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Masonic murder of Roberto Calvi: fraud at a bankrupt bank

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:55 am    Post subject: Masonic murder of Roberto Calvi: fraud at a bankrupt bank Reply with quote

Masonic ritual murder of Roberto Calvi
"Inside the Brotherhood: Explosive Secrets of the Freemasons"
First half hour here - episode 5 all about Banco Ambrosiano and how Calvi was forced to take his bank into massive fraudulent debt (some lessons for today?) - second part - episode 6 corruption in council contracts and freemasonry infesting higher echelons of police (including of course the fraud squad) police lodge list 'left in a taxi' gives some suprising reults - particularly looks at the case of brilliant detective Brian Woollard - knobbled by masonic St. James' police lodge
Granada TV series in 1989 - would be impossible to make nowadays



"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://www.onlinepublishingcompany.info/content/sitenewsreadmore/infob ox/news/template/default/active_id/746

'....On 12 June 1982, the cruiser HMS “Glamorgan” is hit by an Exocet missile as it was bombarding on shore Argentine position. 13 British die. The Argentine junta have exhausted their stock of Exocet missiles. But more are expected and paid for by a reliable source and fellow Mason to Argentine President General Leopaldo Galtieri. His name was Roberto Calvi.

On 15 June 1982, Roberto Calvi arrived in London, at Gatwick Airport, from Innsbruck. It was his intention to give orders to Midland Bank plc, the correspondents of his Banco Ambrosiano, to affect a number of transfers to companies in Panama and the Bahamas with ultimate French ownership. A transfer was also destined to a number of accounts in France and Banque Nationale De Paris and Credit Lyonnais and Liechtenstein. The beneficiaries of those accounts the British Security Services found to be the French manufacturers of Exocet!

EEC sanctions had been imposed upon Argentina but not upon Banco Ambrosiano and certainly not upon Roberto Calvi. The Argentine government needed the missiles and the French were only too willing to dupe them, or so they later stated, but in the meantime the money transfers would assist the French and they could either deliver the hardware or simply keep the money. Roberto Calvi, with his gargantuan commission from the deal, would be saved – for a while. Or so he thought. All the information he required was contained in his briefcase. All the details of the transfers and all the citations of each transfer. The mystery of the briefcase was not about the Vatican, the Mafia, ENI, but accurately recorded bank details of the transfers to be effected.

Roberto Calvi came to London and planned a properly executed mission. He arrived on Tuesday 15 June 1982, allowing himself the weekend abroad to deal with his other business. He was not aware but the British Security Services had already been notified of his presence and his arrival. He wanted, needed, to be in London during a full banking week.

How did Argentina though pay Roberto Calvi to be able to effect payment in 1982 when Argentina badly needed the Exocet missile?

Calvi had formed in 1977 Ambrosiano Group Banco Commercial, which was a banking subsidiary in Nicaragua. In 1979, when the Somoza family had all but lost control of Nicaragua, Calvi liquidated the said bank and placed all the assets in a new bank called Banco Ambrosiano Andino, and it received in 1979 the sum of $60 million. That money was from the Argentine government. In January 1982, a further $11,800,000 was deposited into Banco Ambrosiano Andino. The problem that Calvi faced, however, was that the money placed by the Argentine government which was for them in 1979 a perfectly genuine transaction was almost no longer available. In 1982 when the Argentine government made a number of other deposits to effect payment for the military hardware already ordered and Exocet missiles, Calvi was in essence short of money and was not able to effect any payment.

The Argentine government, however, were not to know of such and up to May 1982 via a Panama company called Belrosa, a Liechtenstein company called Nordeurope and two other companies, called Erin from Panama and Manic, the sum of $258 million made Banco Ambrosiano Andino more than liquid and its correspondent bankers in London were the Midland Bank plc.

On 187 June 1982, the balance of cash at Banco Ambrosiano Andino was $338 million, and the Argentine government had all but surrendered because, while the transfers had been effected, it required 48 hours to convert the money from US Dollars to French Francs, which was the currency of payment. Calvi arrived in London on 15 June 1982, an expert banker, having forgotten than ‘spot forex transactions’ require a 48-hour settlement.

Argentina had no time. Some of the military hardware was sitting in Panama, some in Nicaragua, and some in Chile! So much for General Pinochet having stated that he helped the British during the Falklands war.

The British Security Services were well aware that Pinochet was “sleeping half the night in one bed and the other half in another”, in the words of Stella Rimington during the Falklands war, and that he was ready to deliver military hardware which the French had delivered to Chile for Argentina. The defence of the French was that they delivered certain military hardware just prior to EEC sanctions being imposed.

When it came to the arrest of Pinochet in the United Kingdom on a warrant from Spain, there was no sympathy coming from the British Security Services. Margaret Thatcher had been told by the Security Services about Pinochet but in her ‘iron maiden’ style simply chose to ignore such and refused to believe it. Many years’ later surveillance photos were shown to her when she supported Pinochet at the time of his arrest. Again she refused to believe the intelligence.

On 15 June 1982, Roberto Calvi telephoned a number of banks, including the Midland Bank plc. He also called Banco de la Nacion in Lima and Banco de la Provincia of Buenos Aires, where contacts were relayed regarding the situation of payments on behalf of the Argentine government who had paid over $300 million in a three-year period and now required action. There would be no action, just death.

It was not the Argentine government that murdered Calvi although without doubt they would have, and certainly shed no tear when they heard he had died. Galtieri heard on 19 June 1982 via BBC World Radio, but by that time he had lost the war.

The pressing of a button for a SWIFT transfer, which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, by the Midland Bank, or any bank for that matter, thus allowing the release of desperately needed military hardware for Argentina, would have meant that Britain risked losing the Falklands war, and history might have been re-written.

The British Security Services were well aware of the situation and had been watching Roberto Calvi who had banked that any transaction was best carried out right on the doorstep of the British and that any orders for money payments to another EEC country would not draw attention. Or so he thought.

The decision by the British Security Services to murder Calvi was taken on 16 June 1982 and carried out on 17 June 1982. The British could, without any problem, delay or defray money transfers from a British bank in London, but could they risk that Calvi would send some secret message to another bank in another country or simply that he would escape Britain and find another way of making payment for Argentina for military hardware that had been pre-ordered and paid for and Calvi was holding the money?

The risk was simply too great!

The order came from the highest level. Only a handful was chosen to know and the deed was carried out on 17 June 1982. Calvi was killed by ‘State Order’. Whilst a negotiated peace was agreed on 14 June 1982, the Falklands ‘undeclared’ war ended officially on 20 June 1982, and General Galtieri deposed on 29 June 1982.

Roberto Calvi was killed in the line of duty. Those that gave the order to kill are now aged, ennobled, or dead. Those that knew – some are still alive and watching!'

This is new to me, but it does ring true. I found it while trying to get confirmation the Bellatrix, one of the Vatican 'Front Bank' money laundries, paid $200m for French Exocets to be delivered via another Latin American country to Argentina.
It does not negate the Masonic link - it could have been done in a fashion that would look like a Masonic, murder, or more likely, by Masons in or working with the Security Services.

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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