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7/7 bombings work of US Dept. of Justice?
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:43 pm    Post subject: 396. Rain to create a liquefaction quake (4/5/06) Reply with quote

396. Rain to create a liquefaction quake (4/5/06)

Since Mercury News put the "Liquefaction quake map" on 2/25 paper, it continues to rain until today. Sunny sky became a rarity.

On 4/3, the Mercury News said, "Rain in no hurry to go away

Forecasters have a message for wether-weary Northern California residents who endured the second-wettest March on record: There's plenty more rain to come."

Mudslide, sinkhole start to appear as rainstorms continue to saturate soil. And there is no signal the rain will stop. On 4/4, the paper said, "More rain is predicted through the weekend, with storms potentially continuing for at least two more weeks."

Two more weeks after 4/4 is exactly the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco. (4/18/1906) Media these days report the story of the disaster happened 100 years ago and about the gathering to memory the event. If another big earthquake takes place, people will take it as destined. Their mind are saturated that the Bay area of San Francisco is an area of earthquake already.

But I worry there will be an artificial one. Modern technique can develop a soil liquefaction and earthquake as well. But a soil liquefaction to sink a house is seldom to see. An earthquake will justify such a disaster. That's why a liquefaction quake risks map was suddenly developed and reported in Mercury News.

I'll say my sense in advance is once again proved right. Two days after liquefaction map was on newspaper (2/25) I posted "389. Liquefaction quake and rain (2/27/06)". Though I have no ability to foresee the weather, the development proved I was right. There was a record rainy days.

2/25 Liquefaction quake map was put on news.
2/26 - 2/28 All three days rainy days
3/1- 3/31 News said there were 20 rainy days, a second to the record. (record was 21 rainy days in March) I kept the weather forecast, recorded 21 rainy days this March.
4/1 - 4/5 All five days were rainy days.
4/5 - Forecast said there will be at least two more rain weeks.

Feds is creating a condition for a liquefaction quake. What left is to emit the proper shaking frequency to liquify the saturated soil. It was tested successfully in Philippines several months ago. Feds hurried to apply the new climate weapon in my case.

397. Liquefaction quake and Bird Flu (4/10/06)

In 9/24/05 plot, Feds used hurricane in large scale to help their operation. In this April plot (the action date likely will be in second half of April) they also use climate weapon - a liquefaction quake - in the framed case.

A bio-attack was also planned in each plot. That is Bird Flu. In each plot there always came with the news of Bird Flu. Since the plot went sour one after another, the Bird flu intimidation lasted more than a year but the prediction of the outbreak of the pandemic haven't come to true. Here are some: (watch the topic they used)

One year ago: (4/1/2005)

Quote, "Bush OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S.


10 months ago (6/2/2005)

Bird flu: we're all going to die (By Charles Arthur , 2nd June 2005 )


Six months ago: (10/15/2005)

Bird flu 'could kill 150m people' ( BBC news, 30 September 2005)


Two months ago:

Quote, "Bird flu'could be 21st-century BlackDeath'
• Economists predict rioting and flight from cities (Friday January 27, 2006 The Guardian )

http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,1695910,00.html#article_contin ue

Here are some for the coming April plot:

"March 14, 2006, ABC news

Frightening Warning
"Society just can't accept the idea that 50 percent of the population could die. And I think we have to face that possibility," Webster said. "


Virtual Pandemic: 90 Days to Infect Entire U.S.
By Robert Roy Britt LiveScience Managing Editor, 05 April 2006

A new computer model reveals how a pandemic like the avian flu might spread quickly across the United States and what methods would best thwart the scenario.


I think the Bird Flu pandemic will not only be used to kill in my case but also be used to kill the people Feds don't like. It will be a big slaughter in the name of natural disease. Take the intimidation seriously because the movement of propaganda lasting so long and restless.

398. April 18, the action date?(4/15/06)

The possible action date of April plot is 4/18. Or from 4/18 to 5/10. 5/10 is the date when Federal Reserve will have another meeting and likely to raise the interest rate another 0.25%. Which becomes a power to push D.O.J. hurriedly to finish the case because they hold too many real estates property.

As for 4/18, it's the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco. It is a good date to create a liquefaction quake. The coincidence will psychologically fits for a public propaganda.

4/18 is the date Chinese president Hu Jingtao starts his official visit to US. The framed case has been a secret deal between China and US. So will be this one. The case, I think, will still be a drug planting. And Taiwan is always a payment in the deal. Be noticed that the President of Taiwan, is once again arranged in a diplomatic trip on 5/8. (To South America and Africa) If the case broke out on 4/18, the rest is to confirm the deal when Hu meets Bush.

4/17 is also the date my parents come back from China. I think this was arranged by the US and Chinese secret police. Though trip used to be planned for a murder, this time it will be used for planting, I think.

4/17 is also the last date to file the tax return. I allege Feds will frame me in the case by tax flaw.

I have some merchandise left from business. Each year I reported the merchandise stock unchanged by schedule C. Each year there was a Schedule C form in the tax book IRS mailed me. But this year, for the first time, there was no C form in the tax book. Why? I think Feds wish to find an excuse to search the stock in the name of "no report".

The merchandise stock is piled in garage. In former messages, I talked about there were two big attempts Feds had tried to enter the attic and garage. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho (July, 2003)" and "300. Garage door (3/27/05)") I allege they had planted drugs in attic and garage, so when the disguised contractor enter the attic or garage in the name of roofing or replacing the garage door could claim they found drugs there. The coming April plot will frame me in same tactic by entering garage in the name of tax file inspection.

I have talked about the rest. Start from last December, I was urged to file the tax return. Then in a dispute about weather to report two rewards air tickets, my wife said she would report separately. I agreed.

But to my surprise, my wife and the accountant firm e-filed a joint return under my name without my consent. To lure me to sign the paper, my wife said she agreed to report the rewarded air ticket. Since they have e-filed the return already, I had to compromise. I reviewed the paper, found there were flaws: some income not reported, and of course, there was no Schedule C. I listed the flaw, demanded a correction. The accountant firm did an amendment. But still, they deliberately neglected two items on my list. They didn't report a tax refund income and the schedule C as well. So I made a second demand on these two. The reply this time was, the firm was too busy. I must do the adjustment by myself. Which meant I have to correct the document prepared by accountant firm by myself. I think that's illegal.

I suggest my wife to sign on the tax return I prepared while the firm declined to correct the errors. She refused without reason. She insisted that I sign on that flawed paper prepared by the accountant firm (or rather, the Feds). That's how D.O.J. to frame a case in a rogue's way. And you can imagine how the Feds intimidated my wife to do all these unreasonable things against me.

It seems I can only file a separate tax return. But I am afraid there will be an "accident" murder waiting for me. I hope I have the chance to talk about it sometime later.

I allege a big drug case will break out on 4/18. (or on 4/17 if they planted drug on my parents' luggage) And an liquefaction quake will follow to distract. Beware there also come the terror attack and the Bird Flu pandemic to keep public's attention from the case.

398. April 18, the action date?(4/15/06)

The possible action date of April plot is 4/18. Or from 4/18 to 5/10. 5/10 is the date when Federal Reserve will have another meeting and likely to raise the interest rate another 0.25%. Which becomes a power to push D.O.J. hurriedly to finish the case because they hold too many real estates property.

As for 4/18, it's the 100th anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco. It is a good date to create a liquefaction quake. The coincidence will psychologically fits for a public propaganda.

4/18 is the date Chinese president Hu Jingtao starts his official visit to US. The framed case has been a secret deal between China and US. So will be this one. The case, I think, will still be a drug planting. And Taiwan is always a payment in the deal. Be noticed that the President of Taiwan, is once again arranged in a diplomatic trip on 5/8. (To South America and Africa) If the case broke out on 4/18, the rest is to confirm the deal when Hu meets Bush.

4/17 is also the date my parents come back from China. I think this was arranged by the US and Chinese secret police. Though trip used to be planned for a murder, this time it will be used for planting, I think.

4/17 is also the last date to file the tax return. I allege Feds will frame me in the case by tax flaw.

I have some merchandise left from business. Each year I reported the merchandise stock unchanged by schedule C. Each year there was a Schedule C form in the tax book IRS mailed me. But this year, for the first time, there was no C form in the tax book. Why? I think Feds wish to find an excuse to search the stock in the name of "no report".

The merchandise stock is piled in garage. In former messages, I talked about there were two big attempts Feds had tried to enter the attic and garage. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho (July, 2003)" and "300. Garage door (3/27/05)") I allege they had planted drugs in attic and garage, so when the disguised contractor enter the attic or garage in the name of roofing or replacing the garage door could claim they found drugs there. The coming April plot will frame me in same tactic by entering garage in the name of tax file inspection.

I have talked about the rest. Start from last December, I was urged to file the tax return. Then in a dispute about weather to report two rewards air tickets, my wife said she would report separately. I agreed.

But to my surprise, my wife and the accountant firm e-filed a joint return under my name without my consent. To lure me to sign the paper, my wife said she agreed to report the rewarded air ticket. Since they have e-filed the return already, I had to compromise. I reviewed the paper, found there were flaws: some income not reported, and of course, there was no Schedule C. I listed the flaw, demanded a correction. The accountant firm did an amendment. But still, they deliberately neglected two items on my list. They didn't report a tax refund income and the schedule C as well. So I made a second demand on these two. The reply this time was, the firm was too busy. I must do the adjustment by myself. Which meant I have to correct the document prepared by accountant firm by myself. I think that's illegal.

I suggest my wife to sign on the tax return I prepared while the firm declined to correct the errors. She refused without reason. She insisted that I sign on that flawed paper prepared by the accountant firm (or rather, the Feds). That's how D.O.J. to frame a case in a rogue's way. And you can imagine how the Feds intimidated my wife to do all these unreasonable things against me.

It seems I can only file a separate tax return. But I am afraid there will be an "accident" murder waiting for me. I hope I have the chance to talk about it sometime later.

I allege a big drug case will break out on 4/18. (or on 4/17 if they planted drug on my parents' luggage) And an liquefaction quake will follow to distract. Beware there also come the terror attack and the Bird Flu pandemic to keep public's attention from the case.

399. Unusual rain lasted 50 days (4/20/06)

"After getting rained on for 11 of April's first 16 days, South Bay residents will enjoy some long-overdue sunshine the entire work week, forecasters say. That's right: No rain, today through Friday. "(Mercury News 4/17) I should make a complement: After 50 days of nearly consistent raining, (from 2/26 to 4/16) this was the first time we saw a continue
sunny days. It made something common in California a news.

Did the nature deliberately rained between the issuing of the Liquefaction Quake risk map (2/25) and the 100th Anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco (4/1Cool? Did the nature know 4/17 was the day of my parents' returning and the last day of tax file? Or more reasonable, it was a climate manipulation to create a situation for a Liquefaction Quake? The rain, was accurate to the project date. The accuracy was similar to the hurricanes created in 9/24 plot.

The Liquefaction Quake did not only target on my house but also target on my sister's in San Francisco. San Francisco made a rain record in this unusual occasion. News reported San Francisco had a record wet March: 25 rainy days. (The old record was 23 rainy days in 1904) B's (my brother in law) house is at a hill side.

400. Bank robbery created for "mis-shooting" (4/20/06)

When my wife returned from her Asia trip on 4/9, she gave me another flawed tax file, pushing me to sign. I refused.

Since the accountant firm declined to correct the error, I once thought to file a separate one. On 4/12, I went to the post office to get some new tax forms. I think the surveillance team was urged to finish the case, (or as they were instructed to) they speculated I would sent the separated tax file next day and made a bank robbery case on 4/13.

The topic of Mercury News was: "Wild chase shuts I-680", "Money, gun tossed from pickup as police pursue band robbery suspects". (4/14)

Three suspects robbed a bank in Meridian Ave. They led police on a chase in north bound I-680. On Scott Creek Road, they made a turn, go back on highway 680 south bound and exited at Berryesa Rd. I looked at the map. My house is in the middle of the robbers' escaping journey. If I went to mail the tax return that day, I would have to pass I-680, the nearest exit to the Berryessa exit. When the robbers passed over the area where I live, they turned back and took an exit near to the road I had to take if I walked to the post office. I think I could be "mis-shot" by a policeman then.

Though it could be a coincidence, I think in other way. Because I had experience of a similar
occurrence. Seven years ago, there was a bank robbery case in San Francisco which I believe was a work of the Feds trying to kill me in the name of "mis-shooting". The plot went sour at last and caused the death of a robber and a police captain. I'll tell the story next time. Or you can have a search to see if there is something unusual in that case. It took place on 1/15/1999.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As we head into a millennium of what appears to be perpetual war, new technologies are unfolding with nightmarish possibilities.

In previous years, Coastal Post writers have tackled the issue of HAARP, (High Frequency Active Aural Research Project), a research project undertaken jointly by the US military and various corporations (currently Raytheon). The project involves "over the horizon" radar applications. It also holds the ability of acting as an earth tomography instrument. Besides these activities, some observers believe that HAARP is behind the mysterious (and officially denied) "chemtrails."

Ah, those chemtrails. You see them, I see them, the planes responsible for them are clearly visible in a typical day, but according to military and governmental spokespeople, they simply are not there. On a recent December trip into Sonoma, I watched as planes painted them on the sky ahead of me, clouding in the bright horizon over the Sonoma wine country. On the trip back, they were being painted in over the Novato ridgeline, and then again, on the southeast shoulder of Mount Tam. Last night, while watching "The Bourne Identity" on video, the telltale clouds were clearly visible in the movie scenes that had been shot in Paris.
Unlike normal condensation trails, these trails do not dissipate after ten minutes or so. Instead, they expand outwards, remaining as huge cloud like projections, often the length of the sky, floating there for hours after their release. Some observers of this issue claim that these chemtrails can consist of laboratory created RNA, aluminum oxide, ethylene dibromide, barium, and other yucky things. Some chemtrails include polymer fibers. If so, they hold a plethora of risk for the humans below, including neurological disturbances, heart problems, breathing problems, etc.

Critics claim that this chemical porridge allows our DNA to be infiltrated and re-arranged, without our consent. So the activity could be acting like a vaccination program without the consent of the population upon whom it is inflicted. Some known side effects of these chemical trails are increased cases of nosebleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, and upper respiratory complaints with flu-like symptoms.

There are now universal discussions, via the Web, of just how the barium salts, dimethyl bromides, etc. are being discharged into the atmosphere by military and civilian aircraft worldwide. Clifford Carnicom, an expert on chemtrails states, "the results of the current research are now sufficient to establish an analytical basis for the formal investigation of radical atmospheric changes induced by the relatively recent aircraft aerosol operations." Barium and aluminum particles were at one point in our country's history used for cloud-seeding, a practice that fell into disfavor when it was realized that such particles disrupted human health.
An airline manager agreed to talk to civilian investigators about these phenomena. "Airline companies have been participating in something call Project Cloverleaf for a few years now. The earliest date anyone remembers being briefed on it is 1998. I was briefed on it in 1999.

"They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release chemicals from commercial aircraft." The informant then detailed how the government agents would not answer directly any questions related to what the chemicals that would be released were, nor would they explain the actual purpose of this activity. All that was said was that this activity would be "in the public's best interest."

But why would our government decide to create this program? One possibility is that in a frantic campaign to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting our atmosphere by 1 to 2%, a reflective barrier needs to be established in our skies, worldwide. In other words, a way to offset global greenhouse warming.

The other possibility is that as part of the HAARP mission, a particulate grid must be created to allow for the operation of an "over-the horizon" radar system.

HAARP itself is located halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks Alaska. Its first phase was completed in 1995, and it employed a 3 by 6 grid of 18 antennas. There are three towers designed to transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. When these towers signal such beams on up through the atmosphere, into the ionosphere, they affect the electrojet (the high altitude jetstream, with ultra-high speed winds, that have a good deal to do with the weather patterns on earth below) in a controlled manner. The main strategy consists of beaming these ELF waves in such a way as to hit at right angles to the electrojet. This causes the river of electro-magnetic energy to spread sideways.

But where the discussion of chemtrails and HAARP manage to converge is in the creation and distribution of the chemically enhanced grids. Do these planes with their effluvia spreading out in patterns over our skies have to do with a shielding? Or perhaps a gridding of the planet that would enable the HAARP emissions to flow into the grid and somehow affect the radar capabilities, the weather, etc.?

It is also known that various activities related to HAARP allow for vast earth tomographic investigations. In the US war against Afghanistan, the many tunnels and caves where various Afghans hid during our bombing campaign were mapped out by various new technologies.

The Afghani War was fought mainly by the forces of the United States at night. Using night vision and other devices, we could see in the dark, the enemy could not. Nick Begich, a long-time investigator into HAARP, is predicting that as the Second Iraqi War begins, our new technologies will have completely mapped out those underground installations where Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" are hidden away.

Interestingly enough, the new technology suggests the totally interwoven structure of the military industrial complex, now a single entity and as powerful as the predicted beast that Eisenhower spoke of. Already, Haliburton, (Vice-President Dick Cheney's corporation), has used technology such as HAARP to allow that corporation to ascertain where underground oil fields exist and where they do not, so that the decisions to drill are always profitable.

Also some of those who have investigated HAARP are also concerned about other applications employing microwave technology that can be used as "mind-control" weapons over civilians. In recent months, Newsweek detailed how a vending machine already exists that can send out a subliminal "audio" signal to whatever human being may be walking by it, with the suggestion that "You are thirsty now. Wouldn't you like a soda." And as this suggestion exists below the normal conscious sensory apparatus of a human, it has an extremely powerful effect. The entire experience takes place through beaming microwave energy at the hapless human.

All over this County, phone crews are updating cable installations, optic fiber channels, and other high tech installations. Some critics have pointed out that these installations could easily carry the "mind-control" microwave pulse signal devices as well. With these devices the subliminal message might not be involved with purchasing sodas, but with causing indifference to an unwanted war.

My reporting on these activities and devices may seem crazy to some readers. However, even if there are no devices to directly manipulate us by the Powers that be, there are other concerns. These include indirect health risks that the cell phone antenna technology, the relentless ELF activity of HAARP playing with the strings of chemtrails in the sky, occurring each minute of each day, might be causing. We as a species have never experienced an onslaught of such electromagnetic pollution before. Although the earth itself operates through a giant magnetic field, the current that it puts out is direct current, not the pulsing emanations of these waves. We are now a guinea pig species. What will come of these experiments will only be known as time unfolds.


Four years ago, I have told about my allegation that government had altered the weather by spreading chemical with the help of commercial airlines. Now it is proved. (#355 was posted in last page. )

355. Hurricane (4): Chemical and climate war(11/2/05)

The chemical used to create a hurricane is possibly a kind of refrigerant. When the compressed refrigerant is released in air, it gasifies quickly and sucks a lot of heat. That's how a refrigerant works. When it is used in a closed cabinet, that plane becomes a cooler of the refrigerator. This was what happened in Greece air plane.

Freon was a popular refrigerant. Several years ago, scientists said it destroyed the ozonosphere and banned it. It means Freon reacts with part element of air.

To destroy the ozonosphere takes a large quantity of Freon. I think it was the result when it was used in experiment of a covert climate war. I also believe this is why Bush rejected the Tokyo treaty. The government knew they are altering the weather deliberately.

Since climate war depends on chemical spreading, how can Feds apply it on other countries? Read the news here.

