechnya and Georgia, and suppressing sovereignty in an economic supernational bloc.


Lenin said: "Federation is a transitional form towards complete union of all nations." He was cleverer and even nastier than the Germans, who learnt much of their trickery from him. Gorbachev and Yeltsin followed Lenin comprehensively, devising persuasive bilateral agreements with EU countries, using spies and agents to winkle out detailed information. Stephen Koch in 1994 said: "A Communist must be prepared to resort to all sorts of schemes as stratagems, employ illegitimate methods, conceal truth and lie for the revolution!" Lies convince and open doors. It is a special art.


The Soviet saw anti-fascism as "strategic eyewash for fools." Golitzyn: "Leninist strategic deception determines Soviet behaviour at all times." Victor Savorov (a defector): "Stalin's real aim = facilitate such a conflagration in Europe, involving Germany, France and Britain, that not only would European empires be decapitated, but the Soviet Revolution would be free to seize total hegemony throughout Europe by filling the resultant power vacuum." Adenauer and Stresemann were both past masters of dialectical diplomatic double-talk, using a system of collective security (i.e. Moscow strategy) with all Europe at the mercy of overt and covert military power, fully exaggerated. In 1946 Adenauer was in America preaching the need for a United Europe, with Press support. The U.S. Pentagon, totally convinced by Adenauer, suggested 50 divisions for a new German Army to combat the Soviet growing menace. The Plan for a United Europe, cleverly fed to America, was just a re-hash of the old Pan-German aspiration for a German-dominated Europe - gaining Germany full power.

The returned Nazis Hochschule für Politik in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, were modelled on Leninist lines. Also 'Research Institutes' spawned by the Soviet Academy of Sciences, were progressing Lenin's doctrine of dialectic deceit.


By 2000 the German General Staff were reformed with the aim to conquer Europe, by first isolating and neutralising the British, particularly the English. "Only then may we expand to the East." Germany's clandestine, devious two-sided plans depended essentially upon American support and their inability to see through German cunning proposals: "Rebuild Germany as bulwark against the East" - exactly as post-war Nazis, envisaged with Germany's great capacity for intrigue and duplicity. American policy makers were quickly infected and overwhelmed by German pan-Europeanism, so convinced by Germany's calculated lies, turning truth on its head.


Nazi policymakers' objective was to establish a new European Union on Federalist basis - following Lenin's thesis: "Federation is a traditional form towards complete union of all nations" - under their domination.


Objective: turn EU into a community of related peoples, with the final aim of creating a new German Reich. Then abandon the euro for Deutschmark for ALL EU. With EU thus dependent on Germany, economically and politically, with the European Central Bank in Frankfurt giving financial control. Thus Third Reich's ambition of imposing a Single Currency on whole of Europe now realised in complete German control: Fourth Reich.

The pre-agreed German/Soviet Partition of Central Europe includes a Commonwealth between Germany, Bohemia and Moravia, agreed by the Soviets in September 1990 at Geneva - through break-up of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic to be incorporated into Germany between 2002 to 2005. The Soviets also agreed to the division of Yugoslavia, with Croatia and Slovenia under German economic influence.


Germany agreed full Russian control of: Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia. Both agreed to the restoration of Hungary within the previous borders of 1920. Thus carving up Europe between them to joint satisfaction. But the Soviets were not prepared to accept Germany's planned model of European hegemony, centred on Berlin, with Russia banished to an Asian no-man's land beyond the Urals. The Soviets had their own future plans, westward to the Atlantic, well concealed from everybody especially the Germans. (cf. Christopher Story: The European Union Collective ).


The ECJ (European Court of Justice) major plan of EU, successfully de-stabilised the British legal system by developing the EU concept of corpus juris, completely foreign to English Common Law - Britain's greatest gift to the world - now totally undermined by GEU intent. Thus destroying the basic foundation of Britain's self- contained independence and freedom under its own laws. The European Legal Area Project, managed by the European Commission, is the most lethal of all threats to Britain's most ancient and hallowed liberties, fought by the British to maintain over many generations, and respected throughout the world, whose main legal systems are based on the British.


The original drive for European integration split into two broad camps, the 'federalists' (intergovernmentalists), and the functionalists (for supranation states). Monnet included a Special Council of Ministers in his first ECSC structure, introducing perforce some intergovernmentalism, carried over into EEC and part of EU - making EU hybrid, including two ideologically competitive elements: the Council and the Commission. Each vying for power and control, making tension between them.


Monnet disliked intergovernmentalism, especially its obstructive vetoes, and only accepted it as precursor of functionalism. For example, the Council of Ministers is but an interim measure to become swallowed up in the functionalist Commission. Thus integration, step by step, by means of added treaties provided inconsistencies and anomalies, called engrenage, or 'beneficial crisis'. Copy of the Leninist method.


Although apparently a new form of integration of these two forms, it is basically neo-functionalist, and thus anti-democratic. In fact Spinelli foretold its future clearly as dictatorship - a clear vision of the final development to come - denying people, all through, of the right to determine their own destinies. Interposing the dictatorship of the technocrats, who alone are capable of deciding what is good for the "People." Thus, rule by Technocrats (once called civil servants) now become the masters, in this dictatorship.


