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Oxysilver vs Colloidal Silver...which one?

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mason-free party
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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2009 2:59 pm    Post subject: Oxysilver vs Colloidal Silver...which one? Reply with quote

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masonfree-party Posted: May 17 2009, 02:47 PM


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masonfree party

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Posted - 17/05/2009 : 11:17:19
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They dont even use distilled water...glitzy Nasa involved products...got an inkling what Horowitz is up to..FDA are clamping down on colloidal silver generators so up he comes with another solution to fill the gap...trust me this guy is bad news!

masonfree party

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Posted - 17/05/2009 : 11:52:00
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Look at the symbolism! Torch,inverted 'v' ,wings..says it all dunnit

Basic Bion, branded as Oxysilver for African distribution, is exclusively distributed to Africa by BioAquatic and Elder (associate of BioAquatic). Elder's Oxysilver was the product donated to Uganda for clinical testing this year. Oxysilver for African distribution is marketed by WASART African Youth Movement. Oxysilver is not the same as Bionaid - UPCOSH, as Bionaid has been advanced beyond Oxysilver (or Bion) with technnology developed by Dan Nelson and Elder. WASART will be making UPCOSH available in Africa through special arrangements with the Church of Christ and Elder's ministerial associates, Zion African Youth Alliance, in Africa.

The "Oxysilver, sold in America by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, is not the same formulation as the original (first sold in America and later promoted internationally on Coast to Coast AM Radio by Dr. Horowitz) and the more advanced Oxysilver sold in Africa. While Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has endorsed Elder's formula, Elder does not endorse Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz's new formula marketed as "Oxysilver as a formulation that is equivalent to Elder's formulation, and Elder has not authorized the use of his name in the fabricated "interview" or the unauthorized use of Bion tesimonials that Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz has on his website meant to give the appearance that Elder endorses Horowitz's formulation.

Elder's Bionaid and Oxysilver are the original, most advanced formulations on the market. While Dr. Horowitz has a good product, do not confuse it with the original and most advanced formulations supported by decades of research and new clinical tests.

Learn more at http://www.bionaid.com or call 706-937-7379

masonfree party

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Posted - 17/05/2009 : 12:01:39
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Quality Chemicals are a strange company to use for drug manufacture:

hope they dont put coolants in their products

ZION - African Youth Alliance
Brings UPCOSH To Africa

By Reverend Burk-Elder: Hale, Third
The long-standing Zion - African Youth Alliance, the youth outreach mission of the Zion Church of Christ food and health crises in Africa, is moving forward with the another objective for Africa by bringing new technology to Africa that will end fears of immune deficiencies and illnesses from contaminated water. The Church of Christ has been working in Uganda for many years with various ministers and youth groups to bring hope to Africa, and ZAYA is the new name for the youth ministry of the Church of Christ. The new "AIDS" coming to Africa is "Auto Immune Dietary Supplements". The leading dietary supplement they are bringing to Africa is in an exclusive category of its own - UPCOSH (Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol). With nutrition, instead of risky drugs and vaccines that have serious side-effects and often result in more complications, the ZION - African Youth Alliance is relying on the simple and effective nutrition backed by solid scientific research that spans more than two decades. The newest addition is ZeoHeal, a dietary supplement designed for deep cleansing of the tissues of the body while supplying needed minerals for nourishment.

Meanwhile, Quality Chemicals Limited, a local drug manufacturing company will soon produce drugs that stop mother-to-child transmission of HIV/Aids during birth and breastfeeding. The company claims that they will help in the Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) of Aids is expected to start production of the drugs by November this year. "These drugs will allow HIV/Aids positive mothers to safely breast feed without any worry of infecting their children," George Baguma, the company's director of marketing said on Tuesday. Baguma said the company will import the latest molecules that are used in the manufacture of affordable ARVs in order to make the drugs affordable to people in developing countries like Uganda. "Patients quickly develop resistance to ARVs, that is why we have to import the latest molecules every time," he said. He was speaking to a group of Uganda permanent secretaries who visited the plant in Luzira near Kampala on Tuesday. Baguma said that although commercial production of ARVs and anti malarial drugs begins in November, the production of batches is underway for purposes of acquiring the necessary marketing licences. He said the National Drug Authority has licensed the plant to start production. However, they are awaiting licenses from the World Health Organisation and the United States Food and Drug Authority.

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masonfree-party Posted: May 17 2009, 02:56 PM


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what Bionaid claim v colloidal silver

BIONAID vs Colloidal Silver Water

It should be made clear from the outset, the distinction between conventional Colloidal Silver and Covalent Silver is immense. Colloidal Silver can not be absorbed into the bloodstream and cells because its particles are many times larger than BIONAID covalent silver particles:

Facts About covalent silver:

Permanently suspended by covalent fusion (UCLA and Southwest Labs).
The Silver Atom is held in permanent suspension by the covalence of many Oxygen atoms and the covalence of a single Silver Atom.
The orbiting electrons of a single Silver Atom wrap around the Oxygen Atom as the Hydrogen Atoms are being separated during the reaction. The Silver, now a covalent sub-nanoparticle, can then be ingested like any nutrient through the intestinal wall. This minute particle can travel in the blood stream, penetrate cell membranes (without damaging the cell) and eliminate disease-causing micro-organisms at the cellular level. One primary elimination process occurs when silver's positive charged electrons, orbiting past the covalently bonded Oxygen Atoms' nuclei to the outer side of the particle, make contact with a disease-causing micro-organism's negative charged electron (single). The charge of the overall Bion molecule becomes positive due to the ratio of positively charged protons in the nucleus of the oxygen atoms being greater than the number of electrons being shared amongst the other oxygen molecules and silver ion. This is one primary factor that speaks to the superior aspects of BIONAID and its unique particle. Significantly more infectious micro-organisms (parasites) explode on contact with our Bion particle, exponentially beyond inferior, non-covalently bonded, colloidal particles (whether they be colloidal silver proteins, "hydrosol", "super" or any other colloidal silver products). If its not covalent bonded, its not as effective, and "their can be only one" - Bion.

Facts about colloidal silver:

It is not an atomic reaction.
It is too large to enter the blood stream through normal ingestion processes.
It is a colloid by static bonding and will fall out of suspension at the slightest agitation.
It often has approximately 3-5 days shelf life.
Argyria is a potentially permanent side effect from excess consumption of colloidal silver, deposition of silver salts in the skin cause a permanent blue to bronze discoloration of the skin and mucosa that is darker in regions exposed to UV light. Argyria is an extremely rare occurrence and is seldom harmful; it is generally caused by the excessive consumption of home made colloidal silver or colloidal silver protein (CSP). covalent silver does not cause Argyria or any harmful side effects, and you are unable to overdose from its beneficial properties.



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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:19 pm    Post subject: bionaid in europe Reply with quote

i think the products are very similar, but they are surely the most advanced, the water is structured to enable amazing oxygenation and hydration, and the silver is covalently bonded to the water molecules using NASA's covalent reactor technology. I use bionaid, mainly because its easiest to get in England, and other European countries.

The european site is www.bionaid.eu
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