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Green Party conference 2006

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Joined: 25 Jul 2005
Posts: 1491
Location: North Lancashire

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 1:30 pm    Post subject: Green Party conference 2006 Reply with quote

This time last year the 911 Cumbria group were present at the Green Party conference in Lancaster. We provided continuous showings of "Loose change" and "In plane site". David Shayler also gave a talk in a fringe meeting with sound & vision back up provided by Andrew J. Justin with support and help from Felicity raised a motion for the party to support the 911 Truth campaign. It failed to make a breakthrough however the result of this latest conference indicates that the 911 truth campaign is getting nearer the critical mass!

Thanx to Ian Henshall who has posted this on the info e mail network:-

Dear All,

I am working off an oldish 911 truth list, maybe it's worth putting this on
the web site?

The good news is the Green Party Conference had majority support for a
motion to support the US Greens call for a new independent and extended
inquiry into 911, the bad news is it needed a 2/3 majority and fell just
short. There are some pretty horrible stalinist types there who seem pretty
indistinguishable from the Labour left.

There is definitely big potential from the UK Greens but they are
unbelieveably badly organised, we need to get one or two of their many 911 truth seekers to get us into the policy process, it shouldn't be too hard.

Most of the people who supported us are true 911 sceptics but some are
official story believers who just like the idea of an enquiry to embarass
the Bush White House. The only chance of getting a majority was by stressing that Greens are just making a legitimate demand for an enquiry.

Many Greens see David Icke as the worst disaster that ever befell them. Some have been galvanised by David Shayler's alleged comments at BGG and are currently campaigning against the 911 truth movement, citing David's speculations as just where they don't want to go.

Here is the press release I put out in case you did not see it.

Greens in UK support call for new 911 inquiry.

A large majority at the Green party conference, meeting in Hove, UK, voted today to support the US Green's call for a "new, independent and expanded" inquiry into the 911 attacks. However the emergency motion failed on a technicality to become official policy: in a cliffhanger vote the motion failed by two votes to achieve a two thirds majority.

The alleged mortal threat from Al Qaeda has drastically set back the agenda of practically everything Greens believe in, said the motion's supporters.

Many Green candidates across the US and some in the UK are planning to run on a "911 Truth" platform at upcoming elections, appealing directly to
disenfranchised voters who doubt the offical 911 legend. According to recent opinion polls around one in three Americans believe that elements within the US either authored or at least consciously allowed the 911 attacks to succeed.

London Assembly representative Darren Johnson summed up the minority view, saying afterwards that he was concerned that support for a new inquiry would lend weight to "conspiracy theories". Others cited "off the wall" speculations from 911 sceptic and one time MI5 officer David Shayler at the recent Big Green Gathering as a reason to oppose the call for a new enquiry.

However supporters of the motion argued that public doubts about the 911
legend were not the only reason to reopen the inquiry. Even if the official
911 story is broadly true, they said, it was now widely accepted the Bush
White House lied in stating there were no warnings of the 911 attacks and
had puffed up the threat from Bin Laden to cover up its incompetence and
justify the war agenda it was intent on even before the attacks occurred.


This release is written by Ian Henshall who was present as an observer at
the conference. Ian Henshall is co-author of 911 Revealed, which in the
words of expert Nick Fielding writing in the London Sunday Times uncovered "vast gaps" in the official 911 story and called for an expanded enquiry.

The official 911 Commission is now widely discredited in Washington after
the Able Danger scandal when Pentagon whistleblowers said they identified
alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta months before the attacks. They told a
congressional committee the Commission must have deliberately ignored their testimony when it stated in it's report that Atta was unknown to any US agency. In addition to Able Danger, Commission chair Thomas Kean has written recently that although there was no mention of it in the Commission's report, officials at the Pentagon repeatedly and consciously lied and commissioners were only prevented by political considerations from pressing criminal charges.

