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Aspartame- My Own Shocking Experiment
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scienceplease 2
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Sweet Stevia Conspiracy

by Tom Theimer

Stevia, a plant once banned and confiscated in the U.S. during the 80’s & 90’s because it had non-toxic and sweet-tasting leaves, has a story all its own. Even Stevia’s own printed story was at one time seized by the FDA in Dallas with the intent to burn the publications.

Competition for Market Share

For me, the story of Stevia begins at the time of the Ford Administration during the early 70’s, shortly after Ford pardoned Nixon for his crimes. Donald Rumsfeld is the Secretary of Defense, while Dick Cheney serves as Chief of Staff under President Ford. Then President Carter takes office in 1977.

So, where do fellows like Rumsfeld and Cheney go when they are not a part of their party’s political arena and need jobs? Cheney eventually becomes CEO of Haliburton (a billion dollar defense contracting firm). For the first time in 20 years Donald Rumsfeld moves into the private sector. He takes the CEO position of G.D. Searle in 1977. (PBS Rumsfeld’s War)
G. D. Searle was millions of dollars in debt. It had been working on an artificial sweetener, aspartame (NutraSweet). However, the scientific research being conducted by the FDA, Searle labs, and independent researchers was showing definite signs of toxicity. Six of seven monkeys had seizures, with one dying in Searle’s own study. Rats developed brain tumors. A variety of neurological problems kept cropping up in test animals. [This neurological aspect now is suspected with often causing Multiple Sclerosis.] Also, research was demonstrating how aspartame was actually “eating holes in the brain”, much like MSG (which had been voluntarily pulled from baby food in the early seventies because it was causing mental retardation). The current list of aspartame links to human ailments is too numerable to mention. Aspartame can even serve as an effective Fire Ant poison.

In the late 70’s, G. D. Searle was in the midst of criminal indictments because of its covertly masked false reports on aspartame. However, the chief Federal prosecutor on the case, Samuel Skinner, and later his assistant attorney, were hired by Searle’s own law firm. Thus, the case was dropped. Years later, Skinner becomes the Secretary of Transportation followed by becoming Chief of Staff under H. W. Bush. (Mercola, Pearsall - Chapter 3) (Sweet Misery) (Food For Thought)

By 1980, research definitely demonstrated aspartame as unsafe for broad public consumption. The marketing of aspartame/NutraSweet seemed impossible. Again, remember that Donald Rumsfeld was serving as CEO of G. D. Searle. Also, Ronald Reagan was running for President around this time. Donald Rumsfeld had been tentatively slated to be Reagan’s Vice President. However, at the very last moment a turn of events put H. W. Bush as Reagan’s Vice Presidential candidate instead of Rumsfeld. (PBS Rumsfeld Wars)

Rumsfeld was owed a Reagan favor. The day after taking office in 1981, President Reagan issued an unprecedented executive order suspending the authority of the current FDA commissioner to take actions. Reagan’s newly appointed FDA commissioner, Arthur Hayes, manipulated the system and approved the marketing of aspartame despite the FDA’s own scientific evidence demonstrating it as unsafe. In 1983, Hayes leaves the FDA to work as a thousand dollar per day consultant for Searle’s public relations firm. In fact, no less than seven “fast track” approving, FDA officials later leave to work in high-paying aspartame related industries. (Mercola, Pearsall – Chapter 3) (Sweet Misery) (Food For Thought)

Washington’s Revolving Doors

During 1983 while still CEO of Searle, Rumsfeld travels to Iraq visiting with Saddam Hussein in order to pave the way for later U. S. weapons sales to Iraq, (4 billion dollars in chemical and biological weapons). (PBS Rumsfeld Wars) In 1985, G. D. Searle is sold to Monsanto. Rumsfeld profits millions. Monsanto, which started in 1901 solely to market saccharin, an artificial sweetener, has a reputation well expressed by the Organic Consumers Association: “If you are talking about PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, water privatization, biopiracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms, or persecuting small family farmers, you’re talking about the Monsanto Corporation.” (History of Aspartame) (Mercola, Pearsall 21, 140) (Monsanto Corporate History) Financial muscle is beyond the imagination considering the fact that Pharmacia Upjohn owns Monsanto. Also, Monsanto often coordinates business activities with other behemoths like Eli Lilly. Monsanto has a huge reputation for being a “revolving door” between corporate executive positions and influential government jobs/White House appointments. These trade- off, corporate-positions in exchange for government-agency favoritism number in the dozens; and they can be a “Who’s Who” of White House cabinet members. Not only are there many types of other covert and corrupt governmental influences from Monsanto, but there is also the manipulated media and publishing censorships which have undeniably suppressed the documented health hazards of Monsanto’s products. (e.g. Fox News Reporters prohibited from revealing Monsanto’s own documents of cancer-causing products in milk. Also rejection of manuscripts in the book publishing industry because Monsanto’s name is mentioned.) The broad, general public commonly underestimates just how insanely rampant and prolific this insidious government/corporate/media corruption is. There are phenomenal conflicts of public interest which are not well-revealed. (Mercola, Pearsall 19-285) (Sweet Misery) (DORway.com) (the Corporation) (Smith) (Orwell Rolls in His Grave) (The Future of Food) (The GMO Trilogy) (Food For Thought)

The Sweetener Industry

The artificial sweetener industry is an international, multi-billion dollar business with a very, very high profit margin. In 1985, sales of aspartame in the United States were about three quarters of a billion dollars. (Ste- via Co. Annual Report) (Mercola, Pearsall)

In order to fully understand the story of Stevia and what starts to transpire in 1985, it is important to view the previous mitigating circumstances.

