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Does Alex Jones warp his editorial line to appease Zionists?
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Despite the fact that Admiral Moorer was raising genuine questions about the U.S.S. Liberty incident, it hardly makes the mutual Jones-Moorer support any less worrying than Jones' protection of the Council for National Policy. While there is no evidence in the public domain at this point, it is possible, if not likely, that Admiral Moorer attended one or more meetings of the CNP at one point or another. Why? Because more than a few visitors are not listed as members; they come along with registered members (or look at Joel Skousen, for example: very prominent within the CNP, but not officially a member). And also because Moorer sat on the board of the American Security Council [95] and the Western Goals Foundation [96], has visited Le Cercle [97], and overall was one of the closest allies of CNP board members General John Singlaub, General Daniel Graham and Colonel Oliver North. In other words, Moorer provides additional circumstantial evidence of the kind of backing the Infowars enterprise has received.

https://isgp-studies.com/alex-jones-of-infowars-is-cia-army-disinforma tion

One has to remember: Jones, nor any establishment, is interested in providing the public with any balance of facts. It's not like Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller ever had the idea of sitting down with Jones and talk about the numerous death squad leaders, drug traffickers and Gladio terrorists the leadership of the American Security Council, Western Goals, WACL and Le Cercle have been working with. As Jones' Rothschild interview and his 9/11 Chronicles documentary demonstrate, he simply will not engage establishmentarians in rational discussion. They're considered the enemy: CNP and John Birch-style. And also Admiral Moorer-style. As the rest of Moorer's biography makes clear, he wasn't just a critic of Israel, he also was a major opponent of the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger.

Before non-Eastern Establishmentarian Thomas Moorer joined the ultraright NGO circuit, he was chief of naval operations from 1967 to 1970 and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1970 to 1974. In these functions he was on the inside of the super-secret worldwide Navy spy group Task Force 157, a competitor in some respects of the CIA. Moorer became notorious during the Senate hearings in 1974 when the Watergate affair was at its height. It was found out that Moorer had been spying on Nixon and Henry Kissinger during their trip to China. Apart from a secure Task Force 157 communication channel that Moorer recommended Kissinger should use, later American Security Council board member, Admiral Yeoman Radford, at the time part of Kissinger's staff, was stealing documents that ended up with Moorer. [98] Moorer and allies, many of them to be found in the afore-mentioned NGOs, were of the opinion that the Rockefellers were using Nixon, Kissinger and the Council on Foreign Relations network to form a one world government with the communists in order to guarantee the family's continued domination over the financial markets. [99] Sounds familiar? There are actually indications that Moorer, along with the FBI's Mark Felt and the CIA's Richard Helms, all played important roles in initiating the Watergate affair. Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, for example, used to work for Admiral Moorer before he was approached by "deep throat", i.e. FBI COINTELPRO chief Mark Felt. [100] Meanwhile, CIA director Richard Helms refused a request from Nixon to block Mark Felt's FBI investigation of the Watergate incident [101] - a curious botch up all by itself [102] - with reporters Woodward and Bernstein working for the Washington Post's Ben Bradlee [103], a childhood friend of Helms. [104]

While it is not at all certain that Watergate was a CIA-FBI-Navy coup against the Nixon administration (all for their own reasons), it should be clear by now that Admiral Thomas Moorer has been a long-time insider to Washington intrigue and shared Alex Jones' views on Kissinger, the Rockefellers and the Eastern Establishment before Jones was even born. The two shared other opinions: Moorer's American Security Council clique always hated FDR for the New Deal - which gave basic rights to workers and abolished child labor [105] - and U.S. intervention in World War II. That's the main reason for continuing claims that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor in advance, a theory Jones can't get enough of. The major Wall Street banks working with the fascist regimes pre-World War II is also a conspiracy that is acceptable to the conservative establishment, as long as it is left out that the conservatives of the American Security Council were much more devout and unrepentant fascists than the New York bankers.

To summarize, Alex Jones might be helping to expose the existence and influence of the Eastern Establishment, Henry Kissinger and the Rockefeller family, but at the same time it is clear that his information is nothing new. It has been promoted by powerful conservative interests since even before World War II. Jones is actually protecting the same powerful clique that General Dwight Eisenhower - a Pilgrims Society executive even before he became president and a close ally of the Dulles brothers and Rockefeller family - termed the "Military-Industrial Complex." This was a reference to the National Military Industrial Conferences ran by the American Security Council in the late 1950s and early 1960s [106], the same American Security Council of Admiral Thomas Moorer, General John Singlaub, General Daniel Graham and Colonel Oliver North. I've heard Jones shout the term "Military-Industrial Complex." a lot of times, but never have I heard him make the link with the National Military Industrial Conferences. Maybe that's not too surprising, because I seem to be the first to have explicitly done that.

Franklin Affair

Former senator John DeCamp and former FBI chief Ted Gunderson have both been invited to the Alex Jones Show on multiple occasions. Both DeCamp and Gunderson maintained top-level CIA ties, with Gunderson in particular peddling tons of disinformation. All not so much different from Jones himself, it turns out.

What Alex Jones and Admiral Thomas Moorer also have in common is the Franklin child abuse affair. Jones loves to give attention to it while Moorer sat on the five-man advisory board of Washington lobbying firm Hill & Knowlton [107], founded and headed by Robert Keith Gray, who, according to information acquired by Senator John DeCamp, "reportedly [was] a specialist in homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA." According to DeCamp, Gray's associate Edwin Wilson, earlier an employee of Moorer's Task Force 157, had taken over pedophile entrapment operations from Roy Cohn [108], whom Moorer knew from the Western Goals Foundation board. [109] At Hill & Knowlton, Moorer shared the board with Douglas MacArthur II, a sinister CIA and army-tied individual who can be closely tied to similar pedophile operations in the U.S., Belgium and through the Moonie Cult. These aspects are discussed in ISGP's American Security Council article.

Senator John DeCamp, an occasional guest on the Alex Jones Show, really is a very peculiar individual. He was a close friend and key protege of former CIA director William Colby. Together the men set up the Phoenix interrogation program in Vietnam, almost unapologetically described by DeCamp as "controversial, brutal, and at times horribly handled [but] also the singlemost effective, and most feared program the Americans carried out during the Vietnam war." Even his Nebraska senatorship after he got hurt in Vietnam, DeCamp has to thank to Colby, with whom he remained in continuous contact until Colby's bizarre death in 1996. [110] Since the mid 1980s DeCamp and Colby appear to have played a role in limiting the fall-out and/or spreading disinformation in the Franklin affair, Oklahoma, Waco, the militia movement and most likely other sensitive affairs. [111] This becomes an even stronger suspicion when we consider that DeCamp's ally in the Franklin affair and Oklahoma bombing was retired FBI officer Ted Gunderson. [112]

Gunderson has been a promoter of just about every bogus theory one can come up with: Area 51, reptilians, the Illuminati, FEMA internment camps, a United Nations army taking over the United States, chemtrails, "pineapple bombs" at Oklahoma, no-planes on 9/11, the McMartin Preschool Satanic Ritual Abuse case (in which and he and his girlfriend at the time played a key role), and millions of children disappearing into Satanic Ritual Abuse networks. Most of his speeches will deal with evidence of cultic ritual abuse and invariably he will present his audiences with a copy of William Guy Carr's 1955 Pawns in the Game as the book that explains it all, i.e. the Rothschilds ordered Adam Weishaupt to set up the "Luciferian" Illuminati and take over the entire world along the lines of the (anti-Jewish) Protocols of Zion. Gunderson even refers to forged "Three World Wars letter" of Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini, two freemasonry masters. Every time he does this, I can't help but be amused. It's just so silly in this day and age of broadband internet. Gunderson really was one of the more extreme figures in the conspiracy circuit. It absolutely makes no sense that DeCamp would have cooperated with Gunderson in the Franklin and Oklahoma affairs. Then again, Gunderson was FBI chief of California at the time of his retirement in 1979 and certainly by the 1980s had developed extremely sinister CIA ties in the form of his apparently "inseparable" friend Robert Booth Nichols, who is generally described as "a very strange and dangerous guy", and the ultraright billionaire Murchison family. [113] This is the same clique that apparently suicided famous "Octopus" researcher Danny Casolaro in 1991. [114] Apart from the endnotes, the details of this are discussed in Gunderson's rather extensive no-planer biography. By the way, like the Hunt family of the John Birch Society and the CNP, the closely-tied Murchisons were also invited to Prince Bernhard's 1001 Club - yet another indication that the visible faces of research into child abuse networks and the Oklahoma bombing, Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, were extremely closely tied to very sinister powers-that-be.
geraldo-rivera-fox-satanic-ritual-abuse-program-colonel-michael-aquino -fbi-ted-gunderson
October 22, 1988: Colonel Michael Aquino, Father James Lebar and Ted Gunderson on Geraldo. Bizarrely, Aquino had numerous accusations of child ritual abuse against him, with parents claiming there was a cover up when he was acquitted. Within a year Aquino is allowed on shows as Geraldo and Oprah (small picture) to make the case that Satanism in which "babies are sacrificed" doesn't exist.
By that time, and through cases as Jeffrey MacDonald / Helena Stoeckley, the McMartin preschool trial and the Franklin Affair, Ted Gunderson had established himself as the primary person claiming that, "Yes, babies are sacrificed."
Sitting in between them on Geraldo is Father James Lebar, one of the Vatican's "exorcists" along the lines of Father Malachi Martin, a C2C AM scam artist. And that reminds me, in more recent years Aquino solidly dove into the alternative UFO field with his newfound friend Colonel John Alexander, a C2C AM veteran who, along with his best friend from military intelligence, the no-planer General Albert Stubblebine, helped create the alien abduction myth.
Is Satanic Ritual Abuse a complete fabrication of the security services or is there some truth to it? I don't know, but clearly this whole Geraldo debate was as controlled as the more modern cases where Geraldo is talking to questionable 9/11 truthers.

Despite the fact that he is much more coherent, DeCamp, knowingly or unknowingly, spread disinformation when he claimed that both William Colby and Henry Kissinger explained to him that there never was a Deep Throat that spilled the beans on the Watergate affair. [115] That was just before the world found out it had been top FBI COINTELPRO chief Mark Felt. His book The Franklin Cover-up also contains the extremely questionable information that MKULTRA was renamed Project Monarch and that a certain key person in it, "Dr. Green", came from a Nazi Germany internment camp. These aspects have been discussed in ISGP articles Beyond the Dutroux Affair and Beyond Dutroux ties to 1950s-era CIA covert operation. Plus: the mysterious "Dr. Green" identified. It's tough to find anything truly damaging on DeCamp (which might be a good thing), but as the sidekick of Bill Colby he maintained some top-level spook ties, including curious Ramparts journalists who converted from the new left to the neocon ultraright, MI6 asset Sir James Goldsmith, and a French-Vietnamese family that continued the covert war in Vietnam even after the U.S. involvement had come to an end here. [116]

In interviews Alex Jones has conducted with DeCamp and Gunderson, he never asked these men about the Franklin affair's potential ties to ISGP's Beyond the Dutroux Affair. He also never asked these individuals about their worrying CIA and establishment connections, nor about the disinformation they have spread. [117] Could it be that this is because Jones himself secretly has ties to the CIA or the establishment and therefore promotes the same kind of disinformation? No, that would be too crazy, right? And certainly no evidence of that would ever be found? Right? Well, read on with Part III of this article.