Quote, "Treat of shoulder fired missiles prompts action

By steve Johnson
Mercury News, 4/8/2004

Some federal officials hope to modify US commercial planes to fire lasers, launch flares ...... fly at night with lights dimmed to foil terrorists armed with portable missiles.

While no planes in this country have come under missile attack so far, the government wants to be prepared."

A device which launches flares also can spread chemical. And how can it avoid being spotted with a chemtrail? Fly at night. All this was in the name of anti-terrorist.

Anyhow, the proposal was denied by the House due to the high cost. Then I have heard two news.

One was in newspaper. (I didn't keep that newspaper because at first I didn't realize the real meaning behind it) It said because the fuel cost was too high, commercial airline decided to reduce the flight weight. One way was to reduce the water reserve which used to flush the toilet by half.

The other one was from a TV news. It said a family was stunned when their roof of the house was broken through by a chunk of ice. Later it was proved the ice was the toilet water of a commercial plane. It said the toilet water released by air plane encountered with a cool air and froze to an ice.

My allegation is this was an experiment when a commercial plane was reformed to spread chemical. It may also prove my allegation that the chemical was a kind of refrigerant which can freeze certain amount of water instantly.
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PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2010 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

401. Terror bombing in new plot (4/25/06)

In March, my daughter urged me to go to the Social Security office to fix a mistake. She applied a student loan with FIFSA. But the request was rejected, saying there was an error with my middle initial in social security record. My middle initial is K. I show her with my original S.S.card and the recent letter from the S.S.office. My name was correctly printed. But my daughter insisted that the FIFSA wanted me to contact the S.S. office. The S.S.office said I have to go there in person. They even gave her a phone number. I checked the phone number, it was for making an appointment.

It was ridiculous to make an appointment to fix a correct name. Since it came with the tax file problem, I could only conclude it was another rogue's persecution from Feds. They tried to force me going to the S.S. office. What for? I didn't go because it was obviously a trap.

On 4/14, coming with the news of the bank robbery. There was another news that a bomb scare closed the federal building in San Jose. Picture showed the agents watching the evacuated street and building. The S.S. administration was one office in that building. "Terror bombing" is always used in Feds' plan. I have alleged that Feds had bombed the OKC Federal building intending to get the original "Patriot Act". This time it would be directly used in frame case on me.

Ten days later, news reported Bin Laden's new tape. I think after the 4/18 plot went soured, a new plot quickly formed. Terror bombing will play an important role in this plan. Though Bin Laden talked about Sudan, the main bombing will be in Hongkong and US. Bin Laden was used to justify this global operation.

402. Bank robbery in San Francisco (1) (4/25/06)

In 1998, there was a financial crisis in South-East Asia. After the currency collapsed in Thailand and Indonesia, the I.S. (International Speculator) turned to Hongkong.

In August 1998, there was a stock market battle between Hongkong government and I.S..
In option market, I.S. bought low future index of stock. Hongkong government tried to raise the stock market index. To sell down the index, the I.S. even borrowed the stock from other firms and rich celebrities for selling off. Hongkong government bought these stock in with its foreign currency reserve. At last, Hongkong government won. The Hansen index (stock index) stayed at 8000 level. A hedge fund company suffered a huge loss and would go bankruptcy.

I was interested at the news that I.S. borrowed the stock from the other people to sell down the market. These stocks now were in the hand of Hongkong government. (11% of the blue chips) The gvoernment said it would keep these stocks as reserve. So how could I.S. return the stock they owed to other firms? It had to buy back the stocks from the market. On the other hand, I.S. must earn enough money back to save its company from bankruptcy. If it couldn't sell down the market, the other way it could do was to buy it up. So I speculate there would be an ox stock market. Hongkong stock market generally follows the Wall street. So a booming Hongkong market meant there must be a booming US market first.

I have never trade US stock before August 1998. With above confidence, I bought 100 shares of Boeing and 100 shares of City bank in September. I bought them not based on economy or any other technique factor but on opinion that the stock market was manipulated by financial group. And the financial group was manipulated by intelligence. This was a rare time that they had to push up the market to save their firm.

The later development proved my opinion was very correct. From the end of 1998 to 2000, there was a booming stock market. Both Dow Jones and Nasdaq reached their historical high. It was so high that its collapse became a milestone. That was the break up of the dot.com bubble in 2000.

Though I correctly foresaw the booming stock market of 1999, it also brought disaster for me. The intelligence views the stock market as its cash register. They don't allow a target to make profit from it.

After I bought the stock in September, the persecution went crazy. In the end of that year, for a lot of time I had to leave my home to sleep at my parents' house in San Francisco.

403. Beware a global "terror" attack (4/30/06)

I said in #401(4/25) that the new plot would be a global terror attack. It is. The intelligence activated all their main assets to show in the intimidating tapes within a week. Bin Laden's tape was broadcast on 4/23, followed by Al Zarqawi's on 4/25, then it was Al Qaida's No. 2:
Al-Zawahiri's on 4/29. All these mean there will be a big global "terror" attack plotted by US intelligence.

It's the time when US government face a strong anti-war movement. On 4/29 there was a big demonstration in Manhattan, New York. 300, 000 people took part in the protest. (I think Al Zawahiri's tape of 4/29 was pushed out against that anti war protest.) But media play down this kind of news. Mercury News even didn't report it. Instead media use more time to broadcast the tape of Al-Zarqawi shooting with auto rifle and Al Qaida leader's announcement. A psychological intimidate propaganda is obvious.

Bush's reputation is in the trough. People begin to realize the government spent their money on a war for the interest of a little group. To maintain a war machine in coming mid-term election, there will be a "terror attack" to justify Bush's "war on terror".

I felt this "terror" pressure for some time. I went to shopping on foot to avoid public transportation system, then the Feds tried to force me to the Federal building in a rogue's way.

Why I say the Al Qaida is manipulated by the intelligence of US and its allies? See the motives of these terror bombings. The target is ordinary people. The purpose is to provoke the conflict between different races and to vilify Islam.

Al Zarqawi's attack used to kill mass of Iraqis. (A typical sample was the bombing of Shiite mosque shrine) The purpose is to provoke a conflict between Sunni and Shiite so US will have the accuse to stay in Iraq to maintain the security. Many Iraqis denounce Al Zaqarwi because his suicide bomber targets at Iraqis not the invaders. The strange thing is, US could catch Saddam in his own land, (who is still supported by many Iraqis, at least in Sunni area) but can't find Al Zarqawi, a foreigner in Iraq where many Iraqis don't like him. Why? Because US needs him as a justification to stay in Iraq.

As for Al Qaida, Re:
"Bin Laden Puppetmasters Smoked Out In Balkans
by Umberto Pascali

The mid-October revelations that an Osama bin Laden terrorist training camp is operating in the U.S.-controlled zone of Kosovo, are only the tip of the iceberg. Now, in a sort of ``Operation Truth,'' Macedonian and other sources have begun to reveal publicly what until
now had been known to only a relatively small group of people, about the narco-terrorist connections between the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the Taliban, and between these two groups and high-level U.S. and British intelligence agencies. Operation Truth is now affecting the strategic domain, provoking a reevaluation of the conventional way of viewing ``international terrorism.'' The path leads to those strategists who have used terrorism as a weapon of irregular warfare. "

http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_international &Number=257846#Post257846

And Stanley Hilton, a government insider, Bob Dole's former chief of staff, political scientist, lawyer, represents 400 plus plaintiffs - most of them victims of 9/11, has told us in his case against government in 911 event that some of the hijackers were double agents of intelligence. And there was drill on the time when 911 attack happening. Here is a quote in his interview:

Quote, "SH: My office was broken into about 6 months ago. The file cabinets - it was obvious they had been rifled through. Files were stolen. Files dealing with this particular case and particularly with the documents I had regarding the fact that the - some of these hijackers, at least some of them were on the payroll of the U.S. government as undercover FBI, CIA, double agents. They are spying on Arab groups in the U.S. And, in effect, all this led up to the effect that al Qaeda is a creation of the George Bush administration, basically. That the entity that he called al Qaeda is directly linked to George Bush. And all this stuff was stolen.

SH: We have evidence both documentary as well as witness sworn statements from undercover former FBI agents, FBI informants, etc., that other officials in the Pentagon and the military and the Air Force that deal with the fact that there were many drills, many rehearsals for 9/11 before it happened. Bush had seen this simulated on TV many times. ...

AJ: But five drills that day. ....


404. Bank robbery in San Francisco (2) (5/5/06)

In 1990s, when I found Feds installed EM wave instrument in my car, I gradually abandoned driving. I sold my car. The only car my family had was an old one with which my wife drove to work.

In the year end of 1998, there was a lot of trouble with that car. At first, there were continued flat tire. At last we had to renew all the tires. Then the muffler was broken off. When we spent hundreds of dollars for continued repairing, I started to think it was a revenge of Feds. I would make profit in stock market. They would force me to lose money in other way. The trouble came at a time when the persecution intensified.

Within weeks (or days) the muffler broke off again. We sent the car back to the workshop. Soon it was broken off for the third time. This time the workshop couldn't take the endless guaranteed work any more. They told us the truth. They said the engine of the car was fixed to the chassis with three big screws. Two of them were broken. The engine was then attached to the car with only one screw. When the car was started, the engine shaking violently which broke the muffler off.

I worried about the safety of my family. The engine would drop off from the car with an impact (car accident) which might cause an explosion and fire. I immediately decided to buy a new car.

On 1/15/1999, I went to the car dealers.

The first dealership I went was a Toyota's. Because my tenant had just bought one. I negotiated with the price he told me. The deal was almost reached. I took out the checkbook when the sales manager asked, "Mr. Sung, would you buy it right away if we give you the same price?". Just then he was called off for a phone call. That phone call suddenly changed his attitude. He even didn't come back but let a salesman informing me they wouldn't sell the car at that price. My feeling at that time was the phone call was from the Feds. They wanted my family going on use that dangerous car.

Then I went to a Dodge Dealer. They had an advertised price on the mini van. I didn't want to be rejected again on price. There was only one car for the advertising price. The color was ugly.(purple) Well, I had to take it. What I wanted was safety. After finishing all the forms, I was told the car would be delivered the next day for some reason. I was unhappy. I was not picky. But I worried the Feds would install something in the new car. So I demanded to have my deposit check back. I said I would pay the check when the car was delivered. The sales manager gave me back the check and tore all the papers. "If you don't trust us, we don't sell it to you." He said. Second deal went sour too.

It was afternoon. I went to the train station. I often lived at my parents' house those days.

It was about 5 o'clock when I arrived at San Francisco. As usual, I went to the subway station in Montgomery St. where I would take an underground tram to my parents' house.

It was not far away from the train terminal to the subway station. I still took a bus. The bus stopped at its first station. It couldn't move any further. The street was crowded with people. It was dark already. The buildings along the street coated with red color because there were so many police cars with their emergency lamps on.

All passengers left the bus. I went into the crowd and learned that minutes ago there was a bank robbery in Montgomery St.. Some people died in gun battle. I felt chill in my back. Was that gunbattle prepared for me after they failed a plot to kill by car accident? Later the news report strenthened my opinion.

405. The turning point. (5/10/06)

In message #327." London bombing", I have pointed out in recent plots, Feds (DOJ, FBI, DEA) always planned terror attack to divert public attentions from the framed cases. All six warnings (April 2004, Mueller; June 2004, Mueller and Ashcroft; July 2004, Tom Ridge; August 2004, Tom Ridge; October 2004, FBI; January 2005, FBI) were about domestic terror.(except one was about HongKong.) First two were from the heads of DOJ and FBI. After I doubted how could DOJ take over the work of DHS to issue terror warnings, Tom Ridge temporarily gave two warnings. Then they let FBI do it in the name of plan and individual case.

Things change dramatically after February 2005. People might neglect one interesting phenomenon that they haven't been harassed by terror warning since then. The frequent orange code alarm disappeared for some time.

But I strongly feel the difference. I found the violence abroad replaced pre-terror warning. Now the events connected to the framed case were bombings in London. The air planes accidents in different countries. And the security alert was set by Interpol not FBI anymore. (see # 383. The cross murder deal (2/7/06))

FBI dominates domestic intelligence. How could it manipulate foreign events which belongs to CIA's domain? Does the DOJ expand its power? Yes, it does.

I noticed the turning point was in February 2005 when Bush nominated John Negroponte to be the Director of National Intelligence. After he is settled in, Negroponte aggressively took over many powers from the CIA.

Quote, "February 18, 2005
Axis Power, the United States, Chooses Israeli National to Head Secret Police, Forces Prepare For Further Global Conquest
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

In the latest frightening internal move by the United States against the world, we have come to learn that President Bush has appointed the Israeli national John Negroponte to be the head of all 15 of the their intelligence organizations, and which includes the CIA.

Not known to many Americans is the fact that all Jewish citizens in the United States are also citizens of Israel. To such a strange circumstance this has brought to America we can even read in this newspaper article from the Los Angeles Times about how this effects even the United States, "Galvis was attempting a feat perhaps unprecedented in American politics: holding two elected offices simultaneously in two countries. He is, after all, a citizen of both places, with a pair of passports to prove it. <http://www.globalpolicy.org/nations/citizen/multiple.htm>

I have said, "Israel controls D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls FBI. And FBI keep Americans under surveillance, include the Presidents." (see "295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)") Now it is not only the FBI. It's the whole intelligence. The recent "Goss scandal" can be viewed as a step to take over CIA.

The pre warning of "terror attack" is replaced by violence abroad. (both will justify a coming terror attack in US as Al Qaida's work not a crime of insider's.) That's the result of a power expanding of DOJ. Although American people can be relaxed for a little while not being annoyed by terror alarm, the end will be the same: another terror attack will apply on US once the Feds successfully frames a case on me. (or to justify another war in Mid-east for the security of Israel)
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406. Take over CIA (5/15/06)

Eight months ago, DOJ has activated a battle to take over the Supreme Court. They successfully sent two of their agents, John Roberts and Samuel Aliot, to the seats of Supreme Court Justice.

Now they are targeting CIA. FBI searched CIA No. 3 leader Foggo's home and office on 5/12. CIA Chief Porter Goss resigned in advance. The leader of CIA dropped in the trap set up by FBI.

Quote, "CIA boss Goss is cooked
Tied to contractor's poker parties -hints of bribes & women

WASHINGTON - CIA Director Porter Goss abruptly resigned yesterday amid allegations that he and a top aide may have attended Watergate poker parties where bribes and prostitutes were provided to a corrupt congressman.

Intelligence and law enforcement sources said solid evidence had yet to emerge that Goss also went to the parties, but Goss and Foggo share a fondness for poker and expensive cigars, and the FBI investigation was continuing.


Scandal is always a weapon FBI used to blackmail, to hit its target. They set up traps with its informants or undercover agents. (see "373. Extortion by scandal (1/12/06) 374. A covert totalitarian (1/12/06)")

Former President Nixon resigned from Watergate scandal. The "deep throat", concealed 30 years, now is revealed a FBI agent. Clinton and former Congressman Gary Condit were both hit hard by scandal of personal affair. The interns involved in the case, Lewinsky and Chandra Levy, were both from Jewish family. We know Israel tried to influence on US politicians through their aids. The recent Supreme Court nominations was fulfilled by the attack on GOP leader Frist (in Senate) and Tom Delay (in Congress) and on other GOP lawmakers by Abramoff scandal. Abramoff, I think, is an undercover agent who used to corrupt the law makers so these politicians could be extorted.

Why do I think so? Because Abramoff acted like a financial distributor. He not only offered financial aid to political campaign, he also offered financial aid to 911 hijackers. 3 or 4 hijackers (include Atta) visited casino ship SunCruze before the attack. Abramoff ran that casino company. And those 911 hijackers, at least some of them, were undercover former FBI agents and FBI informants. (see "403. Beware a global "terror" attack (4/30/06)")

In US, when a scandal happened, there used to be a purpose. So when Porter Goss resigns to a scandal, we know this time the purpose of DOJ is to take over CIA.

407. Take over DOD (5/20/06)

People think the Iraq war was promoted by a group whose name is "Neocon". Among them are: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle and other hawks. But I think it's not a group but two. Cheney and Rumsfeld are GOP conservatives who work for the interest of military industry. They control DOD. The others belong to a Zionist group who are loyal to their motherland - Israel. They control DOJ. Although one group eyes on the oil in Iraq and the other one values the security of Israel, Iraq war would fit their demand both. In common interest, they walked together. We saw Bush was authorized the war power in October 2002 by both Parties. The bill was passed through under the pressure of a DC sniper shooting spree which I think was done by DOJ.

Though the Iraq is occupied, the power struggle between the two groups never stops. The latest one is the battle for the CIA. The other one is the battle for the DOD which lasts for more than two years.

In early May 2004, a bunch of torture pictures were revealed to the world. That was Abu Ghurayb abusing. US army was humiliated. Rumsfeld was under attack. But he refused to resign. As I have said, there was always a purpose behind a scandal. This one was an attempt to take over DOD.

Sometime later, in a quiet transference, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz went for another job in World Bank. He likely would have been Secretary of Denfense if Rumsfeld had resigned. GOP Conservative realized he was a threat to Rumsfeld after Abu Ghurayb scandal and made a transference.

The Abu Ghurayb torture pictures should be another work of the Feds. They infiltrated into the prison guard system and organized this revelation. Or they have been there already as intelligence officers. The event which led me to think the Abu Ghurayb scandal was a DOJ"s plot was another event: Nick Berg's beheading tape.

Berg's beheading tape was released on May 11, less then a week after the picture releasing of Abu Ghurayb. In timing, it could be the work done by the same special team who produced the torture scandal. Many comments in Internet pointed out that the beheading tape was done inside the Abu Ghurayb. (by the room background, orange prisoner jacket, chair. When the doubt became strong, Bush suggested to tear down the Abu Ghurayb. A move I thought to demolish the evidence.)

Each case has its motive. The motive of beheading case is obvious too: Muslim are savages. It resembles the principle of Northwood Operation: "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."
From the view point of propaganda, who benefits from it?

I also think Nick Berg was an informant of Feds. There was information that Nick Berg knew Moussaoui. His computer password even was used by Moussaoui. What is the chance in mathematical occasion? Less than the chance to be hit by a thunder.

I alleged OKC bombing was done by the Feds in their first attempt to get the police power of Patriot Act. I alleged 911 was a government inside job. I think Moussaoui was a government prepared witness to prove 911 was done by Al Qaida not by the Feds.

Now we saw:
Abramoff was the major role in a political scandal. He related to 911 hijackers. (see #406)
Moussaoui was in OKC. He knew Nick Berg. He was the only "witness" of 911 attack.
Nick Berg was in OKC. He knew Moussaoui. He was in a beheading tape to vilify Muslim.

The spy world is big. Feds infiltrates every corner in the country.
The spy world is also small. The big cases are that much. Where agents and informants met.

408. Unusual rain and blackmail on DA (5/25/06)

After Feds started to contaminate the tap water with isotope, I had to turn on to the other water source. (see "309. Isotope, mole, cancer (5/7/05)") One of them is rain. I collect rain water from the roof. Of course, Feds has the technique to manipulate the climate, they tried to block that source of water supply too.