The role of elected officials and representatives, is solely to act as spokesmen for their masters, to help them gain added power in a thinly covered veneer of 'democracy', disguising the truth from the people, that they are now subject to a fundamentally anti-democratic process. As for law, the true role of the ECJ is not to dispense justice but, in a parody of the rule of law, to cement the dominance of the technocrats overall.


Many MEPs actually believe, once elected, that they are truly democratic, highly paid, representatives of the people. Remember Hitler too was elected. Form is confused with substance, for they are to be seen, overpaid and over indulged - but not heard. Any speech permitted cannot exceed 90 seconds. They are, in fact, used as hugely overpaid ghosts, to play a minor role, lacking substance - a deceit.























































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Conclusion of Germany's Four Reichs.


In conclusion, the reality, the real power in Monnet's system, lies with the supranational authority, in the form of the unelected Commission, whose power, jealously guarded, is exercised through its exclusive right to propose new legislation. Called "conditional agenda setting," this monopoly enables it to set the agenda, keeping up the speed of integration. Continuous proposals must be created by the Council (and the European Parliament for co-decisions) to maintain bewildered conformity.


Legislation is a one-way ratchet. All powers surrendered by member states pass into the acquis communautaire, never to be returned. The acquis is the inviolable unarguable, criminal concept of EU "law," the foundation of the integration process. The irrefutable weapon of the Commission until the process is finalised - giving the Commission total control. What enters the acquis can never be returned. Thus the power of debate of formerly independent sovereign states is finally removed. Politicians become the servants of the Commission, not of the people and must do their bidding, acting as agents at their own cost.


Neither Nazism nor the EU is any way democratic! Yet the EU's deviously conceived agenda is supported by well-intentioned people, believing they are acting in the best interests of Britain, and the citizens of Europe in general. They are so misguided in assuming that they have the right to tell us what is best for us - thus posing as great a danger to our and their liberty, as those who were convinced supporters of the Nazis. They possess all the resources, at their disposal, of their member states, including their police and prisons and state-sanctioned violence to enforce their good intentions. Shades of the prophesying "1984."


However, finally these "citizens" of Europe will eventually wake up to the hard truth, that they are no longer in control of their own destinies. As history shows, it will all end in violent rebellion and bloodshed - where it all began. To quote Nietzsche again: "The German is an expert on secret paths to chaos."


Had they, from their inception, been able to control their incipient lust for power and uncontrollable aggression, seeking more normal means of progress and mastery, by using to the full the undoubted brilliance of great leaders, from Charlemagne to Bismarck in trustworthy enterprises, they would have achieved that drive to command greater Europe. But only in co-operation with other great nations. Instead, like their admired Leninist counterparts, they needs must employ every devilish trick of lying and deceit, until they create the confusion and hatred which finally produce their undoing.


I have sought to prove the world threat from Germany, from its very birth in the fierce, aggressive warlike Assyrian tribes, throughout its aggressive history, ever-seeking control by whatever unscrupulous means. Losing battles and wars, but re-emerging with the same bile and evil intent, to try again by any means possible. But this time they have hit upon a new winning combination.


Using those same skills of dexterous deceit and cunning, refined by their new secret collaboration with the USSR, especially the accepted master of deceit, Lenin, they have used new tactics. After the failure of direct war and military might in successive wars, they have discovered the new tool, ready to hand, of the European Union. Behind this comfortable cloak, they have developed their cunning new plans of conquest. First by building an Empire by purchase of major units of power in America and Britain primarily, but also elsewhere expanding both West and East. As the overall strength of EU and under its useful guise, they have now reached the power-control point of Greater Europe, with the production of the EU Constitution, on the verge of acceptance not only in Europe generally but especially in Britain, their prime target. The present Labour Government, under Prime Minister Blair, is seeking to slide it through almost in entirety, without allowing the British people the right of vote, for or against, in a Referendum.


They rely upon the general state of apathy towards politics in general, now existing in modern Britain. In fact, cunningly, the people have been keep unaware of all that has been done, in their name, against Britain and the British people until that same, stubborn, freedom-loving people discover how they have been betrayed - and rise up, as they have done in past history, to overthrow these tyrants, who seek to rob Britain of her sovereignty and turn her into a vassal state, powerless under the European Superstate, before final total domination by Germany in their planned dictatorship. In fact the GEU (German EU) is a precise reproduction of that obnoxious mixture of German imperialism and continental fascism which Britain and America defeated in two World Wars, at great sacrifice of our brave young men and women, plunging our Western world into costly chaos.