The Herb

Stevia is a shrub native to the northern parts of South America, where it is a perennial. It is well-known for its sweet tasting leaves which have been estimated to be from 15 to more than 200 times sweeter than sugar, varying in its sweetness depending upon the plant, harvest time, conditions, extracts, and the “estimator”. Stevia has probably more than 150 species. However, the species rebaudiana is known for the sweeter leaves. It is grown commercially in South and Central America and also in the Far East. More detailed information, taxonomy, horticultural aspects, and photos are available in the Appendices. (Taxonomy Appendix D) (Photos Appendix B) (Nortex – Appendix C) (rain-tree)

For hundreds of years the indigenous peoples of the regions around northern Brazil utilized Stevia. Not only did it make for an excellent sweetener, but it also had medicinal qualities which are still employed today by the traditional medical practices of Brazil and Paraguay. The sweetener can boast “no calories, no carbohydrates”, along with balancing blood sugar levels. In fact, some of its nutrients, (such as Niacin, chromium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium), help to regulate metabolism. Stevia tends to lower blood sugar, increase urination, and dilate blood vessels while lowering blood pressure. It can be used to reduce inflammations and to help heal wounds. Stevia also can help to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As an herbal remedy, it has been used to treat obesity, sweet cravings, depression, hypertension, fatigue, diabetes, high acid urine levels, heartburn, heart difficulties, and many other ailments. (rain-tree) (Steviainfo)

There have been numerous studies on this plant and its constituents. Over one hundred chemicals have been identified. A variety of unique chemicals have been isolated which have a glucose or sugary sweetness. “Stevioside” has been called the sweetest of these chemical compounds and is said to be 300 times sweeter than table sugar. Typically it will make up from 6-18% of the leaf. Studies have also been conducted using some of these chemical extracts, and they have shown some promising results in assisting with different ailments. There are more than 200 published scientific studies which affirm the safety of Stevia. (Steviainfo) (rain-tree)

Commercial Demand for Stevia

Japan stands out as the epitome of safety in the public consumption of Stevia. The plant and its extracts have been used as a sweetener for foods and beverages since the 1970’s after many initial safety studies were conducted. By the late 1980’s, Stevia was outselling other artificial sweeteners (such as Aspartame/ NutraSweet) in Japan. This fact is significant to note. The plant was now leading in the market share of the sweetener industry. An unpatentable plant was beating out a patented product. If this market force was occurring in Japan, it certainly could occur in the United States. (Bonvie) (Strubbe) (Martini) (rain-tree) (Mercola, Pearsall)

1984, just prior to Monsanto’s buyout of aspartame in 1985. Jim May had an herbal company in Arizona. He took samples of a product containing the Stevia leaf and its concentrate to the local FDA office to see if the plant leaves and concentrate were okay to import. The local FDA was very friendly and said that there was absolutely no problem on importing the leaves and product. However, the local FDA office later received a Washington mandate to halt the import of Stevia as a natural sweetener. Jim was told by the friendly local office: “...none of us here wants to do it. But the Washington office has demanded that we stop you from importing your stevia concentrate. . . . We're not telling you there's anything wrong with it [or] that anybody has had a problem. There's no complaint other than the NutraSweet Company; they are the ones who complained that you are selling a natural sweetener that hadn't had to go through all the testing and so forth.” (Bonvie)

FDA Raids and Regulations

In the late 80’s, a whole host of companies in the United States started having surprising, unexpected difficulties from the FDA. Hundreds of tons of Stevia were being imported at this time. Tea companies such as Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, and Traditional Medicinals had significant inventories of tea sweetened with Stevia. Warehouse raids occurred and inventory was seized and destroyed. Throughout the country, consumable products containing Stevia were aggressively searched for. Once discovered, all product was seized. The injustices and weird scenarios could fill a book. Finally, an official ban on the import of Stevia was implemented in 1991. (Bonvie) (Martini) (Strubbe) (rain-tree) (Mercola, Pearsall)
Between 1991 and 1994, one possibly could purchase Stevia in a package which labeled it as a “cosmetic”. In 1994, the legal status of Stevia changed quite by accident. Congress had passed legislation regarding dietary supplements. Stevia could now legally be sold in the United States for consumption if it was labeled “dietary supplement”. However, any reference to it being used as a natural sweetener could bring about legal confiscation. Ed Johnson, prior U.S. Assistant Attorney for the Western District of Texas, is a victim of aspartame poisoning. He states that the FDA does “not allow Stevia to be labeled, advertised, or promoted as a sweetener.” Some products currently “cross the line” into gray areas with reference to Stevia’s sweetness. This message of “sweet” in the marketplace is sometimes allowed due to a lack of enforcement. The advent of internet sales also has a bearing upon this enforcement factor. (Mercola, Pearsall) (Bonvie) (Sweet Misery)

The Dallas FDA office raided Stevita Company in Arlington, Texas during the summer of 1998. The company was ordered to destroy its books concerning Stevia. One was a cookbook. Another book told the story of Stevia, much like this article. [There goes our First Amendment.] Oscar Rodes, president of Stevita Company, previously had been a victim of an FDA raid in 1991. They had seized a sizable amount of inventory in that surprise raid. He points out how there had been neither forewarning nor indication whatsoever at that time of any type of product violation. (Bonvie) (Strubbe)
The 1994 classification as a “dietary supplement” puts Stevia close to a similar ranking as vitamins. This is an ambiguous legal dilemma for FDA policy. Countless dollars in legal fees have been spent on this issue of Stevia. Petitions and volumes of documents have been presented to the FDA, but to no avail. (rain-tree) (Bonvie) (Mercola, Pearsall)

This is my story of Stevia, a plant so sweet that it brought out all the bitter corruption and deceit within our own government and corporate America. We can not rely upon the conventional mainstream media to tell this story. I plead with the reader to pass this story on. Only by raising a voice against corruption and injustice, can we put an end to it. If we do not speak against it, we can expect more of the same.