November is the starting month of rain season. But last November was a dry month. I knew what was it. Anyhow, there was an advantage of that "embargo". If there was a big rain, then there must be a purpose behind it. So when there was a long lasting rainy days (2/26 to 4/17) I found there was a liquefaction earthquake plot behind it. The rain stopped on 4/17, then in mid-May, the news forecast a 4 days storm.

May is the starting of the dry season. But on 5/21 that day alone, 0.45 inches rain fell in San Jose, not only exceeded the old day record - 0.21 - set in 5/21/1939, but also surpassed the city's average monthly rainfall for May. Why did they sent me that much of water? I thought the Feds wanted me to wash the clothes. Wash machines consumes a lot of water. To save water, I had not washed the clothes for a month.

In previous stories, we saw how the Feds tried to perform a search and arrest through a garage door replacing; roofing; tax file return; court summon; garbage collecting..... . This time they'll use the excuse that they found drug trace in drainage water. For many times, they had blocked the drainage and causing a flooding. I believe the Feds also collect drainage water as well as they collect the garbage.

But is it too reluctant to issue a charge on such a vague reason? They need the help from District Attorney.

At the same time I noticed a news on coming election. Topic "DA losing enthusiasm for protege as his successor". The retiring district attorney, G. Kennedy, once had recommended his chief assistant Karyn Sinunu as his successor, now grows lukewarm on her. (Mercury News, May 14) I think the rift caused by the pressure from the Feds.

On May 21, a news revealed the truth. "Probe linked to DA hopeful". "District attorney investigators in recent weeks have been looking into why charges weren't filed in a drug sting case nearly 10 years ago. They've been asking about the role of top prosecutor and DA candidate Karyn Sinunu. Sinunu- who was supervising the narcotics unit when the case was being evaluated - said she's confident it will show she did nothing wrong."

This is a customary tactic the Feds used to blackmail politicians. This time they apply it on DA to force them filing charge for an unreasonable search and arrest.

Be noticed that the intimidation article on DA was posted on 5/21, same day the unusual big rain fell. There were other circumstance evidences revealed a framed case was planned at that time.

409. The payment to China (5/30/06)

On 5/21, World Journal reported: "The immigration Department of Canada decides to deport Lai Changxing to China.on 5/26.".

Lai Changxing is the most wanted fugitive of Chinese government. The smuggling case he involved in was said the biggest one of China - worth 70 billion. Lai Changxing has been one of the payments in my case in secret deal between secret police of China and US. Several times when the Feds framed the case on me, Lai's deportation always revived on the news.

The most dramatic one was in June 2002. I was summoned for jury duty (duty time was 6/17 - 6/21). On 6/17/02 Supreme court ruled the police could subtly pressure passengers on buses, trains and other public transit systems to agree to be searched without telling them they had right to refuse. ( I don't drive) I thus knew the Supreme Court was manipulated by the Feds. Lai Changxing was arrested on 6/21/02, the last day of the plot, then was sent to the airport. The plot went soured, so at last minute Lai Changxing was postponed to be sent on the plane. (see "69. Juror summon (6/16/02), 71. Police violence (2002), 94. Interest exchange (10/19/02)")

This time the Feds intimidated D.A., brought in an unusual rain, planned another narcotic's case on 5/21. I revealed it on 5/25. (see last message #408) Then on 5/26, the newspaper reported Lai's deportation date was delayed. The justice department of Canada has decided another deportation date which wouldn't be revealed to the public.

Another payment to China is the President of Taiwan as I continually to reveal. When they couldn't take away his life, the Feds forces him to step down. In the time between 5/21 to 5/26, a financial scandal of President Chen Shuibian's son in law broke out. On 5/25, Chao Chien-min, President's son in law, was detained over alleged insider trading. With other scandals such like his wife's alleged corruption, President Cheng Shuibian now faces the pressure to resign. Will he lose his chair? Like Lai Changxing, it is an unknown date. It depends on how Feds frame a case this time.

About ten days ago my father fell and broke his thighbone. The hospital replaced his femur joint with a steel one. He was now still in hospital. I fear this was part of the elimination of 5/21 plot. The Feds couldn't keep on demanding my family members to take trip. Though he is old and the falling might be an accident. I think in other way. It was too coincidental in timing. I knew Feds has technique to hurt or disable human's joint or muscle with strong EM wave ray to make them fall. Last January, after I revealed their Boston dirty bomb plot, my left arm was hurt and couldn't move for month. (see "286. Intensified EM wave shooting. (1/29/05)")

In the struggle to control FBI, Feds also activated that weapon. In early 1993, the director of FBI was William Sessions. Obviously he was not a favor of DOJ.

Quote, "Sessions Home After Breaking Elbow, Insists He Won't Quit; (7/19/93, L.A.TIMES)
FBI Director William S. Sessions, who refused to resign despite Justice Department findings that he abused his office, was fired on July 19, 1993 by Pres Bill Clinton, (7/20/93 L.A.Times)

Sessions was attacked by DOJ with trifles. He refused to resign. Then he was attacked by EM wave ray. He fell and broke his elbow. He wouldn't compromise. Day off he was fired by President Clinton who was obedient to the DOJ. Clinton later had fallen too in an accident when he had conflict with FBI. In all these cases, I allege the EM wave ray has been used.

410. The pandemic and the death of the Director of WHO (6/5/06)

Since there will be a large scale of elimination in my case, the inside group will activate a bio-attack - a Bird Flu pandemic. For more than a year, the intimidation news of Bird Flu came with each frame case. This time the Feds upgraded the level.

In this bio-attack, WHO (World Health Organization) will play an important role to control the development of the disease, give the order of quarantine, and of course, do the cover up job as well. Then we saw the death of Dr LEE Jong-Wook. He was a South Korean, WHO's Director-General

Dr Lee died on 5/22, following a short illness.(stroke) He was 61 years old. I think Dr. Lee was murdered for a coming Bird-Flu attack. Obviously he was not an insider and had to die to give his seat of Director-General to someone who works for the Inside group.

Two days later, on 5/24, six people of a family died on H5N1 virus in Indonesia. The cluster death was immediately suspected as person to person transmission.

Like the delay of Lai Changxing's case, the cluster deaths case was discredited in media on 5/27. I think if I have washed the clothes on 5/21 or sometime later, there would be an arrest in the name that Feds had found drug trace in drainage water. Lai Changxing would have been deported to China on 5/26 on time and a Bird Flu pandemic would have broken out globally.
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411. Stroke and Sharon's death (6/5/06)

Dr. Lee Jong-Wook died in a surgery to remove a brain clot after he suffered a stroke.

I have alleged the Feds had applied same EM wave weapon on Mr. Wang Keli and San Jose Mayor Gonzalez. (see "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04)" , "225. Stroke (4/29/03)") I also had experience of "microwave killing. (see #5)

The principle is that the blood cell under the radiation of microwave will die and solidify to form a clot. If the clot is in heart then there is a heart attack. Or being a stroke when the clot is in brain.

I think the former Prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon was a victim of that EM wave weapon too. Though Sharon was a member of the Inside group, he diverted from that extremism. He might realize to reach a peace in Mid-East, he had to carry out a policy milder then he used to. Sharon withdrew Jewish settlement from Israel occupied Gaza. He offended the Zionist group and suffered a stroke.

It was obvious that Sharon was the victim of the Inside group. Which we can see from the Pat Robertson, a speaker of that group. Robertson linked Sharon's stroke to his "dividing God's Land." He also mentioned the assassinated Yitzhak Rabin's death in the same light.

The God Pat Robertson referred to is the same Bush had referred - the Inside group. They control the intelligence and have the high tech. weapon which can kill without awareness. (make a murder look like a natural death) Remember also in DC sniper shooting case, the tarot card perpetrator left for police also said, "I am God".

As for the relationship of Pat Robertson with DOJ:

Quote, "John Ashcroft to teach class at Va. college
By Richard Willing, USA TODAY

One month after leaving office, former U.S. attorney general John Ashcroft has a new job: He'll be a part-time professor at a Christian university run by television evangelist Pat Robertson


412. Zarqawi hoax (6/10/06)

1. Zarqawi was dead two years ago.

He was revived by Pentagon and intelligence because they need an excuse to remain in Iraq. They need a puppet enemy image for Iraq war like they have Bin Laden for the "war on terror".

Quote, "«Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead»
AP 3/4/2004

«Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in the Sulaimaniyah mountains of northern Iraq, during the American bombing there, according to a statement circulated in Fallujah this week and signed by the Leadership of the Allahu Akbar Mujahedeen. ....

«It said al-Zarqawi was unable to escape the bombing because of his artificial leg.»


2. the Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date."

The insurgence in Iraq are mostly the work done by special force of intelligence and Pentagon. The victim of suicide bombing were Iraqi civilians.The target used to be religious shrines. The purpose is to provoke the conflict between Sunni and Shiitte. The insurgence gave US Army an excuse to stay in Iraq: for more wars in Mid-east.

Quote, "Pentagon PSYOP Zarqawi Program

In an unusual twist, the Washington Post in a recent article, has acknowledged that the role of Zarqawi had been deliberately "magnified" by the Pentagon with a view to galvanizing public support for the US-UK led "war on terrorism":

"The Zarqawi campaign is discussed in several of the internal military documents. "Villainize Zarqawi/leverage xenophobia response," one U.S. military briefing from 2004 stated. It listed three methods: "Media operations," "Special Ops (626)" (a reference to Task Force 626, an elite U.S. military unit assigned primarily to hunt in Iraq for senior officials in Hussein's government) and "PSYOP," the U.S. military term for propaganda work..." (WP. 10 April 2006)

An internal document produced by U.S. military headquarters in Iraq, states that "the Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date." (WP, op cit).

http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=CHO200 60418&articleId=2275

3. Prepare for the mid-term election

In the "strategy office" of the Feds, when there is a scandal of their own, they used to create a positive event to offset the negative influence, to cover up and distract.

It was a power struggle not for the purpose of Justice when Feds released the Abu Ghurayb torture pictures. But a damage was done on the image of US Army. So within days there was a "beheading case" let out to offset the negative influence and to distract

The "kill Zarqawi" was a distract when the world set their eye on a war crime of massacre in Al Hadithah and other civilian killing cases.

Be noticed the time. The air bombing was on 6/7. Next day after 6/6 Primary election ended. Now it's time for the Mid-term election. The inside group still wants GOP to control the White House. They start to give Bush some achievements. So they can justify why Bush's party can still win the coming election. Another psychological operation to control public's mind is starting. What they did is to sacrifice a fake image: Al Zarqawi. More "good news" will come. The strategy office of the fox is preparing new show for the chickens.

413. Bombs do strange things. Zarqawi hoax (2) (6/15/06)

1. If US Army had the trace of Al Zarqawi, the most important thing was to capture him alive. Zarqawi is said the head of Al Qaida in Iraq. It would be a great information resource if Zarqawi was captured alive. Just see how CIA was accused of smuggling Al Qaida suspects from Europe to some other country to torture them for the information. How could they give up such an important information source?

Because this man was only a fake idol kept by the Pentagon and intelligence. He was of no value of intelligence. So they just finished the story with two 500 pound bomb.

2. There were six people died in this air strike: Al Zarqawi, his spiritual adviser, a girl, two women and an unidentified man. It was more a quiet civilian's residence than a terrorist head office when Zarqawi was described the mastermind of so many terror attacks.

3. Timing accuracy is very important in military action. So is their camera. There was a big flaw in the timing of "kill Zarqawi".

According to Mercury News (6/9): "The commanders ordered the planes to attack. It was 6;15.......two minutes later, according to the time stamp on a photo that American officials displayed on Thursday, US officials photographed Zarqawi's lifeless head..... The time of 6:17 p.m. was stamped in red ink in the bottom corner of the photo. " (By Nancy A. Youssef and Drew Brown, Knight Ridder)

Of course, things couldn't be done in two minutes. It took time for the two bombs attack; it took time for troops to enter the site, search and call ambulance, and there was even the story of Zarqawi's last moment struggle.

So where did that 6:17 pm come from? It was prepared in advance. The original story was Zargqwi died instantly in bombing. On the day of News releasing - 6/8 - in AOL message board, I saw threads saying it was a hoax that Zarqawi's body was put there in advance. Then there was the new story that Zarqawi was still alive after bombing. A story to eliminate the doubt of pre-plant. But the time stamp on photo exposed the truth. (the newest story was Zarqawi died 54 minutes after the bombing)

4. The biggest flaw is how could Zarqawi survive from the bombing? From the photo we saw the two story house was flattened to the ground. Concrete became rubble and debris. Iron bars twisted. Yet Zarqawi only had a little scratch on his face. His body was complete. He was said died of internal wound of lung. His bone seemed stronger than the iron bar. His flesh seemed harder than concrete.

"Bombs do strange things," said an Iraq soldier at the site, who did not want to be identified. (Mercury News 6/11)

If you think in other way, you won't feel strange. It was another PSYOP of government. On the purpose to justify the GOP victory in coming mid-term election. They left the body of the fake Zarqawi complete so the picture could ensure public that Zarqawi was dead. Because a limb or a body part was harder convincible than an intact face, from the angle of visional propaganda.(That face was still fresh because they just have shown you a tape that Zarqawi shooting the machine gun weeks ago) US seems have high tech. weapon which can blew the concrete into pieces while preserve the human body. And they have the story of struggling Zarqawi, the first arrived was Iraqi troop, even the story of "US troop beat Zarqawi to death"..... when you drop in the argument, you drop into the trap of "believe the story".

In my experience, in all framed case, Feds always prepared support group, "reliable witness". (Muhammad and Malvo were such a support team, unfortunately, they finally were picked as scapegoat) So they even can change the initial story. The story you have had were all came from the military mouth. But for me, I had another reason. I have alleged Nickberg was an informant of the Feds and the beheading tape was done inside the Abu Ghurayb. Now they said Zarqawi was the one who beheaded Nick Berg. Nothing strange. The beheading tape was used to tarnish the Islam as savage. Samething as the victims in Zarqawi's suicide bombing were mostly Iraqis. Zarqawi worked for the interest of Zionism and the Inside group.

I add one more sentence to my conclusion in message 407. From Moussaoui, Nick Berg to Zarqawi, there was a bridge linked them together.

Moussaoui was in OKC. He knew Nick Berg. He was the only "witness" of 911 attack.
Nick Berg was in OKC. He knew Moussaoui. He was in a beheading tape to vilify Muslim.
Zarqawi was in beheading tape to vilify Muslim. He was behind many suicide bombings each of which used to kill dozens of Iraqis.

The spy world is big. Feds infiltrates every corner in the country.
The spy world is also small. The big cases are that much. Where agents and informants met.

414. Finance sanction and life insurance (6/20/06)

I have a joint bank account with my wife from which we pay family expense. Three months ago my wife stopped to deposit her paycheck into the account. The balance quickly dropped to the bottom. She had opened another account for her own. I knew this time the Feds planned to frame me financially.

I have to cancel my life insurance because there will be no extra money to pay the policy. Also I can get the accumulation money by surrendering the policy to support myself.

But Feds viewed that money as theirs. 15 years ago, when I found they using isotope money on me I realized Feds were looters. Then when I became the murder target, I found they were experts to loot the treasure of the victim by credit card and their personal property without awareness of their family. (see "33. Evaluation of property, 34. The lost Credit Card ") Now they put the whole family on elimination list because my wife and other family members knew too much of their crime even though they collaborate with the Feds. And one important thing is more death will result more money harvest for Feds. So they block the way to cancel the life insurance.

I started to call my insurance agent in the end of May. He promised to mail me the document for signing. So far it's three weeks already, I have never received any mail from him. Each time I called him, he always had some justification such like: He had informed the insurance company, the company will mail me the document directly. Or "You haven't received the letter yet? I'll mail you directly."

One thing he did in each call was to demand I going to his office. That if I have no drive license, I could go there by my wife's drive. But I alleged the car has been planted with drugs by Feds in last December. (see "363. A day to day persecution (12/7/05)") I think there will be a "search and arrest" whenever I get into the car. So I have never set the foot on that car since. Interesting enough, San Jose is a city seldom seeing a taxi, let alone in the rural area where I live. But in this month, after I called the insurance agent, an eye catching yellow color taxi parked in the side street near my house. In case I haven't seen it, the taxi once had moved to the location near by my residence. I don't know what will they do if I get into the taxi. I think another kind of "search and arrest" is ready. 414. Finance sanction and life insurance (6/20/06)

I have a joint bank account with my wife from which we pay family expense. Three months ago my wife stopped to deposit her paycheck into the account. The balance quickly dropped to the bottom. She had opened another account for her own. I knew this time the Feds planned to frame me financially.

I have to cancel my life insurance because there will be no extra money to pay the policy. Also I can get the accumulation money by surrendering the policy to support myself.

But Feds viewed that money as theirs. 15 years ago, when I found they using isotope money on me I realized Feds were looters. Then when I became the murder target, I found they were experts to loot the treasure of the victim by credit card and their personal property without awareness of their family. (see "33. Evaluation of property, 34. The lost Credit Card ") Now they put the whole family on elimination list because my wife and other family members knew too much of their crime even though they collaborate with the Feds. And one important thing is more death will result more money harvest for Feds. So they block the way to cancel the life insurance.

I started to call my insurance agent in the end of May. He promised to mail me the document for signing. So far it's three weeks already, I have never received any mail from him. Each time I called him, he always had some justification such like: He had informed the insurance company, the company will mail me the document directly. Or "You haven't received the letter yet? I'll mail you directly."

One thing he did in each call was to demand I going to his office. That if I have no drive license, I could go there by my wife's drive. But I alleged the car has been planted with drugs by Feds in last December. (see "363. A day to day persecution (12/7/05)") I think there will be a "search and arrest" whenever I get into the car. So I have never set the foot on that car since. Interesting enough, San Jose is a city seldom seeing a taxi, let alone in the rural area where I live. But in this month, after I called the insurance agent, an eye catching yellow color taxi parked in the side street near my house. In case I haven't seen it, the taxi once had moved to the location near by my residence. I don't know what will they do if I get into the taxi. I think another kind of "search and arrest" is ready.

415. Big framed case (6/25/06)

A big framed case was planned in the week from 6/21 to 6/27. The timing was collaborated with the date of 6/27, 6/28 when Federal Reserve will have a meeting which almost certainly will raise the bench interest rate for another time. As I have said, Feds hold so much real estate property in my case. They have to withdraw from that market before the housing market collapsing. So the aggressive persecution intensified following the steps of interest rate increasing. I have never seen so much work done by Feds for a single framed case.

1. Manipulate the climate. The temperature in San Jose in June generally was in 70's (degree). 80's was thought hot. The temperature on 6/21 was 95 degree, on 6/22 was 98 degree. The 90's degree hot temperature will stay in San Jose area till 6/27, said by weather forecast. Then drops into 80's. What's the purpose of it?

In message #408, I've talked about the Feds had produced an unusual big rain to create a chance for me to wash clothes. (I wash clothes with collected rain water) So they could claim they found drug trace from drainage water to perform a search and arrest. What is the purpose of this hot weather they created for? I think it is still about the drainage water. They planned to claim they found drug trace in bathing water.

I took sponge bath these days with a water bowl and dumped the water somewhere else. Once you know what they were going to do, you avoid to give them any excuse to frame a case.