Now, 60 years later, in 2004, that heroic United Kingdom effectively no longer exists. Westminster Parliament is subordinate to the European Commission in Brussels, whose ever-growing purposeful confusion of the outpouring of some 50,000 often stupid regulations (each with the strength of law, undeniable and unalterable under this unchangeable acquis communautaire, now not only bypass our Parliament, but also force our Parliament to carry out their orders at our expense. So we are directed in absolute detail, by unelected bureaucrats, to absurdity and stunned disbelief. But this continuous flow of regulations, orders and direction is, on purpose, to keep us all fully occupied in minutiae, without time to pause and reflect on the hidden, evil corruption of our ancient freedom and sovereignty.


The British Law Courts must answer to and obey the "Superior" European Court of Justice in Strasbourg, which has now declared its political task: to further the "integration" (i.e. abolition) of the once-free nation states of Europe - i.e. it is not a Court in the English sense, but every day it makes unrevocable law for the present 15 "nations." British people may now be extradited to any European country, without our natural protection under English law of "habeus corpus" or trial by jury. However, German citizens, by contrast, cannot be extradited anywhere. In other words, they are making European laws but do not have to abide by them?? The German hand is on the tiller, under the guise of the European Union. But, as ever, follows only its own desired direction.


The Nice Treaty made it possible to ban any political parties in any European country not approved by the shadowy leaders of EU. In Eastern Europe the erstwhile Czechoslovakia, annexed by Hitler, has now been broken up again in Germany's favour - now the strongman of Europe. Germany has established a "Sudeten Fund" to allow Germans, expelled post-war for collaboration with the Nazis in their brutal oppression of the Czechs, now to return to the mangled Czech Republic - although expressly forbidden by the Allies.


Thus the regulations laid down by the Allies and accepted by Germany are now being turned on their heads and ignored by present Germany, carrying on their reputation of breaking agreements and contracts to suit themselves.


Britain is staring into the abyss. Unless we take the necessary, deliberate action to stop this evil plan, now nearing the point of no return, we stand to lose all we have fought for and tenaciously gained - our sovereignty and our freedom under British law and rule, to pursue our lives with full liberty. The lives and liberty of our children and future generations are now at stake, depending on our determined action to stop this invasion before it is too late.
























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Epilogue: on the German character


Previous attempts to summarise the multi-sided character of the Germans, have proved beyond the scope of previous authors, historians, philosophers and psychologists, especially of their own people, though Nietzsche showed a rare insight into the peculiar mindset of his own people.


The Germans remain a complex people of many-sided facets. Their major development period, circa 1500 to 1800, eventually produced a linguistic, literary and philosophic form of unification, developing from Mittel-Hoch-Deutsch, to an overdone Romanticism period, which produced some of their greatest writers (especially Goethe), musicians of outstanding quality, and philosophers claiming Judaeo-Hellenic roots.


Followed by the hugely overdone industrialisation of the Bismarck period 1850 to 1914, from one extreme to another, suddenly changing from an agricultural country to extreme mechanical and industrial excess development. From a period of huge profits and great prosperity, flaunted to the world caricatures, to final collapse and bankruptcy.


Finally the Hitler process of 'Gleichschaltung' (equalisation), seeking to create the impossible: a Nazi image of a one-type German Volk to become a national unit equivalent of Masters and slaves. But this unification only caused pluralism - the fundamental split personality of the German - ever changing. The real German problem is unity in moderation and moderation in unity. He lacks reality, commonsense and good judgement. But invariably blames others for his own troubles. But savagery always ready to burst forth at the slightest provocation.


He needs goals to be set by superiors, and is always ready to obey orders. Racialism achieves domination and hegemony. He cannot clearly distinguish true from false, and confuses truth with ideology. Hence his love of intricate plots rarely reaching conclusion, getting lost or set astray with side issues.


He lives in a false world with distorted views conflicting true and false, good and evil, peace and war. But seeks to terrify and frighten. He loves to organise, but loses his head if plans go awry, as happened with Hitler's rages, smashing order into chaos, and collapse of scheme.

Above all he needs a strong Leader, standing ready to obey, and follow. Without a Führer, Germans become lost and confused. Generally hated for their arrogance, imperialism and brutal inhumanity, with outburst of fury for little cause. But he enjoys his hatreds with a lethal intensity. "The ever-furious people" as Nietzsche calls his 'Täusche Volk'.


They are born wreckers - first of the Roman Empire, latterly of the League of Nations, now undermining both United Nations and NATO. But their substitution, like their new Franco-German Constitution, may eventually collapse like a House of Cards, lacking a firm foundation, being constructed in hidden, mysteriously conceived, contrived and often confused plans, not properly finalised.


Pretending to act for the general good in a community of 'equals', their target is eventually revealed: first an EU Superstate, en route deviously to become a German dominated Dictatorship. We are coerced and invited to yield our sovereignty, ancient rights and hard-won Freedom to become, for the first time in our long history, a vassal state under the German jackboot. WWI and WWII should have taught us the brutal German reality.


I pray that our Leaders will remove their blinkers, to reveal German connivance in the reality of our appalling situation, in which we have been deceived and exploited since 1972. For this unhappy world once again is in sore need of our strength and good leadership, as a free Britain. Let us cast off these GEU shackles, and resume our natural good leadership, against the growing evil of terrorism, again endangering world peace in this present century.







































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