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MI6 and 528 decoded

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mason-free party
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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:11 am    Post subject: MI6 and 528 decoded Reply with quote

Busting Code 6 and the Cryptocracy
Take note of the double "XX" at the center of MAXXAM, Inc.'s name as if to doubly reinforce that "?X' marks the spot." Likewise, the symbol for "adult entertainment"--"XXX"-- and the sex and violence oriented XFL both contain three "Xs." With the XFL, two "Xs" were always seen in its logo, and a third "X" was always simultaneously seen in the station identification marker on the upper right corner of every television screen. The generally unrecognized code is commonly found highlighting the Rockefeller-directed EXXON company's logo as well.

As explained [in Death in the Air], these symbols are numerologically encoded. A select few have been decoded here to reveal definitive, statistically significant, links between these companies and the sinister administration of modern forms of eugenics, population control, and technotronic warfare. Herein, the decoding methods advanced by Dr. Joseph Puleo in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse were useful, but rather than the standard Pythagorean system [as shown in figure 17.2 in this book], the multiples of 6 appear to be most pertinent to exposing this global "beast."

Quickly summarized, using Pythagorean mathematics, as the mystery schools have done for millennia, Dr. Puleo identified Bible codes used by Masonic globalists to obscure sacred knowledge, keeping it hidden from anyone not aware of the concealed codes. As discussed previously regarding Nikola Tesla's work in quantum physics and electromagnetism, the energy dynamics of the "3s, 6s, and 9s" were found to hold special energy and spiritual significance to the holders of this sacred arcana. Given this knowledge, by using the Pythagorean 1?9, 1?9, 1?8 numbering system and equivalents for the 26 letters of the English alphabet, . . . I was able to determine the origin, and largely the meaning, of the British Secret Service's alpha-numeric code "MI6." It was apparent that England's "Military Intelligence" brand--MI6--derived from the Latin words's "MI-ra gestorum," meaning "MIracle" in english. numerologically, mathematically and metaphysically, it derived from the third note of the ancient musical scale whose frequency was "528," and whose tone was MIddle "C." Stunningly, that precise frequency has been routinely used by leading military weapons contractors and world renowned genetic biochemists. Weapons engineers typically use that frequency and pitch to tune sophisticated military hardware. Geneticists use the same frequency to repair damaged DNA. These associations linking the military orientation of MI6 to its chief objective--to facilitate British colonialism and, when needed, eugenics--are definitive.

The number "6" in MI6 was derived by determining the sum of the added numbers in "528," that is, 5+2+8=15, and again, 1+5=6, as was routinely done in the Pythagorean mystery schools. The number 6, central to the "3s, 6s, and 9s" power, has special significance in the fields of theology, metaphysics, alchemy, the occult, Islam, traditional Judeo-Christian religions, water science, organic chemistry, genetics, and medical science in general. It is no random "coincidence," for instance, that God took 6 days to create the universe, that organic molecules are all based on six-sided hexagonal carbon rings, and that the majority of clustered water rings forming the supportive electromagnetic frequency conducting matrix of DNA necessary for cellular "upregulation" of metabolic functions are 6 sided like the "Star-of-David" more accurately termed "Solomon's seal." This sacred geometric form, to this day, is renowned as an amulet associated with protective qualities that, according to Webster's Dictionary, are preventive against infectious diseases.

Additional genetic research in this area of bioelectric science, as it relates to Atomic Energy Commission and population control objectives, is discussed in the final chapter of this book.

As shown in figures 17.3, and 17.4, the column of multiples of 6 provides the Pythagorean sequence of "6, 3, 9" and the base-ten 26 letter alphanumeric sequence shown (i.e., 6, 12, 18, 24, etc., etc.). These sequences include the codes most frequently used by the Illuminati or highest level secret society leaders. Using this knowledge for code-breaking, the word MAXXAM decodes for the number 15 or 1+5=6, as does the trade name EXXON. The alpha-numeric translation of EXXON using the Pythagorean single digit (1?9) sequence results in "5-6-6-6-5" wherein the "666" appears in the middle. The letter "X" in this Pythagorean skein also equals 6.

Relatedly, one of the chapters in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, The Technotronic Era, described how new technologies were expected to strain social and nation-state accords. Further regarding "666," Dr. Coleman argued convincingly that "we are already under intense strains through surveillance" largely due to this designated name for a super computer housed in NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Here data storage and retrieval for earth's burgeoning population is 666's primary function. For instance, data retrieval "will be simple" in countries like America where social security numbers and/or drivers' license numbers are preassigned, Dr. Coleman predicted based on documents he examined while working for MI6. These files, he learned, "could simply be added" to the 666 computer "to provide the surveillance recording announced by Brzezinski and his Committee of 300 colleagues. The Committee already in 1981 warned governments, including the government of the USSR, that there ?will be chaos unless the Committee of 300 takes complete control of preparations for the New World Order. CONTROL WILL BE EXERCISED THROUGH OUR COMMITTEE AND THROUGH GLOBAL PLANNING AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT.'"