Rolling Eyes
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A useful guide to avoiding harmful foods should include:
Don't eat anything that is advertised on TV:

http://www.therealfoodchannel.com/videos/the-food-industry/food-rules. html

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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scienceplease 2
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 06 Apr 2009
Posts: 1528

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just found THIS on the FDA website...

http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/dailys/03/Apr03/042503/02P-0317_emc-0 00245.txt

From: Jaffe, Lyle D
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 3:46 PM
To: Dockets, FDA
Subject: FW: Former FDA Investigator Exposes Aspartame As Deadly
Neurotoxin That Never Should Have Been Approved, Can Republish,
Namaste,Vol 6, Issue 1,UK

-----Original Message-----
From: Betty Martini [mailto:Bettym19@mindspring.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 2:19 PM
To: Activist List-yahoogroups.com
Subject: Former FDA Investigator Exposes Aspartame As Deadly Neurotoxin
That Never Should Have Been Approved, Can Republish, Namaste,Vol 6,
Issue 1,UK

TO MY NEIGHBORS OF ALL NATIONS, An Open Statement Concerning The Artificial
Sweetener, Aspartame by Arthur M. Evangelista, a former FDA Investigator

I am a former investigator who worked with the US Food and Drug
Administration: This is what I have to say about Aspartame and the people
who brought it to our tables.

As a former FDA investigator, I was charged with overseeing two major
projects for the FDA. These concerned Pesticides and Chemicals in Foods
and Illegal Drug Tissue Residues in Animals (including milk related issues).

I worked closely with the sister Federal and State agencies, oversaw
contracts, I was a co-ordinator and lead investigator on projects involving
EPA and USDA. The FDA, in the mid-70's to mid-90's was not a large
organization, having an annual budget no greater than a medium-sized
hospital by 1995.

The problems with aspartame include not only the biochemical nature of this
toxin but also it sheds light on the political nature of the players
involved. The changes in regulatory policies and regulations resulting
from corporate-government ties and the politicians closely associated with
these ties.

What I can tell you, regarding toxicology, histology and biochemistry, is
that aspartame is neurotoxic. Its components easily transcend the
blood-brain barrier, interfering with normal nerve cell function. This
affects the glutathione and calcium mechanisms in place, destroying nerve
call integrity. The methanol then breaks down into formaldehyde-formic
acid components, which denaturizes/mutates the DNA: a known scientific
fact. The subsequent result from this interaction and from isolates of
genetically modified amino acids, the methanol, is nerve cell necrosis and
subsequent organ system degradation.

The hypothalamus alone (the major controller for much of the endocrine
system), is at especially high risk to these effects...thereby, affecting
many other organ systems. I have seen first hand the effects on symptoms
when individuals have abstained from ingesting the artificial sweetener,
aspartame. Make no bones about it, aspartame is a major factor in many
symptomologies due to its effects upon brain chemistry.


Coming from a family and relatives of physicians, I know only too well that
if there was even a chance that something was wrong with a patient, a truly
committed physician would thoroughly investigate any etiology (or cause)
regarding an illness (both chronic and sub chronic), rather than retain a
close-minded approach to the available data. This just boggles my mind
when those, who are supposed to know better; choose to adhere to the
organized rhetoric of industry-backed misinformation, without giving the
true scientific facts an opportunity to sink in. At the least, consider
the possibilities. I guarantee, the truth will then become self-evident!

The biggest lie told, is one of self-deceit; not to mention, all the people
made ill and killed in the process of 'ignorant medicine' eg a doctor has
sold his skills and MD diploma to industrial chemical manufacturers,
pharmaceutical firms or even to governmental associations!! Money is

Prior to the approval of aspartame, the FDA sent two specialized teams to
G.D. Searle and found a ghastly 95% level of misdirected testing; concealed
tests, collusion between corporate and their company-funded research;
inappropriate antemortum issues; withholding of material facts; alterations
of records: lying to investigators, lost records, no records;
falsification of reports, bribery, poor test methodology or design...et al.

FDA investigators Brodsky and Bressler, both seasoned federal
investigators, each led investigative teams to review Searle's lab
practices. These practices at Searle were despicable and should have been
thrown out. This is a fact. The actual report are displayed on
http://www.dorway.com Unfortunately, many ethics in the law were also
violated during this time period, by the various government departments in
the USA. This was further corrupted by politicians involved with corporate
constituents who in turn affected the regulatory process in favour of these
constituents. Another name for this, of course, is 'bribery'.


This was nothing less than full-blown collusion. The 'revolving door' at
the FDA, is very much a reality. Former corporate officials, who began
working for the Food and Drug Administration (and vice versa), were very
cavalier about issues uncovered at Searle surrounding their drug processing
and issues involved with aspartame. Some, with a hidden agenda of promised
secret money or better jobs, actively hindered the investigation into G. D.
Searle's laboratory practices. It is obvious when you see the records and
numbers and where those jobs were. These are a matter of public and
Congressional Record. Subsequently, many former FDA officials, due to
their 'favorable influences' with regulatory enforcement and rulings, were
in fact, rewarded with corporate positions and lucrative incomes, including
former FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes, who was about to be brought up
on ethics and misconduct charges!

The whole process was (is still) rotten throughout. The various dependent
research completed on aspartame proves this (in part,a chemical warfare
agent) is a neurotoxin. It is unlike any other compound on the
market. Each of its three components are toxic.

The only people I have met or communicated with, who have steadfastly
refused to look at this picture for what it is, have been found to have
other agendas, other than the truth. Not even a sceptic, like my brother (
a chief microbiologist) could ignore the factual evidence of aspartame's
neurotoxicity when presented with the evidence. Being a sceptic is one
thing, but to deny the evidence, the motives and the pieces of a rather
complex and sordid puzzle with common denominators, is ludicrous; you would
have to be braindead. To still adhere to the narrow focus of the corporate
spin-doctors and corporate-back rhetoric from federal regulators, means
that you have clearly chosen to purposefully close your mind to the
evidence and/o you are operating with a pro-industry (hidden) agenda.

There is rampant corruption in these processes and it behoves all educated,
law enforcement and scientific-minded individuals to look at the entire
picture to piece together one of the biggest travesties in public health
history. The common thread which ties everything together is; the strong
political influences, the monumental amounts of money used to purchase the
souls of those who have placed greed above common sense, public health and
the trust of public office.


As an investigator, I found this hard to believe at first, that so many
factors have come together to collude in such a way, to allow aspartame
into our food supply. Regardless of how I initially felt about it, the
evidence is factual ....it happened. Now we have to do something about it,
because it is nothing less than MASS MURDER.