2. On 6/22 and 6/23, transit agencies of Bay area offered free rides in the name of "spare air". There was "free ride" before. It always used for introducing new transit line service. The "spare air" was a pretty new justification. And they generously give out a two days free ride. I think it was planned for my case. Since I abandoned the driving, I have to take public transit service to shopping. They may wish I take the advantage of free ride to perform a search and arrest (see "71. Police violence (2002)") or even an elimination. But as persecution intensifying these days. I dare not to take any bus or tram service.

Be noticed that the free rides were offered on Thursday and Friday, so was the peak of hot weather. It was the day Feds preferred. Because the detained people will have to spend the week-end in custody. Two extra days for Feds to carry out murder in prison.

3. Blackmail the prison guards.
On 6/22, Mercury News reported: "Agent, prison worker die in gunfight". It said on 6/20, six prison guards in Tallahassee, Fla. were indicted for prison corruption. On 6/21, FBI agents and DOJ investigators were to arrest the men when a gun battle break up. A DOJ investigator and a prison guard were dead.

An open conflict between DOJ and prison guard system is rare. I think this was part of a plan to force prison guard obedient to FBI. There will be a framed drug case and DOJ plans to eliminate many in prison. For this, they need the help of prison guards.

In same day's Mercury News, there was also an article about California's. "Prison reforms faulted". Which urges the changes in California prison reforms. That's the real purpose of DOJ.
(to be continued)
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416. Big framed case (2)(6/30/06)

4. Bird Flu attack.
In late May plot, I alleged that Feds murdered the Director General of WHO to take over the control. The news then announced the cluster deaths of 6 members of a family, said it was a person to person transmission case. It was discredited after my revelation. (see #410)

One month later, on 6/23, they confirmed the first person to person bird flu transmission. A prelude of a bio-attack for this big framed case.

Re: "WHO finds son gave father bird flu
By Elisabeth Rosenthal and Peter Gelling
International Herald Tribune Published: June 23, 2006

JAKARTA An Indonesian man who died after catching H5N1 bird flu from his 10-year-old son represents the first laboratory confirmed case of human- to-human transmission of the disease, World Health Organization officials said Friday.

5. Raid for regime change.

Same day on 6/23, a big news stunned San Jose residents and officials: "Indicted Mayor: I won't resign". "Felony counts include bribery". Mayor Gonzales was arraigned.

The felony charge was farfetched. I have talked about the story of the stroke of Gonzales. (see #"225. Stroke (4/29/03)") Obviously the Feds need a mayor of their own to help them in the coming big framed case. Either to manipulate the local police force, or particularly, I think, to control the elimination by claiming "emergence" and "quarantine" when the bird flu attack starts.

417. Fear terror bombing in bus and post office. (6/30/06)

6. Terrorist warning.
Same day on 6/23, news reported that 7 terror-cell were arrested in Miami on 6/22 in connection with a plot to attack Sears Tower and FBI office. Also on 6/22, Bin Laden's deputy - Zawahiri - issued a new video to urge uprising against US forces.

Such terror case used to occur when Feds planed a framed case. What would they do in this big case? Bombing the public transit system and the post office.

In hot day of 6/22 and 6/23, I started to take sponge bath to avoid to be framed by drainage water, on 6/24, I received the form from the insurance agent. My wife's signature was needed. At first, I worried she might reject it. But she signed it. So I asked her to deliver the form and policy to the insurance agent. The insurance office is near the company where she works. My wife refused. She said, "you go there by bus."

I wouldn't take bus. It maybe bombed like what happened in London. To ensure the policy to be sent to the insurance company, I had to mail it certified. But I worried Feds would bomb the post office. When I found my wife and her accountant prepared a flawed tax return, I once was going to file a separate tax return. (see #400 and 401) Then I found Feds prepared "Police chasing bank robbers" and "bombing Federal building" that day. Post office is Federal building. If police couldn't "mis-shoot" me on my way, they would bomb the post office.

Yesterday I went to a nearby "mail bag" service, mailed the insurance document by "Federal Express". Three people followed me to the store, made the small office very crowded. I think they were undercover agents. They peeped at the form I filled. It seemed they were relaxed. Did they expect something else?

I remembered something else. My wife and I have bank accounts in Hongkong. I filed form TD F 90-22.1 to US treasury each year to the rule of schedule B. The last date to file that form is 6/30. This year I haven't done it because I thought the accountant office would have done it. But they haven't. It seems the Feds will make a fuss on that.
I will mail it today. Will there be a bombing take place?

418. Native terrorist group (7/5/2006)

When the London bombing took place (7/7/2005), I immediately pointed out it was done by intelligence to justify coming bombing in US. (see "327. London bombing (7/12/05)") Feds had made so many terror warnings domestically but all went soured. So they let others do it. The London bombing was a three months deal. (From 7/7 first bombing to 9/24 the landing of hurricane Rita) I think the third bombing didn't carry out because my continuing revelation. Anyhow, we can see from its payment: On 7/6 London was awarded for the 2012 Olympic hosting, and there was the disarmament of IRA on 9/27) One thing alarmed me was they targeted at public transit system. I take bus as my traffic means.

For the 6/23 framed case, Feds threw out a terror cell. Muslims in US have already alarmed by hostility pushed up by Bush administration and it is hard to build up terror group among suspicious American Muslim. So they created native cell.

It is a typical Feds organized, Feds guided, Feds cultivated group. They brain washed the innocent young men. Let them believe they could change their life by joining Islamic movement. Those people used to be penniless, living in the bottom of society and hope for a change of their life.

Those men were innocent. They even believe the guider (informant) could introduce them a representative from Al Qaida. Think with your brain, if you want to contact an Al Qaida, do you know how to and where to find one? But the guider could find one easily like he had a magic lantern.

The group was said having sworn an oath of loyalty to Al Qaida. I don't think it was organized by themselves but by the informer or the "Al Qaida representative".

They had no weapons, explosives and money. Even the boots and camera to photograph a FBI office were provided by the informant. Who led and guided the group?

There were three mastermind: Al Qaida representative (informant); the guider (It was impossible that the Al Qaida representative knocked at door, saying Allah told him there was a cell here. There must be an introducer, so the guider was an informant too) and the ring leader Batiste. Media didn't say who is the informant which infiltrated the group, if that guider was Batiste, then there were only two mastermind. They were all from Feds.

I think Batiste is an informant. Feds used such kind of informants to monitor people; recruit gangs, drug rings and terror cells. Batiste recruits openly on street. His job is to repair house(?) A job informants preferred. If you still remember in my experience, they like to disguise as gardener, roofer, garage door contractor, drainage worker..... a job easy to search people's house covertly.

Feds (DEA, FBI) had created a drug ring in three years to frame a case on me. (see #142, 143, 144,150) After my revelation, the director of DEA stepped down. But similar tactic to create drug ring, terror cell is still going on. This time to justify the planned bombing in San Jose, they threw out a terror cell to make it look like native terror cell is common in America.

Eve and Adam were innocent originally. They lost paradise when they ate the apple introduced by a snake. In this world, Satan still do same thing without being punished. But people knew who is the evil.

419. Self created case to cover up another self created case (7/10/06)

In last message #418 (posted on July 5), I said the Feds organized the terror cell and was behind the terror attack. As usual, there was a swift response. Next day on 7/6, to my accusation of London bombing, they released a tape of one London "suicide bomber". It showed shehzad Tanweer (one of the London bomber), wearing a checkered kaffiyeh, warned that the attacks were only the beginning of a campaign of terror.

The ridiculous thing is: Did Tanweer foresee, or pre-prepare a campaign of terror a year ago? He then went for a suicide mission that didn't relate to a terror campaign which would occur one year later? Or Al Qaida was real strong enough to have a department of propaganda which produces and stores large quantity of tapes, releases it from time to time to influence people? Then how do you understand the government saying that "Al Qaida is on the run, from cave to cave."?

At the same time, on 7/7, media released another terror related arrest. It was a "tunnel bombing plot" in New York.

"Officials said Friday that none of the eight suspects believed to be planning the tunnel attack were in the United States, that they apparently did not have bomb materials and that they had not completed reconnaissance on their supposed target.", "One US official said the members of the group had never met one another." (San Jose Mercury News, 7/9/2006) Obviously that was only an imagination existed in Internet Chat room. But the imagination was used to propaganda as achievement of the Feds and used to justify the self created Miami case framed by DOJ.

The mastermind of "Tunnel bombing case", Assem Hammoud, was arrested on 4/27 in Lebanon. The bombing plot news releasing was on 7/7. No newspaper could have its information dropped from the sky. None can leak it except intelligence itself. All such kind of news leaking was on purpose. Why didn't they release it right after the arrest of the mastermind on 4/27 but delayed it until 7/7? Read my message 418 of 7/5. The London bomber's tape on 7/6 and "Tunnel bombing" news on 7/7 were all used to cover up a self created " Miami terror case". Though the new case were self created too.

420. Government, full of cheating (7/10/06)

After the Zarqawi's death, US quickly set up another idol to replace him - Al Masri - so they can go on with their "war on terror". But the new idol has been in jail for seven years. How can he be a new leader in Iraq? Or that is easy for them to produce tape of New terrorist leader shooting with machine gun like what they have done with so many tapes of Bin Laden and Zarqawi?

Probably this is why Bush keeps nearly 200 un-named enemy combatants in Quantanamo. Some of the prisoners might have a double, (their name have been assumed by CIA agents and Mossad agents) and these doubles recruit many insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing other Iraqis and Afghan, (the terror bombing used to target on civilians and kill dozens of them, and do some decorative killing on US troops too) so Bush have an excuse to stay in Mid-east until the chance arriving for a war on Iran, Syria.

Quote, "Zarqawi successor 'in Egypt jail'
Thursday 06 July 2006,

Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, the purported successor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, is in an Egyptian prison and not Iraq, a lawyer has claimed.

Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri al-Yawm has quoted Mamduh Ismail as saying he met al-Muhajir, also known as Sharif Hazaa, or Abu Ayub al-Masri, in Tura prison in Cairo, where he has been held for seven years.
"Sharif Hazaa [al-Muhajir] is in Tura prison, and I met him two days ago while I was visiting some of my clients," Ismail, a lawyer known for defending Islamist groups, told the newspaper. .....

The US army media centre in Iraq said: "We cannot comment on the news that ... al-Masri is in an Egyptian prison and not in Iraq, we have to clarify that from the Egyptian government."
The US military had announced after the death of al-Zarqawi that al-Masri had been appointed the leader of al-Qaeda's organisation in Iraq.

http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/A924A436-D330-42C8-83C3-FEAF91E 6B326.htm
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421. Hammoud, a Maossaoui style witness (7/15/06)

Assem Hammoud, so said mastermind of "NewYork tunnel bombing plot", has strong characters similar to other ring leaders created by the Feds. He recruited discontented young men from Internet chat room. Just like Moussaoui and other terrorist, he has a computer which gave authority convenient evidence to show public that he was a terrorist. He said he was acting "on a religious order from Bin Laden". It was too similar to the Moussaoui's "I am Al Qaida." and the claim that he was a member of 911 hijacker team. Their mission were both to "prove" the terror attack on US were done by Al Qaida.

On July 8 and 9, one thing puzzled me when I read the news. I found the "NY tunnel case" was used to respond to my accusation on "Miami terror cell" (7/5) . But Hammoud was arrested on 4/27. Feds could not foresee they would need a cover up action 70 days later at that time. If Hammoud was used to play a role of "reliable witness" like Maossaoui, then there must be some thing else around 4/27. I went back to check the situation.

In message #403 (posted on 4/30), I wrote: "I said in #401(4/25) that the new plot would be a global terror attack. It is. The intelligence activated all their main assets to show in the intimidating tapes within a week. Bin Laden's tape was broadcast on 4/23, followed by Al Zarqawi's on 4/25, then it was Al Qaida's No. 2: Al-Zawahiri's on 4/29. All these mean there will be a big global "terror" attack plotted by US intelligence."

Obviously, the arrest of Hammoud belongs to that global terror attack planned by Feds. Watch the date: 4/23 to 4/29, terror warning by Bin Laden, Zarqawi, Zawahiri. The arrest of Hammoud was on 4/27.

On 7/10, a news proved my reasoning was very correct. In it San Jose Mercury News reported: "Hammoud had visited the United States at least once - a trip to California six years ago. .... Authorities are still trying to trace Hammoud's steps during that trip but say they have no record of him going to New York."

From February to April this year, Feds planned a liquefaction quake on my case. I think 4/18, the hundred anniversary of the Great Quake of San Francisco, was their action date. I wrote several messages about it. (see 389, 396 - 398) A revealed plan is a dead plan. Then I found the Feds turned on to violence. Try to eliminate by bank robbery case and terror bombing. There was attempt to guide me to the Social Security office and the post office. (bombing Federal building) From 4/23 to 4/29, there were three warnings of terror attack issued by Bin Laden, Zarqawi and Zarwahiri. Which meant it would be a global attack. The arrest of Hammoud on 4/27 in Lebanon meant there would be a bombing in California. (with great possibility in San Jose, Bay Area) The rest bombing in the world (possibly elsewhere in US) was only a cover up to show people that the Bay Area bombing was just part of that global action.

On 4/30 I wrote: "403. Beware a global "terror" attack (4/30/06)"
On 7/5, in message #418 I alleged the "Miami terror cell" was created by Feds.
On 7/7, to justify the "Miami terror cell" case, Feds released the "NY tunnel bombing case". The information proved my conclusion in #403 is very correct. Feds did plan a big global terror attack then. The core was the bombing in California. For it, Feds even prepared a "Moussaoui style" witness - Hammoud.

Then, it came another one - Mumbai railway bombing. It killed 200 people on 7/11. The mastermind of this terror bombing is the same who behinds 911 attack, London bombing.....I will tell the story in my next posting.

422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06)

"Why are you so afraid of eavesdropping (warrantless) if you have nothing to hide?" This is how Feds used to countercharge their critics.

Because in US, it means unreasonable search and arrest becoming legal. It means planting evidence and framing case becoming possible. It also means victim may suffer illegal torture and murder such like poisoning and EM wave shooting.

In mid April, I went to the post office to pick up tax form. I bought some food in a Chinese super market near the post office. There was a severe cough after I ate the meat bought there. The cough was so strong that I couldn't sleep for nights. It lasted several weeks. The poison might be some kind of radiation material (isotope). I had suffered such kind of poisoning before but none was so severe like this one. At same time, I also found some people coughing like me when I went to shopping. In my area, I think most people work for the Feds as support group. Those informants may think they work for justice. They never dreamed of they are working for an evil. In my case, I think many would have suffered poisoning when they pretending customers. In extreme cases they could become scapegoat such like Muhammad and Malvo in DC sniper case and ignorant suicides in London bombing case.

Then there was a news in Media:
Quote, "Book details Mossad's chocolate assassination
Poison a sophisticated weapon for Israeli intelligence
Saturday, May 6, 2006;

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Mossad secret service agency killed a Palestinian wanted for airplane hijackings by feeding him poisoned Belgian chocolate over six months in the late 1970s, according to a new book, the author said Saturday.

http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/05/06/chocolate.assassin.ap/index. html

It seems Negroponte has introduced new poison for the Feds from Israel's Mossad.

On 6/30, I went to the post office to mail a "Foreign account" form to the Treasury. I went to that Chinese Super Market again. I had a desolate feeling. 6/30 was Friday. It was evening and should be the most prosperous time for the market. But there was much less people in the Super market then usual. Feds moved their support group away for some other mission? Or just to protect them from new poison from Israel? I puzzled. One thing impressed me very much was that Feds controlled at least half of the residents live in my area. Their decision could immediately desert a cheerful Super Market.

Scared to be bombed in public transit system, I hadn't set foot on bus for past six months. Now facing the danger of new poisoned food, I had to diversify my food sources.

Chain super market Albertson would shut down some branches because of slow business. Two of them are on the tram line I used to take. On 7/9, I saw an advertisement of inventory blew out. For the first time this year, I took a tram to a nearby Albertson.

There was an Indian food store next to the Albertson. For diversity, I went to that store too. I was used to be the only customer in that small store, two or three Indians more sometimes. But that day I found there were many Indian customers there. It was a big change after six months. Some of the Indians took the same tram when I came back. Several dropped off in same station I got off. Apparently, they live in my neighborhood. Feds moved a lot of Indians in.

It seems Feds moved many Indians in whom attended Indian store which I couldn't reach when I abandoned the public transit system. But when I start to take tram again, what will they do?

The response was swift. I took the tram on 7/9. One day later, on 7/11 there came the Mumbai bombing. Feds still will use the "terror attack" to eliminate. And justify it by Indian link.

423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)

Mumbai bombing decision was made in a hurry. Feds even hadn't had the time to prepare a story. In 911 attack, within three days, they showed public a passport, said it was Atta's passport found in WTC ruins. And gave people a "19 hijackers story". Similar story happened in Madrid bombing. That was a "cellular phone" conveniently left over by the perpetrators. And British government almost immediately released the photo of London bombing suspects. Because these bombings were well planned in advance, include scapegoat. Of course these scapegoat couldn't tell the truth. They were all set up to death.

The only arrest connected to Mombai bombing was made 10 days later. One was arrested in Kenya and three in India on 7/21. But no evidence has been publicly produced to support the government's claim.

Mumbai bombing was organized by US intelligence to justify a planned San Jose area bombing, I allege.

1. It was done by experts or "special force". Eight bombs exploded in seven train stations in 15 minutes span. It was obviously a team work. Indian authorities said most likely the military-style plastic explosives and timer were used.

2. White-collar workers targeted. "The bombers systematically chose first-class men's compartments, poking a finger in the eye of the city's white-collar establishment." (Mercury News, 7/12/06) Who are white-collar workers? If you remember in recent off shoring jobs, most are the IT workers, software engineering which created a grown up group of high tech. white collars in India.

3. Bay area connection. San Jose area, known as Silicon Valley, is a high tech. area where IT industry, software engineering concentrated. Many technicians, engineers are from India. In TV report, an Indian lady said her friend died in bombing had met her just two months ago when she visited Mumbai. In article, "Bay Area relatives condemn attack and its effect on Kashmir conflict", it said the bombing "sent many Bay Area Indo-Americans to the unsettling task of tracking by phone family and friends living in that bustling city."

4. Motive. India arrested 3 suspects. The police investigators, K.P. Raghuvanshi said, "They have connections with groups in Nepal and Bangladesh, which are directly or indirectly connected to Pakistan." For Indian, it was the only motive they could think of. No others than Pakistan would do it. They can never dream of US intelligence having the motive too.

When Feds moved in a lot of Indians to my residential area for the poison projection,; when I went back to the tram after six months abandoning of public transit on 7/9; Feds had a swift response. Mumbai bombing of 7/11 would justify a San Jose bombing. In which Indians would have died, Pakistanis would have been "suicide bombers". All Feds had to do was sent several Indian and Pakistani informants to the tram, and detonate the bomb, then said this was the victim and that was the bomber, who could argue with them?

I would say Feds have prepared a "Pakistanis terror cell" in Bay area. Who would have played a role in Assem Hammoud's "California bombing". (NYC tunnel plot) And later would have been used to play a role in "(Mumbai like) Bay Area bombing."