PART III...........

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Joined: 25 Jul 2005
Posts: 15246
Location: St. Pauls, Bristol, England

PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The John Birch Society toddler
https://isgp-studies.com/alex-jones-of-infowars-is-cia-army-disinforma tion

The long-time John Birch Society magazine: The New American.

While massively expanded here, the above information is basically how far ISGP took the subject of Alex Jones in the 2014 Cult of National Security Trolls article. Since then, and even before that, it turns out Jones has actually admitted on multiple occasions that he comes from a CIA and army special forces family, one which might well be directly linked to the above-mentioned members of the Council for National Policy and the American Security Council. That makes a lot of sense, of course, but hearing these admissions come from Alex Jones' mouth himself is still quite remarkable.

As of this writing, January 17, 2016, Alex Jones' Wikipedia page doesn't say a word about him having received any kind of inspiration about researching the Eastern Establishment from CIA or army special forces-linked family members. It only explains that Jones' father was a dentist, an occupation that can hardly arouse less suspicion of secret CIA and army Intelligence plots. For the most part Jones' early years as described on Wikipedia are based on a March 2011 profile of him in Rolling Stone, in which Jones explains that local police corruption in the Dallas suburb he grew up in, as well as John Birch Society influences from neighbors since he was about two years old, put him on the path of exposing government corruption. His major breakthrough came when, as a teenager, he read the John Birch Society classic None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen, a book he found on his father's bookshelf. [118]

A first Opie & Anthony admission

It appears Alex Jones made a first brief transgression regarding his family history during an April 17, 2013 appearance on the Opie & Anthony Show, with comedian Jim Norton acting as a third host. Listening to the show, it once again become clear why I never could stand to listen to Jones. He's just ranting and raving non-stop, skipping from subject to subject, and literally doesn't properly answer a single question. It's actually even worse than it used to be. First the hosts are trying to figure out his exact opinion on the Boston Marathon Bombing. Jones goes from a few brief sentences involving a "90% percent" certainty of a "false flag" by the "military-industrial complex" to a rant of Obama ordering drone hits on weddings. Then for 10 minutes the hosts try to figure out any alternative Jones might have to the TSA and how exactly the TSA infringes on civil liberties. Jones never directly answers the questions. He just keeps ranting about Dachau, Auschwitz, TSA agents dragging children to private rooms and groping wives, MKULTRA, truth serum, elites plotting to destroy our economy, and finally "boiling baths of peanut oil ... to make sure there are no explosives in our testicles."

At that point a caller to the show, Lindsey, starts to confront Jones on one particular aspect of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Again Jones refuses to provide a direct answer, at least for the first several minutes. A partial transcript follows:
JONES: ... and the boiling peanut oil will neutralize the explosives, uh.

HOST: Okay, listen, someone in Boston wants in badly. It's Lindsey, you're on with Alex Jones.

LINDSEY: Hey, how are ye? I just wanna tell ye that this whole thing is * bs. My friend, Jeff Bauman, is lying in the hospital with his legs missing and all you conspiracy theorist douchebags are going around trying to say he's a wounded soldier that lost his legs in Afghanistan. It's * bs.

JONES: Alright, let me stop you, ma'am. Ma'am, ma'am, this stuff is not all just black and white. So, did you ever think that the White House regulation [inaudible] 16 wrote not one but two papers at Harvard and Chicago Business the year before he was made...

LINDSEY: I don't give a * what happened. Because you wanna know why [I don't care about that?]...

JONES: Because you are in the emotion right now. I'm telling you, blood drinking Easter bunnies are coming for you right now. Okay, I know this is about feeling good, feeling validated ... [Lot's of interruption] ... Take all your vaccines. ... Listen, they are gonna have schizophrenics - and I get this, the real question is what's conspiracy and what isn't. What has red flags, what doesn't. There are crazy people that think I am Bill Hicks, okay? Let's get something straight: He was a very funny guy, a great guy, anti-gun, I'm not Bill Hicks, okay? There are people that think everything is actors, that everything is fake. I think Sandy Hook happened. I think Aurora happened. There were some people on the news that acted very...

LINDSEY: So why don't you comment on the people that are saying that my friend Jeff Bauman, who is lying in the hospital with his legs * missing...

JONES: [Murmuring:] Well, you're very excited that it's your friend, I understand [that that is very exciting].

LINDSEY: ... is an injured Afghanistan vet. Why don't you comment on that? Why don't you comment on that? Why don't you put that to rest?

JONES: Well, ma'am, number one, number one, have you ever been... Ma'am? Your lordship? Have you been to Infowars.com?

LINDSEY: No, I don't need to go to Infowars.com. I know the person personally. Why don't you comment on what I'm talking about? ... If you have a shred of decency, you'll quell the rumor!

JONES: Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am ... I'm saying the New York Times reported that the FBI has a history of [fielding] mentally ill and unstable people,whether they be left-right, right-wing, or Muslim, or whatever the case is. And they call it winding them up, giving them everything, being their commander, giving them money, saying that a getaway car will be waiting for you, we'll fly you out. You know, to the virgins, with mustaches, or whatever.

HOST: [laughing about Jones' evasiveness - again]...

LINDSEY: Oh my God...

JONES: So what I'm saying is, they have a motive to get our control out of it. So I'm saying we shouldn't give up out liberties and we should look at all groups doing it and also criminal elements in government or foreign corporations, because they have a history of doing this sometimes."

HOSTS: [More laughing:] But she's asking you to address one subject, Alex. ... [multiple hosts jump in]...

LINDSEY: I went to Chelmsford High School with that person. His name is Jeff Bauman. Both my sister and I attended high school with him. We know him. And he's lying in the hospital bed and all these people are reposting that picture saying what a piece of * he is and this and that and saying that he is a wounded veteran and he's not. ... And it really makes me mad ... that people are using my friend as a * prop.

JONES: Please, for God's sake, what I'm trying to get at, ma'am, is this is the internet. There are 7.5 billion people, 3 or 4 billion of them are online. People are gonna say that the photo of your friend is real...

LINDSEY: And a lot of them follow you and all you have to say is that it is not true. ... That's all you have to do.

JONES: Well, you're not listening. Listen, listen. Ah, I understand, I understand. Listen, I have a tendency when a woman is kinda whining and not listen to kinda leave the room. Okay, ma'am, let me just calmly tell you something. The internet is billions of people. I cannot keep track of every cockamamie conspiracy theory going on on the internet and sit there and debunk them. I just told you...

HOSTS: Alright, Alex! Alex! But do you believe what she is saying to be the truth?

JONES: Absolutely, I'm not aware of what she is talking about, but I'm sure it's true, because they lied to us about WMDs and they lie to us about so many other things. A large portion of the people don't believe that anything is real. They take a nonsense in the toilet and they think it's a space alien. And I get that and I'm sorry and I'm sure that your friend did get his legs blown off and I'm personally sick of people attributing to me all the wild conspiracy theories that are out there...

What is incredible here is that Jones actually admitted - to some degree at least - that he doesn't believe in a particular theory, but it took four people continually steering him back to one particular question for about five minutes. And even then Jones changes subjects at the blink of an eye. Even more worrying maybe is Jones' utter contempt for and complete lack of sympathy for the caller from almost the very first second. Her friend had his legs blown off and he's repeatedly mocking her and incoherently throwing 50 different unrelated conspiracy theories in her face instead of just answering the question. It's actually the hosts who have to ask how her friend is doing. While the caller is trying to explain the victim's situation, Jones just interrupts her and starts another random rant involving the "U.S. polio programme that has paralyzed 67,000 kids" and once again Obama's "1,000 pound bomb [that] kills 200 innocent people [at a wedding]."

He's behaving like an absolute madman. All he had to do was express a little sympathy and say something along the lines as: "I don't believe that theory at all and I cannot be held responsible for every theory that gets thrown around on the internet." The caller even admits at one point that Jones is not responsible for other people's theories and so do the hosts. From there Jones could have brought up a number of genuine questions surrounding the Boston bombing and explain in general terms that similar questions have been left unanswered in a number of previous terrorist attacks, most notably 9/11. This is basically how any sane person would have handled the situation. Jones, on the other hand, is enforcing the stereotype that conspiracy theorists are annoying, inconsiderate, asocial, irrational and obsessive-compulsive individuals who have no evidence whatsoever of a conspiracy.

The bickering between the caller and Alex Jones continues for another 10 minutes. Apparently a little flustered and frustrated, not knowing how to handle the situation, Jones at one point replies with:
JONES: Let me just tell you something. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, with my family doing things like, uh, helping take in East German defectors, okay? Whenever I go to a family reunion, half of the people in the room are former or retired CIA. And do you know what they tell me? They tell me I'm dead on, a hundred percent absolutely right. (mp3)

Based on the ''What?!'' comment uttered by one of the hosts when Jones admits these ties, it appears he was thinking what most followers of Jones will be wondering when reading or hearing this admission: A) aren't these CIA ties suspicious? And B) why are we only learning about this now?

"My dad, CIA dentist"

Less than two months after the Opie & Anthony interview, on June 10, 2014, and on his own radio show, Jones provided more detail on his family's CIA background. In this instance Jones was talking about his father, David Jones, a respected Austin-based dentist, having carried out dental work for high level CIA officers back in the 1980s. Apparently some of the dentistry was done without anesthetics and under supervision. Jones doesn't really expand on this, but apparently these procedures were done to prevent CIA officers from giving away any national security secrets while under the influence of anesthetics. Jones:
"Yeah, there's just all kinds of weird experiments going on and just stuff that is off the charts. And it's industrial level.

