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Report on Green Party Conference

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9/11 Truth Organiser
9/11 Truth Organiser

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 10:26 am    Post subject: Report on Green Party Conference Reply with quote

British 9/11 Truth Campaign
Report on the English and Welsh Green Party Conference
8-11 September 2005
St. Martin's College, Lancaster

We arrived at Conference Reception late on Thursday afternoon and booked in to get our visitors' passes as well as to find out where our pre-booked stall was to be located. The friendliness and helpfulness of the people behind the Reception desks, along with the lack of security and self-importance, told us very quickly that we were among friends. Kindred spirits if you like though spirits who still needed to be persuaded about the truth concerning 9/11. This latter point became clearer when one comment was passed quietly to us that there had been some debate behind the scenes prior to our arrival that we were controversial, even by Green standards!

Our stall or table could not have been better located right by the main entrance to the dining area and bar. Perfect! Our large DVD/TV combi player (courtesy of Paul) was plugged in, DVDs and leaflets were put out and we were up and running. Right through the rest of Thursday, and all day Friday and Saturday, we almost continuously played 9/11 DVDs to the passing membership, not a few of whom paused and sat down to watch. Dialogue with many Greens took place and even the odd enjoyable argument where we were tested with searching questions. Plenty of DVDs were handed out resulting in donations enough to pay for the stall (25), travelling expenses and to leave us with a campaign pot.

The responses by individual Greens, to what was for them new but compelling evidence that suggested 9/11 was an inside job, were varied. A good number confirmed that they already had their suspicions that the official story concerning 9/11 was not correct. This included long term Green Party activist and much respected figure at the grassroots of the Party, Janet Alty, who agreed willingly to put an Emergency Motion to Conference. Others were more cautious, some claiming they could not see what good it would do exposing the neocons in the US Government as so much time had elapsed since the event happened and the issue was just too big for them. A few claimed they were too busy with other important campaigns, such as climate change (weather manipulation!?), to get involved whilst some thought it would be detrimental to the Party's image to get involved with 'Conspiracies'. But overall we were received positively and politely, and it has to be said in fairness to the Green Party membership that the leap of faith we were asking them to take, as we know ourselves only too well, is not small - especially for a small party that feels it has won some sort of credibility with the electorate after a long struggle.

The Fringe Meeting, which we had booked beforehand, took place on Saturday at 1pm . Well over eighty people turned up and it certainly must have been the biggest fringe meeting of this Conference - especially as the total number of delegates for the Conference was around 300 and there were four other fringe meetings happening at the same time. We started by showing on a big screen ten minutes worth of the Pentagon attack courtesy of the In Plane Site DVD. This was followed by a twenty minute 9/11 7/7 presentation by David Shayler, which went down extremely well, and then myself arguing, as a former Green Party activist of fifteen years, that 9/11 presented a wonderful electoral opportunity for the Green Party, but only if they had the courage to be the first Party in the UK to call for a new and open enquiry into the events of that day. The meeting over ran by twenty minutes as a lively question and answer session followed where the 9/11 sceptics in the audience easily got the better of those few who would rather we were not there.

We were now faced with the seemingly impossible task of coming up with the wording for our Emergency Motion. Somehow we had to make 9/11, which happened four years ago, relevant to an event that had just happened in order for the Emergency Motion to be valid and passed by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC). Eventually Janet came up with the following motion that we persuaded over fifty Green Party members to put their signatures to. It was accepted by SOC and read thus:

Emergency Motion:


"The shockingly slow and inadequate response by the US Government to the suffering of the poorest and most vulnerable people from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, including the rejection of offers of immediate medical help from neighbouring Cuba, suggests that the US Government is now in the hands of callous people more interested in profiting from the grab of petroleum resources in the Middle East, then in the welfare of their people and our environment.

This gives continuing credence to the line taken by the US Green Party that there was some level of government complicity in the attacks of September 11th 2001, after the fashion of the 'false flag' Operation Northwoods proposed to the Kennedy government by the then US Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962.

Green Party Conference therefore requests GPEX (Green Party Executive), through the International Coordinators, to contact GPUS (Green Party United States) to give the GPEW's (Green Party of England and Wales) unstinting support to GPUS in their call for an independent commission with full participation of surviving family members, to investigate the government's handling of 9/11 and the information available prior to the attacks".

Motion ends.

Unfortunately for us, the time to take Emergency Motions was taken right at the end of Conference after a very difficult Constitutional session about whether or not the Green Party should have 'Leaders' or 'Principal Speakers'. After a long and at times difficult debate which eventually required a card vote to decide the outcome (the motion for 'leaders' didn't quite meet the two-thirds majority required for a Constitutional motion) the party membership was left irritable and exhausted when our turn came. There was no proper time left to debate our motion and when an amendment from the floor was made objecting to the linking of Katrina to 9/11, the Party voted (rashly in my view) to remove the second paragraph which, of course, made the Motion meaningless. So when the Motion was read out again, minus the second paragraph, it was rejected overwhelmingly.

In hindsight, it does seem rather strange that the English and Welsh Green Party was not prepared to support their sister party in the States, but those activists in the Party who support what we are doing say that our time will come once they have organised into an effective 9/11 Truth network within the Party, put out well written articles (with our help) to the membership and constructed effective motions for the Spring and Autumn Conferences next year. In other words, a very positive and effective start has been made to bring the Greens 'on message' with 9/11, 7/7 and the bogus War on Terror (which the Greens are definitely already well concerned about). But it also suggests that we, as a Campaign, are in for the long haul and it may well be at least eighteen months before the political tide will turn decisively in our favour.

Finally, our successful 'friendly invasion' of the Green Party was only possible because of a great team effort by everyone involved. Thanks must go to Penny Pullen, Maureen Saunders, Pikey and Paul Arnold for their time and persuasive techniques on the stall, Andrew Johnson for going out of his way (literally) to set up the overhead projector and to David Shayler for his impressive performance at the Fringe Meeting. Also thanks to Felicity Mawson for her energetic approach in making sure we got to the right people and that we were doing things effectively.

Justin Walker (12/9/05)
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Validated Poster
Validated Poster

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done, it would seem from the fringe meeting you made quite an impact. A bit disappointing and disconserting that members of the Green Party would put up the time lapse as an argument against addressing such an issue but hopefully they are not typical. I have met this response from some who are willing to accept the idea but have the attitude that little can be done about it, as if those capable of such action would rest there if further atrocities suited their agenda. Whether or not those responsible can ever be brought to book September 11 underpins the whole "war on terror" lie and must be worthwhile exposing regardless.
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