This is probably why there was no evident suspect in Mumbai bombing. They planned to link it with the core bombing ( Bay Area). They couldn't let it out earlier because otherwise there would be no chance to carry out the Bay Area bombing. (A revealed plot is a dead plot)

424. An unprecedented heat wave (7/30/06)

To frame me in a drug case, (to justify an arrest by finding drug trace in drainage water) they created an unusual big rain in May, (see #408) then followed by a hot weather in June (see #415). At the purpose I would have to take bath and wash clothes in hot weather.

In July Feds did it again. A record heat lasted more than 10 days in San Jose area. It was at 90's to 100's everyday from 7/16 to 7/27. I had to take sponge bath in these sweating days, hand wash the clothes and splashing the water on the road to avoid a planting.

I review the message "218. Chemtrail and covert climate war (4/4/04)" in which I talked about how Feds manipulated climate as a weapon. I talked about hurricane, flood and heat two years ago. All these were practiced later in my case. They were: Hurricane Katrina and Rita (8/30/05 to 9/24) A rain lasted 50 days for a Liquefaction quake (2/26/06 to 4/17) and an unprecedented heat wave (7/16 to 7/27).

1. All these cases broke the area record or state record. It means the weather control is a skilled technique for Feds. The scale of the disaster reflected the pressure the working team undertook. They went crazy trying to finish my case.

2. Feds don't care the lives of innocent people. The death toll caused by heat is above 125 in California so far. The hurricane killed more. Remember in #218 I talked about the heat wave in France that killed tens of thousands in 2003. It was a revenge for the France's opposition to the Iraq war.

3. Agents used to discredit my messages by smearing "hurricane blew by fan", or "air heated by oven". It's a psyop. The main skill to manipulate the climate is to guide the movement of air mass by control the differential of air pressure.

4. Fake forecast.
In Mercury News' weather forecast, on 7/24 and 7/26, the high temperature for 5 days forecast were all in 80's. The forecast in other days were similar. Mostly were 5 to 10 degrees below the reality. Why? If the heat was caused by nature, you have nothing to hide. But it was artificial, so they tried to calm down the suspicion by under-forecast the temperature.

The continual under-forecast caused complain. Finally the newspaper had to have an article to explain it.

"Residents reject official numbers
By Julie Sevrens Lyons
Mercury News 7/27/2006

If you listen to the National Weather Service, downtown San Jose topped 100 degrees only twice in the past two weeks.

Many sweaty South Bay residents don't buy it. ....They say it's easily been five to 10 degrees warmer than the official temperatures. Monday it was just 99? And Tuesday 96?

Where in the heck do those figures come from? "Somebody's basement?" asked a resident."

The explanation is: "What the weather service reports - and the Mercury News prints - are the official temperatures for select Bay Area cities. ... In many instances, however, the sensors are closer to San Francisco Bay and its cool breezes than are most of us who are sweltering it out slightly inland."

But how could the same sensors in same location make correct forecast before but failed in this heat wave? I have to say it was a deliberate misleading because this heat was a man made one. Feds tried their best to cover it up by under report the high temperature.

425. Manipulate judicial power (8/5/06)

Ron Gonzales, San Jose mayor, was arrested on 6/22. The charge was that he was bribed as part of a conspiracy to help Norcal win the city trash hauling contract. He was released on a 50,000 bail. Gonzales and the trash company Norcal denied any wrong doing.

The story: In 2000, Norcal submitted a bid for San Jose garbage contract. Then Teamsters union (CWS) complains to Mayor Gonzales and city council that Norcal's low bid comes at expense of workers. Gonzales cut private deal with Norcal promising support for future contract amendment to cover cost of restoring worker pay.

Norcal won the deal in 2001.

In 2004, City Council endorses on 7-3 vote Gonzales plan to pay Norcal 11.25 million for first five years of teamster agreement.

One year later, a grand jury report alleged Gonzales and city manager and others "duped" the city council into giving the garbage hauler an extra 11.25 million. Gonzales said he did nothing wrong. His private promising aimed to avoid a strike (at wage issue) and seeking higher wages for the workers was consistent with longstanding city policy. And city council approved his plan.

What about the payment affected from that deal? In a list of 14 cities in Santa Clara county, the monthly rate range from 15.30 to 27.35. Among them San Jose residents pay 20.15 each month. 5 cities pay less but 8 cities pay more than San Jose. A fair price, isn't it?

Then why did they arrest the mayor? Did Gonzales embezzled as the word "bribe" indict? No, not at all. The amendment involved no direct benefit to the mayor. Then where did the "bribery" come form?

The explanation from prosecutors: "A bribe does not have to personally benefit the public official; it can benefit someone else. In this case, the beneficiaries allegedly were employees of Norcal recycling subcontractor CWS, who won wage increases, thanks to the mayor's actions."

In this definition, then when a Union request to raise the minimum wage, a lawmaker promised privately to support a bill, if the bill passed, he could be charged with bribery. Because a third party was benefited - the workers who earned the minimum wage. And with which, almost all congressmen and senators could be charged too. There is a strong lobby group AIPAC. I believe most law makers have promised it privately to support Israel in this resolution or that bill. Will they be charged under same principle?

Two years ago when Gonzales suffered a stroke in a meeting I felt it was an attempt for a regime change and wrote "225. Stroke (4/29/04)". The absurd charge on Mayor Gonzales on 6/22 proved my opinion is correct. Feds want to have a representative of their own in the Mayor's chair. On the purpose to perfect a framed case. For it they even abuse their power to arrest a mayor and twist "bribery" to their way. Is it a country ruled by rogues?
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

426. Feds, the real terrorist (8/10/06)

On 7/5, I wrote "418. Native terrorist group (7/5/2006)", alleged the Feds created that terror cell. The article of New York Daily News next day proved my opinion is very correct.

Quote, "Terror crew urged to hit FBI's bldgs.

An FBI informant urged seven terror suspects to target FBI offices throughout the country - including one in New York - and even helped the men scout the buildings, law enforcement sources told the Daily News yesterday.

The suspects, who also allegedly schemed to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, were denied bond in a Miami federal court yesterday as sources shed light on the FBI effort to ensnare them.

Last December, the FBI arranged for an undercover informant posing as an Al Qaeda terrorist to meet with alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste, who authorities say had already recruited six men to help bring down the landmark 110-story Chicago office tower.

But in March, in an effort to solidify his "terrorist credentials," the informant suggested the men widen their aims to attack FBI offices in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and New York, a law enforcement source said.

Batiste and his followers readily agreed, even taking an Al Qaeda oath at the suggestion of the informant, Justice Department sources said. Soon, Batiste and the agent began a surveillance operation of the FBI office in Miami - while the bureau watched their every move, sources said.

The FBI made sure the informant suggested Bureau buildings and not, say, airports, in order to maintain an element of control," said a law enforcement source. "The FBI knew exactly what was going on and was in complete control.

The terror suspects never performed reconnaissance on the Sears Tower or any other FBI office, including the one in lower Manhattan that was also targeted in a 1993 plot to blow up New York landmarks. They also never acquired any of the explosives to carry out their attacks, authorities said.

Originally published on July 6, 2006 "


In official story, one ring was lost - they never talked about who introduced that "Al Qaida representative". As I have said, it was impossible that a representative knocked at the door, said Allah told him to come. There must be an introducer. No one could be it except the ring leader Narseal Batiste. So Batiste was an informant too. Authority avoid to talk about this because it would reveal the terrorist group were created, acted under the guidance of the intelligence.

These kind of self created terror group used to have something common:
1. An informant disguised as terrorist to prove authority is true. Moussaoui and Nick Berg are the sample. Batiste in Miami terror cell, and Hammoud in NYC tunnel case are the same. The ignorant youths recruited always have been eliminated in "suicide bombing". Sometimes even these informants became sacrifice too. (like in 911, London bombing)

2. In Miami terror cell case, Al Qaida representative led (you know that's the FBI instruction) an Al Qaida oath. I believe it was recorded as evidence. When these youths died in a "suicide bombing", the media will show you a tape how these people swore to die for Al Qaida. Although these ignorant youths were not aware that oath was a trap.

Similar scene can be seen from a 7/6 news. A tape showed a London bomber, shehzad Tanweer (one of the London bomber), wearing a checkered kaffiyeh, warned that the attacks were only the beginning of a campaign of terror. The tape, could be made in same situation of that Al Qaida oath - under the guidance of intelligence.

3. Why FBI guide the terror cell to attack FBI office.

(1) On 5/31/02, I wrote that Feds was behind OKC bombing.
Re: The motive of OKC bombing by McVeigh is to revenge government's injustice in Waco. His target was FBI and BATF in Murrah Federal Building. Yet on that day, all staffs of FBI and BATF were absent. They knew the bombing in advance. Other federal employees became scapegoat. see "(68. Ashcroft's revenge (5/31/02))"

(2) A response to cover up my allegation. On 10/14/02, they shot a FBI staff to death to quit the allegation that FBI was behind DC sniper shooting spree.

Re: 10/2/02, Bill to authorize the use of armed force against Iraq was present to the House. 10/11/02, Senator passed the bill.
Same day on 10/2, sniper started his first shoot, within 10 days to 10/11, there were 11 shoots. This is action period. Purposed to intimidate law makers to pass the bill.

10/12 to 10/24, a retreat period. 3 shootings in 13 days period. to cover up the retreat.
10/14, 12th shooting. FBI staff Linda Franklin was shot to death. (a tactic of "Thief cried "thieves". "I am the victim. I am not the perpetrator". )
10/19, 13th shooting came with a demand of ransom. Plant the shooting spree a motive.
10/23, 14th shooting followed by the arrest of Muhammad and Malvo to finish the case. (see #128 and #129)

(3) Miami case. FBI guided terror cell to aim at FBI office resembles to the shooting death of FBI staff Linda Franklin. A tactic to avoid the profile of a perpetrator but remain more like a victim when the bombing happens. It originates from OKC bombing.

427. Harassing and persecution (8/15/06)

Recently, I was blocked to post in many web sites, such like care2, slat, bvalphaserver, hipforum, spiegel, captainic..... The way to harass is various: from directing to an unrelated page, or "no permission to post" on ridiculous reason. I have sent complain E-mail to the management of these sites. But never got any answer. For a period, I was even blocked to post in my own homepage in AOL for an hour.

I also registered in some new web sites. Most registration requires a confirmation. But I didn't receive confirmation notice. So I was blocked to be a member of these web sites too. I think the E-mail from these sites were intercepted by Cyber-space surveillance team.

I also suffered from E-M wave radiation these days, include Gama ray shooting. Gama ray shooting makes someone having a warm feeling. It's hard to be discovered when in summer time when there is a warm weather. I found it because it caused a heavy feeling on kidney. Gama ray hurts internal organ badly particularly on kidney. Feds used to use it at night when people are sleeping. So they can apply the ray on victim for a fairly long hours.

The intensified persecution and internet harassment come with the continues plots. The recent one is UK's "liquid explosives" plot. It plays the same role of last year's 7/7 London bombing. The purpose is to justify a coming US bombing.

428. Liquid explosive and warning of "India bombing" (8/15/06)

Liquid explosive bombing is not newly invented. There was a "Bojinka" plot which said that Al Qaida prepared to use liquid explosive to bomb 11 US air-liners over the Pacific Ocean in 1995 .

The question is why Al Qaida hadn't carry out "Bojinka" then or since but delayed it until 11 years later? Why US intelligence didn't ban liquid in carry on luggage in 1995 but now make a fuss?

Because the biggest mind behind Al Qaida is the Inside Group. You can see so said "Al Qaida attack" all benefit to the ruling class, from motives to timing. "911 attack" justified for the Mid-east war by Bush. "Bali bombing and French tanker bombing" aimed to push Australia and France to support Iraq war. "Madrid bombing" aimed to help in election. "London bombing" was used to justify a coming "terror attack in US on 9/24/05". What advantage did Al Qaida gain from these bombings? None. Except a self humiliation that Islamic are savage. (or anyone can tell me some advantage Al Qaida gain from these bombings?)

Banning the liquid luggage is a deliberate. The more inconvenience travelers have, the more hatred they have on Al Qaida. People will believe it all caused by Al Qaida when there is a new attack happens in US. It's a psychological operation - a pre planted mind.

Another psyop purpose is to demonize Pakistani. The arrested 2 dozen suspects in this case are Pakistanis (or ethnic Pakistan). In message "423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)" I concluded that there is a "Pakistanis terror cell" in Bay area, and the core one of coming US bombing will be in California (especially in San Jose) related to Mumbai bombing.

The World Journal on 8/11 reported, "New target, New Deli and Mumbai" said, The US Embassy in New Delhi warned Americans that foreigners, possibly linked to Al Qaida, were planning a series of bomb attacks in these two big cities.

The two cases in continuing two days may prove my two conclusions in message #423: a Mumbai related bombing attack will happen in Bay Area. The "terrorists" are Pakistanis.

429. Power grab (8/20/06)

In today's Mercury News, there is an article "US looks for lessons from British sleuths". It said British model gives agents more flexibility in monitoring and detaining suspects. "If you want to get a warrant, all you have to do is call up a minister". Sen. Pat Roberts, 4-Kan., said last week. In US, the equivalence of "a minister" is President, or Attorney General. In another word, administration authorize themselves the right to survey and monitor the citizen. The agents bypass the court system to do whatever they want to do.

Does the current system make the administration hard to work? Or as they said that they couldn't react immediately in emergency? They lied.

In current system, agents are allowed to react immediately without a court warrant to survey and wiretap in emergence, only they have to apply a warrant later. They were given a 7 days grace period. Time enough to prepare a paper work.

Then why did the administration omit the grace period, and rant on "impractical"? They want an unlimited power. Court system was set up to check the government if they abusing power. If administration think they do the right things, why they dare not want to apply a court approval later? Because they know they did something illegal. It's not about terrorist, it's about revenge, about power abusing. They worry about the revelation of the crime they committed themselves. And they know that kind of illegal action won't go through a court survey. That's why they pursue a warrantless surveillance.

Quote, "Stop the presidential power grab

Sen. Arlen Specter has crafted a bill that would rubber-stamp the program. Worse, it would essentially embed into federal law the notion that the president has the power under the Constitution to conduct electronic surveillance on anyone he wants, indefinitely and without judicial oversight, making a mockery of the right to privacy. The bill could come before the Senate Judiciary Committee as early as Thursday (8/3/06) and must be defeated.

.... If the Specter bill becomes law, court orders will no longer be required for electronic surveillance of ordinary Americans. Because wiretaps would be secret, their targets would never find out they were monitored, even if they were deemed to be innocent. It would be up to the American people to trust the government's claims that it is only monitoring terrorists. In short, it would be an invitation to wholesale abuses of power and to the return of the politically motivated domestic spying that was commonplace int 1960s and 1970s. " (Mercury News 8/2/2006)

The most important thing is: if this bill becomes law, then the principle of three separate powers which check and balance each other will collapse. A democracy will become a totalitarian. The Constitution will become a void check. US will be ruled by secret agency worse then Gestapo, KGB.

430. Monopoly the house in north San Jose (8/25/06)

On 7/29, I saw a real estate sale board in a condominium not far from my house. (In Alveswood Circle, North San Jose) I took a look. It was Sunday, but I saw no people in that community. The parking lot was mostly empty. Although it was the end of that unprecedented heat wave, the temperature was still high around 90 degree. The swimming pool was empty. The iron rail gate to the pool was locked.

The house for sale was a one bedroom condominium priced at 335,000.

When I went to shopping in a shopping mall across highway 680, I observed same phenomenon.(Meadowgate Gate Way, North San Jose) Where I had to pass a condominium community, the swimming pool was empty too. It was used to be noisy with people in summer just a few years ago.

In the area where I live, Feds bought up most of the houses. Because they think they control the price. The annual house price gain rate in Santa Clara County, 15% (July 04) 17% (July 05) 10% (July 06). The median house price is 730,000 now. If they bought the house 3 years ago at the median price of 520,000. Then they have a profit of 210,000. If they haven't rented the house off, then deduct mortgage payment and property tax and other expense about 40,000 a year, they still have a 90,000 profit. That's why the housing price keeps on climbing up in double digits annually even though experts cried "bubble will break off" each year since 2002. It's not a normal business anymore. It is an artificial controlled market.

The advantage to control the housing market.

1. It's easy for Feds to use E-M wave weapons. I think before Feds using the "clean the area" tactic, E-M wave weapon killed quite a lot of children lived nearby the target. Children are weak to the radiation. There was an organization - "Wish for a star" which used to fulfill the last wish of those sickened children. I think it was established to compensate those children hurt by the E-M wave radiation. But could a "Disney tour" buy back a loss of a life? Now "Wish for a star" is rarely heard of because Feds buy off the whole area. 13 years ago I have noticed that children were cleared off in my area by Feds.

2. Feds moved their agents and informants into the area. When there is a framed case. The witness are all theirs. So said "reliable witness".

3. The most important thing is that housing market becomes the best way for Feds to make a profit. They take it as a business. e.g. In my community, a 4 bedroom single family house in 1991 was about 200k. (When Feds started to buy in. The first stage) In 1997, the price went up to high 200k. (when Feds started to buy in house in large scale, the second stage) Now the price is about 600k. If they bought a house in 1991 with 20k down payment, the profit is 400k. (Or 100k after deduct 15 years housing cost if the house haven't been rent off.)
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431. Winner and loser (8/30/06)

The housing market went up like crazy with no regard to the economic rules. After continuing failure to predict the "housing bubble", the market experts silenced. They don't know what happened. An artificial manipulation replaced normal market economy.

To the record I kept, the median home price in Santa Clara County were:
.............................. June 2004 ...6/25/2005 ....6/10/2006....8/26/06
Total new homes .......689,800 ...690,500 .....676,000 ....586,000
Total resale houses ...580,800....690,000 .....750,000 ....740,000
Total condominiums...384,900 ... 465,000 ....495,000 ....504,500

We can see in two years from June/04 to June/06. The new house price is steady around 680k. There is almost no change. It reflects the real market price.
But the price of houses and condominiums for resale kept climb up. Each had a 29% gain in two years. Are old houses better than new ones? Because the resale houses were mostly from the Feds. And the trading mostly were fake sales. That is, Feds sold the houses to themselves. Undercover agents or informants bought the house from another agent or informant. In such trading they used to play a drama: bidding war.

Bidding war can keep the real buyers from the forbidden area. (the area around the residence of target) It also keeps a booming market so that the house value in Feds' hand keeps increasing. The fake trading gave Feds a high profit. e.g. Feds bought a house at 580k in June 2004. They put it on market with a price of 700k in June 2006. After a bidding war, an informant got it at 750k. The profit is 170k in two years. The house still belongs to Feds. (in another informant's title)

Did Feds have any risk? No. 58k (if 10% down payment); or 29k (if 5% down payment) is covered by 170k profit. Or there is no risk if they borrowed a 0% down payment loan.

What if the market popped up? Go bankruptcy. There are so many informants work for Feds. Let some go bankrupt won't hurt. The direct loser will be banks. And financial institutes which invested in real estate loans. The real losers finally will be average people when the mutual fund, pension fund told the investors and retiree that there is a bad year for them.

432. September plot (8/30/06)

Though the price is two digits gain annually, there is a limit for it. When house value reaches a point that people have no ability or interest to buy. The bubble faces a pop up.
But the target is still there, that's why we saw the plots came one after another. In less than two months, only in "terror attack" phase, there were: Sears Tower bombing plot; NYC Tunnel bombing plot; Mumbai bombing; London liquid explosive case. What's next? September plot.