"I'm not bragging when I say that when, in the 80's - because late 80's my mom and dad had multiple discussions - and my dad would say, "Let's talk about it privately," and stuff like that, with my mom, so I never heard all of it, and he won't talk about it today - where the CIA tried to hire him, because I had some family that did stuff for the CIA, to be inducted in Maryland into literal, below ground bases for a four-year secret tour. And they were hiring other top dentists that were pioneering implants. My dad pioneered implants and would, you know, taught it at medical school and all that. ... And it was literally, they just said, "It's cybernetics, it's highly advanced," and it was $400,000 a year, way more than he was making then, and he owned dental offices. And he said, "No," because my dad did work at the medical school. He was someone who would do medical procedures on high level CIA people. They would come to him and then they would not allow deadening. They would have people there watching while he did procedures on people, just because they can't be put under. That was back during the Cold War. And so my dad did do that. He'll probably get mad I'm even telling this. But the whole point is, what this guy was talking about, it's reportedly really bad what is going on. ...

"And it, it, it's just, it's just, from what I've been told by high level people - not my dad, he was just, went and interviewed, and was told about it and, um, uh, it's just, it's just, it's just, we're not in Kansas is what I'm trying to tell people." (mp3)

The uncle from Guatemala

August 8, 2014, Alex Jones interviewing cousin Buckley Hamman.

The show continued like nothing out of the ordinary was admitted. Additional disclosures were to follow another two months later and again on Alex Jones' own radio show. On August 8, 2014 he invited his cousin Buckley Hamman to talk about the situation in Guatemala in order to make the case to his audience that immigration from areas like these needs to be highly restricted (which I actually totally agree with). Back in 1993 Hamman helped Alex Jones get on the air and a few years later also served as a co-founder of the Infowars website and radio show. Hamman soon left for Chicago to work for more mainstream media outlets, but in recent years has joined the Infowars team again. These aspects are briefly mentioned during the podcast.

Just as important is information provided about Buckley's father, William ''Biff'' Hamman, who was an uncle to Alex Jones. Biff Hamman had died earlier that year, in January 2014. The discussion between Jones and his cousin went as follows:
JONES: So we're gonna talk to Buckley Hamman, my cousin, who helped start Infowars 19 years ago... So your dad is down there [in Guatemala] as a school administrator and also has lots of property growing coffee and a lot of his buddies moved down there after Vietnam so there was a lot of government people there as well. And he might have flown some planes for some folks as another job because he was pilot. So you have this government district...

HAMMAN: I was born in 1974 in Guatemala City in the Aurora Hospital down there and I lived there until I was about 11 years old. We came back in 1986. ... The first story I'm going to tell is of some friends of my parents before I was even one year old. So one day the wife and the young boy [my friend] went down to the market and a bomb exploded nearby them and they were both severely injured. The little boy, Jonas, died. ...

JONES: Was that a loving communist bomb that killed him?

HAMMAN: Exactly, it was a loving communist bomb. Another story is that my mom and I were down town at one point, going to the bank if I remember correctly. We were in the bank and a car bomb blew up outside. All the plaster was coming off the walls, etc. ...

Another story that I have is that we used to drive together in a sort of an armored car to go to school and one time we were coming off of an exit of a highway [and] a bunch of people just shot the car in front of us. Our driver went off the road and went off roading and drove off and we just saw the aftermath of that. ... My mom reminded me today, when we were driving around she played a game where she would say, ''Duck!'', and we would all have to duck, you know, and she was really just preparing us for the next time there was a fuselage of bullets and guns.

JONES: And, of course, guns were banned there, but it was a total hell hole. Just like Mexico. ...

HAMMAN: The second time my brother [Peter Hamman] was kidnapped was for political reasons, oddly. ... He was kidnapped by the ... left-wing military insurgents and their plan is that they wanted to have some of their local cronies from prison that had been captured. ... We were familiar there with some of the people in government there in Guatemala and he was kidnapped and basically they were demanding that they release some prisoners they had for his release. And the story that goes is that they made the exchange and they followed the people back to where their safehouse was and then they attacked the safehouse. They busted into the safehouse and they found plans to basically attack the neighborhood where we lived, which was full of military people and lots of middle to upper class people. [Subsequently] there was a big assault that happened in my backyard. The insurgents tried to get in [over the walls] and the military rebuffed them. I mean, there were a lot of casualties. ...

I [also] remember there was a lot of fear in Guatemala regarding incriminations and different people who would attack other people.

JONES: People would tattle to send the government after you? Those stories? They tried to claim your HAM radio stuff was terrorist or something?

HAMMAN: Yeah, my dad had been a HAM radio [enthusiast] since he was young. Exactly, he was one of the youngest people to ever get a HAM radio license and obviously he operated a HAM radio down there with it [rolls eyes]. ... This was before the internet, before international phone lines even went down to third world countries like Guatemala, or were reliable. Uh, but yeah, that's true. People would say that he was working for the CIA. They would say he was working for the other side. It was just a very convoluted thing. And the government literally came and confiscated all of his equipment and made him shut down his HAM radio operation, you know. And he was really just an enthusiast. (mp3)

Even before the HAM radio incident is mentioned, one can't help but wonder: was this guy CIA or something? Here we have an army veteran from Vietnam who becomes a well-to-do coffee plantation owner living in a Latin America country wrecked by continuous warfare between CIA/U.S. government-backed elements on the one hand and communist and nationalist forces on the other. He gets a Ph.D. in Latin American studies, has additional useful skills to special operations groups as a HAM radio operator and helicopter pilot, and, in addition, lives in a special high society American community in a country with only a handful Americans in it in the first place. The only doubt seeded here is by Jones and Hamman, who are very open about their father and the involvement of the CIA in Guatemala. While both are mentioned in William Hamman's January 2014 obituary [119], it appears no one had drawn attention to it at that point. They themselves are now responsible for the emerging controversy surrounding their father/uncle.

Innocent uncle becomes ''Oliver North of the army''

So, throughout 2015 the situation is that we're having suspicions that Alex Jones' uncle William "Biff" Hamman from Guatemala might have been some kind of CIA or army special operations operative back in the 1980s. Jones and Hamman deny this.

Then, on December 19, 2015, UFC of Fox 17 comes along, which coincides with a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu event in Austin, organized by Eddie Bravo, at the new Onnit Academy of Aubrey Marcus. The careers of Bravo and Marcus have largely been built by UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan, a good friend of Alex Jones since about 1999, back in the day that Jones broke into the Bohemian Grove with Jon Ronson and was rebuilding David Koresh' church at Waco. Their friendship appears to have been built on a mutual interest in conspiracy and a mutual admiration for comedian Bill Hicks. A whole other article can be dedicated to Rogan's clique, but what's important here is that Jones decided to stop by, drink a few beers, and talk a little on Aubrey's podcast. Hearing that Jones had appeared on the podcast, I immediately looked it up to see if he made any interesting personal revelations. And did he ever. During the Nick Diaz-Michael Johnson fight, the following discussion went on:
SHANE STEINER: When you would come in during first period, first period, maybe like 8 in the morning, and he would sit down and go: ''I can't believe what I found out last night. Have you ever heard of Bilderberg?'' And he'd slide over a file folder. And I would think, ''Man, what class is this for?'' And he would go, ''Oh no, no, this is just a little thing I'm doing on the side.'' ... We were like seniors in high school.

AUBREY MARCUS: How young did it start? Were you like 8 years old when you started making crazy * up? Were your parents like doing it? ...

EDDIE BRAVO: Yeah, how did you get into conspiracy theory? Remember your first memories?

ALEX JONES: I'm gonna be honest with you. I'll tell you something... [Grabs mike.] A few times I would hear Shane later going, ''Oh, there's just no way that this is true. You ought to hear this one. That's good.'' [Note: Is that all?]

BRAVO: [Intercepts mike, as Jones tries to give it back to Shane.] Yeah, yeah, but how did you get into - do you remember your first memories of conspiracy theories? What got you into it? Do you remember? For me it was...

JONES: I remember my...

STEINER: Your uncle or something.

JONES: I remember [my cousin] Buckley [Hamman], whose dad passed away, my uncle, my mom's brother [William Hamman]. He was like an army commander in Guatemala and he was kinda like the Oliver North of the army.

BRAVO: Who was that? Your mother's brother? Your uncle?

JONES: Yeah, yeah. And he just told us a bunch of wild stuff, basically. So I grew up hearing about that and then some other people in the family. I bet [UFC fighter] Tim Kennedy can actually tell us a lot of stuff, because that's actually who they use in clandestine stuff. It's like army special forces people. They always have. So that's actually - it's not, like, James Bond out there killing people. It's army special forces. Yeah, exactly, it's Kennedy. Hey, we learned today he is a listener ... Yeah, so kinda grew up hearing about this stuff. I just had a bunch of family in the army, special operations, and so I kinda heard that. Here you go, Steiner. (mp3)

2015-12-19-alex-jones-onnit-podcast-ufc-hamman-cia-special-forces-fami ly
December 19, 2015, Onnit podcast, f.l.t.r.: Shane Steiner, 10th Planet instructor, Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones, Aubrey Marcus, W. M.

Isn't that interesting? All of a sudden Alex Jones' uncle William Hamman is promoted from a relatively innocent "Christian missionary and school teacher" to "an army commander [who] was kinda like the Oliver North of the army." In other words, Jones confirms every suspicion the average person would have about his uncle: that in Guatemala he was acting on behalf of the CIA and/or army special forces community. Did he have the status of a Colonel Oliver North, who was directly in touch with CIA director William Casey and the top of the army special operations crowd? I sincerely doubt it. Hamman may have been an asset used as a liaison, helicopter pilot or geopolitical advisor, but he doesn't seem to have had the background for the really dirty work. But we already discussed this aspect. The new revelation is what matters here.

Guatemala: decades of CIA, ASC and CNP-backed death squads against the poor

Let's have a little discussion about Guatemalan politics. When Buckley Hamman is talking about a "civil war" in Guatemala, with Jones clarifying Hamman and friends were victims of "loving communist bombs", they are essentially lying to their audience by not providing the big picture. Guatemala was about class war, not civil war.
Hunting "commies" in Guatemala.

When we read up on all the different administrations that ruled Guatemala since the 1954 combined Eisenhower-United Fruit-CIA coup, we find that just about every Guatemalan president, backed by different U.S. administrations, deployed heavy-duty death squats to keep the left out of power. For decades the Guatemalan population has been fighting one terrorist government after another - governments that were protecting the interests of United Fruit, foreign and domestic oil and mineral corporations, and wealthy land owners (Hamman seemingly among them), all of which were stealing as much land as possible from small-time farmers. These farmers and their families were expected to be slaves on the elites' giant banana, coffee and sugar plantations. If they protested, some plantation owners, like Knight of Malta Roberto Alejos Arzu, a key liaison of American Security Council and Council for National Policy representatives, had them tortured and murdered. [120]

Of course, one expects that the Soviets supported the left-wing guerrilla to an extent, preferably the most extremist aspects, but they were simply capitalizing on the genocidal policies of the Guatemalan military leaders and their U.S. supporters. People weren't looking for a communist or capitalist style dictatorship; they just wanted basic human rights, a small piece of land to sustain their families, and free democratic elections. That's it. While terrorist attacks that cost innocent lives are always hard to justify, the bomb attacks Buckley Hamman was describing were focused on government buildings and major banks and corporations during periods of intense death squad activity aimed at the population. Only a portion of the resistance supported these bombings, but just about every poor person opposed the government. At the same time it has to be acknowledged that anyone who openly protested, risked being shot or, maybe worse, send to the torture chamber, along with their friends and family members.