911 sceptics have been boosted by recently published tapes from the Pentagon showing that, as alleged for some time, the Pentagon was indeed conducting a major anti-hijacking exercise on the morning of the 911 attacks. This exercise is a suspicious coincidence too far, they say.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
All comment is written in a strictly personal capacity.
From Ian Henshall, co-author 911 Revealed, publisher of Crisis Newsletter
and www.911dossier.co.uk. He is also proprietor of Coffee Plant
(www.coffee.uk.com) and chair of INK, the trade organisation for the UK
alternative print media (www.ink.uk.com).


Peace, truth, respect and a Mason free society

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Angel - now passed away
Angel - now passed away

Joined: 25 Jul 2005
Posts: 1959
Location: South London

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:34 pm    Post subject: Re: Green Party conference 2006 Reply with quote

Ian Henshall wrote:

London Assembly representative Darren Johnson summed up the minority view, saying afterwards that he was concerned that support for a new inquiry would lend weight to "conspiracy theories". Others cited "off the wall" speculations from 911 sceptic and one time MI5 officer David Shayler at the recent Big Green Gathering as a reason to oppose the call for a new enquiry.

This illustrates what we're up against. Those who believe George Bush has told the truth (while Hugo Chavez is a crazy conspiracy theorist) will throw anything they can find against us. From that I conclude we should be vary careful about what we say publicly. Others will doubtless insist on their right to say exactly what they think, regardless of the consequences in bad publicity. Our "no endorsement" policy goes only some way to resolving this problem because many people don't understand it while our detractors don't want to understand it.

This reinforces my point that we should have a seperate section of the forum for speculation about what really happened, so that some of the more controversial theories don't jump out at you from the home page.

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Moderate Poster
Moderate Poster

Joined: 18 Jun 2006
Posts: 988

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The green party in London backed comrade Ken Livingstone's "green" initiative to make the shortest journey on one of their filthy buses driven by their attitude challenged drivers one pound fifty pence! that's really going to get them out of their cars. Yes I know about that complicated "economy" pass thing, with your every move on a data base somewhere Rolling Eyes
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9/11 Truth Organiser
9/11 Truth Organiser

Joined: 25 Feb 2006
Posts: 830
Location: London

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Some have been galvanised by David Shayler's alleged comments at BGG and are currently campaigning against the 911 truth movement, citing David's speculations as just where they don't want to go."

I must stress that the Green Party has displayed a deep reluctance to become involved in 911 for far longer than Dave Shayler has been part of the campaign. Justin in Cumbria has been doing sterling work raising awareness amongst politicians, but he has generally met with denial and hostility. But the main political parties seem to me to have a tendency to assiduously avoid vote-winning issues.

The key word in the above quote is "alleged". Dave is reported to have said certain things, in a personal capacity, by one person who went on to write a fictionalised report for a marginal anarchist newsletter. Dave simply did not say those things, as stated in his response to the report on this forum at the time.

This same anarchist grouping decided to make a brave revolutionary statement a few years ago, when Privacy International gave Dave an award for services to civil liberties. This meant a great deal to him, as he was then being hauled through the courts and was facing 6 years in prison for blowing the whistle on MI5 and MI6. After the ceremony, an activist threw a custard pie in his face and ran away. I salute this brave revolutionary – a decisive blow for freedom!

Since then, this group has continued to attack us. But it puzzles me why they would do so, as over the last decade Dave has caused, and continues to cause, massive problems for the intelligence agencies in this country. You’d think that these anarchists would have the nous to see that we are fighting the same enemy.

While I appreciate that you were merely an observer at the conference, Ian, and therefore not in a position to query these claims publicly, it might have been better to have checked Dave's side of the story before issuing a press release on this subject. After all, that would just be good journalistic practice.

It is unfortunate that such a report appeared in a fringe newsletter, and was able to be used by certain Greens as a pretext for ignoring the 911 movement as a whole. But we need to be aware that this is going to happen increasingly. We must also be aware that if we do not play into their hands they will simply make stuff up. The PTB are beginning to attack us rather than ignore us.