Started from April 2001, when secret police of US and China made a first deal to frame a drug case, there were several similar case attempted to frame on me. I think there is a new one planned in September.

In 7/26 to 7/29, 2006, the Minister of Public Security of China visited US. He made a joint announcement with General Attorney Gonzalez that Chinese police will cooperate with US law enforcement to deport criminal suspect, anti-terror, drug smuggling .....

I have continually pointed out when China made a secret deal with US, there used to be a celebrity to confirm the deal such like Robert Mueller, Rice, Bush, Schwarzenneger...... Mr. Zhou Yon Kong - Chinese Chief Police's visit is for another secret deal. It's likely the repeat of old tactic: arrange a drug smuggling. From former experience of case, it used to take a month and something for police to frame a drug smuggling. So something will happen in September.

Taiwan used to be a payment in secret deal. The situation there proves my opinion. The target, President Chen Shui Bian, will visit a South Pacific Island country in 9/3 to 9/6. (I have alleged Chen Shui Bian had been as a payment when he was arranged for a dangerous sea tour in same country last May. see " 367. China's role and the payment to it (12/27/05)")The decision was announced a week ago. And on 9/9, a big movement in Taipei will start to push Chen stepping down from presidency.

The movement is activated by Shi Ming De - former Chairman of DP Party. (Chen just resigned from the Chairman of DPP under the pressure) Shi Ming De called for one million people to sitting at the President's office to oust him. Each participant must donate 100 yean (equal to 3 US dollars) to prove his will. He said the sitting movement will start right away when 100 million yuen is reached. The headquarter estimated it would take a month to reach the goal. But within a week, the donation reached 109 million. The headquarter closed the donation account. But say they don't know when to start the movement. Why, do they want no more people to join the ousting President movement? Why Shi Ming De broke his promise not to start the movement once the 100 million yuen was collected?

I know the answer. The drug in framed case will be delivered in September. The payment to China - the stepping down of Taiwan President who pro-independence, is only planned to cash out when the framed case broke out successfully. The headquarter wrongly estimated the time. So when the goal was reached, they had to close it. Otherwise they would be accused of "greedy" for not starting the protest but keeping on collect money. But also they couldn't explain why not start the protest as they promised. After another week's delay, Shi Ming De announced the starting date will be at 9/9. He has to follow his master's order - the intelligence of US.

The framed case planned to break out in September. Maybe as early as 9/2. (Chen Shui Bian is arranged to visit Be Lui on 9/3) And 9/2 is the start of a long week end when Feds have more time to murder in jail.

Add: In this week end, Feds may murder one of my parents to arrange a family meeting. They may create a tunnel bombing when my sister has to take the bart from Oakland to San Francisco while the Bay Bridge is suddenly closed for week-ends. See story in next message. (added on 8/31/06)

433. 9/2 plot (9/5/06)

When the Minister of Chinese Public Security Department left US on 7/29, a secret deal has been made. China would perform a drug smuggling like what they have done in old deals. They also would murder my relatives in China and HongKong, I allege.

A swift payment was cashed out. One day later on 7/31, Mr. Zhang Hon Bao, the President of Chinese Shadow Government, (an organization of Chinese dissenters) died in an accident. His car was side hit by a big truck. Feds hurriedly locked the deal by carrying out the first cross murder case. Zhang Hon Bao was one of the most wanted of Chinese government.

I expected the main case in secret deal would be carried out in September. But when? In late August , Mr. Shih Min De announced the movement to oust President Chen Shui Bian would start on 9/9. Chen was arranged a tour to Pacific countries between 9/3 to 9/6. Chen's presidency, or his life, is a trading in secret deal. Then on 8/31, news said the Bay Bridge would be closed in coming long week-end. (9/3 - 9/5) I wrote "432. September plot (8/30/06)" (with an addition on 8/31) predicting the framed case would start at the beginning of September.

Bay Bridge connects two big cities: San Francisco and Oakland. My parents and two of my sisters live in San Francisco, my young sister lives in Oakland. She is at odds with other sisters. There was little contact among them. If there is a framed drug case, it's hard to link her in. The convenient way to eliminate my young sister without suspicion is to kill by terror bombing because a terror attack to distract has been in plan already. The Hammoud case strengthened my opinion. The NYC tunnel bombing is only a cover up. The real one is in California - Bay tunnel bombing.

The death of my parents would assure my young sister crossing the Bay from Oakland to San Francisco. The closing of Bay Bridge would force my young sister to take the Bart going through tunnel.

Around 5/20, (I don't know the exact time) my father fell and had a surgery. For weeks, he was in critical condition. There was an announcement for work on Bay Bridge at the week-ends of 6/4 to 6/5. News said it would likely to cause traffic nightmare. "Caltrans is advising motorists to seek alternative routes or take public transportation. BART plans to run trains 24 hours a day." In '409. The payment to China (5/30/06)", I alleged it's a plot to kill my father to arrange a family meeting so Feds could make an arrest in one hit. I think my revelation delayed their plot.

Three months later, in a big secret deal, Feds use that old trick again. Of course the media repeatedly stress out over the 24-hour BART service.

I only wonder how easily Feds manipulate this country. In three months, they twice shut down the Bay Bridge - the second busiest bridge on the globe.

434. 9/2 plot (2) (9/10/06)

Since 9/2 plot was a big plan, the old tactic were all used in this plan to divert public attention.

1. Natural disaster.
Two tropical storm formed in east and west coast in later August. Storm Ernesto hit Florida and Carolinas in later August and went north along the East Coast to Virginia in early September. Hurricane John formed in Pacific, it went north too and finally weakened after landing at Baja California on 9/2. If the framed case going on successfully, I think Ernesto would have developed to a hurricane and causing a big damage in East Coast. Then followed by hurricane John which, instead of landing at Baja California, would have gone north to California of US, made a mess in West Coast. The two consecutive storms could last two more weeks to distract public's attention in their original plan.

The two storms, both weakened around 9/2. I think that's the result of my revelation on 8/30.
(see "432. September plot (8/30/06)).

2. Bird flu.
On 9/2, after silencing for three months, Mercury News had a half page article "Indonesian bird flu victims fled from doctors". It said, "Dowes Ginting, the most wanted man on Sumatra Island, lay dying." , Ginting, watching six of his relatives died one after another in hospital in May, abandoned hospital and fled to the mountains. WHO alleged the cluster death was a human to human case and finally tracked him down. "That night, Girting took for a worse and died."

I don't know if Girting really died of Bird Flu or because he was tracked down. But the date of news coincides with the plot. I think if the framed case went on successfully, the news would have confirmed a start of a worldwide epidemic.

3. Terror attack.
On 9/2, British police raided a Chinese restaurant and arrested 14 Muslim suspects. That's a repeat of recent terror case in UK used to justify a coming US bombing.
On 9/2, a tape of Al Qaida No.2 was released. In the tape, Zawahiri called on Americans to convert to Islam. In the tape, there was also a speech made by an American Al Qaida. His name is Gadahn. He is from California. Closer and closer, Feds real face was exposed. This tape was obviously used to justify a coming California terror attack which was planned to take place in 9/2 plot.

I will say my predict was very correct in #432 - "The framed case planned to break out in September. Maybe as early as 9/2." (see "432. September plot (8/30/06)")

435. Neighbor Chinese (9/15/06)

There are four houses in the lane I live. Three of them once lived by Chinese came from mainland China. (see "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1/02)") One was the tenant who lived in my house and the other one lived in house B. They left in May 2002 after Ashcroft rebuked by the judge of FISA court. They were aliens with green card. Apparently belonged to the category of FISA rule. (Foreign intelligence) But the Chinese live in next door, stayed.

It's a family of three. A couple and a lady in her fifties. They have little social life with others. From my view, they drove car here like a routine to work in an office. When Feds emptied the whole area of North San Jose, what kind of people would they put at your neighbor? Everybody who is not an idiot knows.

In 8/24, when I did the yard work in front door, the lady came to me and gave me a bag of tomatoes, said it was self planted. Then in the following week, the lady visited my house three times. They are going to China in October and buying air tickets from my wife's tour company.

What is their purpose, I don't know. But it is not a good will, I am sure. The sudden repeated visitation of my neighbor after six years' no contact helped me to realize something would happen in September in which Chinese secret police is heavily involved.
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436. Ramsey Benet case and DNA (9/15/06)

In late August Ramsey Benet case was a hot issue in media. At first I wondered how could they arrest John Mark Karr while there was a strong circumstantial evidence that Karr was with his family in Georgia when Jon-Benet died in Colorado. Then the dramatic development of DNA test which cleared Karr from the muder case enabled me to realize it was a show guided by Feds. It was a psychological operation to set up the authority of DNA test .

1. It was a case deliberately picked up to cook for a hot news. Despite there was strong circumstantial evidence that Karr was not the murderer of Jon-Benet, little people noticed that Karr's DNA sample had already been collected by authority.
Re: "Investigators did obtain DNA samples surreptitiously from Karr while he was in Thailand, from his bicycle handle, from a drinking cup and also from a tissue he had used." (Mercury News, 8/30/06 "Ramsey case arrest defended")
They knew Karr was not a suspect of Ramsey Benet case. They still arrested him. Why? To make Karr a celebrity to prove DNA plays a key role in criminal case.

2. The timing was picked up to collaborate another framed case. (9/2 plot)
The unnecessary case was played hot in late August. Here are news little people noticed too:
(1) "Two San Jose lawyers(Jamie Harmon and Patience Van Zandt.) who announced last week they were representing Karr also could not be reached for comment Monday". (Mercury News, 8/29/2006. "Ex-Ramsey suspect faces child porn charges")
(2) "John Mark Karr's new attorney..... San Francisco attorney Rober M. Amparan told Sonoma County Judge that......" ( Mercury News, 9/6/2006, "Former Ramsey suspect seeking speedy porn trial")

When Karr was in Thailand, two San Jose lawyers had voluntarily worked for him. Then on 9/6, we saw it's another lawyer. Where are the original two? Because the 9/2 plot went sour, so it's unnecessary for them to continue that voluntary job any more. San Jose is the city where I live. I think Feds planned an unreasonable search and arrest, then to frame me in some case else by DNA planting. For the 9/2 plot, Feds pre-planting a mind in public that DNA decided everything. To ensure the success of the plot, they even borrowed the famous Ramsey Benet case. They want to assure you that with DNA, they won't wrong an innocent man. On contrary, they also will convict man with DNA. But is DNA really that miracle? I have talked about it before:

Re: I noticed recently in newspaper there's a densely report about rape cases. In which they using DNA cleared several suspects. One was cleared even he had admitted he committed rape crime when he was arrested. It seemed they were going to set up the authorization of DNA test that it could decide everything. But DNA, just like other evidence, can be planted. They can easily collect victim's hair, sperm and plant it like a gun. Especially the victim is under 24 hours surveillance. And all rubbish are in scrutiny. Even dirty water in drainage.
See "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1/02), 86. FISA Secret Court ruling , 346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05) 391. Police arrest and DNA frame (3/10/06)"

437. Manipulate oil price (9/20/2006)

After Bush took the presidency, he created a huge budget deficit, and a huge trade deficit as well. The deficit will cause a big inflation. So Federal Reserve has to raise the interest rate to deal with it. In June 2006, the overnight interest rate was raised to 5.25%. The Federal 10 years treasury bill was 5.25% too. The 30 years fix mortgage rate reached its recent high: 6.93%. Although this rate is still low viewed from history, it touches off a down turn of the real estate market. Because the price of house is stretched too tight that a tiny increase of the mortgage rate will cause a big change.

Feds hold a large quantity of houses in my case, they tried their best to keep the property value. What we saw are: Federal Reserve stops its step to raise the interest rate. Oil price declined. The rate of bonds goes down. So does the mortgage rate. From June to September, the bench mark rate of Federal funds stays at 5.25%. The rate of 10 year treasury note drops to 4.73% from 5.25%. The 30 years mortgage rate is 6.44% now.

Today you only pay 4.73% interest rate for a ten years long term loan but have to pay 5.25% rate for an overnight loan. Does that mean there will be no inflation within ten years? Or even mean there is a deflation? With common sense you know it's impossible as long as the oil price doubled in one year. All these were done by Feds to protect their property value so you saw these strange phenomenon.

1. Oil price.
The result of a big trade deficit is that foreign countries hold a large amount of US dollar. When US has not enough goods or assets to exchange these dollars back, it has to think of a way to make these countries to keep the dollar instead of dumping it. One way is to push up the oil price.

A country which consumes one million barrel of oil a year has to keep 30 million dollars in bank (when oil price is at 30 dollars/ barrel) Then how much should it reserve if the oil price jumped from 30/barrel to 60/barrel? It has to double its dollar reserve to 60 millions. So large amount of dollars were locked up in bank as oil payment (Dollar is the appointed currency in oil trading.)

Now you know why the oil price jumped so high. It is used to solve the deficit problem of US. To delay the US financial crisis. Who benefit from it?
(1) Oil export country.(Though much of them are Islamic countries which US dislike. There is no choice.)
(2) Speculator (mostly oil groups). They bought in large quantity of future contracts in a short period. Say, from 30/bar to 60/bar, the average price paid was 45/bar. Then when the market was steady at 60/bar to 75/bar, they sold it at average of 67.5/bar. Their profit is 22.5/bar.
(3) Federal Reserve and US economy. Federal Reserve can avoid to pay a high interest rate in order to lure the dollar in. US can avoid a financial crises.

The loser is always the average people. They have to take the final cost - a higher gas price.

But it's a double side sword. High oil price will also cause inflation to force the rising of interest rate. When it endangers real estate market, then we saw a dramatic decline of oil price. (from 75/bar/Aug 3 to 60/bar/Sept 19, a 20% decline in 6 weeks.) After all, the interest of Feds, is above everything else.

To keep in mind that when the oil price went up this year, it's not that oil supply was in shortage. And when the oil price drops recently, it's not that there is less demand. It's not a market economy any more. It's an artificial manipulating market.

Greenspan knew it. But he could only say what he was allowed to say.
Quote, "The former Fed chief also detailed how investors, rather than users of oil, have come to set the price of oil through purchasing futures contracts."

438. Deal to save real estate market (9/25/06)

2. Manipulate interest rate of mortgage loan and 10 years treasury note.
The most important factor to influence the housing market are the interest rate of mortgage loan and 10 years treasury note. Feds try their best to lure investors to buy US bond. The rate of mortgage loan drops after the decline of the rate of 10 years treasury note. But there is a big deficit in US foreign trade. To ask foreigners to invest on a weak dollar, you have to give them incentives. Here are the incentives(or payment) to the three big buyers of US treasury notes.

1. Japan.
To release its political and military power. New Premier of Japan likely will change the Pacific Constitution which US Occupation troop has compelled on Japan after World War II.

US let Japanese auto makers selling more car in the country. There used to be a compromise in market share between US and Japan. But this time Japanese car broaden its market share in large scale without a hitch. The result is that Ford and GM had to close dozen of its factory and lay off tens of thousands of workers. Toyota will replace GM to be the No.1 auto maker in the world next year.

439. The exchange rate of Chinese currency (9/30/06)

China has kept the exchange rate of its currency against dollar for more than ten years. The undervalue of Yuen lowers the cost of Chinese products. It created a huge trade deficit for US. That deficit surpassed $200 billions last year. Many economists said that made US losing millions of job opportunity. But to raise the Yuen's value will cause an inflation in US since now so many merchandise are imported from China. That would force the interest rate going upwards. Feds wouldn't allow such thing happening. So China could stick to its fixed exchange rate.

China did raise Yuen's value by 2.1% on 7/21/2005. It coincided to second London bombing. Obviously it was part of Feds' plan in their framing case. The framing case went soured, and further revaluation of Chinese currency postponed.

This March, the huge trade deficit against China caused an angry storm in Capital Hill. A bipartisan bill to slap a 27.5% tariff on all Chinese products would be proposed if China kept on manipulating the currency. But at the end of March, the plans for the bill dropped. Sen.Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham, the most relentless critics of China announced cease fire. They said they would revive the bill in September if the condition not improved.
The interest of US had to give way to the interest of Feds.

Today is the last day of September. Yuen climbs up 1% and something since then. Far from the 25% to 30% revaluation the senators want. Where is the tariff bill and the voice of lawmakers? None is heard. Because the home prices dropped in August - the first year-over-year decline since 1995. So go away tariff bill. Go away trade deficit. (Even if China likely will swell its trade surplus a 20% this year) Feds need help.

There is a historical current account deficit and trade deficit for US. Oil price has doubled this year. The inflation and high interest rate is unavoidable. Yet the interest rate of 10 year treasury note drops to 4.6%. Compare with the 5.25% of overnight federal fund rate, It's absolutely abnormal. Another strange thing is, I saw rare media reporting any explanation for this absurd phenomenon. Economists have no idea what it is. I here offer people a window how Feds manipulate all these. For their interest in real estate market, they abuse their power to make a mess in economy. As everything is tightened to the extreme point, US is facing a depression.

(There is a lot of harassment these days in internet. I try to post as usual. If you don't see my message on time, either it was censored or worse, something evil happened. Which will come with distraction of big events.)

440. October surprise (10/5/06)

Foely sex scandal; the cover up trouble of Hastert; Rice was pre-warned of 911 attack .... All happened years ago but surge in this October. It's a blackmail. Demos have no ability to do so. The master mind is the Inside Group. They control media and intelligence. When CIA come out to prove they have warned Condoleezza Rice about the coming terror attack two months before 911, we saw the result of the Port Goss' resignation 4 months ago. GOP lost the control of CIA. It now becomes a weapon against themselves.

What do they want this time? A law to expand their police power? (warrantless surveillance), control of DOD? (replace Rumsfelt), or bigger, war on Iran.

They need the approval of Capital Hill on all of these. Republicans control the House and the Senate. So the people having trouble this time are all GOP.

Though media says Demo will win in Mid-term election, it is a propaganda. To put more pressure on GOP, to squeeze more concession from them.

So probably there will be an October surprise. Another terror attack in US, (likely a dirty bomb attack) to justify another war. Like what 911 has done. Thus, GOP will still remain in control. Anyhow, the inside group prefers a war-loving Party.

The October surprise will be a big event, a nice distract for a framed case. I received a letter from an inspecting company in the end of September. It says they are authorized by my insurance company to inspect my house (exterior) in next few weeks. That I should examine the photo ID of their representative if I am home. I think it is part of Feds' October plan. I have my fire policy with that insurance company for 20 years. This is the first time they request an inspection. Feds know I am home all the time. They have no problem to have any ID. The inspecting company may belong to an Inspecting Bureau.

Not a coincidence, my wife is arranged for a China tour between 10/10 to 10/18. Her last tour was in later September last year when a big framed case had been arranged on 9/24/05.
Though she cooperated with Feds she had been planned to death in each framed case.

Beware of an October surprise.
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441. Missing magazine and the drug dog (10/10/06)

When I found Feds tried to perform an unreasonable search and arrest by claiming they found drug trace in drain water, I had to take sponge bath and washing clothes by hands so I could splash the water on the ground to avoid a planting. (see "408. Unusual rain and blackmail on DA (5/25/06) 424. An unprecedented heat wave (7/30/06)")

I think they did so because they really could find some trace of drugs in drainage water. Where did that trace come from? I knew there are three contaminated sources. One is in the attic. The other one is in the garage. I think so because the Feds tried to get into these two places by disguising as roof contractor and garage door contractor. The third source is a fitness-exerciser. Someone gave it to my daughter on 12/2 last year. (see "363. A day to day persecution (12/7/05)") She put it at her room. Thus she became a spreader of drug trace although she herself is unaware of it. She polluted the bathroom; sitting room; chairs; sofa...... and the rest people in the house all contaminated by it.