In order for the reader to understand the situation in Guatemala, a basic summary of all Guatemalan administrations since the 1954 U.S. coup can be found below. There are no secret sources here. The Wikipedia pages of all the relevant presidents provide almost all the facts, including proper sources.
President and Term

Col. Carlos Castillo Armas
Sep. 1954 - Jul. 1957
Takes power in the infamous Eisenhower-CIA-United Fruit-backed coup (Truman had no interest) against Jacobo Arbenz. Bans illiterates from voting, constituting 50% of the population, and crushes the rights of farmers and all other leftists. He reestablishes the secret police. His National Committee of Defense Against Communism becomes Guatemala's first modern death squad, although these won't reach their full "potential" until the 1970s.

In 1957 Armas is shot to death by palace guard Rameo Vasquez, who shortly after decides to commit suicide. Only with Armas' death does United Fruit get its land back that was confiscated by Arbenz.
Col. Guillermo Flores Avendano
Oct. 1957 - Mar. 1958
Minister of defense in the next government.
Gen. Miguel Ydígoras Fuentes
Mar. 1958 - Mar. 1963
Autocratic right-wing rule in close collaboration with the U.S. government. In 1960 military officers rebel and form to the 13th November revolutionary guerrilla to try and overthrow Fuentes.
Col. Enrique Peralta Azurdia
Mar. 1963 - Jul. 1966
Overthrows Fuentes to prevent his loss to a center-left political candidate. Green berets and CIA officers are send in beginning in 1965 to help subdue leftist guerilla elements. Death squads began to emerge again.
Julio César Méndez
Jul. 1966 - Jul. 1970
The only civilian Guatemalan president in the 1954-1986 period. Considered a puppet of the military and the U.S. Days after taking office, U.S. Colonel John Webber Jr. arrives in the country to train a 5,000 member anti-communist counterinsurgency army, greatly intensifying "white terror" death squad activity. Leading U.S.-backed death squads at the time include SCUGA, Mano Blanca, the New Anticommunist Organization, and the Anticommunist Council of Guatemala.
Col. Carlos Arana Osorio
Jul. 1970 - Jul. 1974
Major death squad leader under Mendez in the late 1960s. He is also appointed ambassador to Nicaragua, then under the right-wing CIA-backed Somoza regime. Despite minimal leftist activism, Arana instates a "State of Siege" months after his "election" and increases secret police and death squad activity to even higher levels than before. Infamously states: "If it is necessary to turn the country into a cemetery in order to pacify it, I will not hesitate to do so."
Gen. Kjell Laugerud
Jul. 1974 - Jul. 1978
Received military officer's training in the U.S. early in his career. Guatemalan delegate to the Inter-American Defense Board 1968-1970. Army chief of staff and defense minister under Arana's murderous regime. Subsequently his presidency is backed by all right-wing forces. Continues the usual death squad activity, albeit less intense than Arana, also in part due to a major 1976 earthquake that causes a lot of damage in Guatemala, giving people something else to worry about..
Gen. Romeo Lucas Garcia
Jul. 1978 - Jul. 1982
Increases the death squad activity when widespread leftist protests against mineral and oil companies, as well as the suppression of farmers, increases. It soon approaches the level of the "State of Siege" under Arana. In response, leftist guerillas, with active support of a huge chunk of the population, begin to assassinate right-wing officers and land barons. In addition, by 1980-1981, government buildings, elite banks, commercial and agricultural centers become the target of leftist bombings. The Guatemalan government, aided by the incoming Reagan administration, cracks down even harder and becomes known as the worst human rights violator in the hemisphere.
Gen. Efrain Rios Montt
Mar. 1982 - Aug. 1983
Veteran of the notorious U.S.-based School of the Americas, which has trained a number of U.S.-allied Latin American death squad leaders. Played a minor role in the 1954 CIA coup against Jacobo Arbenz. Deputy Army chief of staff under the murderous Mendez regime in the late 1960s. Army chief of staff under the even more murderous Arana regime in the early 1970s. Minister in the California-based evangelical Church of the World since 1978. Overthrows Garcia in March 1982, which he apparently considers too weak to control the masses. Greatly intensifies death squad activity against leftist guerillas and all suspected leftist sympathizers. Instantly receives major support of his evangelical colleagues and friends: U.S. reverends Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, both of the Council for National Policy. In May 2013 Montt is convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity, but for the time being this has been overturned, largely due to his age and declining health.
Gen. Oscar Humberto Meija
Aug. 1983 - Jan. 1986
Defense minister under Montt and responsible for overthrowing him for many different reasons: 1) Montt was preaching an evangelical, messianic born-again type of Christianity; 2) he had alienated the middle class with the value-added tax; 3) he relied too much on a group of junior officers (the "seven dwarfs") at the expense of the old guard; 4) he was unwilling to seek compromise with the United States, which, at least officially, was unable to provide Guatemala with foreign aid since 1977, when Carter came into power. The week before the coup, Meija was meeting with high level military officials and the defense ministers of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, who all aided him in the coup.

Despite the foreign help, death squad activity against the left will continue under Meija, although less intense because Montt has largely broken the resistance. At this point up to half-a-million peasants have been driven from their homes and forced to live and work in concentration camps and plantations of wealthy land barons.
Vinicio Cerezo
Jan. 1986 - Jan. 1991
Cerezo is not part of the military establishment. Soon after he becomes president, the Iran-Contra Affair breaks in the United States, paralyzing the Reagan administrations' support for Latin American death squad elements. Under Cerezo Guatemala slowly begins to switch towards a more normal political situation, although military-backed death squads remain active and on various occasions Cerezo is forced to appease this element.

As the reader may have noticed when reading up on Guatemalan political history, the brief administration of Rios Montt is usually singled out as particular brutal. This is only because Montt was convicted of genocide in 2013. There really was little difference between Montt and just about every other Guatemalan presidency. That makes it all the more worrying that Buckley Hamman has admitted that his father was a coffee plantation owner close enough to people in the (murderous) Guatemalan government that leftist guerrillas thought it productive to kidnap Buckley's brother in order to try and blackmail the government. It very much appears as if William Hamman was supportive of the government's death squad activity or at the very least was content to look the other way. A few questions that I personally have about the elder Hamman:

Why did he voluntarily come to a hell hole called Guatemala after Vietnam? Weren't he and his buddies not just relocated to take possession of economic interests (land) and help fight another covert war?
Why did he stay there, with his family being subjected to bombings and kidnappings left and right?
Why did the family, or parts of it, leave in 1986 when the Iran Contra scandal broke, all ultraright U.S. involvement in the region was forcibly halted, and, with the election of the civilian Vinicio Cerezo, death squad activity began to decrease? Things are finally getting better and the Hamman family leaves town?
When was his HAM radio equipment seized? By the Cerezo government in 1986? Or by what officials exactly? Granted, different right-wing factions were plotting coups against each other and a lot of these dictators are ultranationalists, but what is certain is that all of Guatemala's military governments received backing from the U.S., thus a little additional clarification would be most helpful.

The fact that William Hamman was a "Christian missionary and school teacher" also does little to dispel suspicions of him having been an ultraright death squad supporter. Religious extremism has been a driving force behind violence for millennia. The American Security Council and Council for National Policy network had and has plenty of religious extremists among its ranks. In fact, as mentioned, the murderous Rios Montt went to priest-school and was a close ally of televangelists and CNP members Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Montt and his defense minister and presidential successor, General Oscar Meija, were also receiving aide from General Harry Aderholt, one of the closest colleagues and subordinates of General John Singlaub, through his Air Commando Association. [121] Considering Hamman was both a Christian missionary and a pilot, it makes one wonder if he knew any of these individuals and to what extent he got along with them.
General John Singlaub, a bigger fish than Colonel Oliver North ever was. Did he happen to know Alex Jones' uncle William Hamman? According to Jones, they were in the exact same business.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to know if the elder Hamman knew Guatemalan sugar plantation owner Roberto Alejos Arzu and his American Security Council allies General John Singlaub and General Daniel Graham, both governors of the Council for National Policy, along with Pat Robertson. Already back in 1979 and 1980, before Robertson and Falwell prominently jumped out of the fascist closet with their vocal support of Rios Montt, Singlaub and Graham were quietly cooperating with Arzu and Guatemala's murderous president General Romeo Garcia in developing ever more efficient "counterinsurgency operations" as part of an American Security Council "Task Force on Central America", which also included General Alexander Haig and General Richard Stilwell. [122] Interestingly, this group was flown around by helicopter, so once again we are forced to ask if possibly William Hamman was among these helicopter pilots - or maybe one of his buddies. It might be a long shot, but it's certainly not out of the question. Village Voice, 1991:
"When AmeriCares decided Nicaragua had earned assistance, rightist Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo went to the airport to receive the first shipment, and the well-connected Knights of Malta distributed it. President Bush's son Marvin was aboard the next AmeriCares flight, which arrived just days after Chamorro's inauguration. He was met by a Knights of Malta ambassador by the name of Roberto Alejos Arzu, who, beyond his recent role as an avuncular dispenser of charity, has a long history of association with some of Central America's most reactionary elements. ...

"Alejos's links to the Reagan-Bush administrations go back to 1979, when he hosted a delegation from the private military lobby, the American Security Council (ASC). The group, led by generals Singlaub (later of Iran-contra fame) and Daniel Graham, met with the president of Guatemala and took helicopter tours of rural counterinsurgency operations. Alejos later came to California and met with Reagan. ...

"Using tactics developed in Vietnam--and promoted there by AmeriCares advisory board member general Stilwell--the Guatemalan army has pursued a brutal scorched-earth policy, bombing and forcing the abandonment of whole villages. In 1983, more than a quarter of the 4 million Indians living in the highlands were pushed from their land, according to the Guatemalan Council of Bishops. Many tens of thousands have died, and the number of orphans is estimated in the hundreds of thousands." [123]

The Knight of Malta-ran Americares "charity", largely overseen by the Bush family and of which Stilwell (along with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Colin Powell and other elites) was a director, and Covenant House, the Guatemalan branch counting old CIA asset Roberto Alejos Arzu as one of its most important patrons, has been linked to more than a few child abuse accusations. [124] Senator John DeCamp even wrote, "According to intelligence community sources, the purpose [of Covenant House in Guatemala] was procurement of children from South America for exploitation in a pedophile ring." [125] Just one more indication that it would be really bad for William Hamman's reputation to have been affiliated with this crowd in one way or another.

