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I missed the conclusive evidence offered on one of the threads elsewhere on this forum...
Any chance the possible Bush hit might occur in October?

Year: 2+0+0+8 = 10
Month: October = 10
Date: ??? On the 10th, 19th or the 28th?

If such a scenario unfolds on one of those dates, it's most likely a Masonic organisation like the ritualistic Skull & Bones that are behind it.
Perhaps he will be shot 10 times, by a man in a 10-gallon hat. Perhaps the bullets will be carved into the shape of a decahedron, the 10-sided polygon. I love the way that posts like this get politely ignored by other posters on the forums here.

Luckily, if the assassination is to happen in 2009 it won't happen until November. Unless it's the 11th day of the year. Or the 20th of August. Or the 9th Feb. Or just before 10 past eight in the evening someday.

One weird thing - anyone noticed that the author of this '10' theory posts 10 times on the thread on a possible assassination plot. Proving beyond doubt that he is part of a masonic ritualistic plot?
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