In later September and early October, I heard bark in my neighborhood which I have never heard before. Feds moved the dog in nearby my house, I thought.

I read newspaper. I cut down interesting news and stick them on old magazine. Last week I found the sticking magazine was missing. It was replaced by some other new magazine. Where did the book go? I always put it in same place. Recalling the bark in my neighborhood, I suddenly aware this time the Feds planned to search and arrest by sniffing dog. To make sure the dog would charge at my hands, they got a magazine which is heavy with the smell of my finger. I worked on that magazine every week.

This is how Feds to frame a case. Let a drug dog charge not on drug smell, but on the victim's hand smell. To avoid such a frame, I stay at home for two weeks so far. I am afraid the Feds will do something big in October.

North Korea had a nuclear bomb test two days ago. There is no reason Bush administration was not aware of it in advance. They need it. A North Korea nuclear test plus a dirty bomb attack in US will give Bush a full justification to nuke another "axis of evil" - Iran.

Feds prepare for it for a long time. At first they arrested Padilla on "dirty bomb" plot. Then we saw it in "Boston dirty bomb" case last year. It was not that they had no will to do it. It was because they had no chance. All the "dirty bomb cases" were revealed and went soured.
442. Lidle's air crash in New York.(10/15/06)

The "passport" event made me think this is a designed case.

1. Timing. This is October, one month before mid-term election. Bush administration is losing the confidence of public. More people believe 9/11 was a government inside job. This administration will do something big to keep the control of the senate and the Congress.

2. Motive. To cover up a 9/11 flaw. Many people thought 9/11 leader Atta's passport was a plant. This case repeats the event to convince people that a passport survive from an impact and a huge fire is common. But do you bring your passport with you when you have a domestic travel? A drive license is enough for such a tour. Both Atta and Lidle took a domestic travel.

There might be a slim chance for the survival of the passport if Atta and Lidle put their passport on the pilot deck instead of put it in their pocket or in the travel bags. But have you ever seen people behave in such way?

3. A small plane is easier to handle then a big commercial air plane. Its speed is much slower than a commercial plane. To turn around a plane should be a basic operation for a pilot. How could a pilot with one year experience and a fly instructor not know it? A mistake impossible to take place.

4. Purpose of the plot. The accident resembles 9/11. In election time, to remind people of the terror attack happened 5 years ago. Bush is said doing nothing good but having only led in poll that he is tough against terrorist. (though the terror attack were activated by his own group in the name of terrorists)

The accident is a psychological operation to help GOP in coming election.

5. Another possible purpose is to justify a coming terror attack. There is reason for Bush group to organize another terror attack to keep grabbing the control of Capital Hill. So if such an attack happens, government will say, see, for a small plane, we can hardly do anything on it. Or, more likely, they shoot down the "perpetrator's plane" and declare a victory against terrorists. All words are from an unilateral side. Because in all these cases, so said "terrorists" were dead. (911 attack, Madrid bombing, London bombing) That's why the media prefer "suicide bombing " report. How easy is it? Just employ a poverty, tell him to deliver a bag to the target area. Plant a remote control bomb inside the bag. Then a "suicide bombing" is done. Or create a "terror cell" by its informant.

6. For a broad influence, a celebrity used to be chosen. So people will set their eyes on it. Unfortunately, Lidle was chosen in this case.

We can see same tactic was used in Michael Jackson case. Michael Jackson was arrested the same day when Bush visited London. It was used to distract public's attention from the humiliation of Bush. Bush met with a historical big protest of British people in London for his war crime that day.

We also can see it in recent Karr's case. Intelligence applied Jon Ramsey Benet

case on Kar to attract attention all over the country. Kar was freed on DNA evidence. The purpose of the case is to convince people that DNA is decisive in the case. For the propaganda, they borrowed famous Jon Ramsey Benet case.

7. The possible method in this accident.

We know drone is largely used in Afghan war and Iraq war. The news once reported Bin Laden was killed in a drone's missile attack. The remote control skill is now a popular technique.

911 attack was practiced in this way. So did in the Lidle's tragedy.
The only thing they had done was to install a remote control kit inside the Lidle's plane. Once the plane was in the air, what they did was to cut the manual control and let the remote control kit take over the pilot.

Whatever Lidle and the flight instructor try to do resulted nothing. They had to eye their plane flying to the building. They even couldn't escape by emergent kit because they lost control of the plane.

8. The biggest question here is: How could these Arabic flight school students so accurately pilot those modern, high speed, complex commercial planes to their targets (Remember that none was missing the target) while a pilot with one year experience along with a flight school instructor couldn't handle a small, easy handling plane?
Quote, "Stephen M. St. John

Precursors to Remote-Controlled Flights of 9/11?
Tue May 2, 2006 18:17

The 9/11 Commissioners ignored indications of remote control piloting of the jets of 9/11 brought forward by retired Army Colonel Donn de Grand Pre (among others), who had convened within days of 9/11 a meeting of military, commercial and civilian aviators and experts. Their conclusions, which De Grand Pre reported to the highest levels of the Pentagon, were that the jets of 9/11 could not possibly have been flown the way they were flown by Arab flight students and that the best explanation for these flights was that they were flown by remote control during the peak activities of multiple NORAD drills.

http:/ /disc.serv er.com/dis cussion.cg i?disc=149 495;articl e=100918;t itle=APFN;pagemark=40 <http ://disc.se rver.com/d iscussion. cgi?disc=1 49495;arti cle=100918 ;title=APF N;pagemark=40>

443. October surprise (2) (10/20/06)

For the mid-term election, to keep Bush's war party in bench, the Inside Group may have planned a big "terror attack".

1. The dirty bomb attack. The nuclear test in North Korea was not a coincidence. US may manipulate N. Korea through China. In my previous messages you know the secret police of China and US having a close collaboration.

The dirty bomb attack, not only will help Bush's party in coming election, but also justify a new Mid-east war - Bombing Iran.

2. A bio-attack. In October, there was a news said that FBI scientist Douglas Beecher thought the anthrax used in September - October 2001 attack "were not prepared using advanced techniques and additives to make them more lethal". That "A clever high school student" could make such a preparation, according to Ronald Atlas, former president of the American Society for Microbiology and co-director of the Center for Hearlth hazards Preparedness at the University of Louisville.

Combine with the "discovery of Lidle's passport" event, it reveals that FBI start a mission to cover up the flaws they made in "9/11 attack" and tried to "solve" it by scapegoat. So another bio-attack may happen too in this October.

The Lidle's small plane air crash in New York was not a coincidence, too. It was a psychological operation to pre-plant the mind of American people that a small plane attack is hard to prevent.

The dirty bomb attack or bio-attack may be carried out by small plane. All they have to do is to install a dirty bomb and remote control kit in a training plane. Then instruct a "terror cell" member to take a flight lesson. The rest we saw in Lidle's case. Of course, before the "terror cell" join the flight school, he must take an oath about "jihad" or loyal to Al Qaida or something like that. Which will later be discovered as a convenient evidence the way we are now so familiar with. Either by finding a passport in street, a plan in his laptop computer, or a tape mailed to Al Jazzera.....

26 years ago, there had been an October surprise. A secret deal made between Bush Sr. and Iran in Paris. Iran would keep on detaining the 52 American Embassy hostages to humiliate Demo President candidate Jimmy Carter to guarantee GOP's victory of 1980 presidency campaign. As promised, Iranians released the hostages on the inauguration day of Reagan and Bush Sr. What was the payment? Arms and weapons which Iran needed. Which was later known as "Iran - Contra" scandal. Oliver North became a scapegoat in that case. The story government told people was that CIA selling weapons to Iran to exchange money to support anti-Contra movement in Latin America.

But do you believe that CIA was so poor that it had to sell weapons to its enemy for money? How could they pick up one of the biggest enemies - Iran as buyer when there were so many other buyers?

26 years ago they bribed our enemy to detain American hostages for the power of presidency. 5 years ago they killed Americans in the name of "terrorists" in order to have war in Middle-east. Now, for the war on Iran and the power of the Houses, what things can't they do?

Don't be blinded by the show of "hostility of North Korea". North Korea is as hostile as Iran to US. If the Inside Group could make secret deal with Iran then, why not with North Korea this time?

444. Surveillance warrant by link to "foreign account" (10/25/06)

My father in law and my wife had a joint account in Mr. Wang's securities company in Hongkong. (They are relatives). After the death of my father in law, that account became an individual account of my wife's.

In March this year, for the first time my wife filed the tax return through an accountant company. They filed the return without my consent. I found the dividend income of the HongKong securities company was not reported. Obviously this was manipulated by the Feds. It was a mistake a professional accountant shouldn't make. At that time, I only thought it was a trap of "income underreport". (see: "395. A sudden trip and the tax return trap (3/30/06)")

Then my wife stopped to deposit her paycheck into our joint account which is used to pay the utility bill. When that bank account dropped to the bottom in June, I had to cancel one of my life insurance and borrowed the money from another one to pay the bill. At that time, I only thought the Feds tried to block me financially. (see: "414. Finance sanction and life insurance (6/20/06)")

Early this month, I received a letter from IRS. It said it was done by computer. The computer found two missing parts in form "Report of foreign bank and financial accounts": 1. The account number and 2. My signature. At night, I told my wife I need a copy of the "IRS document". The development was astonishing. Within minutes, my wife went into her room, dressed well and ready to leave. "Where are you going so later at night?" I asked. It was 11 p.m. She said she was visiting someone. Seeing her departing with the "IRS document" at hand, I realized it was the Hongkong account caused trouble.

I studied the "IRS letter". The notice apparently was done by Feds, not by computer. Because there was other blank area neglected. A computer wouldn't make such a mistake - do a selective request. What was the deliberately neglected column? It was "26. Does the filer have a financial interest in this account?" It was my wife's money so if I am the filer, I should tick "no". That would against the Feds' will. So the "computer" neglected it. If I had signed the paper, then I would become a joint owner of that securities account. I filed report for years, the number of the securities account was always left blank because there was none. I asked my wife about it, her reply was "there is no account number". And there was never a trouble with IRS for missing account number before.
I recalled the previous cases and realized the Feds try to link me to that HongKong securities account though they knew it is my wife's. I am under surveillance all the time. For most time, it is illegal. To get a formal warrant they have to connect me to something illegal. I think Feds have turned Mr. Wang's securities company into a "terrorist financial institution" already. Mr. Wang is one of their target. (see: "392. 12/2 plot to murder Mr. Wang Yi Hong (3/15/06)") To turn a firm into a "terrorist one" is easy. Many "terrorist groups" are controlled by the Feds. Let one member of a "terrorist group" open an account in securities company, then a "terrorist" related financial firm was created.

To link me to that account, they dried my bank account. Feds wished me to take cash from that Hongkong securities account so they could apply a warrant on me. They always thought unilaterally. But it is my wife's money. I won't touch it. I borrowed from insurance contract fund.

I hadn't sign the IRS paper yet that night when I showed the paper to my wife. The surveillance team was so eager to get it that they thought it was signed when I told my wife "copy it" and ordered her to bring the document to them immediately. The midnight drama enabled me to realize the plot. I fill the form, make it clear that it's an individual account of my wife's.

Today mail-man took the letter. I used to mail it by certified post. But I dare not to these days. I am afraid of a bombing.

445. Dirty bomb attack (10/30/06)

In early October, the step down of GOP House leader - Hastert, was a hot issue. There was also a newly released information that Condoleeza Rice was briefed twice of the coming attack two months before 9/11/2001 which also could have become a hot issue in election time. Then, all these issues fade off from the media. That is unusual in election time. Why?
Those issues were used by the Inside Group to extort Bush and his Republican government to expand the Mid-East war - an attack on Iran. For this war, they have prepared a justification - another "terror attack" on US which resembles 9/11. I revealed their plot in advance.

Bush administration is willing to follow the order of the Inside Group. Only their plot was alerted. A revealed plot is a soured plot. That was not their fault. So the extortion is unnecessary any more. Now Hastert plays well in his stage; and no more word about government pre-knowledge of 9/11 attack.

I think I was very correct to alert people that "So probably there will be an October surprise. Another terror attack in US, (likely a dirty bomb attack) to justify another war." (see "440. October surprise (10/5/06)")
The plot:

On 10/9, North Korea had a nuclear test.

On 10/11, Lidle's small plane crashed to a sky-rise in New York.

On 10/12, a warning of dirty bomb attack was posted in internet which claimed seven NFL football stadiums will be hit with radiological "dirty bombs". (That warning was reported one week later by media, the news on 10/21 said it was a hoax. )

On 10/15, media reported FBI raising questions over anthrax case five years later.

I don't think it was a coincidence that all of these happened at this time. The "dirty bomb hoax" could become true if the plot was not alerted in advance. The big casualty could give Bush an excuse to bomb Iran's nuclear plant.

On 10/26, the KTSF Chinese TV reported such a news that China arrested two North Koreans whom tried to sell ** gram of Uranium. (The news was not seen in other media, though) It will justify the source of dirty bomb if the attack happens.

There were conflict report about North Korea. One said N. Korea apologized to China and assured there were no second nuclear test. One said the busy test site means a second test is possible. It may reflect the conflict psycho of the Inside Group. They manipulate N. Korea through China. N. Korea did the test to the secret deal. The Inside Group has to make a payment. For not waste that payment, the plot may go on. So be careful with the "dirty bomb" or "anthrax attack'. Otherwise how can they explain if GOP still keep the control of Houses of Congress after election?
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446. A candidate of the Feds (11/5/06)

In early September last year, when I received a letter from the councilmember Chuck Reed which offered a free dumping on 9/24, I realized he works for the Feds. Collaborated with the clean request from the Homeowner Association, I think it was a framed case of the Feds intended to claim they found drug trace in rubbish. (see: "342. Homeowner Association again (9/12/05)")

Then I found Chuck Reed is a councilman represents my area. As I have observed that Feds bought most residential houses in my area and moved in the agents and their accessories as residents, no wonder a man of their own was elected.

That's not enough. They want the seat of San Jose Mayor. For it, they arraigned Mayor Gonzales for bribery. It is a ridiculous charge. To avoid a strike, Gonzales privately promised the garbage company a compensation. That compensation proposal of the garbage company was approved by the city council later. So the only flaw was Gonzalez hadn't told the council he made a promise in advance. (The compensation was proved necessary later by the council) That is not a bribery. But Mayor Gonzales was indicted "bribe" because "a third party was benefited" (the union got a pay raise) although he was not personally benefited. (see: "416. Big framed case (2)(6/30/06)")

Now let's see what kind of a councilmember Chuck Reed is. Two months ago he was revealed to tap taxpayers for gifts, group fees.

Quote, "Among expenses are political donations, life memberships". "Chuck Reed has charged city taxpayers for such things as his life membership in veterans organizations, donations to tsunami relief and cancer walks, and even his contributions to two political committees." (Mercury News)

After the revelation that he spends taxpayer's money to help himself, Reed said he would reimburse the city about $38,000 that he has billed to taxpayers but offered no apologize.

Chuck Reed now is said the most hopeful candidate for San Jose Mayor. One poll said he leads over his opponent by double digits. He is supported by local media Mercury News. In my community which I think most residents are agents and informants, I saw three campaign boards. All are for Chuck Reed. There is no surprise. Feds has all the resources. They control media, politicians and government offices.

But how could they indict a Mayor of "bribery" simply because a third party was benefited - a union got their pay raised? While at same time, a dirty councilmember - he has personally benefited by tapping on taxpayer's money - will be selected as Mayor?

The word "bribe" is overturned here in San Jose. US is no more a democratic country. It is a covert totalitarian. It is ruled by secret society - a Mafia like Feds - DOJ, FBI and DEA. They abuse their power to charge others but do whatever they want in same category. They send their own candidate to the control position: Bush as president;
Arnold as California Governor and Chuck Reed as San Jose Mayor.

This is how the Inside group rules the US: They pick up politicians by rigged election. (control intelligence) And justify the election by poll. (control media.)

447. Dirty bomb and Iran war (11/10/06)

I believe Bush administration has planned a dirty bomb attack on US and with which as justification he'll bomb Iran's nuclear plant.

1. 9/21. Quote, "Karl Rove Promises October Surprise
Ronald Kessler Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006

WASHINGTON -- In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an "October surprise" to help win the November congressional elections.


2. 10/9. North Korea had a nuclear test.

10/9.(?) Debka reports that three US naval strike groups will be in the Persian Gulf opposite Iran.

3. 10/12. A warning of dirty bomb attack was posted in internet which claimed seven NFL football stadiums will be hit with radiological "dirty bombs".

4. 10/21. Three US naval task forces grouped on the sea opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf

Quote, "The American Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group joins US build-up opposite Iran

October 23, 2006 Debka

Tuesday, Oct. 17, the Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group steamed into the Persian Gulf to join the US naval, air and marine concentration piling up opposite Iran's shores.

The Iwo Jima group is now cruising 60 km from Kuwait off Iran's coast. As DEBKAfile and DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported exclusively two weeks ago, three US naval task forces will be in place opposite Iran in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea by October 21. The other two are the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and the USS Enterprise Strike Group.

http:/ /www.globa lresearch. ca/index.p hp?context =viewArtic le&code=20 061023&articleId=3575 <http ://www.glo balresearc h.ca/index .php?conte xt=viewArt icle&code= 20061023&a rticleId=3575>

5. 10/26. TV news reported that China arrested two North Koreans whom tried to sell ** gram of Uranian.

6. 11/4. Taiwan's pro-independence president Chen is accused of embezzlement and faces a pressure of resignation.

Quote, "Taiwan's president implicated

His wife, aides are charged in corruption case

Public prosecutors indicted Chen's wife and two former aides Friday on charges of embezzling money from a secret diplomatic fund under Chen's control. Chen himself cannot be indicted while in office." (By Joseph Kahn New Your Times 11/4/06)

N.Korea's nuclear test and the arrest of two N. Koreans who tried to sell small amount of Uranian, plus planned dirty bomb attack in US would give Bush an excuse to attack Iran's nuclear site. It was done in collaboration with China. In early November, China got its payment. One of its most hated - the president of Taiwan: Chen Shui-Bian - was in big trouble. He faces an impeachment in legislature.

One thing ridiculous is: The nuclear test was in North Korea. Kim threatened a war with the US. Should US have its naval strike force gathered at the Sea of Japan instead of the Persian Gulf? I put a missing ring here: A dirty bomb attack is planned to take place in US. That's something Bush expected to see in his crystal ball. That was why he moved US fleet into Mid-east in advance.

Rove failed his promise of an October surprise. I think due to my revelation. I myself is one target of their's. For more than a month, I tried to stay at home to avoid a bombing. To cover up a bombing in North San Jose, the plot planned massive attacks. (seven NFL football stadiums will be hit, according to the 10/12 warning) Although election is over, the possiblility of "terror attack" is still there. Because the target of Feds is still there.