Counterinsurgency operations, of course, were an euphemism for the usual death squad activity these men were promoting. As demonstrated by ISGP, the American Security Council has worked with an endless amount of death squad leaders. One of those that really needs to be mentioned here is Guatemala's Mario Sandoval Alarcon. [126] Alarcon had been thrown in jail in the early 1950s for trying to undermine Jacobo Arbenz's government. After Arbenz was overthrown by CIA asset Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, Alarcon became his private secretary. [127] Since the 1954 coup his party, the Movement for National Liberation, which he described as the "party of organized violence", represented "the most conservative landowners and industrialists [and was] Guatemala's most powerful political force, though they never won the presidency." [128] Alarcon is seen as a mentor to notorious El Salvador death squad leader Roberto d'Aubuisson (School of the Americas veteran, Western Goals patron and fellow American Security Council liaison). [129] In the 1974-1978 period Alarcon served as vice president in the death squat-supporting government of General Kjell Laugerud. Starting around this period the first batch of CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contras were trained on land owned by Alarcon. [130] In 1982 his presidential aspirations were thwarted by the coup of Rioss Montt, another clear favorite of the ultraright fascists in and around the Reagan administration. In 1986 Alarcon lost the election to a more moderate Vinicio Cerez, but even in this period he remained a feared man behind the scenes and the situation was anything but safe, even for Cerez:
"The terror is aimed at forcing people to vote for the right," said Vicinio Cerezo, the leader of Guatemala's Christian Democratic Party, a very brave man who has attended the funerals of dozens of his party workers over the years. But the only real question in the Guatemalan election on July 1 is which part of the right will win. Without army intervention, the winner would all too likely be the National Liberation Movement (MLN), whose leader, Mario Sandoval Alarcon, once described it as "the party of organized terror."

"If elected, he promised a senior Western diplomat recently, his party would put all suspected subversives in front of a firing squad. A government led by Sandoval Alarcon would condemn Guatemala to international ostracism: "It'd be like trying to sell Hitler," a U.S. diplomat in Guatemala City said.

"So the army, which has ruled Guatemala since the last more or less representative government was overthrown by a CIA-backed invasion in 1954, has moved to safeguard its power. It has created a new "official" party which will keep the self-declared fascists of the MLN and their 5,000-man private army in the background. Aided by total military control of the countryside, and an estimated 50 murders or disappearances a week in the capital since the death squads were unleashed again in February, the army's party is guaranteed to win." [131]

While Alarcon never managed to rise beyond the vice presidency, he does represent additional evidence that there was no shortage of death squad-supporting Guatemalan presidents and presidential candidates who had aligned their interests with reactionary elements in the United States, elements that Alex Jones has been trying to shield from inquiry. Remember that despite official embargoes, elements of the Council for National Policy and American Security Council always backed the most violent political candidates. The fact that Jones is brushing under the carpet the kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering of labor union leaders, intellectuals, students, or anyone vaguely defined as "enemies of the state" by ultraright, CNP/ASC-backed death squads, is extremely worrying and really should cause an outcry among his audience. Whether they are gun enthusiasts or not really shouldn't matter.

What is also important to note here is that this entire section was written well before I heard Alex Jones praise Howard Phillips and, indirectly, Richard Viguerie, two key CNP leaders and American Security Council-linked liaisons to Latin American death squad leaders and CIA drug traffickers. In case of Phillips and Viguerie, they are known to have met with Nicaragua's Colonel Enrique Bermudez and El Salvador's Roberto D'Aubuisson. Clearly there's a pattern here between Jones' family and the support he gives out for certain individuals. We definitely need to dig for more information.

PART IV......

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Herr Jones, Machiavellian corporate fascist
https://isgp-studies.com/alex-jones-of-infowars-is-cia-army-disinforma tion

Herr Jones, in blackshirt, secretly promoting corporate fascism. Unlike his anti-NWO rivals at Rense and the American Free Press, who blame everything on the Jews, Jones is not a Nazi. However, one has to understand that Jones' occasional debate with the conspiracy Nazis is as contrived as they come. It's what both of them call "false opposition".

In line with his protection and support of ultraright death squad leaders, one key thing about Alex Jones that people absolutely should understand is that he does not promote domestic democracy either. He's an advocate of unrestrained corporate fascism by opposing any kind of involvement of the state in the market, claiming that a completely free market, a ban on taxes, and an almost powerless government will solve all problems of mankind. This is utter nonsense, of course, and one of the typically extreme opinions one only finds in the West in the United States, along with "pro-life" vs abortion and Darwinism vs creationism debates. In this respect the situation is much worse than even in Italy, where the Vatican is located and still has a lot of influence. Maybe because the Unites States is a superpower managing gigantic economic and political interests around the world, with a security state to match, its population has been brainwashed into thinking along these extremist lines. Then again, even today there's still a gigantic amount of space between Los Angeles and New York City. People in the countryside are always lagging behind a couple of decades when it comes to liberalism.

Alex Jones is still of the "communosocialist" school, but the fact is, there's a gigantic difference between moderate socialism and communism. Take away the state and corporations will enslave the masses and initiate a race to the bottom. The corporation that treats its personnel the worst - the lowest wages, the least amount of benefits, the longest hours, the harshest spy and enforcement measures against unionists - will come out on top. Desperate people can be found in many parts of the country and certainly on this overpopulated globe, so they will have the masses work 15 to 16 hours a day for at least 6 days per week, just enough for them to not die of sleep deprivation. The wages of employees will be just high enough for them to pay their (exorbitant amount of) rent and prevent them from dying of starvation. Children as young as 5 or 6 will be taken from the classroom and send to the mines and factories to work for virtually free. People too old or too disabled to work will have to live with their family under the most horrendous and miserable circumstances. The average life expectancy will plummet by two decades. The wealthy will hoard every single last penny they can get their hands on and only transfer their wealth to family members and their most trusted corporate henchmen.

Can there be any debate about this scenario? This was the situation during the industrial revolution and really during almost all of human history in all parts of the world. Things only changed in the last few centuries with the discovery of book printing, the steam machine, oil and gas exploration, and from there an incredible leap in technological advancements. The increasingly intellectual masses demanded that they benefit from these advances and began to protest. From there a solid middle class, complete with women's rights, began to arise. But there was also a ton of help from the top. FDR's New Deal program (with similar programs appearing in western Europe) was one of the most revolutionary programs in history: it established a minimum wage, a maximum number of working hours, abolished child labor, provided pensions, and set up watchdog agencies for banks and corporations. To a large extent it ended the age of the robber barons and is one of the cornerstones of our modern social democracy. After World War II the situation in the United States and - through the FDR-Truman Marshall Plan - in western Europe kept getting better and better for the common man.

Western Europe, Canada and Australia actually all surpassed the United States in the social democracy arena. In the United States you won't be treated in hospitals or will have to go in massive debt without proper insurance. None of that in western Europe until recently. In the U.S. you won't get more than two weeks of paid leave and often can't take it back to back; in other western countries people usually people have a three week vacation in summer and four weeks in total without having to work extra. The U.S. is absolutely nuts in this regard and a lot of it is due to propagandists as Alex Jones. This influences actually extends oversees.

It wasn't until the Reagan-Thatcher economic neoliberalism (corporate fascism) of the 1980s, implemented when the ultraright conservatives of the American Security Council finally made it to power, and relentless immigration from the Third World into Europe in particular since about the same period, began to break down our social democracy again. Today even a super-liberal country as the Netherlands has been ravaged by these policies. The healthcare system has become two, three, maybe even five times as expensive after full privatization in the 2002-2003 period with little being covered anymore. And Third World immigration has destroyed cultural values in the big cities and overtaxed the social security system.

Fortunately, Jones is opposed to Third World immigration, something the liberal establishment can't get enough off. Sure, graying populations are a GIANT issue and Democrats as George Soros and his "liberal CIA" clique benefit more and more from steering up ethnic minorities through Black Lives Matter and the like (as the percentage of U.S. whites RAPIDLY decreases), but one can't deny it is a short-sighted policy with tons of drawbacks for the native population. This especially goes with regard to Europe, which is allowing hordes of Sub-Saharan Africans and whole Muslim armies to permanenly settle within its borders, with crime numbers being suppressed and really no debates allowed. So yes, Jones does have a point here. However, apart from the immigration issue, U.S. conservatives as Alex Jones are as primitive as they come. If it's up to them, taxes are banned and there will just be no government, no police, no social programs, no protection of those who are born poor, no pensions, nothing. It will just be complete anarchy, a total apocalypse. Everything we in the West built, will be lost. Every time Jones is talking about the police state and secret detention centers being build, he is essentially lying to his audience about his true motives. His only objective is to destroy the tax system, destroy government, and give unlimited rights to corporations. He will argue that his policies are meant to boost small and mid-sized businesses, but that fact is that in a lawless world without a government to balance things out (and vice versa), primarily the strong, ruthless monopolies will survive.

Interestingly enough, apart from FDR, most of the social programs in the United States have been initiated by Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Tides and related foundations. Before World War II the Eastern Establishment absolutely loathed FDR, was busy brokering deals with the fascist regimes, and even inspired Hitler's eugenicist theories of an Anglo-Saxon (Aryan) master race. Then somehow things just turn around after World War II, with the Eastern Establishment ever increasingly pushing international cooperation, birth control measures, nature conservation programs, CO2 / global warming measures, methadone programs, psychedelics, numerous other social programs, "new left" media outlets as The New Republic, The Nation, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Harper's magazine, and today even things like Occupy Wall Street, Edward Snowden, and campaigns for a decent minimum wage. Apart from their highly problematic unrestrained immigration programs and whitewashing of ethnic crime differences, there's no doubt that the liberal Eastern Establishment, or at least the core of it, is the lesser of two evils. The more liberal the Eastern Establishment became, the more reactionary and primitive the conservative establishment / military-industrial complex has become. While Jones pretends to be independent, he is clearly on the side of the primitive conservatives, playing an important Machiavellian role that both stimulates and hampers social progress. He's helping people to think in a more complex way about governments, but with all the rest he's throwing them back to the Dark Ages.

This position of ISGP is nothing new. Jones' protection of extremist Council for National Policy interests and death squad leaders of the American Security Council just provides additional evidence that Jones has no interest in protecting the masses from tyranny, as he so often himself declares. He's no different from a Glenn Beck or a Bill O'Reilly. He's just another pied piper, playing a slightly different tune, which, if the conservatives get their wish, leads to the exact same scenario: a maximum in corporate profits at the expense of the masses. He's part of a Machiavellian social program in which an emerging grass roots movement within the population that one day could overthrow the present political order is intercepted, diverted, nullified, and, in this case, even turned against itself.