Certainly, in Dave's case there has been a concerted campaign over the last couple of months to attack him personally and undermine his role in the movement. This has emanated primarily from the anarchist fringe, where one or two individuals have aggressively argued on the internet that we are still working for MI5.

Why they have such an animus against Dave and me is anyone’s guess. It may be that they were affronted when Dave said that he had shut down the study of anarchism while in MI5, because it did not pose a threat to national security. It may be more malign – an MI5 disinformation campaign designed to cause division, just as the campaign is beginning to bite. Such rumours are clever precisely because they are impossible either to prove or disprove. However, I would hope that our record speaks for itself.

Of course, this does not obviate the need for us all to be careful about what we say on or near a 911 platform. After all, why should we give them any ammunition to use against our growing campaign?

And remember, if the Green Party had supported David’s attempts to have his evidence of spy crimes and misdemeanours heard prior to 9/11 and the War on Terror, there is a very real possibility that the government’s lies and manipulation of intelligence would have been exposed for what they were. If that had happened, quite possibly our country would have refused to go into illegal wars, and that needless deaths in the Middle East and attacks on our civil liberties at home could have been prevented.

The Green Party got it wrong then, which should be a cause of eternal embarrassment to anyone with a conscience or an interest in human rights. Surely they should desist from making the same mistake again, this time with 911, otherwise they bear a diabolical responsibility for failing to do what they can to stop the slaughter.

Our only enemy is ignorance.



All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing - Edmund Burke.
Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem Americanam appellant - Tacitus Redactus.
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John White
Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 27 Mar 2006
Posts: 3187
Location: Here to help!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ian, do you have an off-site link for your Press report? Theres a lot of greens here in Malvern so I'd like to publish it on Malvern Messages, or maybe you could look in on the 9/11 section there yourself?


Free your Self and Free the World
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Moderate Poster
Moderate Poster

Joined: 24 Jan 2006
Posts: 168

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The green party in London backed comrade Ken Livingstone's "green" initiative to make the shortest journey on one of their filthy buses driven by their attitude challenged drivers one pound fifty pence! that's really going to get them out of their cars. Yes I know about that complicated "economy" pass thing, with your every move on a data base somewhere Rolling Eyes

Thats why I use paper travel passes (which cover pretty much the entire city, and can be purchased anonymously from machines), and pay cash if I'm only making a single journey. The 'Oyster' (talk about doublethink labelling) card advertising is everywhere and the government is trying to make it more attractive by allowing discounts for other things, like restaurant food.

A car is more useful out here in surburbia, I'll still be getting one again when I can afford it...

"All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order." - David Rockefeller
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Angel - now passed away
Angel - now passed away

Joined: 25 Jul 2005
Posts: 1959
Location: South London

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Peter Tatchell has sent us this about the Green Party:

Green Left launch: Reds, go Green

The launch of the Green Left shows that the Green Party is now well
and truly the best hope for left politics in the UK

By Peter Tatchell

The Guardian - Comment Is Free - 22 September 2006

http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/peter_tatchell/2006/09/reds_go_gre en.html

weekend's Green Party annual conference in Hove will host the launch
of the Green Left, a group of party activists committed to building
stronger links with the wider left and the trade union movement. Our
aim is a synthesis of red and green, combining anti-capitalism with
ecological sustainability.

The Green Party is already well to the left of Labour and the Lib
Dems, with its radical agenda for grassroots democracy, social
justice, human rights, global equity, environmental protection, peace
and internationalism.

The objective of the Green Left is to build on this progressive agenda
and nudge the Greens further leftwards.

In our view, green is the new red: an empowering political paradigm
for human liberation which offers the most credible alternative to
Labour and the best hope for radical left advance.

