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Ms. Charles Seven - Targeted Individual?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:17 pm    Post subject: Ms. Charles Seven - Targeted Individual? Reply with quote

By Ms. Charles Seven
November 21, 2010

7/7 was in reality a media mafia ritualistc satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards.

My case details all the events which led up to the criminals in media doing 7/7, desperate to cover up the Truth of gross levels corruption in legal circles, mainstream media Hollywood entertainment with the assistance of fixers in other key positions of power which I was exposing (like Randy and Evi Quaid are now also exposing too).

What is actually really going on is the murder for copyright ownership and the illegal control of creative people's royalties scam. This serious crime is secretly going on behind closed doors in media lawfirms and corrupt media Hollywood publishing and production companies.

This is what was actually behind 7/7 bombings; it had nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims. They were framed and scapegoated by the criminals in media who actually did the crimes, then covered it all up using the vast available networks. I have all the names of the guilty people responsible because I sued them and won in 2006.

John Charles is my family's name (often spelt Jean Charles) They coerce the police to shoot the innocent Brazilian Seven times in the head as a warning to shut me up whilst I was I hiding at the time.

My case was due to be heard in court July/ August 2005, so panicking knowing I had lots of evidence and planing to use it. Fearing the case would go ahead and their big money scam would be exposed, they orchestrated the London bombings as a smoke screen to divert public attention away from the mass scale corruption taking place and looting of banks.

Targeted Individual suffers scafolding on one window from perpetrators.

I went to Russell's lawyers in 2003, to protect the rights of a lucrative mulitmedia platform I created for mainstream, and the corrupt lawyer Christopher Gossage was literally salivating when he saw my documents. He took me on as a client and led me to believe he was excitedly arranging licensing and they conspired with various networks and corrupt media producers to defraud and murder me so that they could completely own the rights, not just from my creative work but my entire life as a whole.

They put me on a gang stalking program, and apart from my multimedia platform they began a mass raping operation to steal every aspect of my life and turn it into TV shows, movies etc.. The truth behind 7/7 is so sinister it will make you sick to your stomach.

Since then I have been a gang stalked raped lab rat... In a satanic big money slavery scam conspiracy of silence.

I have endured horrific forms of psychological torture like watching them murder the people on the trains and the Brazilian and then brag about doing it whilst framing innocent men.

What I have witnessed is evil beyond belief. To them it is a massive game.

They never expect to be made to account, and it does not appear that they have ANY form of conscience. Each crime was done blatantly in plain sight as though they were proud of killing innocent people so brutally. Just most people at that time had not learnt to decipher their code and language.

Nowadays people are much more clued up; before the criminals could comfortably rely on the fact that most people believe whatever BS media tells them, and given I was in the stark minority they hedged their bets on nobody ever believing me, since the spin about Muslims was swallowed by the majority hook, line, and sinker. Hence, they became totaly brazen about it.

I was smuggled to Notting hill gate station on 31st August 2005, after being in hiding for approximately 3 months. The case was pushed a year forward due to the bombings and death threats against me, and was heard before justice Chadwick and Sir Peter Gibson in 2006 which is when I first won. They had no defense whatsoever, because there is none. This was brazen in your face guilt.

After my further hearings before justice Pumfrey who also ruled in my favour, I was supposed to be awarded billions in damages, losses, etc. but Justice Pumfrey was later found dead. And my 9 bundles of evidence were buried along with him.

Justice Warren released my audios in July 2008 after a two year battle to have the truth that I won told. However, corrupt Justice Lawrence-Collins made an illegal order stating I could NEVER refer to the audios proving that I won in 2006 in court ever again. Welcome to the dire corrupt filthy state of the British Justice System.

I have remained on the Nazi based "gang stalking" program being repeatedly violated and abused on a daily basis ever since, having to go in and out of hiding to stop attacks upon my life..

My home having been broken into, Westminster City Council have given the crime gang free reign to install illegal covert surveillance in my building. This list of horrors continues whilst I remain inprisoned inside my home.

In short, known terrorist organisations who have looted banks in a wild racketeering frenzy since 2003, illegally selling off unauthorised licensing rights for many countries internationally with stolen intellectual property, murdered 52 people on the British Trains, who brutally murdered a innocent Brazillian, have been allowed to walk free from British courts despite being proven guilty of vast racketeering charges in 2006, and have been given free license to continue abusing whomever they choose by a corrupt judge Lawrence-Collins on the media mafia payroll.
Neither innocent members of the British public nor I are given any protection whatsoever from these criminals, and are left to fight for our lives alone. And they CLAIM to be waging a war ON terror? More like they are waging a war WITH terror on innocent members of the British public.

Editor's note: Ms. Seven has it correctly analyzed, for it is a war against innocent people.

While the other deceased victims' families and living victims are further lied to repeatedly and exploited, so are the innocent Muslim men who were framed to take the fall.

Consequently, I am campaigning to have the truth told so that we, who have been living with this nightmare, can have the illegal gang stalking surveillance removed, our stolen monies owed returned and the criminals arrested and put behing bars so that we can begin the long overdue healing process.

It will take a massive public outcry to achieve this, and slowly but surely people are taking up the cause. As it is in public interest and national security that this situation be immediately highlighted.

I have court exhibits from when the case was first lodged to show how it all unfolded. There are boxes of evidence but I can select key exhibits to show how brazenly the crimes were done.

Case name is: Seven Vs Gossage and 9 others

Case issue date: 5th August 2004

Court: Chancery Division Royal Courts of Justice Strand London W1

Case reference: HC04C02565

Other case references: A3/2005/2301
Audios proving I won from courtroom 18 on 14th June 2006
Also see court order from Justice Chadwick 2nd May 2006

Since 2008 a corrupt judge name Justice Lawrence-Collins has covered up audios and "9 full to the brim folder bundles" of Prima Facie evidence to stop the truth coming out.


"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To me she sounds a bit delusional.
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