CIA, anti-Eastern Eastern Establishment propaganda, and the Jones family

One of the key questions that I have never been able to resolve is to what extent the ultraright conservative establishment is actually managed by the liberal one through the CIA and private funds of the superclass. Ultimately key ultraright national security groups as the American Security Council, Le Cercle and the World Anti-Communist League were controlled by CIA veterans, which overall have been too educated to be McCarthyite. We're talking about Ted Shackley, a protege of Rockefeller-Kissinger friend Richard Helms, also of a Pilgrims Society family; James Angleton and Richard Bissell, both of the Pilgrims Society-allied Georgetown set in Washington, D.C.; an always very talkative Ray Cline, who spent many years working at the super-elite CSIS think tank in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and a handful of others. Even General John Singlaub was a CIA veteran and acted on orders of different CIA directors. During Iran-Contra this was the hawkish William Casey, who also was an OSS veteran and long-time business partner of various Pilgrims Society members. As discussed, his daughter, Bernadette Casey, later played a key role in establishing the ultraright online newspaper Newsmax, together with the notoriously ultraright financier Richard Mellon Scaife, a member a generational Pilgrims Society family with close ties to the Morgans and Rockefellers, which also played a huge role in financing the ultra-left psychedelics movement of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. John M. Olin, founder of the conservative Olin Foundation, was a Pilgrim. Or look at Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the ultraconservative Fox News. You'll find Murdoch hanging out in surprisingly liberal superclass crowds, such as the CFR, the TED Talks-affiliated Billionaire's Club, loaded with leading atheist scientists; the Atlantic Council, or the Sun Valley Meetings. Rumors that he at one point was recruited in Australia as a CIA asset by Ted Shackley wouldn't surprise me the least. [132] We can literally go on all day in which the bosses of McCarthyite extremists turn out to be pretty darn liberal, at least when it comes to domestic policy. On foreign policy everybody has been quite unforgiving. Here's another example that has always been a bit of a mind bender to me. Who do you think wrote the following text?
"There is an establishment in the United States. The word "establishment" is a general term for the power elite in international finance, business, the professions largely from the Northeast, who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House.

"Most people are unaware of the existence of this "legitimate Mafia." Yet the power of the establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job. It affects the nation's policies in almost every area.

"For example, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, subsidized by Rockefeller interests since 1927 boasts a membership of at least 90 per cent establishment figures."

The author of these words was Edith Kermit Roosevelt in a 1962 newspaper column. [133] Half of Edith's family members were high-level CIA officers, the most well-known being Kermit Roosevelt II, a key 1953 coup plotter against Mohammed Mossadeq, the Iranian president who made the mistake of nationalizing the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Intriguingly, the Theodore Roosevelt family (not FDR) not only was involved in the top of the CIA, various members have seemingly completely opposing establishment ties, from the usual ultraright industrial interests that sponsored domestic fascism before World War II - even, in contrast to the Eastern Establishment, after England was threatened - and the post-World War II John Birch Society, to the Rockefellers and the pro-CO2 and global warming campaign. This makes the Roosevelt family very similar to the Mellon family; these two families alone makes one wonder to what extent the liberal vs. conservative debate in the United States is just a tool to keep the masses bickering over relatively unimportant issues..


Another interesting question to ponder is: what if Edith was provided with a right-wing "patriot" radio show and over the course of two decades would occasionally admit to the extensive CIA ties of her family, would that diminish any suspicions against her of being a CIA asset in any way? Unlikely. So why should it be any different for Alex Jones? From what we know, below is what his family tree looks like, complete with known, admitted and/or hyped ties to the security establishment:
alex-jones-family-cia-army-special-operations-uncle-william-hamman-gua temala

Buckley's sister Verna Grayce Chao hasn't been discussed yet in this article. After receiving an MBA from the Rockefeller's University of Chicago, she first joined IBM, then Dell, as a senior marketing manager. Coincidence or not, what has to be pointed out is that the Watson family behind IBM has been generational members of the elite Pilgrims Society and not entirely detached from the peculiar Cult Awareness Network through family member and Pilgrims John Irwin II and the Bodman Foundation. Dell has been a firm through which the National Security Agency (NSA) - including Edward Snowden - has been operating. [134] Combine this with Chao's interest in cybersecurity [135], the adventures she had with her father in Guatemala, and the Infowars enterprise of her brother and cousin, and it's not entirely unreasonable to ask the question if Jones was referring to her too when he stated that half his family was in the CIA.

Here's another example for readers who might still be of the opinion that Jones cannot be CIA or some kind of superclass asset, because he exposes the Eastern Establishment. Who do you think wrote the following words?

"Keep in mind, when speaking of the CFR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, or Harvard University, that these are not left-wing, pinko organizations. They are instead Establishment organizations that desire a one-world government. Many among them feel that supporting world socialism in one of its forms will facilitate their own long-range goals... They run huge banks, multinational corporations, the nation's financial system, the State Department, the Treasury Department, and the better part of the entire world... The CIA during most of the years since its creation has been under CFR control, starting with Allen Dulles...

"During the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, more than sixty CFR members held top-policy positions... Under Richard Nixon the number of CFR members in major policy positions leapt to a hundred, and the story of their selection is mind-boggling [states that Nelson Rockefeller and William Rogers were key in the selection process]... Perhaps the most blatant exercise of the power of the Establishment occurred in the selection of their 1976 presidential candidate [Carter, who was sponsored by the Trilateral Commission]...

"Of course, the present United Nations organization is actually the creation of the CFR and is housed on land in Manhattan donated to it by the family of current CFR chairman David Rockefeller... For better or worse, the United Nations as we now have it, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Bretton Woods monetary agreement were not the work of the United States government, per se, but that of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations carrying out the stated (and perhaps unstated) goals of that organization...

"In 1970 a young Polish intellectual named Zbigniew Brezinski [sic] foresaw the rising economic power of Japan and postwar Europe. Brezinski idealized the theories of Karl Marx. In his book, Between Two Ages, as in subsequent writings, he argued that balance-of-power politics was out and world-order politics was in. The initial world order was to be trilateral economic linkage between Japan, Europe, and the United States. David Rockefeller funded Brezinski and called together an organization, named the Trilateral Commission, with Brezinski as its first executive secretary and director."

While the message is the exact same as the one of Alex Jones, obviously these words are too measured and too composed to have been written by the Infowars host. This is saying something, because the actual author is religious fanatic, Council for National Policy president and notorious death squad supporter Pat Robertson in his 1991 book The New World Order. [136] As discussed earlier, Jones has been shielding the Council for National Policy, and therefore Pat Robertson, from negative exposure. Robertson's ideas in his book The New World Order also show a lot of similarity with Jones', although the two differ on their support for Israel and Robertson, being part of the conservative elite, for obvious reasons won't criticize the CIA. In his book, Robertson states:

equates FDR's New Deal with communism.
equates the modern "liberal" press with communism.
voices skepticism over the Pearl Harbor attack which dragged the United States into World War II.
is critical of U.S. military strategy in North Korea and Vietnam, which limited the scope of the war and made a victory over communism impossible.
states his belief that the KGB was behind the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.
supports the testimony of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who still claims that the Soviet Union's split with China and its demise in 1990 are a carefully crafted ploy to deceive the West.
claims Iraq was a "Soviet client state", without mentioning U.S. weapons sales to the same country.
states George H. W. Bush purposely tricked Saddam into invading Kuwait in 1990.
states that the United Nations, an Establishment organ, is out to destroy Israel by pressuring it to relinquish the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

We can go on with examples of conservative elites backing anti-"New World Order" and anti-Eastern Establishment books. Dr. D. James Kennedy, another one of the CNP's radical clergymen [137], is known to have promoted William T. Still's 1990 book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies. On the back cover of the book we can read Kennedy's words: "[Still] traces the historic role of secret societies and their influence on the 'Great Plan' to erase nationalism in preparation for global dictatorship." The book was one of an ever-increasing amount of anti-communist conspiracy books aimed at the Christian Conservative movement. However, one can't say Bill Still wasn't passionate. He is the producer and narrator of the three hour 1995 film The Money Masters, detailing the history of fractional reserve banking and families as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. It was one of the first conspiracy movies I saw and have to say, I was absolutely fascinated by it. Still's The Money Masters is definitely one of the works that ultimately inspired ISGP's Pilgrims Society article.

As one may have been able to guess, Bill Still was not born in New York City. He came from an Ohio air force family. His father used to be chief scientist for the Minuteman nuclear missile system and retired as a lieutenant colonel. Whether his father had direct connections to the American Security Council is unknown.
new world order books
Anti-New World Order and anti-Eastern Establishment books produced and supported by the ultraright national security state. It's a network Jones is fully supportive of.

As for Dr. Kennedy, he was the founder and senior pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, where he mobilized people against abortion, gay people, and the theory of evolution. What's even more important here is that Kennedy used to sit on the advisory board of the low-profile Maldon Institute, an extreme-right, U.S.-based, anti-communist think tank funded by Richard Mellon Scaife, the Anti-Defamation League and the B'nai B'rith. [138] As already explained, Scaife was an ultraright CIA asset while the ADL and B'nai B'rith work together with Israel's Foreign Office and the Mossad. [139] Other officers of the Maldon Institute have included the shady CNP member Jack Abramoff; author John H. Rees, also of Western Goals; and W. Raymond Wannall, a COINTELPRO-type assistant director of the FBI with very close ties to CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton, who after his retirement became director of the American Security Council and president of the AFIO. Then there was Robert Moss, an MI6 agent and leading Cercle member who was in the business of labor union busting and black propaganda. [140]

Obviously, when Still had his work promoted by Dr. D. James Kennedy, he was essentially backed by the CIA and army special operations crowd, the exact same group Jones claims his family has been involved with.

