WTC1 and 2: The curious case of the missing energy

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bill withers
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WTC1 and 2: The curious case of the missing energy

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For arguments sake, let's say that the official explanation (OE) is correct, now in the actual events, the south tower was struck second, yet came down first, this would have been because it was struck lower, more weight above, causes the heat weakened steel to fail qucker.

Now for arguments sake lets say one of the planes struck a lot lower, half way up the building or lower, this causes a catastrophic collapse within minutes, or seconds of the strike.

In this scenario the events at ground zero would have been completely different. you would have seen a massive fireball, and (real) pyroclastic flow as the jet fuel and heated air from with in the building blast out, everything in it's path would be obliterated, trees, the last people out, first responders in the area.

In Jim Hoffman's dust cloud expansion argument. Hoffman argued that the dust cloud from the collapse of WTC2, shortly after the collapse, occupied a volume that he measured to be over three times the volume of WTC2 before collapse. He then made the completely unjustified assertions that the initial size of the dust cloud must be equal to the volume of the building before collapse, and that the dust cloud could not have mixed with the surrounding air and must have therefore grown purely due to thermal expansion. From this, he calculated the amount of energy that must have been present in the collapse, and found that it equated to an absurdly large quantity of explosives.

So either using the massive amount of explosives, or nano thermite, required for a controlled demolition (CD) to bring the building down, you would actually see a similar effect to if the buildings collapsed very soon after the plane strike, before the jet fuel burns up.

Now I appreciate, that in a standard CD, this does not happen, thats because normally a CD, invloves blowing a few key core parts of the structure low down, and allowing gravity to do the rest. In the CD theory of WTC 1 and 2, the bulding is blown from the top down, with massive amounts of energy required to create the effect of a collapse.

If it was nano thermite, the exothermic reation, and still reacting thermite would cause an exothermic reaction, superheating the air within the building.

Why is it we still see paper in trees near the buildings? Why do we still see trees? Why is it that the last people out who talk about a powerful wind almost knocking them over are not burnt to a crisp.

Simple.... there were no explosives.
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