[Emphasis not added.]
In effect, the above details indicate that the British Secret Service's name obviously derived from forethought of this knowledge in mystery school metaphysics, electromagnetism, and genetics. More telling, it also substantiated MI6's mission centered on technotronics, psychotronics, and eugenics. Moreover, Hollywood has apparently been effectively used to conduct such psychological operations on the generally unwitting public.

The X-File Movie: The Antithesis to Dr. Horowitz's Thesis

Moviegoers and X-files fans may not know they were subjected to PSYOPs (psychological operations) when they viewed this film as well--a counterintelligence propaganda program and motion picture venue advancing the direct "antithesis" to what Dr. Horowitz's works have so famously advanced.

Here's Dr. Horowitz's ongoing thesis:

That leading global industrialists engaged in secret socieities, directed by evil spiritual entities if not alians, produced the world's most deadly viruses, and release them periodically to affect political and economic agendas. Vaccines, Dr. Horowitz insists, have been, along with contaminated blood supplies, the principle genocidal weapons transmitting these new man-made plagues.

Here's Hollywood's "X-File Movie" thesis:
That leading global industrialists engaged in secret societies, directed by alians, produced the worlds foremost deadly virus, and plan to release it to take over the world. Vaccines, agent Mulder seeks, are the only hope to save agent Scully and humanity from the impending global genocide.

Can you see the Hegelian dialectic here? Hegel's dialectic holds that a "thesis" (e.g., Dr. Horowitz's vaccines are deadly theory) followed by its opposite (e.g., vaccines are life-saving propaganda) yields "synthesis," that is, mass confusion in targeted populations made more susceptible to cultural programming in this way.

The Academy Award winning Martin Landau played Mulder's informant. In the scene wherein he disclosed the globalist/alien plot, and minutes later is assassinated for doing so, he explains to Mulder what only his secret society colleagues know. "You know these Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, he says," then goes on to explain the plot. Interesting that X-File Movie screenwriters actually incorporated the title of Dr. Horowitz's bestselling book into the script, right in this most informative scene--something like a journalistic stab-in-the-back, wouldn't you say?

Dr. Horowitz, however, got the last laugh, when the FOX television network, producer of the X-File series, was equally exposed in Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare. The same alpha-numeric code that Dr. Horowitz used to decrypt the secret societies' involvement with Britain's MI6, deciphered the both words "FOX" and "Vaccination" into the number, get this, "666."

The Twilight Zone Television Show Proclaims "HOROWITZ EXECUTED!"
Another interesting "coincidence," brought to Dr. Horowitz's attention by several supporters across North America, was broadcast internationally with the airing of "Descent," episode number 100, of the famous television series called the Twilight Zone. Originally aired January 17, 2000 (around the time Dr. Horowitz was heavily influencing the international anti-vaccination movement), the program was written by Erik Saltzgaber and directed by Steve Anker. In the episode a "Dr. Arthur Zeller" is seen in a health clinic administering vaccines to a long line of willing recipients. Next to him is a nurse and another doctor both dressed like Zeller in official white clinic attire.

After the camera pans across the long line of experimental vaccination subjects, it catches Dr. Zeller's colleague unfolding a newspaper made to look like the Chicago Tribune. Headlines across the top read "HOROWITZ EXECUTED!"--particularly strange since Dr. Horowitz, or any "Horowitz" for that matter, had not been characterized in the story.

In reading the story line below, as provided by the show's producers, one can glean the essential political (eugenics and genetics) agenda against which Dr. Horowitz does daily battle:

Dr. Arthur Zeller is the doormat of the anthropology department, a mild-mannered professor who is the butt of his colleague's jokes and who never gets the respect he deserves. After the department head, Prof. Martin Stansfield passes over his cutting-edge research into evolutionary psychology and funds the project of his rival, Dr. James Feind, Zeller takes matters into his own hands. In the past, he injected timid rats with the gene for dominance. Now he injects himself with genes drawn from homo erectus, hoping to turn himself into an alpha male. It works. he's bolder and more powerful but, there are side-effects: he has strange headaches and in a fit of rage he beats Dr. Stansfield into unconsciousness. He gets it into his head that he must mate with Laura White, Stansfield's attractive grad student girlfriend, so he secretly injects her with the gene for submissiveness. She rejects his advances and he comes to his senses but by now the changes are coming too fast for Zeller to handle. His body is becoming more powerful, his brain is shrinking, and his intelligence is fading. He is becoming a homo erectus. With Laura's help he might be able to reverse the process, using gene therapy. But does he want to?

Grassroots Activists Desire Horowitz in Hollywood
Many grassroots activists have, over the years, approached Hollywood celebrities in an effort to gain their support in transmitting Dr. Horowitz's research. Most all have passed on the opportunity for various reasons. Here is one sample letters sent to Hollywood film producers Mel Gibson and Michael Moore by a Canadian grassroots activists on behalf of Dr. Horowitz


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mason-free party
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Joined: 30 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2009 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


check out 528 in the symbol

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