This brings us to an additional question: what exactly is CIA? In recent months, while studying the liberal "new left" establishment, I sometimes ran across insiders talking about working with "liberal CIA ... the best mafia you can deal with in the twentieth century" [141] or appealing to the "enlightened men of the liberal internationalistic wing of the CIA who were willing to provide clandestine money to domestic progressive causes." [142] Subsequently we see these persons and their cliques flock around foundations as Rockefeller, Ford, Soros, Mellon (not Mellon Scaife!), Tides, etc. Especially considering that the first two of these, along with the Carnegie Foundation and USAID, back in the 1950s and 1960s took over CIA financing of the important America-Africa Institute in order to prevent any kind of negative backlash [143], it very much makes me suspect that the Rockefeller family and their associates are CIA. They are not part of the bureaucratic institution, but they created the CIA and were close friends with various early CIA directors, most notably General Walter Bedell Smith, Allen Dulles and Richard Helms. Unlike the State Department, absolute control over the CIA directorship seems to have waned after that, but whether or not they are able to get the exact CIA director in office they prefer, the global network of branches and projects of these foundations form an indispensable intelligence and possibly even covert financing arm of the CIA (and U.S. interests in general). This network is so important as a global intelligence cover, not to mention a domestic political force, that any CIA director - and the president that appoints him - has to appease to the foundation heads at least a little. In fact, I would not be surprised if these foundation heads have a permanent working relationship with the CIA in which they stack their international branches and projects only with the most obedient or even radical employees to the point that they should be considered intelligence assets. It's a perfect cover and with a little luck the employees take radical independent action of the exact kind that is desired. The 2002 Pim Fortuyn assassination in the Netherlands by the superclass-financed and superclass-defended environmentalist Volkert van der Graaf, as well as a few other situations, is really what has made me wonder about this.

Looking at Alex Jones' comment that his father refused to work for the CIA as a full-time employee instead of a trusted asset and Buckley Hamman's slight criticism of the CIA in Guatemala, makes me wonder - apart from the fact that they are supposed to criticize the CIA - if their family has been part of a conservative CIA or army special forces clique that has been used on the operational end by the CIA but at the same time has maintained its own identity. This conservative CIA group works to advance U.S. national security interests domestically and abroad just the same, and works through a number of conservative foundations and think tanks, but at the same time aren't particularly fond of this "liberal internationalistic wing of the CIA", which actually founded the CIA, dominated United Fruit, and works through its own extensive network of foundations, think tanks and conferences.

So, instead of looking at the U.S. government through bureaucratic institutions, we look at it from an establishment model in which conservative and liberal cliques are pushing and pulling each other for control of bureaucratic institutions, with the golden rule being to keep this political model of society out of the school books and from evening television. This model certainly is applicable on a global level, in which international liberal, conservative and also Zionist elites dominate national politics and even ordinary United Nations, NATO and G8 gatherings, with nobody talking about this supranational level of politics. We know that domestically the liberal establishment to this day has a monopoly on the State Department, but for many decades now fierce competition appears to have arisen for less diplomatic national security institutions, mainly the Pentagon and the CIA.

Who knows, maybe the establishment model will one day also help to explain the international level of control over conspiracy disclosures. One question I personally have is why foreign powers as Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Al Qaeda, North Korea, or China have never used their resources to expose plots like JFK and 9/11, which would greatly hinder U.S. overseas military efforts. Russia TV is pushing both liberal and conservative disinformation ranging from Project Censored and Coast to Coast AM guests to Infowars and the pro-Nazi Rense network. And while Putin might be blackmailed with the Russian apartment bombings or information we know nothing about, what has been the excuse of the Soviets for not working to expose the JFK assassination during the Cold War? If Angleton and the American Security Council had got things their way, Oswald would have been used to attack both Russia and Cuba. Then we have Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who prefer his favorite left-wing Rockefeller/Soros gatekeepers Noam Chomsky. [144] Osama bin Laden's bookshelf seems to reveal a conspiracy enthusiast lost in a maze of disinformation put up by shows as Coast to Coast AM and Alex Jones, as well as Chavez's favorite new left network. Authors whose work he read include Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, Michel Chossudovsky (no-planer), Antony Sutton, Rockefeller intellectual David Ray Griffin (no-planer), Bev Harris, John Perkins (no-planer), Eustace Mullins and Fritz Springmeier. [145] He appears to have been a frequent Alex Jones Show and Coast to Coast AM listener. Then we have Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who never could get beyond Holocaust denial and Jew baiting. It's a truly astonishing world we live in.

Concluding summary

As usual, the article became much longer than expected. Less usual is the considerable amount of philosophizing and theorizing in the last two segments. The fact is, despite his admission and despite everything already established in ISGP's Cult of National Security Trolls article about Jones' new age sister show Coast to Coast AM, at this point it can't be proved with absolute certainty that Jones is CIA. What has more or less been established beyond reasonable doubt though is that he clearly is an agent of influence for the conservative establishment. That alone should disqualify him from being accepted as the public face of the modern conspiracy movement, as his opinions and antics only serve to discredit it.

Jones' primary objective should be to reopen the NIST investigation on the World Trade Center collapses, but with Jones refusing to consistently or even occasionally address the numerous key flaws in the report, and instead to focus on disinformation, unimportant information, or making superficial and incoherent rants, this is unlikely to happen in the near future. Jones is his own worst enemy and one wonders to what extent this is by design. Already years ago, ISGP published an article entitled The Media's Psywar Manual: 54 Tactics the Mainstream and Alternative Media Use to Undermine Conspiracy Thinking. Take a look at the identified tactics for the alternative media and think about how many you recognize in Jones. Probably more than half:

Study major controversial events like conspiracy researchers would do, but look for points to manipulate and exploit so skeptics can debunk them and false debates can be created.
Ignore new revelations and insights into a conspiracy as much as possible once false debates have been generated.
Invent a conspiracy theory about every new news report.
Only make use of publicly released documents. Don't do any unique investigative work.
Limit the amount of new information made available to an absolute minimum.
Protect your allies and bosses in government and the private sector.
Keep it in the (dysfunctional) family, from fellow conspiracy theorists to skeptics-for-hire.
Only allow questionable "insiders" to do the whistleblowing.
Link conspiracy to anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.
Link conspiracy to ridiculous cliches as the Illuminati, reptilians, the Anunnaki, and the NWO.
Protect sitting administrations with the claim that a "rogue cell" or "shadow government" perpetrated a major conspiracy.
Behave like a mentally deranged or highly obnoxious individual.
Lump everything together: UFOs, the new age, geopolitics and conspiracy.
Take witness testimony and physical evidence out of context.
Come up with theories that cannot be proved nor disproved.
Accuse someone of not being "open-minded" if they refuse to take your made-up theory serious.
When a claim of yours gets effectively refuted, do not acknowledge this fact and instantly switch to other arguments and questions, preferably ones your debating partner hasn't gotten a chance to prepare for.
Draw somewhat proper conclusions, but based on easy-to-discredit arguments.
Have a prominent conspiracy advocate uphold the official story (mainly think respected leftists of the "liberal CIA" network).

Why Alex Jones has made the CIA and apparent army special operations disclosures about his family, I don't know. He has been on the air for countless thousands of hours ranting about covert operations and conspiracy, so a few brief lapses in judgment on what to say and what not is all it takes to spill the beans. Then again, he may have become overconfident, because it hardly seems to matter what he says, considering only a handful of terribly designed and somewhat irrational blogs have picked up on his confessions. Anno 2016 a pair of specialized YouTube clips about his family's ties to the CIA stand at 771 and 3,550 views after well over a year now, so clearly not many people are taking notice. I doubt the Onnit podcast or this article will change that in the short run.

It appears that Jones, despite being obviously proud of his family's heritage, is well aware that these ties are terrible PR; otherwise he would have mentioned them on many other occasions and at a much earlier stage. And even today he has not provided a full account and really seems to mention a few tidbits on occasion because he can't resist a little bragging, especially after a few beers. Questions that remain include: who in the CIA was his dentist father treating? What was his uncle's true role in Guatemala? Who exactly in the Council for National Policy and American Security Council network was Jones' uncle (or father) familiar with? And: which other family members is he referring to as having been in the CIA and army special forces?

Equally important to ask is the question to what extent Jones himself should be considered the Oliver North of the conspiracy industry. Along with partner-in-crime George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, today Alex Jones occupies the most sensitive position in all of conspiracy land. Millions upon millions of people have watched his documentaries and are listening to his radio shows. I have little doubt Jones built his enterprise almost entirely by himself, but without the connections of his family I suspect a lot of people and media outlets would not have accidentally or purposely crossed paths with him, never worked with him, and never promoted him. If he would have tried to continue as a truly independent player, he would have starved to death and only had a very small audience. One of the things I notice day in day out since beginning ISGP is the endless stream of strange characters, some of them extremely well-connected right to the top of the CIA or my national government, playing mind games trying to latch themselves on to me or even my family. That's apart from a number of other anomalies, some of which have been described in the site's FAQ. No, when you dive into the conspiracy business, you'll find yourself surrounded by an army of peculiar James Bonds in the shortest time possible trying to steer you in all directions except productive or correct ones. Some oppose you, some act deranged, some appear to be spambots, some pretend to be your biggest friend, a few even donate before trying to get you to change directions, but in the end all of them feed you BS. There's no way that an independent Alex Jones wouldn't have experienced the exact same phenomenon from the second he started out his conspiracy research. And yet, he has never talked about it; only that he himself comes from a James Bond family.

The good news is that ultimately I think having someone around like Alex Jones is great for us and detrimental to the West's economic and national security elites. Why? Because there's a core of truth there that keeps inspiring and intriguing people, more so than with Coast to Coast AM, which clearly aspires to being "100% B.S." But even in case of Coast to Coast AM and even with the implementation of a North Korea-style communist dictatorship with modern NSA capabilities, I think it is inevitable that in the long run people's consciousness will grow and they will see through all the manipulation. It might take 10 years, it might take 10,000 years, but we will get there. Our consciousness will evolve along with the physical evolutionary process that has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. Jones is just another teacher along the way.

PART V: UPDATES............

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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2016: Jones tired of CIA talk, but does work with "branches of different agencies"
https://isgp-studies.com/alex-jones-of-infowars-is-cia-army-disinforma tion

Precisely one month after this article was uploaded, on February 17, 2016, Alex Jones conducted an interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, once a top State Department terrorist negotiator who worked for Rockefeller-allied superclass members Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Shultz and James Baker. All these men, except Baker, are confirmed Pilgrims Society members. In addition, Pieczenik was a direct assistant to later Kissinger Associates president Lawrence Eagleburger, who right on 9/11 was claiming that the U.S. government should invade Afghanistan. Pieczenik, of course, is a no-planer and comes across as rather incoherent in his online conspiracy writings - very strange for such an educated man with so many past top-level connections. It certainly doesn't alleviate suspicions from some of the 9/11 suspects fingered in ISGP's The Supranational Suspects Behind 9/11. I actually wonder how I could have missed Pieczenik, especially since he has also been popular on Coast to Coast AM - which instantly guarantees he's a scam artist all by itself.

In any case, during the interview Jones all of a sudden felt the need again to talk about his past CIA ties, which would have gone entirely unnoticed by me were it not for a number of his supporters who informed me about it. A transcript of the relevant sections has been provided below:

"Whenever I've been around recently retired generals, or former special forces colonels, or current Delta Force people, you name it - some of them have been here in the studio and other have been on the [radio] show - they'll actually ask me: "Hey, really, what intelligence agency are you with? What class are you? Did you get sheep-dipped out of high school?" Because a lot of people are recruited out of high school by these agencies.