Recognising the productivist, growth-driven limitations of traditional
socialism, we are not a left-wing trojan horse within the Greens.
Quality of life and fair shares for all are more important than the
left’s often simplistic agenda of spending more on health and

The Green Left believes government needs to radically rethink basic
premises, like shifting the focus in the NHS from curative medicine to
preventative care. Our aim should be policies to help ensure that many
fewer people get sick in the first place, rather than merely throwing
more money at people once they get ill.

In other words, we are of the left and open to the left, but we also
realise the left has to change, in order to meet people’s needs and to
ensure the survival of life on this planet. Old style socialist
politics need to give way to new style eco-socialism: green

This is crunch time for progressive politics. Labour has lost its
heart and soul. The party leadership has sacrificed socialist values
and policies for short-term political gain. It has pandered to
prejudice and irrationality on issues like asylum, drugs, terrorism,
Europe and crime. Principles have been abandoned for the sake of a few
more sympathetic headlines in the Daily Mail and for another session
of tea and sympathy from Rupert Murdoch.

There is no possibility of undoing Blair’s right-wing coup. Internal
party democracy has been extinguished. Ordinary Labour members have no
say. Everything important is decided by The Dear Leader and his
acolytes in 10 Downing Street. This is autocracy, not democracy. Party
members have been reduced to cheer-leaders and envelope stuffers at
election time. They are neutered by powerless policy forums and by an
annual conference that is stage managed to function as a rubber stamp
for decisions taken by Blair and his inner circle. Gordon Brown, or
any other likely Labour successor, will be no different.

I left Labour in 2000. After 22 years membership, it was a
gut-wrenching decision. My reason? Labour has abandoned both socialism
and democracy. It is no longer committed to the redistribution of
wealth and power. Tony Blair spends more time with millionaire
businessmen than trade union leaders. The gap between rich and poor
has widened since 1997. Civil liberties have been under ceaseless
attack from successive Labour Home Secretaries. In the name of the
‘war on terror,’ our government is curtailing freedom, in order to
supposedly defend it.

No political party lasts forever. Even the most progressive party
eventually decays or turns reactionary. Labour’s great, historic
achievement was the creation of the Welfare State. The current party
leadership is in the process of privatising it.

I joined Labour because I wanted social justice and human rights for
all. My values and aspirations remain the same. Labour’s have changed
fundamentally and irreversibly – rightwards and for the worse.
Reclaiming Labour for socialism is a fine aspiration, but about as
likely as winning the German SPD back to the Marxism it ditched in the

Leaving Labour does not mean giving up the battle for a fair and just
society. There is an alternative option. It is not the Liberal
Democrats. Like the other two establishment parties, Labour and the
Conservatives, the Lib Dems offer no serious challenge to the
corporate, free market interests that are destroying our green and
pleasant land.

The real radical alternative is now the Greens. After two decades of
moving from right to left, the Green Party now occupies the
progressive political space once held by left-wing Labour; with the
added bonus of a far-sighted agenda to save the planet from ecological
catastrophes like climate change. The Greens offer the most credible
alternative to Labour’s pro-war, pro-big business and pro-Bush

The Green Party’s Manifesto for a Sustainable Society
incorporates key socialist values. It rejects privatisation, free
market economics and globalisation; and includes commitments to public
ownership, worker’s rights, economic democracy, progressive taxation,
and the redistribution of wealth and power.

Greens put the common good before corporate greed, and the public
interest before private profit. This red-green synthesis integrates
policies for social justice and human rights with policies for
tackling the life-threatening dangers posed by global warming,
environmental pollution, resource depletion and species extinction. It
sounds like socialism to me.

Unlike the traditional left, with its superficial environmentalism,
Greens understand there is no point campaigning for social justice if
we don’t have a planet capable of sustaining life. Ecological
sustainability is the precondition for a just society.

The Greens also recognise that preventing environmental disaster
requires constraints on the power of big corporations. Profiteering
and free trade has to be subordinated to policies for the survival of
humanity. Can any socialist disagree with that?