Additionally and historically, many recalled products, including FDA
regulated products, were once thought safe. DDT was once thought to be
safe, remember?

History of the regulatory problems, fraud, deceit and scientific corruption
with various drug products would serve you well to remember here.

Regulatory problems and corruption resulting in mass-illness or deaths with
various prescription drugs and drug-tissue residues in foods (antibiotics)
which was known by the FDA since the mid 80's, perpetuating further our
problems with antibiotic resistant germs.

Remember Agent Orange? How long did it take the US government to even
acknowledge that there was a problem with spraying a dioxin compound all
over the Asian forests during Vietnam? Monsanto never said a word during
this period; no chemical manufacturer did. It was years before the
veterans, who gave their lives or whose lives were ruined, were even given
the acknowledgement that there was a problem. The Gulf War Veterans were
in the same boat for a while. Maybe someone will pay attention to their

Many policies, I found out, were not made to protect the public health, but
rather, to provide leverage at appropriation time before Congress and to
protect the industry and their political government. This is especially
true when they were paid for their 'services' by the pharmaceutical or
chemical industries. This is what I call 'social cancer'. Many systems
for protecting the public health are (were) less than effective...making
very little difference on public health issues. Much of it was for 'show'
and for funding. It was the folks in Rockville and Washington who made the
final decisions on how to play most of these issues out. Unfortunately for
us, it was not to favor the public health processes. The entire process
reeks of political and corporate influence. Many mainstream media newscats
and reports have exposed this problem.


There are regulatory or enforcement agencies that have questionably close
ties with industry, aside from an unethical revolving door. These ties are
even illegal in some aspects and compromise an agency's ability to
regulate. It compromises not only the integrity of the agency, but the
information being disseminated, as well. Everything becomes suspect. Then
the spin-doctors are called into action.


So tell me then, why do government agencies support and make policies
around industrial concerns, like pharmaceutical or chemical manufacturing
firms? The answer is easy: Money and/or power! Why aren't government
agencies remaining impartial? Somebody has a little influence, that is why
and, this influence is not in the public's best interest. Follow the money

The truth has been difficult to come by. Investigators, lay people,
teachers, educators, regulators and whistleblowers have, piece by piece,
put this highly complex puzzle together and now see this issue for what it
is. The evidence is there. Unfortunately, I have found that many
physicians, including those who can make substantial incomes from treating
the effects of the neurotoxin aspartame (and other medically 'healable'
issues) would rather people did not find out about its effects on brain
chemistry. Giving doctors the benefit of the doubt, if they do not
consider aspartame poisoning as a cause for concern or instigator of
symptoms, they are simply not very good investigators. Then may be the
doctor should try carpentry or other non-patient related work.

In truth, doctors have a business. This is a sub-set of business treatment
practices that is making money based on the introduction of a poisonous
product. I also found out that the large government health association and
many other so-called health groups, have received substantial money,
contributions, or stipends from industry regarding their products.


This includes certain public health associations - the very people who are
supposed to be helping the public, who for legal reasons cannot be named
here, they like many others, diabolically support aspartame and the money
it has made them. They are businesses... and business goes before public
health. Look at any health association and check out the list of their
contributors and tell me what you see.


Regarding aspartame, I have written articles about this substance, they
explained the processes that allowed aspartame into the marketplace,
through various reports and information uncovered whilst I was with the
agency and afterwards, with the help of other investigators and agency
data. Much of this information is available for review, you can draw your
own conclusions.

Open your mind. Know that the government-corporate issues have shocked us
before, to our collective dismay. I urge you to consider all the factors;
... the political, physiological and regulatory processes which created the
mistaken and unfortunate acceptance of this toxin in our food supply. This
information is not 'what I think' nor how I feel...

the information submitted to the FDA, including the information that was
not submitted. It is a fact that politics and those with 'hidden agendas'
illegally affected the regulatory processes, misused and abused their
authority, to bring to market this toxic food additive.

If you drink aspartame and have experienced health problems, then cease
your consumption of it (and its cousin MSG) for 60 days and see if your
symptoms disappear. You have nothing to lose. If you do not follow this
simple experiment for 60 days, you could lose your life. Additionally,
educate yourselves. It is your body, your health and your life.


For further information see the following websites:
http://www.dorway.com Experts on Aspartame, government records, UPI and
CDC investigations, books by physicians, protest of National Soft Drink
Assn, Class Action, support groups,Etc.
http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame Aspartame Toxicity Center
http://www.truthinlabeling.org MSG
http://www.sunsentpress.com Books by H. J. Roberts, M.D. including
Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, medical text on global plague
http://www.ana-jana.org Russell Blaylock, M.D.,neurosurgeon, book,
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills on aspartame and MSG and his new book on
how to get well, Health & Nutrition Secrets To Save Your Life. or

Note from Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl (www.dorway.com -
770 242-2599), global unpaid volunteer force warning the world off
aspartame: Updates: The European Parliament has voted to re-examine
aspartame. They will also examine Stevia which got outlawed for no reason
except to keep consumers using the toxin aspartame. There are at least 500
studies on Stevia showing safety and you can contact the Stevita Company
in Dallas, Texas, Oscar Rodes (petro@mindspring.com). The actual
consumption by humans without a single report of undesired side effects
over a long period of time (30 years in Japan, 15 years in Brazil in the
extract form, and centuries in Paraguay and Brazil on the leaves form)
demonstrates that the product is safe for its intended use - that is as a
sweetener. It is the salvation of diabetics as it helps in the metabolism
of sugar whereas aspartame can precipitate diabetes, keeps blood sugar out
of control, destroys the optic nerve, can cause diabetics to go into
convulsions and even interacts with insulin. It is particularly pushed on
diabetics. It has caused an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, as it is a
drug that makes you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight. See protest of
National Soft Drink Association on www.dorway.com and Aspartame Makes You
Fatter by Sandra Cabot, M.D. Also read Aspartame and Diabetes and
Hypoglycemia by diabetic specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D.