"And I'm like, "No, I've never been part of any agency. Any group. Two years of community college. Was about to go to UT [University of Texas] for RTF. They were teaching 10-year-old information. I went down on an access show, a local radio show [and] got into radio sales. Yeah, I'm nothing. Half the time it's unlistable. It's just that nobody else was organic and did this. And I'm just sick of, like, high level state people going over to my table in downtown Austin and asking me what agency I'm with. Police chiefs think I'm in some secret agency. Military people think I'm some secret guy. And I'm just an organic American and a Texan that has been defending the bill of rights and the constitution. And it's like people can't believe there'd be someone that could be successful. As if you've gotta be in some - like, they have all these kinda intelligence agency names and all this stuff. ... Now it's just endless agencies and just titles and guys speaking in their arms and, you know, with [sun]glasses, pulling up, trying to intimidate me. I just laugh at them. It's like they have gone from being real men to pretending to be real men. And then the real men in the military will see that [these agencies of today] are a joke and it's just a disaster. Well, but I don't need to rant, sir. ...

"On the other hand, I do have branches of different agencies actually trying to couple with what we're doing to resist the globalists. And I'm not working with some agency in an official capacity taking orders. It doesn't work like that. It's just people that also wanna resist this. It's like V for Vendatta where everybody doesn't need to get orders. They'll just show up at the same time. You get what I'm saying sir?

"I didn't get trained by guys in black sunglasses, okay? And I'm not saying there aren't some good people who have been trained like that, but you get put in a system and controlled and compartmentalized. And I'm not compartmentalized. I've been a wild man since the day I was born. And I am organic and real and that's why they've constantly claimed I'm a government agent, I'm CIA. I wouldn't wanna be in the CIA. People say it's like so prestigious. You heard Larry Nichols, in the army, working for those groups. He said he knows everybody was dying by 35. They were killing them. They were getting rid of them. I saw that happen, folks, with ma family. "Oh look, there's proof he's in it!" I told you, "I know it's bad. I'm not in it. See?!" So yeah, I guess that's one reason why I'm not an idiot. It's, I guess, because I'm from stock in Texas on both sides of my family - guh! - the government knew would get the job done. But that wasn't our government. That was criminals. You understand that? That's the difference. So yeah, I guess I do come from the stuff that gets stuff done. But I'm not in those agencies. We'll be right back, folks, stay with us." (mp3)

I bet the reader $50 that Jones was referring to notorious no-planer General Bert Stubblebine - a.k.a. "General Spoonbender" - when he referred to "recently retired generals" in the above rant. Out of maybe 3 candidates, he is by far the most likely. Stubblebine and his wife have appeared on several occasions on the Alex Jones Show. They are the most unbelievable scam artists, having played a key role in the creation the bogus alien abduction phenomenon, after which they moved to alternative health and 9/11 Truth.

It's not exactly like Jones is effectively answering any questions I posed or dispelling any rumors with this latest rant. In fact, he does the exact opposite. Where to even start? First, he wouldn't need to be "sheep-dipped" with the family background that he has. They'd go to his father or uncle first and it's entirely possible that this is his only tie to any kind of agency. Remember, Jones acknowledges that it was his uncle who inspired him to investigate conspiracy.

Second, Jones making fun of agencies as the FBI and CIA while praising "the real men in the military" only enhances earlier-voiced suspicions here that Jones is part of an army intelligence and special operations clique that is cooperating with McCarthyite and Goldwaterish conservative elements in the Pentagon, CIA and government. He even seems to confirm this when he - bizarrely - acknowledges to work with "branches of different agencies" in an unofficial capacity. Official or unofficial, are we allowed to learn who these agencies are, including his exact contacts and when he is meeting with them in "V for Vendetta" style? Also, why is Jones pretending that FBI and CIA agents only intimidate conspiracy advocates instead of completely infiltrating and taking over the movement?

The last segment of his rant also raises numerous questions and only makes him more suspicious. Who are the "good people ... trained by guys in black sunglasses" that he has in mind? What does he mean when he says he comes from Texas "stock" who "the government knew would get the job done"? And when he adds "But that wasn't our government. That was criminals." is he really saying that his family members were working for criminal elements at the level of government? One assumes that this is not what he meant to say, but it sure seems like it.

The fact is, Jones is committing treason every second he is on the air, because with his no-plane and WTC basement and lobby bomb theories alone, he is purposely spreading disinformation and confusion among the masses. That's both a crime and treason.


Appendix A: Alex Jones in a nutshell

Opinions of the crowd he primarily appeals to:

the Bible is the literal work of God and provides an accurate history of the world;
abortion should be abolished, and maybe even all anti-conception measures;
liberalism is the same as communism;
New Deal-type socialism - which limits working hours, provides a minimum wage, abolishes child labor and establishes watchdog agencies for banks - is the exact same thing as tyrannical Stalinist communism;
unrestrained access to guns for all citizens makes for a safer society and protects one from said tyrannical government.

Conspiracy stances (mainly traditional/questionable ones):

Every new terrorist attack is part of an elite conspiracy.
The liberal Eastern Establishment is behind every conspiracy since the birth of Adam and Eve.
The liberal establishment's most treasured groups, Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR and even the Bohemian Grove, need to be shut down, along with the foundations that finance them.
FDR was evil for allowing Pearl Harbor to happen and aiding the allies against the Nazis and other other fascist regimes.
Liberal Anglo-American bankers were working with the fascist regimes before World War II. This one is actually completely true.
Evil England continues to try to rule the United States through the Eastern Establishment.
Global warming (CO2/methane rise; sea-level rise) doesn't exist.
Chemtrails are part of an elite genocide program.
The ozone hole is the result of chemtrails, or a United Nations plot, or not important, or doesn't exist.
Vaccines are all contaminated and part of an elite genocide program.
A missile hit the Pentagon on 9/11, not Flight 77 or even a plane.
Bombs exploded in the lobby and basements of the WTC towers on 9/11.
UFOs are described in the bible and more specifically in Jones' words (see opening quotes for audio): "Giant craft with fire coming out and guys with blue helmets on and giving people stuff, and genetic engineering, and Noah, and all the rest of it."
Humans have been genetically engineered by aliens - Zecharia Sitchin-style. See previous theory.

Appendix B: Alex Jones - Piers Morgan debate on CNN


The following transcript is from the famous January 7, 2013 debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones on CNN. It clearly shows Jones twisting the truth in all possible ways in an effort to not acknowledge the enormous difference in gun murders between the U.S. and U.K. Piers is not an independent operator, of course, but one wonders who is Alex Jones' boss. The public? Doubtful. And would he really be allowed on CNN if he considered a huge danger to the establishment? It takes 4 minutes for Piers to get his first question in, by the way.

MORGAN: How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?

JONES: How many Great White Sharks kill people every year, but they're scared to swim?

MORGAN: Right, but how many gun murders were there in Britain last year? A very low amount. I already went over those statistics.

MORGAN: How many?

JONES: There was only a few hundred.

MORGAN: No, no, how many gun murders?

JONES: Well, uh, actually, actually, I did pull up the statistics. Well, let me pull 'em out right here. I'd figure you'd do that.

MORGAN: Gun murders in Britain last year?

JONES: Oh wait, 'UK violent crime capital of Europe'! London Telegraph! Let me give you more.

MORGAN: It's a simple question. You are a very loud man. You make a lot of noise...

JONES: Well, that's the oldest Perry Mason tactic to ask me some little factoid.

MORGAN: It's not a little factoid. We're talking about country...

JONES: I already said earlier, England has a lot lower gun crime rate because you took all the guns. But you've got hordes of people burning down cities and beating old women's brains out every day.

MORGAN: What a ridiculous statement....

JONES: ... My god, you've got a total police state over there. Everybody is fleeing that country. You've had to flee here, bud. Yeah, you fled here. ... Why don't you go back and face the charges of the hacking scandal?

MORGAN: Answer this question: how many gun... how many... how many...

JONES: Why did you get fired from the Daily Mirror for putting out fake stories? You're a hatched man of the new world order! You're a hatchet man! And I wanna say this right here. You think you're a tough guy? Have me back with a boxing ring in here and I were red, white and blue and you can wear your jolly roger.

MORGAN: Okay, let's try again. How many gun murders were there ... [interruption] ... in Britain last year?

JONES: Uh, how many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin? [background laughing] I already went over those statistics. ...

MORGAN: You said hundreds. It's actually 35...

JONES: Well, the point is, you can...

MORGAN: versus 11,000. Do you understand the difference between 11,000 and 35?

JONES: Hey, yeah, England wants to ban knives now, because tens of thousands are getting stabbed. You're going to ban knives? The knife doesn't kill people. The gun doesn't kill people. ...

JONES: Why do you have bodyguards?

MORGAN: I don't have bodyguards. Alex...

JONES: Yeah, I've seen you on the news with 'em. Don't you want to protect your wife from hoodlums? Or do you wanna call the police?


MORGAN: What was the weapon used at Sandy Hook?

JONES: I've already gone over that and I've already answered it for you.

MORGAN: We haven't talked about Sandy Hook.

JONES: No. Again... it's a 223 M4. Again. ... You're trying to scare people. There's no metal shark in the water.

MORGAN: The same type of weapon was used in the last three mass shootings.

JONES: No. Again... it's a 223 M4. Again. ... And Hitler used semi-autos to kill people. And so did Mao. Why is the government arming to the teeth against us. What about Fast and Furious? Why did our government ship guns into Mexico? To protect the second amendment? To have a false flag? Why'd they blow Building 7 up down the street here?

MORGAN: Alex! Alex! ...

My own ideas on gun legislation are described in ISGP's solutions section. As usual, it's absolutely stunning that no rational, factual debates are held on this subject. It really not that hard to do. For instance, my own basic calculations show:
"Let's look a little deeper at these statistics. In 2013 the total number of homicides in the U.S. was 16,121, so 11,208 : 16,121 gives us a 70% murder rate by firearm. Now, looking at the U.K., we have an average in recent years of about 550 homicides. Divide this by the earlier-mentioned 45 gun homicides and we have an 8% murder rate with guns. That means the U.K. only has 17%, or let's say 1/5, the homicide rate of the U.S. My seemingly obvious interpretation of this data is that guns makes it many times easier to kill someone."

ISGP on Alex Jones full text

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"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More evidence Jones is a propaganda channel



"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

'3.25.2017: Titus Frost speaks @ Pedogate/Pizzagate Demonstration in Washington, D.C.':

What a pathetically small demo.
With this kind of apathy, what hope for change?

'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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