Some left-wing critics complain that the Greens are not a pure
socialist party and are not working class-based. But look at the
implications of what the Greens say. Their goals and policies are
often similar to the left’s - without the left-wing jargon. Despite a
different way of expressing things, what the Greens advocate is, in
essence, socialistic.

The Greens may have few links to organised labour. But that is
changing too. Green conferences and public meetings increasingly
feature trade union activists. With more pressure from left-wingers
inside the party, the Greens are likely to strengthen their ties to
the labour movement.

Working with the Greens, the Australian trade unions have enforced
‘green bans’ on environmentally-destructive developments. This shows
the potential for workers and greens to cooperate for the betterment
of all.

There are now lots of radical socialists who, like me, have joined the
Greens and enhanced our left-wing politics with an ecological agenda.
We get a sympathetic hearing too. The party is moving left.

Although the Greens are not perfect (is any party perfect?), its
implicitly anti-capitalist agenda gives practical expression to
socialist ideas. Very importantly, ordinary members are empowered to
decide policy. The Greens are a grassroots democratic party, where
activism is encouraged and where members with ideals and principles
are valued.

Moreover, unlike tiny left parties, such as Respect, Greens have a
proven record of success at the ballot box, with candidates elected in
the London, Scottish, local and European elections. These elected
Greens are a force for social progress, well to the left of Labour and
the Lib Dems on all issues. They are also more radical than George
Galloway’s left-wing party, Respect, on questions like women’s and gay
rights, health care, animal welfare, the environment and justice for
the developing world.

Respect is neither grassroots nor democratic. It is run on the same
democratic centralist lines as the Blairite Labour party, with an
authoritarian, command-style leadership. All major decisions are taken
at the top. It is dominated by the Socialist Workers Party, which is
notorious for packing meetings and organising secret slates to secure
the election of its people to key positions.

Respect is seriously politically compromised. Its leaders have
declared it is not a socialist party and they want to retain the
monarchy. Compounding this rightward drift, Respect has made
opportunistic alliances with reactionary movements like the Muslim
Association of Britain. It endorses ‘the resistance’ in Iraq, which is
now, in a escalating bloodfest of sectarian terrorism, mostly killing
fellow Iraqis – not coalition occupiers.

There is a credible anti-capitalist party – the Greens. They already
have seats and could win many more if left-wingers and progressive
social movements united together in the Green Party. The Greens have
plenty of potential to become an influential electoral force. A
substantial Green vote would pressure Labour and the Lib Dems to adopt
more left-leaning policies. Perhaps, one day, the Greens might even
hold the balance of power. They already punch above their weight in
the London Assembly and the Scottish Parliament.

The great virtue of the Green Party is that it is a grassroots
democratic party, controlled by the ordinary membership and with no
power elite or embedded hierarchy. It is not a top-down, centralist
party like Labour. Members are sovereign. The party conference is
supreme. This means the Greens are open to further radicalisation in a
socialist direction, and this will happen if more left-wingers join.

Thousands of socialists like me have left Labour in disgust. Many have
already joined the Greens; helping accelerate the leftward trajectory.
If more socialists joined, the Green Party would move even further

Unlike Labour, the Greens value idealism and principles. They have a
vision of a radically different kind of society, which makes them
receptive to left alternatives.

For all these reasons, the most effective way to advance socialism is
to join the Greens. Fusing together the best of the red and the green
would strengthen progressive politics; offering a powerful, united
challenge to neo-liberal orthodoxy.

Unity is strength. I saw the potential for eco-socialist advance when
I stood as a independent Green Left candidate for the London Assembly
in 2000. Although I did not win, I was encouraged by the poll result
in the PR list section: 11% for the Greens and 5% for the various left
slates. This total of 16% was 2% more than the Lib Dems, making
red-green the third strongest political force in London. The potential
is there. Seize it. Now is the time for reds to go green.
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