No drug is safe on the market as long as aspartame exists as it interacts
with just about every drug used to treat the problems it causes completely
outlined in a chapter on drug interaction in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored
Epidemic by Roberts. One out of four are having drug
interactions! Two-thirds of the population in America and 40% of our
children are using this deadly chemical poison that interacts with drugs
and as a chemical hypersensitization agent interacts with vaccines, other
toxins and unsafe additives.

I have filed a Citizens Petition with the FDA based on the fact their
records show aspartame to be deadly and yet they lie to the public. They
have been told not to send their FDA propaganda rag, the FDA Consumer or a
packet of Federal Registers. The law requires they answer in six
months. It has been 10 months and they have not answered. To read the
entire Board of Inquiry report of the FDA saying not to approve aspartame
and the famed Dr. John Olney's paper to the Board of Inquiry telling them
what would happen to the brains of our children go to
www.greatfallspro.com Mission Possible Maine. They supply special
equipment to read the original documents.

Please contact Betty Martini, Bettym19@mindspring.com (770 242-2599) if
you have suffered brain tumors, seizures or blindness or eye deterioration
from aspartame for class action.

I leave you with the profound words of James Bowen, M.D., who has Lou
Gehrigs from aspartame in his paper Aspartame Murders Infants, Violates
Federal Domestic GEnocide Law: "Aspartame is sold as NutraSweet, Equal,
Spoonful, Canderel, Benevia, E951, etc., and is in thousands of foods and
diet drinks. At every point in the fertility process aspartame destroys,
beginning with the gleam in Mom and Pop's eyes. It ruins female sexual
response and induces male sexual dysfunction. Beyond this, aspartame
disrupts fetal development by aborting it or inducing defects. And if a
live child is born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA of the
baby, cursing future generations."

Is NutraSweet a Neurotoxin? You bet your aspartame! It's only
appropriate use is as a rat killer and to kill fire ants.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 6:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in new Landmark Study on Humans
alternative health, BLOG, cancer, genetically modified foods, Health, News, prevention of cancer November 21, 2012 0 Comments
http://worldtruth.tv/aspartame-is-linked-to-leukemia-and-lymphoma-in-n ew-landmark-study-on-humans/

As few as one diet soda daily may increase the risk for leukemia in men and women, and for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men, according to new results from the longest-ever running study on aspartame as a carcinogen in humans. Importantly, this is the most comprehensive, long-term study ever completed on this topic, so it holds more weight than other past studies which appeared to show no risk. And disturbingly, it may also open the door for further similar findings on other cancers in future studies.

The most thorough study yet on aspartame - Over two million person-years
For this study, researchers prospectively analyzed data from the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study for a 22-year period. A total of 77,218 women and 47,810 men were included in the analysis, for a total of 2,278,396 person-years of data. Apart from sheer size, what makes this study superior to other past studies is the thoroughness with which aspartame intake was assessed. Every two years, participants were given a detailed dietary questionnaire, and their diets were reassessed every four years. Previous studies which found no link to cancer only ever assessed participants' aspartame intake at one point in time, which could be a major weakness affecting their accuracy.

One diet soda a day increases leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas

The combined results of this new study showed that just one 12-fl oz. can (355 ml) of diet soda daily leads to:

- 42 percent higher leukemia risk in men and women (pooled analysis)
- 102 percent higher multiple myeloma risk (in men only)
- 31 percent higher non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk (in men only)

These results were based on multi-variable relative risk models, all in comparison to participants who drank no diet soda. It is unknown why only men drinking higher amounts of diet soda showed increased risk for multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Note that diet soda is the largest dietary source of aspartame (by far) in the U.S. Every year, Americans consume about 5,250 tons of aspartame in total, of which about 86 percent (4,500 tons) is found in diet sodas.

Confirmation of previous high quality research on animals
This new study shows the importance of the quality of research. Most of the past studies showing no link between aspartame and cancer have been criticized for being too short in duration and too inaccurate in assessing long-term aspartame intake. This new study solves both of those issues. The fact that it also shows a positive link to cancer should come as no surprise, because a previous best-in-class research study done on animals (900 rats over their entire natural lifetimes) showed strikingly similar results back in 2006: aspartame significantly increased the risk for lymphomas and leukemia in both males and females. More worrying is the follow on mega-study, which started aspartame exposure of the rats at the fetal stage. Increased lymphoma and leukemia risks were confirmed, and this time the female rats also showed significantly increased breast (mammary) cancer rates. This raises a critical question: will future, high-quality studies uncover links to the other cancers in which aspartame has been implicated (brain, breast, prostate, etc.)?

There is now more reason than ever to completely avoid aspartame in our daily diet. For those who are tempted to go back to sugary sodas as a "healthy" alternative, this study had a surprise finding: men consuming one or more sugar-sweetened sodas daily saw a 66 percent increase in non-Hodgkin lymphoma (even worse than for diet soda). Perhaps the healthiest soda is NO SODA AT ALL.

Sources for this article include:


"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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scienceplease 2
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


"The Deadly Deception" cites chapter and verse of the coverup by Searle and the FDA. Here are some highlights from the book "The Deadly Deception":

1969 - Dr. Harry Waisman fed ASP mixed with milk to monkeys. One died after 300 days of ASP and five others had grand mal seizures. Searle deleted this negative study when the company submitted safety evidence to the FDA.

1970 - The FDA banned cyclamate during the time that the safety of saccharin was being questioned. The time seemed ripe for ASP.

1971 - Dr. John Olney, a research psychiatrist, told Searle that aspartic acid caused "holes in the brains of mice."

1974 - Searle people said these studies raised "no health problems." Searle told the FDA about these findings after approval was granted.

1975 - Many of the test animals fed ASP developed large TUMORS. These were NOT reported to the FDA.

1977 - Despite the many complaints about ASP, William Conlon and Thomas Sullivan, the US attorneys, took no action, in five years the statute of limitations for a grand jury investigation expired. A year later Conlon took a position with the law firm that represents Searle. (U.S. Attorney, Samuel Skinner did the same and ended up Chief of Staff in Bush's White House. ed.)