448. Highway 680 pass-over bridge was a bomb target (11/15/06)

There is a small shopping center near my residence. There is an oriental super market there, plus some small stores. Since Feds moved a lot of Vietnamese informants in my area, the owner of these stores are almost all Vietnamese. Though it is the nearest food shop, I tried not to buy food there because I encountered most poisoned food there. I would rather walk 20 to 40 minutes to other markets where the food is less poisoned.
In later September, a food advertisement caught my eye. It was from a supermarket I often went. The food priced low were the food I used to buy. "Do they prepare the poisoned food for me?" I thought at first. Then, the Rove's "October surprise" news reminded me there might be a "terror bombing" planned. The supermarket located at the cross of Capital Ave. and Hostetter Rd. where Highway 680 passes through. I have to go underneath the pass-over of Highway 680 to that super market. However reluctant it is, it more or less can give Feds a justification that a Highway pass-over is a target of "Al Qaida". On 10/5, I wrote #440 to warn there might be a "dirty bomb" attack.

In October, I only went to the small shopping center near my house. In mid October, there was a RV parked along the road opposite to the entrance of that oriental food market. It distributed free booklet for Buddhism. It parked there for a week and so, never intervened by police or the land owner. I have experience that Feds used to use RV as temporary surveillance station. Then several times I saw big 40 feet container parked at the road side or in the parking lot. It was a small shopping center. A 40 feet container was very conspicuous. This was something I never saw before. Compare with the news:"The bombs, according to the posting, would be delivered to the stadiums in trucks." ("Dirty bomb' threat doubted" Mercury news, 10/19) Obviously the Feds tried to warn me, "this place is monitored, will be bombed". The purpose was to push me to the other market where a real bomb trap has been set up.

The intimidation pushed me to write "443. October surprise (2) (10/20/06)" and "445. Dirty bomb attack (10/30/06)"

After the election day, was the operation of October surprise over? At the night of 11/9, I went out to the street to have a look. Feds used to keep one or two cars patrolled the street around my house, 24 hours, I think.

That night at 9:10, to my surprise, there were five. The surveillance intensified, because my revelation disturbed their Iran war plan? I went out several times that night to see how these agents operated. Each time, Feds called for 2 or three cars coming. Those agents, or support group, live nearby but have a fake cover up house in my community. Once called, they quickly came, pretending return home. At 9:30, there came an agent whose cover up house is opposite my lane. He drove his Ford truck, passed his house but not stopped, slowly passed me. I watched his car. At the cross road, he made a U-turn, came back and parked his car at the side where I stood. He came to me, asking a question, tried to start a talk with me. I told him I knew what kind of a man he was.

"What am I?" he asked. I really had no mood to talk to the man who monitored me for more than 10 years. So let him go on his solo. Agents used to turn a smiling face to their victims, but I know there is an evil will behind the mask. I was disgust to talk with him. He at last left for his "house".

What kind of man is he? He belongs to a "tire" team which having a tire company as cover up. Though the members later have different jobs as cover up. Their headquarter was at the next lane of mine. His cover up house is cross street, opposite my lane. The B-house Vietnamese in my lane worked with this team, once I observed.

Next day on 11/10, the man came into my lane, stood at my daughter's car, watched inside to write down some information. It was a provocation. I didn't say a word to him. He left when I took out a camera. Of course, he was ordered to do so.
Today, 11/15, a RV is parked opposite my lane. A psycho show off? Persecution intensified.

449. Harassing in internet (11/20/06)

My revelation of dirty bomb attack is very correct. Feds not only increased the patrolling car around my house, they also blocked me to access to many web sites in internet. In some sites, my thread was missing. When I tried to find it by "search", the page turned out was aimed at me. Here are some intimidation obviously from the surveillance team:

"Not Found

The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it." http://forums.caller.com/cgi-bin/

" you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

The search feature has been turned off at this time for non-contributing members due to server load. If it becomes possible to turn this on in the future for all members then we will do so. "

Yesterday(11/19), I posted " 447. Dirty bomb and Iran war (11/10/06)" in a thread in halflife.com forum. Ten minutes later, I went back to that thread and found the whole article was missing. Instead there was a sentence "You bore me" which was not written by me. The Feds doesn't want people know the truth. They even replaced my article with their own words and made it look like written by me.

Today I went there and found #447 was deleted once again. This time he left with his name.

The page: "You bore me." (sentence left by someone who deleted the message 447)

This is not my words. My original post was changed in minutes. By surveillance team, I think. (my comment when I refill #447)
COMRADE: Nope, edited by me - I find it amusing. (Comrade Badger made a second delete and admit the words was left by him. )
I heart the FBI
Last edited by ComradeBadger : Yesterday at 09:33 PM.

450. Next plot (11/20/06)

Feds always attack people in the name of "terrorist". The tactic they used to use are: 1. Local terror cell such like in the cases of "Miami terror cell", "New York tunnel bombing". 2. Al Qaida warning. In each plot we always heard the threat from Bin Laden, or his vice Zawahiri. Al Jazeera did the work to broadcast their tape. 3. Terror attack in Britain. It started from last year. We saw 7/7/05 London bombing; 7/21/05 London bombing; 2006 August liquid bomb event.

2006 October surprise plot was a new invention. The role was the nuclear test of North Korea. One interesting phenomenon was in that period the other three traditional evil factor: local terror cell; Al Qaida and Britain terror story were all in vacation. Not a word was heard about them in US mid-term election. Because this time the guy on duty was N. Korea.

On 11/7, election was over. The shift for N. Korea was over. Was the dirty bomb and Iran war plan over too? It seems not.

On 11/10, Israel said it might strike Iran. The mid-east war is for the security of Israel. When puppet Bush failed to carry out an "October surprise". His master may do it by himself.

Quote, "Israel official: Strike on Iran possible

By AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer

Fri Nov 10, 12:17 PM ET

The deputy defense minister suggested Friday that Israel might be forced to launch a military strike against Iran's disputed nuclear program - the clearest statement yet of such a possibility from a high-ranking official.


At same time, on 11/10, Al Qaida and British intelligence came back to the stage again.

Quote, "Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, officials warn
Vikram Dodd, Tuesday November 14, 2006, The Guardian

The warning comes after a speech last week by the foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, on the terrorist threat facing the UK, and a rare public outing for Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, who warned that there were at least 30 active plots to attack Britain."
To bomb Iran's nuclear site needs a big excuse. Nothing will do it except a dirty bomb attack (or even a nuclear attack) Beware of a "Christmas surprise". The bombing gift will come from your own government but packaged in the sheet of "terrorist".
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble understanding the posts of Kathusung?

Are they really that obscure, or is it just more psy op disinfo?

In the end, it's not the words of your enemies you will remember, but the silence of your friends. Martin Luther King
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

redadare wrote:
Is it just me, or does anyone else have trouble understanding the posts of Kathusung?

Are they really that obscure, or is it just more psy op disinfo?

I see them as burying other posts and have been noticing it for a long time.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

451. The death of former Russian spy (11/25/06)

Ex-KGB spy Litvinenko died in London on 11/23. He said Kremlin poisoned him. Litvinenko is a traitor of Russia. Russia has motive to kill him. That's the foundation Litvinenko's accusation based on. But I think in different way. The reason:

1. Government rarely do such high profile murder case. Politically it hurts more than being benefited. An unilateral murder like this one would cause serious diplomatic problem between two countries.

2. Such murder used to be done in cross secret deal between the secret police of the two countries.

3. Litvinenko defected in 1990's. There is little intelligence value left for him for the Western. He is a sacrifice in secret deal. Litvinenko and another defector - Lt. Benlenko had a common lot. There is a strong similarity in their poison case. Re: "The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. ....Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them. See "186. Slow poison (12/6/03)"" Litvinenko was poisoned by rare metal. He is hairless too.

5. I think he is part of a secret deal. The deal is to justify a dirty bomb, (or even a nuclear bomb). There was such a deal in October. (N. Korea nuclear test and later China arrested two N. Koreans for selling small amount of Uranium.) The deal failed after my revelation. Russia now replaces the role of N.Korea. Russia will play the role of the source of the radioactive material (or even a nuclear bomb).

6. The payment to Russia is WTO and the life of one defector.

Re: "US deal lets Russia join WTO
By Andrew E. Kramer and Edmund L. Andrews
New York Times November 11, 2006

Moscow - Officials in Washington and Moscow reached an agreement in principle for Russia to join the WTO. "

7. The purpose of the deal is to justify a radioactive bombing on Western so Bush can start another Mid-east war - bombing Iran's nuclear site.

8. Litvinenko's case is used to cover up the planned "nuclear terror bombing ". It told public in advance: see, we have a conflict. The bombing plot was not a collaborate work planned by us.

9. If Litvinenko was poisoned on 11/1 as he alleged , then after weeks of medical treatment, he should have got better. Poison used to excreted after several days. What Litvinenko encountered with seems to be a continuing poisoning. His situation suddenly worsened and died on 11/23.

10. Why choosing 11/23? Because it will bring the cover up function into play to its best. I think Feds planned the "nuclear terror attack" day on 11/24. It is the "Black Friday" when the Christmas shopping season starts. An attack on shopping mall will cause large casualty which will give the full justification for Bush to bomb Iran.
The Inside Group had tasted the sweet by attacking people in 911. With which they started war in Afghan and Iraq.
They want to use same tactic to start war in Iran. "October surprise" aimed at the audience of seven NFL football stadiums. "November surprise" (I call it December surprise in #450) aimed at the Christmas shopping customers on Black Friday.
The principle originates from a government plan done 40 years ago:"Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation." (Quote from Northwoods Operation)

452. The source of radioactive material (11/30/06)

My warning of dirty bomb attack done by the rogue part of our government is very correct. I could feel it from the heavy internet harassment after I posted the messages. In many sites, they changed the page format, thus my old thread disappeared. (see #499)
I was even blocked to post in my own home page for 5 days. I am also blocked to post in some big forum sites such like NewYork Times' forum, and google's. The page said,
"Action canceled
Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested. The page might be temporarily unavailable."
The "temporarily unavailable" lasts 5 days until now. I don't think for a big company like google could allow it happens in this way. I think it only applies on me as one site had said, "the server has been instructed not to let you have it."
Anyway the problem also delivered a message that my revelation was so true that they don't want others to know it.

Re: "Radiation Traces Found on British Airways Jets
Investigators Widen Search for Clues in Ex-Spy's Death
LONDON (Nov. 29)

Authorities grounded three British Airways jetliners in London and Moscow on Wednesday and drew up plans to contact thousands of passengers.
High doses of polonium-210 - a rare radioactive element usually manufactured in specialized nuclear facilities - were found in Litvinenko's body, and traces of radiation have been found at sites in London connected with the investigation of his death. http://art icles.news .aol.com/n ews/_a/rad iation-tra ces-found- on-british /200611291 40409990006
The story of contaminated British Airways plane (11/29) proves my analysis on 11/25 is very correct. "Russia now replaces the role of N.Korea. Russia will play the role of the source of the radioactive material (or even a nuclear bomb)."
Once a dirty bomb attack occurs, how easy it is to solve the source of radioactive material. The Feds try to make it a perfect "terror attack" from enemy not from government insiders.
Here I'd also like to give an analysis why the Feds are so eager to arrange the source of the tools in "terror attack". Do you still remember the "anthrax attack:" happened five years ago? The anthrax was identified as military weapon grade from defense bio-lab. FBI can not or dare not to resolve the case because it was done by government insiders. For that, FBI has to take the blame of incompetence. (Recently, we saw FBI tried to finish the case by claiming that "military grade" anthrax could be prepared by "clever high school student". see "443. October surprise (2) (10/20/06)")
That's why Feds made secret deals with China, N.Korea, Russia to settle the source problem in advance. They don't want to be tangled in that embarrassment again as they are in anthrax case.

453. November Surprise (12/5/06)

About two years ago, my daughter had bought a pocket size digital camcorder for 99 dollars. It was a rare bargain then. I thought it was a special deal Feds gave to its support group members. I had no chance to buy one like that at same price.
About one year ago, I learned my daughter preferred a new style digital camera to that video recorder. I offered to buy that old one. She hesitated. One day later, she agreed. It once puzzled me for a while. I think my daughter was manipulated by Feds. How could they agree to let me have a tool which would be used to record their action?
The puzzle didn't last long. The camcorder played well when I tested it. Then when I replaced the battery, I found the new battery wore out within minutes. I thought someone shorted the circuit. It made the camcorder virtually not workable.
Last month before Thanksgiving day, I saw the pocket size digital camcorder in advertisement again. The price is around 99 dollars, still the same as it was two years ago. I also saw it was on the advertisement of Albertsons. Albertsons is a food chain store. Electronics device is not its merchandise. The paper said, "Three days only". That is Nov. 24 to 26. I thought it was also the action date of Rove's "November surprise".
Since I found the shopping center at the cross of N.Capital Ave and Hostetter Rd. might become the bombing target of Feds, (see "448. Highway 680 pass-over bridge was a bomb target (11/15/06)") the other shopping center I could go was the one located at the cross of Landess Ave. and Morrill Ave. The food store there was Albertsons. I think one of the targets of the November dirty bomb attack was that shopping center. Feds knew I was alert on the other store so they tried to lure me to the Albertsons by something I was eager for.
The date of former Russian spy's sudden death (11/23) proved my opinion. It was planned to be followed by dirty bomb attack the next day. (11/24 the Black Friday) It would increase public's panic against the radioactive material. It would justify the source of radioactive material used in dirty bomb.
The poison is Polonium-210 which is a material strictly controlled. There are many other isotopes. e.g. Cesium-137 is more popularly used in scientific research and easier to get. Why Po-210 was chosen? Because Polonium-210 and Uranium-235 are the only elements to be used in nuclear bomb. It will be convenient for Bush group to link it to Iran which is now accused of developing nuclear weapon.
Karl Rove had twice predicted a "surprise". One was "October surprise" which went soured after my warning. Then he made another one of "November surprise". Re:
I believe I am a target in their plan. I believe my revelation postponed many plots planned by Feds. But new plot comes out after the failed one. I think if a terror attack happens, one target area will be in the area of north San Jose.

454. All fool's event (12/10/06)

There is an All Fool's Day. This poison case becomes an all fool's event. The news reported the dead former Russian spy alleged Putin was behind the poison case. It is a very high level case. One thing for sure is this is a murder case. Another thing is the poison was Po-210.

If someone plans to murder, the priority is to make it a covert one. Al least the murderer would try to leave no clue to draw a detection. For intelligence, they have many high tech killing methods, make a death look like a natural death. If they chose to poison, there are still many choices. The poison they use will be hard to identify.

See what poison they used in Litvinenko's case. A rare metal, a radioactive isotope - Polonium-210. Since Po-210 is a high-restricted material, the way to access this material is very limited. Generally, a murderer will avoid to use such kind of material as poison because it's easy to be tracked from its origin.

Po-210 is a hard to handle material. It is radioactive. It needs special treatment in transfer. Otherwise not only the carrier will be hurt, the environment also will be polluted. Why chose a hard to control poison? The murderer has to worry about his own safety while he carry such kind of material.

Po-210 is a radioactive material and is easy to be detected. Murderer should chose more covert poison than an isotope. Isotope is itself used as tracer in scientific research. With instrument, even a tiny amount of isotope could be traced. Why chose an easy to be detected poison?

The poison case is a big joke from the beginning. Litvinenko was said poisoned on 11/1. He died on 11/23. It was 23 days when he was sick. Hospital didn't know what caused his death.
The news of 11/24 reported it as: "strange, rapid decline", "mystery remains". As an outsider, when I saw the picture of a hairless Litvinenko, I knew it's a symptom of heavy metal poison. (Polonium is a heavy metal, but it's rare. In medical, most referred is lead poison. ) That should be common sense of the doctor. How could they fail to find it? Radiation also causes hairless. Doctor should know it.

The media keeps reporting the poisoned case and almost have new discovery everyday. They found it on the airplanes flying between Moscow and London; in the shushi bar, in U.K.'s embassy in Moscow, now even in German. If the route develops to Teheran, Iran, I will not be surprised. Because that is the target this event created for.

But will a perpetrator, try to carry out a murder case with a hard to get material, hard to handle isotope, easy to be tracked poison in his case? Is he an idiot, or a fool?

No, he is not. It's a rogue group which framed a poisoned case to justify a dirty bomb attack, aimed to have another war in Iran. It treats the public all like fools.

Remember this: In Rove's October surprise, N. Korea had a nuclear test. China arrested several N.Koreas for selling Uranium. All to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. I think it went soured after my revelation.
Then in November surprise, Litvinenko died on Polonium from Russia.
Uranium and Polonium are radioactive material. They were used in these cases to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. When it was revealed too, which will be the next? Maybe US itself? One thing is certain, the Inside group won't stop here.

New war is ahead.

455. "New wars ahead" (12/15/06)

I strongly recommend people to read the article "new wars ahead" written by Jeff Steinberg. It proves my allegation of dirty bomb attack planned by Bush administration is correct.

Quote, "new wars ahead
Jeff Steinberg
Executive Intelligence Review. Nov. 17, 2006

Whichever party lands in the White House come January 2009, the neo-cons hope to be there to share in the spoils. Either way, they are busily organizing a ``Get Iran'' war alliance with frightened Sunni regimes in the Persian Gulf and Arab world and Israel--to make sure that the Bush-Cheney regime commits one more fatal atrocity--a military strike on Iran's purported secret nuclear weapons sites--before leaving office (see preceding article). ...........

Several senior Washington intelligence veterans, and one regional vice president of a major U.S. defense firm, say that their greatest fear-- between now and the New Year when the Democrats take the keys to Capitol Hill back--is a ``Gulf of Tonkin'' incident, a provocation covertly arranged originating from Washington, that would provide the pretext for war. The most likely target of such a scheme: Iran. The most likely architect of such an operation: Dick Cheney and his remaining coterie of neo-con troublemakers and whatever assets they have recruited from within the Special Forces community and the ``black operations'' side of the intelligence community. One burning question is whether President Bush has already signed a Presidential Intelligence Finding, authorizing these covert tricks. "


Steinberg's article published on 11/17. He said that Cheney's office now becomes the Neo-con central and that they are organizing a Sunni alliance (include Syria, Jordan, Saudi, Egypt) in Mid-east to fight against Shiite (Iran, Hasbolla). His point of view was proved very correct. One week later, on 11/25, Cheney made a sudden visit to Saudi. Obviously to talk about that alliance.

Steinberg's fear about a "Gulf of Tonkin" incident, was well described by my continuous postings about October Surprise and November Surprise. The framed case is a dirty bomb attack. To justify the source of radioactive material, they made secret deals with China, N. Korea and then Russia. These plots went soured after my revelation. What's next? The possibility is to frame a domestic case. Here is a news reported 5 days ago. I think it was released on purpose.

Re: "Nuclear fuels leaving Bay Area
By Ian Hoffman Media News

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently began shedding its supply of plutonium and enriched uranium - capable of producing dozens of nuclear bombs - with a secret shipment to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Details of the first and future shipments, including their timing as well as the mass and form of the material remained classified, according to federal officials."
(Mercury News Dec. 10, 2006)

We don't know what motivated the recent shipment of nuclear material. It will certainly create a chance of "missing" shipment in transfer. I don't think it's a coincidence they release the news at this time, when Rove's October and November Surprise failed to be carried out.
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