1980 - A Public Board of Inquiry of three scientists was activated. These (2 MDs and one PhD) voted to ban ASP. Because of those negative findings a five member Commissioner's Team of Scientists was impaneled: Three said ban; two said it was safe. Another member was added. You guessed it: deadlock. Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, PhD, toxicologist on the team said, "Bureau officials were working up to a whitewash. Safety questions remain unanswered."

1981 - Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr. was appointed the new FDA Commissioner and overuled the Public Board of Inquiry's recommended ban of ASP. He said his approval was part of the Reagan administration's new reform! Throughout the 1980's Searle has pointed out that the best evidence of ASP's safety was the fact that it had been approved in more than 60 countries. But these foreign approvals had been based on these controversial test, and the questionable approval of the FDA. It was approved as a "food additive," and hence, exempt from continued safety monitoring. (Searle is not obligated to monitor any adverse reactions.)

1983 - THE NATIONAL SOFT DRINK ASSOCIATION wrote to the FDA that ASP was breaking down in warm climates. But the Association later accepted ASP. Dr. Hayes office approved the use of ASP in soft drinks just two months before he quit his job as FDA chief. He then obtained a job with a public relations firm who represents NutraSweet.

1984 - Seven million pounds of NutraSweet are swallowed by about 100,000 people.

1985 - Reports of side-effects mount.

1987 - ACSN is founded by Mary Nash Stoddard and consumer advocate, James Turner. They believe ASP should be recalled and retested as a drug.

(Also, former US Atty. prosecuting G.D. Searle for falsifying original tests, recused himself at the last minute, taking a position with Sidley & Austin, Searle's lawfirm. He was later appointed head of the Dept. of Transportation, over the FAA, and then moved into position of Chief of Staff in Bush's White House. Skinner was honored by the Epilepsy Foundation in Chicago as their man-of-the-year. Former MONSANTO ATTORNEY, JUDGE CLARENCE THOMAS was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, amidst swirling controversy. Ed.)

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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Care 2 has an nline petition, and you can add your comment on why you support it; trust you will all do so!
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/750/746/634/tell-efsa-to-stop-sugar-coa ting-aspartame-health-risks/

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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scienceplease 2
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Daily Mail Headline news: ASPARTAME is safe (says new double blind trial) conducted by Hull York Medical School

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2518251/Aspartame-sweetener-SA FE-effects-trials-discover.html

Food Manufacture industry news states that Peers are outraged of cost of study for known-to-safe Aspartame.

http://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Ingredients/Peer-probes-FSA-aspartame -study-as-costs-double

Yet read the details (and DM comments section!)

The double-blind study was testing the equivalent of 1 soda can of aspartame per week!!! (Yep, I think we can easily withstand that Rolling Eyes) But regardless of the small quantities involved, of 149 volunteers, 141 withdrew from the study!

The conclusions of the experts on the CoT are unlikely to satisfy the many critics of aspartame, who include Erik Millstone, Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex. He insists there is good quality independent research projects that have identified potential problems, ranging from premature births in women who enjoy diet drinks, to cancer. Prof Millstone, of the university’s Science and Technology Policy Research unit, believes that EFSA’s evaluation is biased in favour of aspartame.

He claims the EFSA panel set up to carry out the safety assessment is dominated by experts linked to manufacturers or regulators that have previously supported aspartame.
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robbie-gennet/donald-rumsfeld-and-the-s_ b_805581.html

So how does Donald Rumsfeld fit in to all this? A little history:

In 1985, Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame's clouded past, including the report of a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it "might induce brain tumors." The FDA had previously banned aspartame based on this finding, only to have then-Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld vow to "call in his markers," to get it approved. Here's how it happened:

Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president January 21, 1981. Rumsfeld, while still CEO at Searle, was part of Reagan's transition team. This team hand-picked Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., to be the new FDA commissioner. Dr. Hayes, a pharmacologist, had no previous experience with food additives before being appointed director of the FDA. On January 21, 1981, the day after Ronald Reagan's inauguration, Reagan issued an executive order eliminating the FDA commissioners' authority to take action and Searle re-applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener. Hayes, Reagan's new FDA commissioner, appointed a 5-person Scientific Commission to review the board of inquiry's decision. It soon became clear that the panel would uphold the ban by a 3-2 decision. So Hayes installed a sixth member on the commission, and the vote became deadlocked. He then personally broke the tie in aspartame's favor.

One of Hayes' first official acts as FDA chief was to approve the use of aspartame as an artificial sweetener in dry goods on July 18, 1981. In order to accomplish this feat, Hayes had to overlook the scuttled grand jury investigation of Searle, overcome the Bressler Report, ignore the PBOI's recommendations and pretend aspartame did not chronically sicken and kill thousands of lab animals. Hayes left his post at the FDA in November, 1983, amid accusations that he was accepting corporate gifts for political favors. Just before leaving office in scandal, Hayes approved the use of aspartame in beverages. After Hayes left the FDA under allegations of impropriety, he served briefly as Provost at New York Medical College, and then took a position as a high-paid senior medical advisor with Burson-Marsteller, the chief public relations firm for both Monsanto and GD Searle. Since that time he has never spoken publicly about aspartame. FYI, here's Rachel Maddow on Burson-Marsteller: "When Evil needs public relations, Evil has Burson-Marsteller on speed dial." Evil, thy name is chemical food additives.

Here's the kicker: When Searle was absorbed by Monsanto in 1985, Donald Rumsfeld reportedly received a $12 million bonus, pretty big money in those days. Also, while at Searle, Rumsfeld was awarded Outstanding CEO in the Pharmaceutical Industry from the Wall Street Transcript (1980) and Financial World (1981)! Imagine that...

Nicholas Roberts

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very comprehensive list:
Aspartame: Products that contain sweeteners
Table of Foods Containing Aspartame:
http://arch1design.com/blog/latest_environmental_health_news/aspartame -products-that-contain/

(I found a few products on the list in my cupboard, which are going in the bin, including some prescribed medicines - I'll inform my (excellent) doctor -
they can't be expected to know everything)).

'Dangers of Aspartame - GMO - Alex Jones':

(Good 15 minute video by Alex Jones);

'FDA Pivotal Safety Study: Aspartame Caused Brain Seizures':

'"Despite approval by the federal Food and Drug Administration as a sweetener, Aspartame remains the focus of serious human health questions poised by a core of skeptics.

Aspartame is the generic name for "NutraSweet", which is owned by Monsanto Corp. FDA okayed Aspartame for limited food use in the early l980s. In June 1996, FDA sanctioned use of Aspartame in thousands of food products. Aspartame consists of three components: 50% phenylalanine (a chemical which transmits impulses in the human brain), 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol-a poison).

FDA's human "safety" determination for Aspartame is based upon some 112 studies submitted to FDA by the original manufacturer, Searle Pharmaceuticals. (Monsanto acquired Searle Pharmaceuticals in the mid-1980s.) Of those 112 studies, FDA designated 15 studies "pivotal".

Critics have been relooking those "pivotal" studies and come away puzzled how FDA can deduce human "safety". Take, for example, one of the 15 "pivotal" studies: "52 Week Oral Toxicity Infant Monkey Study (SC-18862)." This study orally dosed Aspartame to seven infant Rhesus monkeys for 52 weeks, in work conducted at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center at Madison, Wisconsin. The work was reported in l972.

The monkeys were divided in three groups: a low dose group (1.0 g/kg), a medium dose group (3.0 g/kg.) and a high dose group (4-6 g/kg). Aspartame was incorporated into milk formula and administered orally. The high dose group did not consume intended levels of aspartame during the study, perhaps due to the overt sweetness (200 times greater than sugar). Thus, researchers concluded, the high-dose group actually ingested approximately as much Aspartame as the medium-dose group. (Editor's note: The UW-Madison researcher, H. A. Waisman, deceased in mid-study. For that reason, the low-dose group monkeys was pulled from this study at about 200 days-prior to when brain seizures commenced for the medium and high-dose groups.)

There was no control group. That ostensible inadequacy in the research protocol was dismissed by the lack of available monkeys and "..limitations in adequately skilled laboratory personnel..."

All medium and high dose monkeys showed increased phenylalanine levels in their blood. All medium and high dose monkeys exhibited brain seizures, starting about seven months into the experiment.

The study reported "All animals in the medium and high dosage groups exhibited seizure activity. Seizures were observed for the first time following 218 days of treatment... The seizures were of the grand mal type... One monkey, m38, of the high dose group, died after 300 days of treatment. The cause of death was not determined..."

Data for the deceased monkey were lost.

The study correlates brain seizures with high amounts of phenylalanine ingested by the monkeys. The study determined: "following the end of the experiment, medium and high dose monkeys were kept under observation for three months. No further convulsions were detected during this period." In other words, once the Aspartame was withdrawn from the monkeys' diets, the brain seizures ceased.

How could FDA claim a "pivotal" study, in which all of the medium and high dose monkeys suffer brain seizures, confirms Aspartame's safety for humans?

Robert Cohen, a private citizen from Oradell, New Jersey (who has a degree in pharmakinesology - brain chemistry), recently un earthed this "pivotal" study. Cohen's personal theory: the milk-based formula in which the monkeys were served their Aspartame in this study is a key link why the brain seizures were suffered. Cohen contends that ingesting dairy products elevates the pH of the stomach. He asserts that drinking a 12 oz. glass of milk buffers the pH of the human stomach from 2 to 6. At a pH of 6, Cohen contends, simple proteins such as Aspartame pass through undigested. Thus, they move to the blood stream intact. (Editor's note: Cohen claims the same phenomenon explains why IGF-1 (insulin-like Growth Factor -- - a potent mitogen, i.e., cancer causing agent) from rbGH-derived milk survives digestion and enters the human bloodstream).

Recently, a long term Aspartame critic rolled out a new data analysis, suggesting that Aspartame was a factor in increased incidents of human brain lesions. Monsanto spokesperson Dr. Robert Moser countered that claim, saying that Aspartame was not ingested and did not enter the blood stream.

The data revealed by this "pivotal" study submitted to FDA renders false Moser's assertion that Aspartame does not enter the bloodstream. Elevated levels of phenylalanine in the blood of monkeys fed medium and high levels of Aspartame prove that the compound is absorbed into the blood stream. The brain seizures followed.

What is the significance of this issue for dairy? NutraSweet is increasingly used in dairy products. At worst, presence of dairy products increases the odds that Aspartame can be channeled through the stomach into the bloodstream, by buffering the stomach's acidity.

Word is that CBS' television's hard-hitting news program, "60 Minutes" is preparing a segment on the Aspartame controversy, tentatively due for broadcast on December 29. (was shown) (Editor's Note: We were told recently that an adhesives applications firm in Texas is working on a project to include Aspartame on the back of U.S. Postal Service stamps, to make the stamps which consumers lick "taste better") SWEET NIGHTMARES!"


"A consumer group, Mission Possible, has requested that FDA withdraw Aspartame from public use, in light of the obvious negative health effects depicted in the "pivotal" study described above. The blood data shows the chemical entered the Rhesus monkeys' blood streams. All monkeys receiving medium and high doses of Aspartame suffered severe brain seizures after about seven months' treatments.

Persons wishing to receive more information about Aspartame should write Mission Possible at the following address and include 5 32 cent postage stamps to cover return postage. The address is: Mission Possible, 5950 H State Bridge Road, Suite 215, Duluth, Georgia 30155'


Information on Alcohol (PKU):

'Watch out for aspartame in drinks!
• By law drinks that contain more than 1.2% v/v alcohol do not have to declare whether they contain aspartame on the label. “Diet” alcoholic drinks e.g. diet alcopops are more likely to contain aspartame.
• Some beer and lager may contain aspartame. The following companies have confirmed they do not use it: Calsberg, Tetley, Bass, Whitbread, United Distillers and Vintners UK
• Check that any mixers e.g. tonic water, coke, lemonade are free from aspartame. Diet mixers, e.g. diet cola, are likely to contain aspartame...'

Aspartame's threat to the unborn:

'New studies show that aspartame may increase the risk of premature births.

Research funded by the European Union found a correlation between the amount of diet drink consumed and an early birth among the 60,000 women studied, The Mail on Sunday reported on July 10.

The study also says that drinks containing aspartame and other artificial sweeteners may pose a danger to the unborn child.

Some British public health experts are now advising expectant mothers to avoid food and drink containing the chemicals, the report added.

The EU study suggests the risk of giving birth before 37 weeks of a normal pregnancy is increased by 38 percent if the woman was drinking, on average, one can of a diet drink a day.

Four or more cans a day can increase the risk by as much as 78 per cent.

In an article published on the Rense.com site on July 12, Dr. Betty Martini, said that for 30 years it has been known that aspartame induces spontaneous abortions and causes birth defects and mental retardation.

Dr. Martini also made the following comments on aspartame in the article:

Aspartame "is an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug that is poisoning the world," she wrote.

She added that "the 40% aspartic acid in the molecule… excites the neurons to over stimulation until they exhaust and die."

Dr. Morando Soffritti's three-year study on 1800 rats at the Ramazzini Institute of Oncology identified aspartame as a multi-potential carcinogen, she noted.

If a pregnant mother uses aspartame and the baby survives the child can get cancer when he/she grows up, she noted.

Commenting on the Ramazzini Study, Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock said, "With newer studies clearly indicating that toxic exposures during fetal development can dramatically increase the cancer risk of the offspring, this study takes on a very important meaning to all pregnant women consuming aspartame products. Likewise, small children are at considerable risk of the later development of these highly fatal cancers. It should be appreciated that the doses used in this study fall within the range of doses seen in everyday users of aspartame. This study, along with the first study, should convince any reasonable scientific mind, as well as the public, that this product should be removed from the market."

Neuroscientist John Olney did studies on aspartic acid and found it causes lesions in the brains of mice.

Aspartame "is also an endocrine disrupting drug, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses causing infertility as detailed in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, a 1038-page medical text by world expert H. J. Roberts, M.D.," Dr. Martini wrote.

Dr. Adrian Gross told the US Congress that aspartame causes brain cancer and violates the Delaney Amendment, which prohibits any ingredient in food which is carcinogenic.

Dr. Maria Alemany's Trocho Study showed that the formaldehyde in aspartame converts from aspartame's methyl alcohol and embalms living tissue and damages DNA.

"In Barcelona he told me that aspartame would kill 200 million. I never forgot it," Dr. Martini stated.'

'Sweetener 'linked' to leukaemia':

'Fresh doubts about the safety of an artificial sweetener have been raised by Italian scientists who have linked its use to leukaemias in rodents.
Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and is used throughout the world in low-calorie drinks and foods.

Regulators say existing studies show it is safe, but will look at the European Journal of Clinical Oncology study.

But they said it was unlikely that the sweetener was harmful to humans to the same extent as in rats.

Concerns have been raised about the aspartame in the past, but an analysis of 500 papers by UK regulators in 2002 concluded there was no threat to consumers.

The Food Standards Agency said: "The European Food Safety Authority intends to undertake an urgent assessment of this study to establish whether there are any implications for human health.

"We will study EFSA's opinion carefully and consider what, if any, action may be required."

Dr Elaine Vickers, cancer information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "If a risk to humans does exist, it will almost certainly be very small.

"However, we welcome the news that the EFSA will undertake an urgent assessment of this work."

The study

Dr Morando Soffritti and colleagues at the Cancer Research Centre in Bologna fed eight-week-old rats varying concentrations of aspartame.

Compared with control rats given no sweetener, many of the female rats in the experiment developed lymphomas or leukaemias - the risk increasing with the dose of aspartame.

The researchers say their study raises concerns about the levels of aspartame to which humans can be exposed and, therefore, "urgent re-examination" of aspartame's safety is needed, "especially to protect children".

The existing European Food Safety Authority safety assessment for aspartame led to the setting of an Acceptable Daily Intake, or ADI.

This is an estimate of the amount of an additive that could be routinely consumed every day over a lifetime with no appreciable health risk.

'Safe' intake

Aspartame's ADI is set at 40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. This is equivalent to 2,800 milligrams for an average British adult.

For an average three-year-old child the amount is of the order of 600 milligrams.

An adult would have to consume 14 cans of a sugar-free drink every day before reaching the ADI, assuming the sweetener was used in the drink at the maximum permitted level.

In practice, most drinks use aspartame in combination with other sweeteners so that the level is considerably lower, says the FSA.

Previous work by the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Department of Health showed that aspartame intakes were considerably below the recommended maximum level, even among children and diabetics who consume large quantities of sugar-free drinks.'

As you see, the European Food Safety Authority don't do their own tests, they 'assess' previous reports, the vast majority of which have been done by the industries concerned, or set up by them with 'independent personnel'
who they pay (and who they can sanction to keep quiet if they do find anything against the product. Check out again how Rumsfeld got it passed as OK after Reagan got in as President (see next article).

'Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame':
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robbie-gennet/donald-rumsfeld-and-the-s_ b_805581.html

'.....Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president January 21, 1981. Rumsfeld, while still CEO at Searle, was part of Reagan's transition team. This team hand-picked Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., to be the new FDA commissioner. Dr. Hayes, a pharmacologist, had no previous experience with food additives before being appointed director of the FDA. On January 21, 1981, the day after Ronald Reagan's inauguration, Reagan issued an executive order eliminating the FDA commissioners' authority to take action and Searle re-applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener. Hayes, Reagan's new FDA commissioner, appointed a 5-person Scientific Commission to review the board of inquiry's decision. It soon became clear that the panel would uphold the ban by a 3-2 decision. So Hayes installed a sixth member on the commission, and the vote became deadlocked. He then personally broke the tie in aspartame's favor......'

I haven't put the whole article in, but it should be read.

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another household danger: Teflon:

Teflon Report part 1:

Is Your Cookware Killing You?-Transformation TV-Episode #010:

Stay Away from These Fats & Oils-Transformation TV-Episode #020:

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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